How to saw a bar into boards. Kickback and fuel work

Technology of sawing logs into boards with a chainsaw

Sawing a log into boards with a chainsaw is quite convenient and easy method of working with wood. Due to the presence of various nozzles, the master receives materials that have a smooth and even surface. It is easy to produce boards on one’s own, there is no need to go to specialized stores.

The method of sawing logs with a chainsaw has several advantages.

ability to work in any conditions. the chainsaw is not afraid of moisture, that’s why professionals can saw logs during rain, the equipment will not be spoiled in that case.

High performance. it is allowed to carry out woodwork throughout the day, but it should be noted that the power of the machine must be at least 7 horsepower.

Autonomous device. the equipment runs on gasoline, does not depend on electricity, the workplace is installed in any area where it will be more convenient to carry out the process.

Convenience in operation. the chain saw is equipped with a smooth start and adjustable chain rotation speed, the above conditions ensure a quality result for beginners in this business.

The undoubted advantage is that the equipment is much cheaper than a small sawmill. In case of failure the repair is inexpensive, does not take much time.

What is the best way to saw?

Circular saw

It is the most convenient tool for sawing boards. It has a higher productivity in comparison with some other power tools. But it is worth remembering that circular saws differ in characteristics and applications.

Before buying a saw determine for what purposes you will use it. The main use of circular saws is cutting or sawing boards.

When choosing a saw you need to consider the depth of the saw. Circular saws are available with cutting depths from 30 to 130 mm. It is necessary to know with what thickness of a board you will saw and on that basis to give preference to this or that saw.

It is also very important to choose the saw blade for your circular saw. If you have to make a clean cut you should choose a saw blade with a higher tooth frequency. If the teeth on the blade are sparsely spaced, the work will be faster, but much rougher. It is important that the circular saw produces a smooth cut with almost no splinters. You can read more about it in my book. Read more about it in the “BOOKS” section.

A book on sawing

To start working with a circular saw, set the cutting depth equal to the thickness of your board. Thanks to this you can make the most beautiful cut on almost any surface without leaving marks.

But remember that if you make a 90-degree cut the depth of cut will be the same, but for a 45-degree cut the depth of cut will be much greater. Then make sure there is nothing in the way of the blade guard, otherwise it simply will not open.

Fix the board, it is necessary that while working it did not slide on the table, this requires a stop along and at the end of the workpiece. By the way, some saws are equipped with a thumb screw, which allows you to set the angle of cut. Usually circular saws have a range of 90 to just under 45 degrees, which allows you to make neat angled cuts.

Do not forget about safety when you work with the circular saw. Always wear protective goggles or, even better, a full face mask. Remember that almost all tools are designed for right handed people, it means that all sawdust and other debris will fly out from under the saw from the left side, so left handed people should be more concerned about the safety of eyes and respiratory system.

Angle grinder or angle grinder

Never try this method. angle grinder is designed to give a nice look to the welding seam or for cutting bricks and without a saw you just can not cope. Cutting boards with an angle grinder is dangerous.

When cutting boards with this tool, craftsmen advise putting a circular saw blade with serrations on it. Imagine that while working the angle grinder caught a piece of wood in one of the nicks, you immediately release the power button (those who have worked with it know that after turning off the disk will make a few more revolutions) and no one knows where you will find your tool after that, on the floor in a couple of meters away or in your body.

Or, for example, the disk heated and broke, which is also quite possible, pieces of the hot cutting wheel scattered over the entire area, and some of them can land on you. Other craftsmen use a disk with a pobedite, which also can easily end up in your leg.

That’s why it’s better not to risk and to use a tool that is specially adapted for this work.


In order to make a straight cut with a hacksaw, you first need to draw a saw trimmer line with a pencil on the board, then, set the workpiece so that you can work with it comfortably, fix it in this position. The next step is to set the hacksaw at about 60 degrees to the workpiece, guide the saw with your thumb so that it goes exactly along the cut line.

Start sawing as soon as your notch will be such depth that the saw can “walk” in it comfortably without dropping from the mark, you can turn it in a comfortable for you position, usually 90 degrees, and continue sawing until you achieve the desired result. If the wood is wet and soft, the teeth of the hacksaw will get stuck in it, which will make the work more tedious and longer.

To lighten the load, moisten the tool with soap and this will make the job a lot easier. The first cuts of a beginner do not turn out very straight, so it is better to use a bar, which will serve you as a guide.

