How to saw a board lengthwise with a jigsaw

Let’s understand how to cut evenly with a jigsaw using 5 of the most popular materials as an example and why it is being pulled to the side

Before you think about how to cut a circle in plywood with a jigsaw, you need to clearly understand what it is for. Used in the subsequent can be as the resulting billet round shape, and plywood sheet with a hole of the correct shape.

Where round plywood blanks can come in handy:

  • to make various crafts and templates for them;
  • To be used as a base for a wall clock;
  • be used for subsequent shape cutting or decoupage;
  • The saw blade should protrude from the seat of a stool, the tabletop of a kitchen table or a coffee table, etc.д.
  • For making different souvenirs, like caskets, etc.д.

Also, to cut a right circle out of plywood may be necessary for the subsequent use of the sheet with a hole:

  • installing a mortise into the countertop;
  • Obtaining a ceiling with a cutout for circular light fixtures (spotlights or a single chandelier);
  • To produce furniture with decorative fronts and other elements, etc.д.

Saw with the jigsaw smoothly and without chipping

An electric jigsaw is the most convenient and versatile tool for demanding woodwork. It can be used to make artistic carvings, prepare various parts for joinery and perform other tasks.

To get the best result of the work, you need to know how to saw with an electric jigsaw correctly.

    The material to be cut must be securely fastened. Poorly secured workpieces are one of the main causes of sawing errors. The jigsaw can bounce, come off the mark, or even run in a curve. By the way, if the jigsaw cuts crookedly, check whether the direction of the kerf coincides with the direction of the fibers.

How to make a correct marking for sawing

To make a smooth cut with the jigsaw, the metal or wood must be marked. The step-by-step process of creating it looks like this:

  • On both sides of the workpiece measure out the required distance using a ruler and make marks.
  • Exactly connect the points with a line, drawing it with a dark marker or a pencil with a thick rod.
  • Figure markings are first drawn on paper, and then transferred to the material using a paper clip.
  • Turn on the jigsaw and begin to saw the workpiece smoothly and evenly, without pushing the tool and not trying to increase pressure on the blade.
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When making a curvilinear cut, it is important to be especially careful. To saw the material evenly along the marking, you need to slowly go through small curves and move the blade forward without haste.

What the tool can do

An electric jigsaw for cutting laminated board should have the following features:

It should be possible to make even and clean cut without cracks and chips. It is necessary to choose a saw blade with a special setting and a fine pitch of the teeth. High-quality jigsaws from reputable manufacturers come with a set of saws. each of which is designed to work with different building materials, including laminate.

Special saw blades are available for laminate

How to cut wood, chipboard, plywood

There are many saw blades available on the market. Wood, door and window moldings must be sawed exactly for sawing. The best way to work is to use special saws with a fine tooth size, which do not leave burrs on the ends and ensure flawless quality of work.

They can also be used to cut particleboard, it is often this material that is used for sinks and countertops in kitchens. But professionals recommend using the products for their intended purpose. Saw blades for particleboard are made so that they do an excellent job with its glue base as well. The number of strokes of the blade is set for each specific case. on the basis of the highest values.

When the motor is rotating at high speed, the material in the area of the cut begins to catch on fire. then the speed should be reduced. Otherwise the cloth will overheat and the workpiece will be spoiled. To avoid chipping, the pendulum mechanism is turned off.

Work on boards Particle board is done with a saw with equal-sided teeth. If you do not have one, put a masking tape on the cut line, which is then removed. Thin wooden workpieces are sawn with a small power electric jigsaw, and material with a cross-section more than 5 cm. with a medium rate.

Workpieces are sawed on the back side, and a marking is made before the work. When sawing hold the jigsaw flat against the surface and guide smoothly. Do not force it forward; as you cut, the tool pushes itself into the material. How to saw with an electric jigsaw determines the final result.

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Chips appear on the side that is turned towards it.

When cutting out a circle, it is better to use a circular cutter. Find the center of the circle and, fixing in it the stop-circle, begin to saw.

  • Availability of a functioning and well-adjusted jigsaw.
  • Sturdy, rigid work table.
  • Reliable fixation of the workpiece.
  • Correct marking.
  • If necessary, use additional accessories.
  • Confident hand of the master.

The extensive capabilities of the jigsaw give not only the reality of doing different types of work, but also create problems for novice craftsmen. For the tool to reveal its variations fully, it is necessary to know how to use it. If you want the lines of the piece to come out as planned, you need to understand how to saw evenly with an electric jigsaw.

board, jigsaw

At what speed to cut Chipboard, Laminated Chipboard with a jigsaw

To evenly cut the chipboard with the jigsaw, you must work with an electric or hand-held tool at low speed, pressing the blade firmly against the workpiece. If you make quick movements, the cut is not very accurate, there is a higher risk of splintering.

How to Cut a Straight Edge on Crooked Boards

Users say that in a minute the jigsaw moves about 50 cm with the jigsaw blade in a straight line and at low speed. If you increase the intensity of movement and set the maximum angle of inclination, then for the same time will be able to cut up to 2 m. But the cut will be rough, with large chips.

Tip! If you need to saw the material carefully, it is worth turning off the pendulum stroke in the tool.

How smoothly the jigsaw will cut chipboard also depends on the sharpness of the blade. New blades let you saw in a straight line and at a constant cutting speed. But after about 3 m of workpiece the tooling begins to blunt, as a result the advance slows down and the cut becomes coarser.

Why the jigsaw is crooked

The jigsaw was originally designed to cut patterns and circles. Not all models have the straight sawing function. The price of such a tool is many times higher.

You can also make a straight cut with a regular jigsaw. To do this, you should use the ruler that should come with. To control the sawing process is easier, you need to reduce the speed.

Beginners often encounter the following problem: the jigsaw tends to move sideways when sawing, and the cut is angled. To be able to cope with this, you need to learn in detail the process of correct and straight sawing.

board, jigsaw

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How to Rip a Board With a Hand Saw

There are several reasons for an uneven saw:

One of the reasons for a bad saw is that the material is too thick. Thin wood is usually easier and easier to cut. The jigsaw may have poor mechanics, in which case it should be replaced. You can check the quality of the jigsaw by moving it from side to side. If it dangles, then it is a cheap tool for rough work. To get an acceptable result, saw with a surplus and shape the edges with a hand-held cutter.

Another effective way to learn how to saw evenly with an electric jigsaw is to draw not one trimmer line on the workpiece, but two parallel lines. This way the kerf will be flatter.

Some recommend using the pendulum function. There is no need to push the jigsaw, it has to move on its own. You can try changing modes.

Blades for specific tasks

Drywall and cement-containing materials quickly shrink any saw, except for specially designed blades with tungsten carbide tips, which also cut insulation well.

You can cut a hole in tiles using a carbide-tipped ceramic saw without teeth. It is also suitable for working with fiberglass-reinforced polymers.

board, jigsaw

The cutting part of blades for cardboard, rubber and other soft materials is not made with teeth, but with ground waves or just like a knife.

Special saw blades are designed for sawing combined materials, with one half of the blade having fine teeth and the other half having coarse teeth.

Advice. Choose the length of the saw, focusing on the thickness of the material. To prevent the blade from tearing out and breaking, its end must come out of the cutting line in any position of the jigsaw pendulum.

A set of 5-10 saws of various application is enough for home use. Just starting to use a jigsaw, one buys an inexpensive kit, masters the subtleties of working with different kinds of blades and selects the right saws based on one’s own experience. Still, there are no rigid recommendations, often a single sheet copes well with atypical for him tasks. Here you can experiment, but first think.

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