How to save line on a trimmer


This depends on the specification of your grass trimmer. Both too thin and too thick fishing line can cause premature engine wear. In the table below you can see what kind of fishing line is used in different devices.

Device type Power, kW Line thickness, mm
Electric or cordless Up to 1 2
Electric or cordless 0,5 1,5
Petrol 0,5-3,3 2,4-3


Different materials can be used:

Save Money On Garden Trimmer Strimmer Line String Or Cord

Of course, the most common is nylon. It is cheaper, often used by manufacturers, it is well able to withstand mechanical loads. Coaxial filament is stronger and lasts longer. Don’t buy too cheap products, as they use polyethylene to make them, it wears out faster and needs to be replaced.

Adding a steel rod or reinforcing the line makes it possible to cut not only grass but also bushes. Such fishing line is hard-wearing and has a long service life.


The performance of the device depends not only on the thickness and material, but also on the shape of the cross-section of the line.

The following cross-sectional shapes can be used:

Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Special features of the circular cross-sectional area

  • Most common.
  • Mowing the grass is of good quality.
  • Has a cheaper cost.
  • Uses up slowly.
  • Can be used on all types of trimmers.
  • Makes more noise when mowing.
  • Works well with young grass only; for old tough stems or shrubs, other lines are better, such as spiral lines.

Characteristics of rectangular or square wire

  • Smooth, quality mowing.
  • Usually used in more powerful devices.
  • Copes with dry old grass, branches, especially if it has a metal rod in addition.
  • Makes less noise.
  • Faster breakage of line with sharp edges.
  • Has a higher flow rate.
  • A special reel disk is needed.
  • The cost of such a cord is higher, especially when reinforced with a metal rod.

Manufacturers use lines of different cross-sectional shapes to increase the performance of the device. These can be veins in the form of a cross, star, polygon. One of the variants is a shaped line with notches or in the form of a spiral. These lines create less noise and are very good at removing grass, but they are less durable, tear faster and therefore more consumed.

Wear-resistant, reinforced cords are very reliable and durable, but they are expensive and are used only in very powerful, professional devices. They are good for cleaning places like the grass near highways, on stony areas and slopes.

A great trimmer tip: Everything is brilliantly simple

Dachnikov, as well as people who live in private homes, often face the problem associated with the care of the yard area, as well as the garden. In this case, lawn care and mowing are most often necessary. As a rule, to perform such work special devices are used. grass trimmers, which can quickly and efficiently cut the grass, to frame the lawn. Despite the fact that the grass trimmer is not a large-sized device and it is easy to use, users may still have some questions when working with this garden equipment. For example, users are most often faced with the problem of healing and applying the fishing line on the grass trimmer reel. To solve this and many other problems, as well as inconveniences that can arise while working with this technique, you can use the tips of experienced users.

Accessories and headsets for the Tatra Garden. additional features and a new level of comfort

It’s nice when the multitasking of a garden tool can be achieved by simple actions. for example, buy additional attachments for a lawn mower and get new opportunities to fight vegetation. Or complement the standard set of equipment with accessories that increase the comfort of work and reduce the strain on the muscles. Then even the most demanding garden maintenance tasks can be completed quickly and easily.

Grass trimmer or lawnmower accessories available at tatragarden.Made from quality materials and tested in real life conditions. They are an excellent addition to the original Tatra Garden products, designed for grass and shrub trimming.

Choosing a grass trimmer cord

The right choice of filament depends directly on the specifications of your grass trimmer, because the power of the brushcutter directly affects the diameter of the filament section, and the correctly selected profile of the filament will help to cope better with the task at hand.

Naturally, as your lawn grows larger and denser, you’ll need a stronger, tougher, thicker, more “sharpened” line. Here’s a look at the key features that affect the cutting power and durability of a trimmer cord.

