How to saw a pipe with an angle grinder smoothly

How to cut a pipe evenly with an angle grinder

The light weight of the device simplifies the work, and the right size parameters allow you to work in hard-to-reach areas.

Many people when buying are afraid to buy powerful devices, because, in their opinion, it is much harder to do the work with them. But this is far from it. In construction tools, which have low power, can jam the disk. The apparatus can not withstand heavy loads. As soon as the load becomes less, the machine will pull out of your hands, the disc and angle grinder may get damaged, and there is a chance that you will get seriously injured.

For those people who just want to start working with the grinder, you need to buy an angle grinder, which must fit a 125 millimeter disc. The power of this construction tool should be approximately 1000 watts, and the spindle should make 10 thousand. RPM. These figures are great for cutting a material like iron.

The main thing. the machine must be convenient to use. The handle of this construction tool should preferably be made of rubber or another material. The material of the handle should be such that you do not feel vibration while working.

On the handle should be special recesses, which are designed for the fingers. The grinders that have low power do not have such a handle.

If you feel uncomfortable when working, you should look for a different model.

Cutting of profile pipe with an angle grinder

There are two ways. The first one is more complicated, it requires a little modification of the angle grinder.

We take a flat strip of metal thickness of 2-3 mm, width of about 3 cm, length. about 10-15 cm. Drill a hole in a strip of metal for a hole with a thread on the angle grinder. the same one to attach an additional handle when the angle grinder is used as an angle grinder

We fix the sole to the angle grinder with a bolt and cut, now the cut will be straight. True, this method is good for cutting not too deep, I did it with a 115 blade.

So it is not possible to cut a large size profile pipe, unless you have to trim the ends.

The second way is even easier. we wrap the profiled tube in the place of the cut with a sheet of A4 paper, fix it with a scotch tape and cut the tube along the edge of the paper. The cut will turn out perfectly straight.

Cutting technology

As a rule, the volume and complexity of the work to be done by the home handyman does not require the use of high-performance and expensive production-level equipment. When making the frame of a greenhouse, it is quite possible to cut pipes with an angle grinder or a traditional hand hacksaw.

Each type of cut has its own nuances, and some require special tricks.

At right angles

The accuracy of the cut is largely determined by the quality of the marking. Experienced craftsmen advise to mark the cutting lines not with a pencil, but with painter’s tape, observing the following sequence of actions:

  • Set aside the required size and put a small mark with a marker or pencil.
  • Carefully, applying the marking, cover the part with painter’s tape in a circle. Edges of the paper should converge without displacement. This is a sign that the paper is glued correctly. If the edges do not match, the tape must be re-glued.
  • Hold the workpiece securely to prevent it from moving or tipping during the operation. Use a vice or a clamp to hold it in place.
  • Leave the (smaller) portion of the workpiece in the air so it does not clamp the blade or disc.
  • Start at the top of the cut.
  • The disc of the angle grinder (or the blade of a hacksaw) lead exactly along the edge of the masking tape, without deviating to the side.

This will give you the opportunity to cut an even cut to the required length.

If you have a large diameter, you mark it in the same way, but make the cut in 30-60° segments. After another sector is cut out, loosen the fastener and turn the pipe. Then fix again and continue to cut from where the previous sector ended. To obtain a straight cut, particular attention must be paid to the beginning of the cut, avoiding steps and dents.

pipe, angle, grinder

The 45° bevel cut

It is possible to cut the end of the pipe at exactly 45° without using complex equipment. Enough to apply a locksmith’s ingenuity. Need to do the following:

  • Cut the paper sheet in the shape of a square.
  • Fold it diagonally. Create a right-angled isosceles triangle.
  • Wrap the workpiece with the sheet so that the cathetus of the triangle is perpendicular to the axis, and the hypotenuse forms an ascending spiral.
  • Secure the sheet with duct tape.
  • Secure the blade and cut along the beveled edge of the sheet. It will come out at 45°.
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There is another folk method. Immerse the end of the workpiece in a container of liquid at the desired angle. Cut along the edge of the wet and dry areas.

If you want to cut not perpendicularly, it is better to use an old carpentry tool. a plier.

This is a U-shaped template, in the side walls of which cuts are already made at given angles. The pipe rests against the far wall of the chair from the master and pressed there by hand or a hand clamp. Insert the hand saw blade into the appropriate grooves and saw. If you need to cut at a different angle, you can make additional cuts in the walls of the cutter.

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All have long been invented, especially for plastic pipes. here picked it out when it was a construction site.

My grandfathers used to use sandpaper for that

triangular jigsaw solves the problem of all the pipes)))

I used to mark it with a flat piece of paper.but that’s a great idea

I put clamps on these pipes and marked. But it’s better

Normal. You can use a sheet of A4 paper you wrap the pipe, “to bring the ends together” and mark with a marker (so you can cut any pipe up to 100 mm) But this option is easier.

No, good idea! Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind

It’s easier to buy a cutting wheel with a table, it can’t be smoother.