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If you need to make an angled cut, use a mitre saw. Slots are made in it in advance for the hacksaw. You just attach it to the workbench, put the part in the special groove, and saw at the angle you want. The cut will turn out flat, almost without chips.

In order to beautifully saw the boards it is better to use the help of a qualified master, if you think that you are able to cope with this work, then on no account do not make cuts angular grinder, it is better to use a hacksaw. For neat cuts along the board, the best tool is a circular or circular saw.

The important point in sawing boards is accuracy and precision, it is a painstaking and time-consuming job. The main thing to never forget that any manual, and especially power tools can cause you harm, never ignore the rules of safety, it is better to reinsure, because health. is the most important thing.

Sawing a chainsaw log into boards with the device

When it is necessary to cut a small power chain saw along the log, you can not do without a special device and skills. Here’s how it is described by the YouTube channel Carpentry with their own hands.

Logs for sawing

The basis of home-made devices for sawing is the carriage, which is welded from a profile tube 25 mm. To the carriage welded two guide sockets cross section of 30 mm. To fix the height of the carriage, two M8 bolts are installed on each pipe.

Carriage with rails

Movable part of device has the T-shape. It is made also from profile pipe of 25 mm. There are clamps in each stand that hold the chain saw bar in place.

Clamping legs

To make the chain of a chainsaw move freely, inside the clamps are welded jaws of metal with thickness of 4 mm, size 40 mm.

Jaws in the clamp

The carriage must run smoothly on the guide rail and therefore rollers must be fitted in all corners from below. Need inexpensive furniture casters made of plastic.

Carriage with rollers

Assemble the fixture before mounting it on the guide rails.

The set-up is assembled

Use a section of aluminum ladder as a guide for the carriage. The carriage is mounted on top of the ladder, and the rollers make it easy to move along the guide rails.

Stair carriage

The attachment is designed for use with a 3.1 kW Husqvarna 555 chain saw.

Husqvarna 555 saw

A special chain is chosen for longitudinal sawing. It differs in pitch and cutting edge angle. Match chain saw chain sprocket to link spacing.

Comparison of chain for slitting

Depending on the size of the guide bar, the depth of cut depends on the depth of the log. Company Husqvarna does not produce the optimal bar length of 55 cm, so you buy a Partner bar, and for it pick up a chain with 68 links.

The Partner saw bar

To work, the device is mounted on a chainsaw. First put the poles on the guide bar and fasten them. Then the carriage is attached to the uprights.

Saw with device installed

The ladder is attached to the log with staples and planks.

Attaching the ladder

After you have mounted the chainsaw with the attachment on the ladder you choose the size of the cut and according to this size set the height of the carriage on the rails.

Setting the size of the cut

Sawing is done by sliding the chainsaw carriage along the guide rail along the log.

Sawing a log

video on this subject

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For carpenters, plank and bar are the most common blanks from which to produce further crafts and products from wood. And the first thing the material is exposed to is cutting it into pieces of necessary length. In this case you should know how exactly to saw a board, because the wrong performance of this operation can spoil the workpiece or significantly affect the appearance, and not for the better.

Tools for sawing a log

Tools and methods of sawing depend on the total volume of logs, such indicators as length, thickness. Also the quality of the material to be sawn should be taken into consideration. Sawing a log means working with different tools and specialized equipment. In order to get a small amount of lumber at home will suit the manual method of processing logs with a chainsaw or traditional hand saws-saws with teeth for the longitudinal type of cutting.

The sawmill is probably the most well-known type of sawmill equipment. It is a woodworking machine, which includes frame saws. The sawmill produces longitudinally sawn timber, e.g. edged boards or logs. Log sawmills allow sawing logs with diameters of between 15 and 80 cm and lengths of up to 7 m.

Logs are cut into boards with circular saws by means of a circular saw. There is a single-saw (single-disc) and multi-saw (multi-disc) system. Devices with a single disc are suitable for work with small and low-quality raw materials. With the help of multi-disc machines you can cut round workpieces with a large diameter.

Band saws are the most popular today. They come in two types: vertical and horizontal. The cutting tool in such equipment is a band blade, which is put on the pulleys. Working on band saws guarantees high-quality longitudinal and mixed lumber, e.g. boards and cants. And the amount of waste generated is as low as possible.

Large industrial companies use sawing lines. They allow for very high surface quality and precise geometry of the end products. These lines are characterized by the highest productivity.

In addition to all the equipment listed above, such types of highly specialized sawmill equipment as debarkers, edgers, band-splitting and other types of machines are also used.