Cord profile

You’ve probably seen twisted or ribbed cords or cords with serrations. In combination with all kinds of different colors, they are a joy to the eye. However, different cord profiles (shapes) are not just for appearance, they affect HOW the grass trimmer effectively cuts vegetation.the most common cords are: Round, Twisted, Square, 5 point star, 6 point star For a better understanding we will divide cords into two categories. Round and Twisted 2. With serrated edges. all other Round cords encountered more often than other types. This standard profile is used in a lot of cords. However, it tends not to cut the grass, but tear it off, more often than other cord profiles. The round cord obviously lacks a cutting edge. Twisted is an improved form of the standard Round. The curved shape produces smaller cutting edges than the Round version. Square 5-point star Profiles with cutting edges. “sharper. Their serrated edges successfully “chop” grass and weeds. Toothed cord has sharp spikes along the edges, making the line resemble a saw or kitchen knife. The cutting surface of the cord gets more cutting power, which means more capability

Cord diameter

The choice of cord diameter follows a simple logic: the thicker and more dense the vegetation, the larger the cord diameter should be. In addition to increased cutting power, larger diameter gives you extra survivability against dense grass, weeds, and dead wood.

For the medium. light work Grass mowing 1,5. 2 mm
For medium. heavier work Mowing grass and small weeds 2 to 3 mm
For heavy-duty work Mowing grass, small and large weeds ≥ 3 mm

Cord material

Trimmer cords are most often made of nylon, but many manufacturers depart from this standard in pursuit of increased durability or cutting power.

The most common cord, most commonly found in specialty stores. It is suitable for any type of work performed by a trimmer: it will mow both lush spring grass and dried autumn grass. However, shrubs with thick branches and dry grass can cause difficulties

Another type of line that has become widespread in recent years, as it has shown great performance with trimmers. The sharp edges improve aerodynamics and the quality of the grass cutter. This line is good for regular use throughout the growth of the lawn, but remember that it wears out and tears faster than ordinary lines

This line adds power to the tool by increasing aerodynamics. This line is also the quietest of all. It is good for electric trimmers for cutting thinner grass. It is not a good idea to use it with a gasoline-powered trimmer, because the line consumption is too high. The disadvantage. low strength

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It is designed for good cutting of dead wood. It is distinguished by its round cross-section, resistance to tearing and increased strength. It comes with a core made of a different material. The idea is quite simple. on a rigid and very strong core there is a flexible outer layer. Twisted line is only good for gasoline-powered trimmers. It can even handle small bushes. Its main disadvantage is its high cost. It is quite expensive to buy coiled fishing line for daily work

Nylon line reinforced with aluminum shavings. If you believe the statements of the manufacturers, which is confirmed by some reviews of brushcutter owners, the reinforcement with shavings gives an increase in strength of about 25-30%

Since there is a core inside, made of denser material, the line is more wear-resistant. The line itself is round, so it’s great for any type of grass trimmer. Only the power of your power tool will be a nuance. such a line requires a high power (not less than 1.5 liters).с.). It perfectly copes with both shrubs and dry grass.

Let’s give the grass a fight: choose the best line for a grass trimmer!

The quality of grass mowing depends on the trimmer line. What is the best line for grass trimmers?? So here’s what to look for before you buy.

The working attachments of a grass trimmer can be a fishing line or a cutter. However, the cutter is mainly used for thick stems, and for grass it is better to take a fishing line. Statistics of inquiries in Yandex show that more than 90% of users are looking for the line, as it is often necessary to mow the grass. What is the best line for a grass trimmer?? We will tell you what kinds of such attachments exist and what to look for before buying.

Which cord to buy? Observe cross section, diameter and length

Make no mistake, and choose the one cord that does the job perfectly? That influences how you get your grass cut and how beautiful your lawn will be.

Depending on the grass on your site, choose the right line. Study the table and look at example models.

Gigant 2 mm, 15 m PATRIOT Roundline 2.4 mm, 15 m Champion Star 1.6 mm, 15 m

To choose the filament diameter, here’s a universal rule: The more powerful your weed trimmer, the thicker the line.

  • Small trimmers up to 500 W require a line thickness of up to 1.5 mm.
  • For serious equipment up to 1500 watts, which is the most common choice, you will need a thick cord up to 2.4 mm.
  • High power models up to 4000 watts require a line of up to 3.2 mm.

Note that the diameter of the line still depends on the trimmer for grass: whether it is battery, electric, gasoline, and purpose. household or professional.