You can take a tape measure or an ordinary piece of paper. (from a notebook for example) to wrap the pipe with it. to match the edges and you get the same thing. only more universal. You can mark any diameter.

The topic is how to mark even, not how to cutCut’s with a jig or with a mitre cutter

Peccionism is a disease ))) By the way the particle “that” in this case is written with a hyphen))) The same disease is practically ))))

Why do you spell it with an “o” and not a “a”? ? explain it to everyone, you know the one.))

If you need to bridge there is a double coupling

By the way how to evenly saw along the pipe? Except for the angle grinder is not an option?

it’s probably faster and smoother with an angle grinder

100% by the way the pipe cut lengthwise can be turned flat and it does not break))))

pipe, angle, grinder

I used to cut with sandpaper with even edges, you wrap it and go around

Any piece of paper, folded from edge to edge and it’s perfect. But to cut so only long and accurately playing with a metal blade.

The paper should be thick and not crumple. Even a pendulum saw can make a crooked cut

The main thing is the desire The last time I did a box with a jigsaw, which in life could not cut evenly. I tried so hard that the joints were like after the special. circular saw. Slowly, accurately and it will work. Of course, the hands straight and yiidealnym in life will not work

In life, when marking the pipe to install ultrasonic flowmeters, used chart tape, or any other that was at hand, a newspaper, for example.

I think it is easier to make a five minute chisel out of three planks, and here one sod hit what you cut

I think it’s easier to make a five minute chisel out of three boards, and there’s no way to get what you’re cutting

The wort is in the beer and kvass, and you have to make a mortar.)))

Yes, you can, and just beer 🙂 Forgot what it was called, repairs done long ago 🙂 Correct

How to make a saddle cut in pipe with an angle grinder.

We cut our 110 pipes with an electric hacksaw with a short metal blade. 50 we cut it with a rigid torch.

Lifehack: deburr the inside of the drill on 10 for example, not to buy a hedgehog.

A lot of people don’t care if it’s straight, it’s all the same through the collar, the pipe is in the pipe. Silicone is a help

I have a comrade on the lathe turned)))) pressed the reverse jaws in the chuck, thought it was straight, behind, of course, did not press any center, nothing, and ran, I do not remember what the speed, but it was decent.That’s what I mean, no one could imagine that a meter-long plastic waste pipe 110 flies to 5 meters, causing damage to all the nearby equipment)

How I turned my angle grinder into a super simple cut off saw

Scissors for cutting plastic pipes? Not? Cheap and sulfuric.

I mean, that’s a lot of scissors to use on a pipe like that? And they probably do not cost 5 cents. and there is no additional cost, it’s one thing to cut plastic, but not for sewers.

Three years ago I bought universal scissors for cutting plastic and metal plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 75mm. something for 300 or so. For cutting pipes of bigger diameter I have made a pipe cutter out of various junk metal. Cheap, even cuts, comfortable and safe.

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Methods of cutting metal products at an angle

Normal perpendicular cutting under 90 °, with an angle grinder, is carried out quickly and accurately, if you do not neglect the advice of experts.

Many people think that if you use a large tool with a large, powerful blade for sawing, you can avoid marking. Experts do not recommend cutting without labeling, because after cutting the parts may not be compatible.

Note! Before you know how to evenly cut the pipe with a large angle grinder, it is better to make several times to make sure that the calculations are accurate. After incorrectly sawing the profile or gas pipe, you will have to start over.

Features of cutting a cylindrical pipe at 45

Most often make the cut at an angle of 45 degrees is required when installing heating or plumbing systems. The main difficulty in carrying out the work is that after combining the cut parts of the pipe should get a right angle of 90 degrees. To achieve the quality of the process of cutting will help a simple way to prepare a homemade template:

pipe, angle, grinder
  • Prepare a plain white sheet of paper.
  • Fold it diagonally.
  • Protruding part of the sheet should be cut with scissors, so that when unfolded it turns out a square.
  • The resulting triangle should be wrapped so that the long side is parallel to the section.

A template made of paper is great for cutting metal pieces in the middle.

Paper template

The resulting triangle, folded in half, must be divided into two parts. The templates should then be wrapped around the pipe, and secured with tape or duct tape. Templates should be placed so that one edge of the base coincides with the other.

Use scissors to round the top corners of both templates. The resulting two blanks of the required diameter should be put on the pipe, and mark the place of the cut with chalk or a pencil. The prepared marked part can be safely sawn off.

For small-diameter tubes that need to be cut close to the edge, the method of marking with a container of water is appropriate. On a deep container, the desired angle of the cut is marked, then the end of the tube is placed in the water, and tilted to the marking. A fishing line for the trimmer to contact the liquid will become the mark for the cut.

How to mark the 45-cutting point on a profile pipe

Not everyone knows how to cut the profile pipe under 45 degrees angle grinder correctly and qualitatively. Experts advise to use an ordinary triangular ruler for marking a profile pipe with a square cross section.

First, on one of the faces should be drawn a straight line that is perpendicular to the side of the pipe. Then the workpiece must be rotated, and on the adjacent facet to make a slant mark. It must run from the edge of the first strip at an angle of 45 degrees.