Very often there are situations when it is necessary to make a very small amount of planks or bars for one’s own needs. Of course, buying a machine in such a case is absolutely not an option. Having certain knowledge and skills is much more profitable to saw logs with your own hands, using an electric or gasoline chain saw. Despite the fact that this work is quite labor-intensive, the result is quite justified.

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Most experts believe that a chainsaw is better suited for this purpose. Such equipment has high power and can operate without interruption for a long time. In addition, the work of the chainsaw does not need electricity, so you can work far from the power source, for example, immediately in the plot.

In order to cut a log into boards with a chainsaw you also need special tools such as a mechanism for securing the log, a frame on the chainsaw, and a guide for sawing. You need to attach the frame attachment to the chain saw bar so that you can adjust the gap between it and the chain. This will make it possible to create boards of different thicknesses. It is worth buying a special chain for longitudinal sawing. It has a special rake angle. The guide line can be made from a metal profile of the desired length or from an even, rigid board.

Before you begin, you must remove all bark and remaining limbs from the logs, and carefully inspect the logs for any imperfections. This allows you to choose the most appropriate cutting pattern and therefore minimizes the amount of waste that may arise.

If you carry out longitudinal sawing trunks need to take care that the resulting lumber was the same density across the entire width. Since the density of wood from the northern side of the log is much higher than that from the southern side, you should saw in a plane facing east to west (or in reverse order).

The first thing to do is to remove the slabs from the two opposite edges of the log. cut into two sawn timbers, which are then sawn into boards or other timber of equal thickness, according to the intended cutting pattern. The end product is an unedged board, which then necessarily remove the edges.

For centuries lumber has been the most popular raw material for home construction. Today modern equipment replaces the primitive methods of processing. For example, to cut timber and process it to the right size, craftsmen use a sawmill. The disadvantage of such a machine is in its cost. For this reason, many people make mini saws based on a chainsaw.

If you decide to buy or already have one, you will need to learn all the specifics of working with this tool. With a successful purchase and operation, working with a chainsaw will be safe and bring you nothing but pleasure.

To work with a chainsaw, buy yourself special protective clothing, which will consist of a helmet and mask, a bright jacket and pants. This shape protects you from cuts in the saw.

How to cut a felled tree with a chainsaw

How to saw boards with a chainsaw with your own hands?

Sawing wood is performed at full throttle by the section of the bar that is closest to the body of the mechanism. And for every material it is necessary to use a certain method of sawing.

If you want to saw branches off the tree you need to stand to the left of the trunk and start sawing at the bottom. Make all movements slowly. Cutting is done with the nose of the bar, specifically the top and bottom blades of the chain.

Saw thick, difficult branches in several steps.

Start sawing with the chainsaw from the end to the base of the tree trunk. It should also be noted that without some support, the trunk may roll, and before you begin the work process, make sure that the tree lies secure and stable.

After cutting all the branches off the trunk, you can move on to the next step

How to saw smoothly with a chainsaw. Navy

Hello Dear subscribers and readers of the blog of Andrew Noack! Every gardener or farmer who works with wood has a chainsaw in his arsenal. For example I used to saw more than one truckload of firewood for heating the house. When working with such tools it is very important to follow the safety rules. And my goal for today is to show you how to cut a chainsaw correctly. I still use a STIHL brand, so I take its characteristics as a basis.

Although the operation of a chainsaw may not seem complicated, it is still a traumatic tool and in the hands of an inexperienced person poses a danger. Clumsy movements can lead to cuts or more serious injury.

Safe work

In order to avoid injuries as much as possible it is necessary to use personal protective equipment.

The following things can happen during operation:

  • The possibility of careless touching the saw headset of hands is great;
  • Dropping branches or splinters bouncing off the operator. Protective goggles protect you from bouncing branches, chips, dust.
  • Contact between leg tissue and operating chain. To reduce the chance of foot tissues coming in contact with the chain at work, you should wear close-fitting padded pants. Of course they will not protect from a long contact, but they are an excellent obstacle, and if you quickly remove the saw from your leg, there is a great chance not to injure it.
  • Damage to the feet. To protect your feet, buy solid shoes with a metal toe insert. It is done for safety reasons, because the saw most often likes to slip on that part of the body.
  • Head injury. A hard hat can help protect your head from flying off chains and large twigs.