To choose the length of line, think about how often you’ll be using your grass trimmer.

  • For occasional use on your garden or countryside, a 15 m cord reel is long enough for the whole season. You can choose a pre-cut line, which is easy to install.
  • If you regularly trim your lawn, remove weeds, or have a large yard, you’ll use on average 10 m of cord per month. That’s why it’s better to have 40-60 m of fishing line in reserve.
  • For everyday professional jobs, trimmer cord in a reel up to 500 m is available.

Note that it’s best to choose a line of the same brand as the grass trimmer. Many manufacturers include recommendations for fishing line selection in the instruction manual of the trimmer.

We have selected the best brands, which produce a cord with an optimal price-quality ratio. Our recommendations help you find the perfect trimmer cord to make the right purchase. Check out the full range on the Alltools website.hand!

How to store your trimmer line?

The line diameter for brushcutters and trimmers starts at 1 mm. and in 0.1 mm increments ends at 4.00mm. (Although there are examples of 4,2 to 4,4 mm lines, but these require modified reels and forced motors)

The line diameter ranges from 1.00 to 1.8mm., generally used in electric bottom-mounted trimmers.

Power trimmers with top-mounted engines (more powerful) have a line diameter of 1.6 to 2.4 mm.

On brushcutters with 1E34F and 1E36F engines you can safely use lines from 1.8 to 2.7 mm.

3-3.4mm line. may be used on larger brushcutters with 1E40F engines.

For heavier, professional mowing over larger areas, a 3.6 to 4.00mm line is the best choice, but with this line you need special reinforced spools and powerful brushcutters with 1E44F motors.

Therefore, when choosing a line, be sure to consider the power of your engine and the manufacturer’s recommendations. You might have missed your aim with the spool, but it is important to look at the spool, since each spool is designed for a specific fishing line range. as a rule, the maximum line diameter is stated on the body of the spool, on the reel, or in the marking. If you lose sight of this point, then taking a thicker line. you simply can’t fit it on the spool.

Grass trimmer line in various shapes and thicknesses. buy at KosiKosa

At first glance, a simple lawnmower, in fact, quite a complex device consisting of a set of mechanical units and elements. And even such a detail as a line for a grass trimmer is an important part of any power tool. Concluded in the grass trimmer, the line serves as a cutting tool, the diameter of which starts from 2.6 mm and reaches as much as 4 mm of nylon material, which under the action of rotation at high speed cuts the objects you find: grass, dry weeds, young shoots of bushes, etc.п. Since there are many objects of treatment, there are now many types of fishing line, whose price and characteristics are in some cases distinguishable.

The assortment of KosiKosa offers trimmer lines of various designs, the parameters of which vary:

  • By product thickness. The choice of 7 mm thickness and other options depends on the type of vegetation to be cut. For example, for lawn treatment, a 2.0 mm in diameter, but if it is a weed on the garden plot, 2.4 mm and 2,7. In the case of young tree shoots, a diameter of 3 mm and 4.
  • According to the shape of the section are distinguished:
  • round line for grass trimmer. is the most popular in most scythes;
  • line with a square cross section is designed for higher impact power;
  • in the case of big weeds, the high-strength star section is still the most important.

To trim hedge shrubs, no ordinary nylon or star shaped mower will do the job. For such cases the “Grass Mower” store offers to buy a line with a core of high-strength material that does not let the nylon sheath break when hit at high speed. But even this, it would seem, expensive variant of a fishing line purchase in our store will not be overhead, because our price barrier on all kinds of fishing lines is the most acceptable in Ukraine among many competitors. This also applies to other products, for example, if you need to buy spare parts for a chainsaw of the model we have.

A line on the grass trimmer for soft and hard grass on the site

You can’t definitively choose fishing line for soft, hard grass or mixed lawns. Experienced mowers recommend having 2-3 types of cord in stock so that you can tuck the right model into the head depending on your planned mowing.

Choice of lines for hard grass trimmer

Before you buy a mowing string, familiarize yourself with the purpose of the product:

Forage for cattle can only be prepared with a disc on a heavy-duty petrol-driven trimmer. Mow stiff grasses should be mowed with a two-millimeter-thick line to save the cord and not overload the engine.

