How to saw laid laminate flooring

What to cut laminate flooring with: selecting the right cutting tool

In order to properly install laminate flooring, you not only need to know how to join the laminate panels, but also how to cut them correctly. Otherwise “fit” in the area of the room, as well as to comply with the traditional checkerboard pattern coating will be impossible. Since the bare hands do not grasp the laminated boards, they can be cut with one of the hand or power tools.

The main characteristics that a tool for cutting laminate at home should have are:

The last point, the meaning of which is not to spoil the appearance of the laminate board after cutting, for most home craftsmen is decisive. But its importance is exaggerated. In any case, chips up to 5 mm in size on the finished flooring will not be visible. defects on the edges of the panels will be covered by skirting boards.

So what are the most suitable tools for cutting laminate flooring??

The tool Electric jigsaw

The best result in cutting laminate can be achieved by using an electric jigsaw for this purpose. It is a light, very easy to use tool that any novice craftsman can quickly get to grips with. Even a woman or a teenager. The jigsaw is made with high rpm that prevents structural damage to the wood-fiber board. If you act quickly and confidently, you get a nearly perfect cut.

The most important thing in using the jigsaw is the choice of jigsaw blade. Modern tools are usually initially equipped with special saws for cutting laminate. They have a different shape, pitch and method of tooth setting. However, ordinary metal saws, narrow and fine-toothed, will do the job just as well.

In order not to damage the decorative surface, a cutting trimmer line is applied (with a pencil or chalk) to the underside of the laminate board. It is placed on a table (chair) with the back side up so that the part to be cut is suspended. One hand fix the laminate lying on the table, and the other. quickly cut off the excess part.

The tool A circular saw

A clean cut along the edge of the laminate can be made using a circular saw with a metal blade. Working with a circular saw is more complicated than with an electric jigsaw, so it requires some skill. If you have them, you can saw the laminate quickly, evenly and with almost no chips.

DIY: Removing a section of laminate flooring with a multi tool

The laminate board is laid on a hard surface with the pattern upward, fasten. It is necessary to cut accurately, with a small pressure advancing a disk on the drawn line, trying not to slow down on one place.

Tool Angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinder is a handy tool, indispensable in the drawer of the home craftsman. With it you can cut almost anything, including laminate. For nice-looking edges without cracks and chips when sawing you need to turn the laminate board’s face. In this case, metal, concrete or ceramic tile discs are used.

The disadvantage of using an angle grinder (and a circular saw, too!But the most important thing you can call a large amount of dust that will be released when cutting the laminate flooring. Also this action can be accompanied by a smell of burning wood. That’s why you need to cut on an open balcony or outside.

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Hacksaw tool

Laminate can be successfully cut with an ordinary wood hacksaw. But it will have to expend effort, because its teeth are quite large and will gnaw into the laminate, but not cut it. A hacksaw for metal has finer teeth and should be used for cutting.

Hacksaw is very often used for cutting small amounts of work. This method is not used in construction teams, because of the higher time and labor costs.

The tool Laminate flooring cutter

The laminate flooring cutter, on the contrary, allows you to cut at a professional level. Most often, this tool works like a guillotine. a knife that, with the help of a handle, is lowered onto the surface of the laminate and cuts it. The cutter works easily, without chipping or noise. No force or skill is needed to use it. This is probably the easiest tool to use, because it gives you the best possible results in all conditions.

laid, laminate, flooring

How To Cut Laminate Flooring With A Jigsaw

As this cutter is used exclusively for laminate, it makes sense to buy it only for professional laying. For finishing several rooms in an apartment, this option is considered impractical.

Tool Construction knife

A normal construction knife can also be used to cut a laminate flooring. For example, if you have almost finished the device of the flooring, it remained to cut one board, but suddenly broke the angle grinder. There are no other tools handy, and cutting is urgent. Then a construction knife will come to the rescue. Lay a ruler on the front side of your laminate board and use the knife to make a deep cut. Holding the board on one side of the cut, push the other side. Laminate should fracture, just as ceramic tiles do under the action of a tile cutter.

Hands on the hacksaw

A laminate flooring can be sawn with a hacksaw, but it is not well suited for this kind of work. After all, the teeth of a hacksaw, designed for woodworking, are frighteningly large, and the upper film of the flooring is so thin. You just wait and see how those teeth leave unsightly marks. And sawing with a hacksaw on the pressed structure of laminate is difficult. Hands get tired.

To get a better result, we will arm ourselves with a fine-toothed hacksaw. For example, a hacksaw designed for sawing metal may well approach. Chips on a cut will be avoided, but sawing with a fine-toothed hacksaw will be more difficult than with a woodworking tool. However, if you do not expect to saw laminate in large quantities, then this method is good. Quality of the cut, of course, not ideal, but quite bearable.

And here’s the little tricks promised: Before you saw, stick a piece of painter’s tape on the spot. If to do so, then chips on the place of the cut are not formed. And the laminate board should be placed facing upwards. And for the cut to be smooth and clean, the hacksaw should have fine, frequent teeth.

Since the laminate is pressed with special mechanisms, then, of course, and saw it better not manually, and the electric tool.

For example, for this purpose it is quite suitable electric hacksaw (saber saw), which is increasingly used by home masters.

How to cut laminate with a jigsaw. the right saws solve everything

It is light and mobile, you will quickly learn how to work with it. That’s what is really handy for cutting laminate boards. Here the main thing is a steady hand (so that it does not move sideways) and the selection of saws. On what side to saw let’s understand further.