After that, the workpiece is turned again, and a perpendicular line for the trimmer is carried out. On the fourth face will only connect the previously drawn strips on the diagonal. Now the sawing operation can be begun.

info! Many experts believe that the best way to mark the profiled pipe is a tape measure. However, with this tool it is very difficult to perform the work perfectly, the cut can turn out uneven. A school ruler will do the job much better.

The final part

Do not think that an angle grinder with cutting disc is a tool used exclusively for dismantling metal structures and does not require precision in work. On the contrary. angle grinder requires extreme concentration and care in the work. This is quite a traumatic tool, and therefore, when working with it, do not forget not only about the correctness of the marking, but also about safety requirements.

Only a precise calculation and cutting will allow you to perfectly align the pipes at an angle

The editorial staff of HouseChief hopes that the ways described in today’s article will help novice craftsmen in carrying out various repair works. Any questions you may have while reading this can be asked in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. There you can also describe your experience in sawing pipes, which might be helpful for other readers.

In conclusion, we suggest you watch a short video, which will tell a little more about the angle grinder working methods.


The method I use most often for undercutting small diameter pipes.

I put the pipe by the wall, the free end of it against the corner (if necessary, put something so the pipe does not roll away). At the place of the cut I touch the pipe with a pencil or marker. To keep my hand steady, I rest it on the wall. By the edge I rotate the pipe, and the pencil outlines an even line to trim the cut.

It may seem that this method is only suitable for small pipes. One time we managed to mark off a pipe a little over a meter in diameter.

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Brought into the shop once a pipe three feet long and something about a meter and twenty in diameter, I do not remember exactly. They told me to cut it off. Let’s face it, a non-standard task for us. But we made it.

After brainstorming, we went to the carpenter and got a sheet of plywood from the factory. One side put it tightly under the pipe (at an angle to the future cutting line). Along the second side held a line for the trimmer along the floor. this is the perpendicular.

From here on, everything is as I described above, only on a larger scale. Two men roll the pipe, trying to do it as evenly as possible. The third one held the marker to the pipe and drew it along the line marked on the floor. At the end, the line is closed, which means we got it. There are no impossible tasks. You just need to be clever.

That’s it for me. Thank you for reading. If this article was useful, subscribe to the channel

Tools to be used

There are several ways to cut a pipe, for this use construction and industrial tools for metal processing. Of all kinds, only the angle grinder allows you to get curved surfaces without further processing with the closest arrangement of edges.

For individual use

The following tool is used to cut steel pipes in the household:

Manual Pipe Cutters. Allow you to cut round parts with an even right angle of cut due to the cutting edges of the rollers. There are several varieties of this kind of product, consisting of single rollers or a number of them attached to a chain. In everyday life such devices are quite rare and are more suitable for professional work.

In the video, the process of cutting with an angle grinder:

I hope it was helpful to watch. The pipe I cut here is of large diameter, and it took me only three minutes to cut it, of course the time required to cut a pipe with a diameter of 15 to 25 millimeters, will be much less. Always wear glasses while working with the angle grinder. it is a must for the safety of your health. So, dear friends, feel free to apply it in your work and may you always be successful.

The article before this line was originally written, and it is dedicated to help the sants with experience, as explained in the description to the video. And what I saw after ten months of posting it on YouTube:. 66 likes and 95 dislikes. Lots of negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Sadly, however, this is not what I was aiming for. One viewer, named Vladimir Temlyak, wrote: “They show all kinds of crap just to make money”. I wonder what my earnings are here? The last commenter, under the nickname Jumatatatu ta, threw in a couple of links to pictures of crippled people. And then I realized that many of the “praising” my video viewers. are simple everyday people, in addition to frightened by the widespread scare stories on the Internet. The next line is for them:

Here is for these guys and was filmed a video, I wanted them to get acquainted with the disc thickness of 1.2 mm.

But I was already hurt by these dislikes, so I decided to study what’s on the web on the subject. What was my amazement at reading the sites located in the top search engines: a lot of articles written about the angle grinder copywriters. Who is it? Let me explain, a copywriter is a person who makes a living writing articles, that is, he is given a set of keywords (in our case. angle grinder, cutting disc, accident), they say that the article should contain at least 2-3 thousand characters (a sign. is a letter, symbol, space, etc.), the article should contain at least two or three thousand characters.п.) and he slams the article. Might as well write about ladybugs tomorrow, and the day after about spaceships, and the day after about the usefulness of “Turboslim” mix. I’ve made it clear?

What can a correspondent write, for example, in a news bulletin? Of course a big scoop, oh how they love the phrase: “there was blood on two flights of stairs in the entryway” and so on. Never, no one in the news will tell that a Moldovan, or an Uzbek, or a Russian, put on the angle grinder a circle of the wrong diameter And ZRIA!

No, do not think, I did not mean to “beg” the seriousness of working with this tool, but it is only a tool. a hand tool. Let me remind you again: a million people use it every day, and five hundred thousand of them operate it without the hood.

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