Reinforced two-part cord cord is thick and durable, but the high price does not justify use only for removing weeds. Fiber with a reinforced core is better if you need to work long and daily in industrial environments.

What kind of line is needed for mowing the grass in the household plot?

  • square. for removing robins and dense vegetation,
  • Round-top. performs well with young grass, last year’s volunteer volunteer cuttings,
  • shaped. silent, effective, but quickly wears out.
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If a lawn needs to be kept in good condition from time to time, the rounded shape is good enough. The shaped string (star) removes weeds, weeds and thickets faster, but for home use its purchase is not rational, as the financial costs are not recouped by the rapid consumption of the string.

Twisted cord is silent, has good aerodynamic properties, so it doesn’t heat up the head while working, but there is a disadvantage. high price.

Lawn trimmer line for grass. Choose correctly to save not only money, but also.

This post, as you have already guessed, will be devoted to choosing a line for the grass trimmer, which will allow you to save not only your money, but also nerves.

I’ll tell you my story, as one of the moments of grass clippings in the trips between plots on his dacha, I almost threw his trimmer elektricheskim for grass over the fence dacha.

You wonder how it can be, that the dacha owner threw away expensive equipment?

Can, can, do not doubt.

See what happens. When cutting succulent grass in the aisles between plots with vegetables, in past seasons I used a line of German production “Hammer”.

It is sold in the store far from home, and I did not have time to get to the store and buy enough packs to have enough for this season.

Well, then I decided to ask my wife to buy me a fishing line in our nearest supermarket “Carousel”. She goes there for groceries, well, I asked her, in short.

She bought me two packs from different manufacturers so I could try each type of line and then decide which one was the most trouble-free and abrasion-resistant, and then I could buy more good line.

I made the first filling of the grass trimmer drum with German fishing line, and since this package was already started at the beginning of this season, I decided to use it up to the area of mowing, for which one filling of the drum is enough.

By the way, the line cross-section “star” and the plastic has inclusions of metal chips, which makes this line “tough” to abrasion on the grass. Well, it costs one standard package (length 15 meters), about a little over two hundred.

Long story short, I did the first load of the drum, mowed about a quarter of the area and the line ran out. After taking a break and a coffee drink, I filled up the line from our manufacturer “IP Spassky D. В.”from Kolpino, St. Petersburg.

2 mm thick fishing line., I was very surprised, to be honest, that it is the maximum diameter of line for my electric trimmer, and it looked more massive and stiff than other new lines, green in color.

Well, I think now one filling of the drum is enough not only to cut all the remaining grass on the site this day, but also remains for the next mowing.

I turn on the grass trimmer, take a couple of steps, the cut grass flies in different directions, as it usually happens, and on the third step the line ends.

Т. е. That length of line, which was on the outside of the drum, ran out. I was, to be honest, very surprised. I tried to let the new line length out of the drum by hitting the bottom of the drum on the ground, as the manual says, but it was no use.

You know, when the drum hits the ground, the drum with the line is sunk inside the casing, released from the clamps and the line is pulled out of the drum by the centrifugal force.

If there’s more line coming out (t. е. longer) than the grass trimmer’s protective hood, it is cut automatically by the knife, which is located at the edge of the hood. This is the basic stuff, which I’ve done a thousand times, and here the line does not come out of the drum, if you break it.

line, trimmer

I had to unscrew the outer nut that holds the drum on the rotating axis of the trimmer for grass, and take out the drum itself, and this procedure is not pleasant.

Because on the inner axis of the drum is also a spring, which can not be lost, otherwise the grass trimmer will not work. And just this same spring and always tends to “jump” when pulling the drum from the rotating axle.

In short, if you say in Russian, it’s a pain in the ass to do it. No, well, of course, if the line is used up and you need a new filling of lines in the drum section, then there is no way out. And here I just filled 3 meters of fishing line in each compartment of the drum, but it damn near does not come out of the drum.

Anyway, when I pulled the reel out, holding the naughty spring, I saw that inside the two sections of the reel, where the new fishing line is wound, all the coils of fishing line are intertwined and as if sintered.

