How to saw a platband lengthwise. The secrets of installing door trim with your own hands

The door trim: the easiest way to make a 45° trim, even without experience

The archtop is an integral part of the door frame, which adds aesthetics to the appearance of the door. However, this element scratches and rubs off very often and therefore needs to be replaced. Here too, the main task is to cut it at a 45° angle. This kind of work is quite simple if you have a chisel at hand, but what to do if you do not have one, and you need to do it urgently? In today’s article we will talk about the simplest ways of cutting at 45 °, even without experience with improvised means and materials. But to begin with. the simplest variant with the help of such tool as a plier.

Such a device, such as a plane, is very convenient in use, and also costs inexpensive. So if possible it’s better to buy it beforehand, it won’t take up much space in the pantry. Most often the jigsaw is sold together with a fine hacksaw, which is easier to cut the architraves. If it is not available, you should not use an ordinary hacksaw for cutting. Metal hacksaw is best suited for this purpose, it helps to cut casings more accurately.

The platband on the door: the easiest way to cut it under 45°

How to cut and mount correctly a flashing on the door

When installing doors, we just can not ignore its elements, such as trim. The latter have a decorative function and hide the frame structures, as well as seals and fasteners. And how good your door will look depends on this final stage. Today we will talk about how and what is better to cut different types of architraves.

Working with this mandatory component of any door begins with the choice of type. Now we will try to list them and talk about the features.

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Material types of architraves

  • Wooden. the most common cashier, mainly found on interior doors;
  • Plastic. an increasingly common alternative to wooden models. Have a similar direction of use, as well as affordability and interesting appearance;
  • Metal. used mainly on entrance doors.

Naturally, depending on the type of material we will choose what to cut the platband with. If it’s wood or fiberboard, it’s a hacksaw with fine teeth or a hand jigsaw (telescopic models, which we’ll talk about below, sawed with a router with a rotary table). Metal versions are sawed with bolt cutters or specialized hacksaws.

Shape of architraves

The most widespread are plain plain trimmers. They are the easiest to work with. Slightly less often rounded and shaped variants are used. In case of the latter, the pattern can be either cut out directly on the slat, or nailed or otherwise adapted to the base.

The method of installation of architraves

If this element is applied, it is mounted with the help of some kinds of fasteners, including today’s popular “liquid nails”. Telescopic architraves, mentioned above, are fixed in another way. by inserting into the door frame opening. So that their fastening does not leave traces, which has a positive impact on the appearance of. Such g-shaped rounded architraves, moreover in wenge color, are very popular now.

How to cut corners in the architraves with a wire cutter

About the cutting tools we spoke above, and now let’s discuss the process of cutting corners. The latter are 45 degrees, and one shouldn’t try to cut them by eye without appropriate experience. But you don’t have to, because there are excellent tools for this purpose.

Necessary tools

To properly and accurately perform this procedure, you will need:

  • Chisel. You do not know how to cut a platband at a 45-degree angle, but you can do it with a jig. It helps to cut the product at the right angle. Can be wood, plastic, metal. A box that resembles a box.
  • A hacksaw. For metal, plastic will do a hacksaw for metal, for wood. only wood. You need to sharpen it properly, so that the cut is even.
  • Nails/liquid nails.

If it is impossible to use a jointer, you can do with improvised materials: a pencil, a ruler, cardboard, a hacksaw.

How to cut the trim by yourself without the help of a jigsaw

How to cut a trim on the door without using special equipment is a question that worries many beginners in the construction business. It is more difficult to do, but it is possible if you follow the instructions carefully:

  • Take a sheet of cardboard, draw an even square, draw the diagonals, bring the lines of the sides of the square to the end of the sides of the sheet. This is an improvised ceiling, suitable for sawing a right angle.
  • Apply the casing to the bottom line of the square and saw with a hacksaw where one of the diagonals crosses it. This is the bottom border.
  • Place the other to the left side of the square, sawing at the point of touching the same diagonal.
  • Do steps 2 and 3 for the right and top flashing.
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Rules of beautiful casings

In order for the cuts to be neat, you need to observe some conditions:

  • cut platbands only from the front side, this will keep the product from chipping and cracking;
  • Do not confuse sides of the slope of the angle;
  • the top flashing should be the last to be cut to avoid warping;
  • The cutting tool must be appropriate for the type of material of the workpiece;
  • leave some extra mm for the trimming. This will come in handy for beginners in construction.

Simple tools and some free time are required for independent production of platbanding. As a result you can get the products that will fit exactly to the specific door, even if the conditions for their placement are far from ideal.

How to saw down the right architraves

Carrying out repairing works in an apartment. The owners are often faced with the need to update the doors. It is worth noting that replacing the door unit is in any case a significant expense. But it is much cheaper to replace the cash on the door. In this case the quality will remain at an appropriate level. Installing door trim is not too difficult a job.

What to saw casings for doors

Platbands play a decorative role, giving the doorway a complete look. They differ in material, shape, color and method of fastening. Interior door trims are installed after finishing the walls, but before laying the floor plinth.

To properly install platbands on interior doors, you must first choose the right elements. First of all, pay attention to the material of manufacture:

  • Products made of natural wood are considered universal. Strips can be painted to match the color of the door. Fasten the wooden elements with nails without nails. If the walls are well aligned with the door frame, then the “liquid nails” glue on the boards.
  • Laminated strips made of wood-fibre board look like natural wood. Decorative elements to match the color of the door. Fix the architraves with adhesive or flat-free nails, pre-drilling the holes.
  • PVC trim is more suitable for plastic doors. The boards are glued or set on the assembly profile.
  • There are also aluminum and steel architraves, but it is usually placed on the entrance door.
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Door fillings how to cut evenly. Door architrave installation

November 20, 2016Specialty: master in erecting drywall structures, finishing work and laying flooring. Installation of door and window blocks, finishing facades, installation of electrical, plumbing and heating. for all types of work I can give detailed advice.

Today I will tell you how to install the boards and trimmers from the fiberboard. All pictures were taken while doing the work in my apartment, I also took a video of the process, so you can understand as best you can. In my opinion, the work is not difficult, and the main thing you need is accuracy and precision not to spoil the materials.

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Good day to all. Lots of topics on the Rho Furniture Blog. Who cuts laminated chipboard at home with what?? With the fewest chips

jigsaw saw with the smallest tooth

The jigsaw will chip the laminate, it is better to cut with the jigsaw and then mill the piece to remove the chips

Hand circular saw, chipping only on one side. Completely removable by the cutter.

Festool TS55 on the guide, or, as written above, a jigsaw and milled

Festool has a hefty price tag and a guide rail. Although, unequivocally, the thing is great. For one-time use is mega-unprofitable. I’ve had a visit from the installers of recessed cabinets, so they need.

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