How to cut laminate with an electric jigsaw:

It is very important which saw to cut laminate boards with. In the sale there are special. for laminate

But if you can not find them not a problem. To avoid chips on the front side, we make a marking and cut on it. And then you just use a saw with the teeth pointing downwards. That’s the one that gives you a nearly perfect cut. All of the chips will be on the bottom of the lamella. But all you have at home is a saw with the teeth upwards. In this case we make a marking and saw on the back side. That’s the secret. Some people also use metal files.

  • You have to saw the laminate in the other room. There will be a lot of sawdust. They by the way fly differently depending on the saw. Teeth up, sawdust up, and vice versa. It is to the fact that sometimes you need to wear glasses;
  • You have to hold on to the piece that you cut. Because at the end of sawing, it can rip off a piece of coating on top;
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The jigsaw can be used to cut not only the length and width of the laminate flooring. You can easily make a curved cut with rounded corners. For example, to make a nice cut for a pipe.

The complete list of available tools

Today, it’s not difficult to buy laminate in any strength class. Differences in material may be in thickness, quality and strength of the protective and decorative coatings. There is also a difference in the basic board that provides rigidity.

Produced as a laminate on the classic scheme, from wood-fiber board, covered with several layers by using lamination technology, and all-structure vinyl finishing material, which has only one outer protective layer.

A complete list of what to cut the right size board for flooring installation with looks like this:

  • hacksaw for metal;
  • wood saw;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • A construction or office knife;
  • knife over plastic;
  • Angle grinder, aka angle grinder;
  • circular saw;
  • A special guillotine for laminate;
  • blade cutter.

Each of the devices is distinguished by both accessibility, convenience, and speed of operation. Deciding what is better for cutting laminate flooring is based on the volume of work, quality of the cut and also on the accuracy of cut. If we are talking about a small repair and want to know what to cut the laminate at home. the list will be significantly reduced.

How to carry out a partial dismantling of the floor

There are several methods of dismantling defective elements. Consider the simplest, in which during the replacement of the damaged area is not necessary to remove the plinths and the flooring itself. You will need an electric cutting tool, a new subfloor and laminate, preferably from the same batch as the floor itself.

Advice! Each year, manufacturers update their collections of decors, board sizes, lock shape and other parameters. Therefore, when buying, take a few pieces for replacement. If you did not take care of it in time, try to pick up new strips in shade, grade and thickness.

Using a hand-held circular saw you need to saw out part of the board, use a chisel to pick up the cut area and remove it. Then carefully remove the remaining elements so as not to damage the locks.

Removing a damaged laminate board with a circular saw.

In the new board you need to cut with a sharp construction knife the part of the spike that protrudes beyond the main lock, apply the adhesive composition or adhesive sealant, put it between the other slats and fix it. Remove excess adhesive compound with a soft cloth. After a day the finished laminate flooring can be loaded.

Circular saw for cutting laminate

Only straight lines should be cut with it, but perfectly smooth cuts are made.

Choose a disk with fine teeth for the work and proceed as follows:

Hold it at right angles to the lamella, use a spotter for this.

Cut along the marking on the face of the saw, making sure that nothing obstructs the path of the saw.

Cut smoothly without jerking or stopping, do not press the saw hard. Keep in mind that this is a very powerful and not safe tool, it makes sense to use it when you need to cut a large amount of laminate. A circular saw produces a lot of dust while working. Protect your eyes and mouth.

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Hand hacksaw: nuances of work, safety precautions

If the work front is small. one or two rooms. and there are no electric cutting tools, a hand hacksaw will do. The hand saw blade should have very fine and frequent teeth.

It is best to use a hacksaw for metal, as laminate is a hard, very durable, pressed material, and it is difficult to saw it with an ordinary tool with large and rare teeth.

Laminate board is sawn from the front side, and to avoid nicks and chips, along the line of sawing need to glue masking tape. Over the tape, spend a fine line for the trimmer under the ruler or angle, on which the material will be sawed.

Electric sabre saw will significantly facilitate and accelerate the process, and the quality of the cut will be better. With an electric or hacksaw for metal, you can also make angle cuts in the laminate, but for rounded cuts (for example, under a pipe or column arch) such tools will not be suitable.

For sawing the board should be placed on the work table so that the line for the trimmer saw is at a distance of at least 20 mm from the edge of the table.

Cutting laminate with a utility knife

You can find a retractable utility knife with interchangeable blades on the shelves of any construction store. Practically any material can be processed with this tool, even laminate flooring.

This type of work requires a heavy-duty steel blade with break-heads made of stainless steel. Cutting work is best done using a construction angle or pre-fixed steel ruler. As the craftsman presses down firmly, he guides the blade along the marking to achieve a straight cut without chipping the material. If the floor element is too thick, the procedure must be repeated several times until the complete separation of one part from another.

What a professional uses

In every job it is easy to differentiate between amateurs and professionals, not only by the speed and quality of work, but also by the tools they use. This is also the case for installing laminate flooring. Professionals use a laminate flooring cutter that can be used to make a short cut in a short period of time.

As you can see in the photo, this cutter. It is a manual machine with a sharp blade fixed to the base. The blade is easily adjusted for different types of cuts. The machine can cut slats lengthwise, crosswise and at different angles without much effort or power.

laid, laminate, flooring
  • the lamella is placed on the support of the machine in a horizontal position.
  • The cutter adjusts to the marking.
  • The builder applies force to the handle and the blade gradually cuts the blade.

A professional machine is what makes sawing laminate without splintering very easy, so everyone who installs laminate flooring, tries to buy it.

You can use any of the tools presented, but remember that the most important thing when sawing laminate is the quality of the edge. Remember the advice: to make as few chips and irregularities as possible, do not apply great force to the sawing tool, because this will force the tool to pull splinters out of the body of the material, rather than cut them.

Now you know all sawing techniques, so you can solve the question of how to saw the laminate yourself.

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