And since this “miracle” happened for the first time, I thought it was my own fault for causing this problem. Peeled off each stuck end of the line with a nail in two sections of the drum, tucked it back into the grass trimmer and continued mowing.

Passing again a couple of steps, and again the line ends and when you hit the drum on the ground is not pulled out of the drum itself? It’s a miracle, isn’t it??!

I take the reel out again and again I see that the line is sintered inside both sections of the reel! Well, what to do? I have to mow it anyway, otherwise how is it possible that one part of the area will be nice and trimmed, and the other will be weedy?

Again, I unhooked both ends of the line in the two sections of the reel with a nail, put the reel back in place and again only took a couple of steps, as the line ran out.

Well, here I have already begun to give up nerves and had a desire to throw a trimmer along with this line for the fence dacha in the woods. As you understand, a person’s nerves are not “iron” and at some point comes a nervous breakdown.

No, I myself am a calm and good-natured man, but in this situation, and my nerves gave up.

I pulled out the reel again, and again all the line was sintered in the sections, as if it had been heated with a blowtorch. Then I began to think what’s wrong with this line and why it behaves so inadequately?!

Well, at this point I have one guess. when the line comes into contact with the grass at high speed (11 thousand. rpm) the fishing line itself gets very hot and transmits this high temperature along its length to the drum sections, where it is wound.

And it turns out that this high temperature begins to melt the line, but so that all the coils in the sections sintered. That’s how it turns out.

I did not waste my nerves, photographed the package of fishing line, reeled off 5 meters of crumpled line (with 2.5 meters of line left in each section) and threw it in the trash.

Of course, I had already calmed down, but the time is passing, the rain is drizzling, and I need to finish mowing the whole area today, because because because of the cold rains grass grows powerfully and spoils the whole view of the suburban area.

I still have one pack of green line from our “brothers” from China. To tell you the truth, I had no hope that it could cut anything.

Because it wasn’t as stiff as the line from Kolpino, and it looked flimsy. But there was no way out, so I had to wind 3 meters of fishing line in each section of the drum, insert it into the weed trimmer and started mowing?

I took two steps, it cuts. ♪ Five steps to mow it ♪. I take ten steps, it cuts and when the drum hits the ground, a new length of line is drawn. I could not believe my eyes. the cutting procedure was going like clockwork.

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Then I was in a better mood, and that’s how I mowed the rest of the lawn! You know, a “mowed” dacha looks more respectable and beautiful than the uncut.

And the neat appearance of the passages between plots with vegetables brings a lot of positive emotions and satisfaction from contemplation of such beauty!

You know yourself that there is nothing more useful than to get from your garden, not only environmentally friendly and safe food, but also moral satisfaction!

Well, on the basis of these tests of different kinds of lines for grass trimmer, I made the following conclusion.

The fishing line from Kolpino is not worth, not only to buy, but even take for free, if the seller will give it to you in the form of a bonus for buying in the store. Do not even look at this line in your hands.

In first place in quality is the German line “Hammer”. It may be expensive, but my nerves and health are more expensive.

In second place. a fishing line from the Chinese manufacturer!

Well, about the other kinds of fishing line, if I test it this season, I’ll certainly let you know.

I will be very happy if the material of this post will help you and your friends, and your friends to save not only money but also nerves!

So then I take my leave and goodbye.

If you have something to say about the grass trimmer fishing line that you have used in your practice, then write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this post.

Rating of lines for grass trimmer 2020. Which one is better??

It’s no secret that the process and the result of mowing depends not only on the grass trimmer, but also on the line. One can work with burdocks, but tears lawn grass, the other perfectly even cuts young vegetation, but absolutely not suitable for dead wood. And there are also times when you buy the right cord and it’s nothing but disappointment? We offer to understand the intricacies of trimmer line selection and reveal the secrets of five popular brands.

What is the best way to cut the grass

Before proceeding to the choice of equipment for the garden tool, you should answer the question: what kind of grass they will mow? If it is fresh, the choice is clear. A fishing line is ideal for the job.

The line is a thread which is made of nylon. The grass is mowed with 2 line tips rotating at high speed. The higher the rotational speed, the more efficient the tool.