Observe the following rules when using it:

  • Hold the chainsaw firmly in your hands and keep your hands close to your torso so they become much less tired. The chainsaw must be monitored.
  • Never saw more than one log at a time when sawing. The tip of the guide bar should not be used for sawing since it will more often than not slip out of position. The bar needs to be fixed and make sure that nothing can pinch the chain.
  • The operator’s body position must not be on the same plane as the working chain. You should not bend over too much, because you can easily lose your balance, which can lead to disastrous consequences.
  • Most cases involving saw chucking occur when processing wood, or more precisely when trimming branches. The kickback area of the bar can touch a branch or tree, which can cause the saw itself to kick off.
  • The chainsaw is not designed to cut material above shoulder height. This method is strictly forbidden, as the consequences could be very serious. Your safety in your hands.
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Function check and start up

  • To work with a chain saw, be sure to read the instructions, because different models can be slightly different, but I’m guided by the rules of STIHL.
  • Before starting the unit, you must activate the chain brake, which is located on the front of the housing. It should always be pushed forward. There is a plastic guard on the guide bar that needs to be removed.
  • Press the decompression valve, if there is one. That makes it easier to start the chain saw. If the unit is equipped with a fuel pump, it should be clamped, which will reduce the number of pumps.
  • At the back of the body, in front of the handle is a combination lever, it should be set in the throttle or cold start position. To begin, activate the throttle lever and the throttle trigger lock and push the lever all the way down.
  • Immediately before starting the engine, place the saw on a level surface so that the saw’s headset does not touch the ground. This position will prevent unwanted blunting of the chain and injury to the operator. The chainsaw needs to be gripped with both hands by the starter rope and handle. To keep the machine firmly on the ground when you start it, you need to put your toe on the back of the handle.
  • After you have firmly grasped the chainsaw, slowly pull the starter rope until you feel resistance. After that, pull forcefully a few times until the engine starts up briefly. It is important to keep the cable straight up, to avoid rubbing against the fan housing.
  • The throttle is located near the handle, and its lever must be moved up to the half throttle position. Now restart the engine and push the throttle lever. If everything is done correctly the combination lever moves to the idle position.
  • Now you can lift the chainsaw off the ground. It is very important to do it carefully and not to touch the gas lever. The motor works, but the chain does not move, because before that we put the brake. It can be easily removed by pulling the brake towards you until you hear a noticeable click, without releasing the handgrip with the same hand.
  • To check if the chain is well lubricated, take a white sheet of paper or other light background, press full throttle. A good lubrication system is indicated by oil spots. Now you can get down to work.

Position of the operator

If all the instructions above are followed, you can begin work. Here it is very important that the operator has a firm grip on the saw with both hands. Do not slouch, but try to keep your balance. Do not change your body position when bending over, just bend your knees. If you have to go from one object to another, be sure to turn off the chain.


Two-stroke engines are used in saws, for which a gasoline-oil mixture should be used. to pour it carefully so it would not get on the body or the saw head, in working conditions it is necessary to move away from the material to be sawed at distance of 5-6 m.

A circular saw is your guide!

One of the most used equipment for this kind of work is a circular saw! You just need to know a few basic rules. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure the longitudinal movement of the timber.

It is clear that it is almost impossible to do this on an ordinary horizontal table, because it will roll from place to place during sawing, which is very uncomfortable and can cause injury! What we wouldn’t want to do at all.

But what to do you ask? There is a trick, which is known to all professionals under the codename of “fin”.

A fin is a device whose thickness corresponds to the width of the cut. But it is necessary to install this thing in such a way that it is possible to correct, to correct its position. This is very important!

The log is dissolved into boards for two people, it occurs by the following technology: first saw it lengthwise, that is, the work is carried out by the usual technique. Then, when the fin is fully in, a spacer is inserted, which should slightly exceed the width of the cut. Install a clamp-handle, which will perform two functions at once, one of which will hold it, and the other will be needed to pull it conveniently.

The file-spacer at this point will not allow the board to deflect anywhere, which is very handy! Next, you will need to act as follows: the first worker will pull the object by the clamp, and the other will press it to the ruler, which is used in this case, in order to determine the width of the board!

The work, thus, in the hands of the masters succeeds! Things are going uphill! And the speed of the action surprises them!

How to saw a log across

If you plan to saw the trunk crosswise, and then split the billets into boards. this is not advisable. Cross-sawn logs are usually cut crosswise to make firewood.

Sawn crosswise is often used to make garden benches, tables. Beautiful looking garden paths decorated with sawn wood. In such a case it is possible to saw into disks with thickness of 10-15 cm.

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