The cutting width can be in the 40-50 cm range. On this parameter depends on how quickly the work can be done. The wider the mowing width, the faster the lawn will be mowed.

When working with the garden tool, it should be positioned so that the string is parallel to the grass. The mowing head should not be too close to the ground. This results in higher load on the motor, which in turn may cause the motor to mow.

The product can be used to cut any kind of grass, regardless of its height. It’s great for both low and very high grass. It is worth noting that the same cannot be said about the lawnmower. A string mower is also an excellent choice for cutting grass in places where a lawn mower does not pass.

A wire would be ideal for mowing grass in the garden. It is not able to harm the trees in any way. The wire slides gently over their trunks without damaging the crown.

A fishing line is one of the best options for cutting grass, which will later be harvested for hay. However, it is worth noting that it will not cope with hard and dense grass. For mowing this kind of vegetation, you need to install a knife.

line, trimmer

Homemade grass trimmer attachment that’s better than a plastic spool

The great overconsumption of fishing line in such a use nullifies the usefulness of the construction

If the same fishing line is inserted, what makes it work longer? And another thing, a homemade mowing head, no one balances. There would be vibrations with consequences. It’s nothing. The body itself seldom breaks (I have been mowing grass for 15 acres for two years, it has not broken yet).

Don’t be fooled, the factory design is now on saleThe design is great, I’ve been using it for over 3 years.The main thing is to lubricate the reducer with refractory grease.Victor.

The problem is that the “gasoline mower” people are not fools invented My friend also decided to save money and removed a Japanese car, a sensor that turns off the rear-wheel drive as a result, changed the box and engine! Same thing with the head. Checked!))

Take an ordinary hex nut, or what’s wrong with an ordinary left-hand thread

The hex nut is easy to use. By using shatterproof plastic. 2. The original head is self-adjusting. That is, the line is not inserted in chunks, but with a spool, and when the head hits the ground, the line is released as it shortens (flow). 3. A thread on the trimmer is not left, by any chance? So the head doesn’t come off while you’re working? It totally sucked, to be more accurate

And you can’t buy a special washer. It’s a 4 mm line. I recommend.

And make a grass trimmer out of a ski pole and a meat grinder. ♪ Self-made man’s hands are not for boredom ♪

Frayed bunghole.Drilled, installed bolt with washer, nut inside.I have to pull fishing line out with my hands, pushing on the former belly button.But the economy of fishing line, on bumps line does not fly out.

once bought the trimmer for the grass factory nozzle took off and put it in memory of the replacement took a 3 mm plate length of 10 cm calculated its center, drilled a hole with a diameter equal to the hole in the nozzle. Grinded the opposite side under the knife. Put it on the grass trimmer, running, adjusted the absence of runout on the emery. on the ends drilled three holes with a diameter of 4.5 mm (for any line). ♪ 12 years it’s been working ♪. Chops thin twigs, just have to move it under the knife.Line consumption is much less than with the factory set.The protection is set at such a distance from the blade, so it would be convenient to work depending on the purpose of work.Including weeding.It’s not as clean as a hoe, but it’s faster and my back doesn’t hurt as much. Three holes provide a secure lock for the line. Good luck.

Yeah, well, it’s better than a reel? to stop every five meters to stop the trimmer and insert a new one? for me it is easier to wind on a spool and mow for a long time without worrying about anything.

Main parameters of trimmer line

Manufacturers most often indicate line diameter, and this is partly correct. the mowing head has holes with metal inserts of a certain inner diameter, in which, you can not insert a line of a larger diameter.

Thus, one of the parameters of the line is:

    The thickness of the line.During the operation of the trimmer there are different situations. you just need to mow the fresh grass in the lawn, or remove high weeds along the fence or, for example, prepare the site for the winter, and this requires not only mowing dry thick stems, but also to remove the growth of small bushes.

To do this, in addition to the thickness of the thread, the shape of the line must be taken into account, on which the cutting properties depend, respectively the second important parameter in the selection of the thread:

Lawn Edging with a String Trimmer or Weed Eater : Correct vs Incorrect

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