How to replace wire in a lawn mower. Replacement rules

Learning to correctly wrap the fishing line for a trimmer to the coil of a trimmer for grass and lawn mowing instructions for installation

Owners of private houses know how necessary the type of tool is such as a trimmer for grass. It can be gasoline and electric, and they differ in the design of power units. For injection of grass in areas where there are stones, trees and other obstructing objects, a fishing line for a trimmer is used as a cutting device. This consumable in the process of use wears out, so how to wind the coil of a trimmer for grass, we will consider in detail in the material.

Fishing lines is called consumable, which consists of nylon, and serves as a cutting device. Through this equipment, the grass grows, which is ensured due to rotation of the instrument head with a high frequency. This material has a different thickness, which depends on its use on the corresponding tools of low-power (from 1 to 1.6 mm), electric from 500 W (2-2.4 mm) and gasoline trimmers for grass with motorcycles (from 2.4 up to 3.2 mm).

The more powerful the tool, the accordingly there should be a cutting equipment. This affects not only the quality of the injection of grass, but also on the life of the material. If you ask the question of how to wind the coil of a trimmer for grass, then it’s time to change the reload of the tool. With the onset of spring, this issue is becoming more and more in demand, so it’s time to understand the instructions for replacing the fishing line in the coil of the trimmer for grass.

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You will need it

Autocut braid head

The two.stringed model is designed for mowing and clearing the territory. Its four.stringed modification is suitable for trimming in obstacles (stairs, walls, thresholds, borders) and processing large areas. Differs from the previous design by automatic adjustment of the length of the cutting strings. right during operation. To supply the stock of fishing line, touch the lower edge of the mowing head to the surface of the earth. This will weaken the cord lock, and it will advance under the influence of centrifugal force.

Installation of two forests

Separate types of coils have two eyes, which allows you to fix 2 fishing lines, and not one dual. For this, a plastic cord on the edge bends to get a hook.

Floor hooks are in a fixation hole on the coil. Next, a simple winding is carried out in the direction of the arrow. In the end, everything gathers in the usual way.

If you know how, then putting a fishing line for a trimmer is not difficult. When this is done only intuitively, you can escape for a very long time by catching the naughty ends of the fishing line, striving to unwind, until the coil rises into place in the head.

Cutting element

Grass cutting is carried out with a knife or fishing line. The first option is more effective. The knife copes with dense thickets of grass, branches, does not need to wind. Lack of knives is a high level of danger, the need to periodically tighten the tool. True, all models provide protective blocks, but they are installed from the operator.

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Trimmer fishing line is safe, light, it does not need to sharpen it. Disadvantage of this type of cutting element. it is not intended for thick branches. For young grass, a fishing line for a trimmer 2 mm thick is used, for more rigid vegetation. a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 3 mm.

The saw disk is used to cut the most hard branches.

The cutting disk easily copes with grass and small branches

There is a universal option with a change of cutting element. In such trimmers, a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife is changing, based on the task. The lack of such devices is a large price.

How to remove a fishing line for a trimmer

To replace a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer, remove the head cover. To do this, press the fingers of the latches of fixers located on both sides of the lid, and pull the lid up. Access to the coil will open. After that, pull it out, pulling up the axis on which the coil sits. If the ends of the fishing line stick out from the holes of the head, then lift the coil along the axis and pull the remaining fishing line from the holes of the head. Now the detail does not hold anything and it is easy to remove and remove the remaining working thread.

The coil is divided into two parts by the central partition with a neckline. Different models of cobs differ in size, so you need to check how much you can wind the fishing lines on the bobbin. Its length ranges between 1 and 4 m.

We change the fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer (lawn mower)

Many owners of garden motorcycles are at a standstill issue of replacing fishing line in a trimmer head. Sometimes this turns into a whole problem, which can bring not only the tool, but also the mower into the non.working state. To prevent such a situation, we will analyze in a stages the process of replacing the cord (fishing line) in the nozzle.

Remove the nozzle from the gearbox. To do this, it is necessary to combine the side hole of the lower curly washer and the excavation on the axis, insert the screwdriver and fix the shaft from the scrolling. Then you can unscrew the nozzle. It should be remembered that the thread on the shaft has a left cut, respectively, you need to unscrew the element, turning it to the right.

replace, wire, lawn, mower, replacement

The next step will be the disassembly of the case of this node. Usually the lid is attached through the holes-cuts using fixers. To open it, you need to drown the latch into the body and squeeze the edges of the lid. If the nozzle has an automatic or semi.automatic fishing line, it means that there is a spring inside that can fly out when disassembling. Therefore, we hold all the details with a free hand and gently lay out on the surface.

Now we take a fishing line for a trimmer, measure 5 meters and cut off this piece. It is not recommended to wrap the cord, the diameter of which is greater than the value specified in the instructions for the tool. Otherwise you can get an increase in the load on the engine and increased fuel consumption. We fold a fishing line for a trimmer in half to find the middle and get such a “loop”.

On the coil, in the middle part there are 2 recesses located opposite each other (instead of the recesses, there may be holes). Capture the “loop” for one of the recesses and begin to wrap the fishing line for the trimmer counterclockwise. If the coil has two compartments, then the winding goes separately for each branch of the fishing line. We leave the last 15-20 cm cord free and clamp both ends through the recesses in the upper part of the coil.

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We collect the feed elements (spring and washer) in the nozzle and remove the free ends of the fishing line in the holes on the case. We put on the lid, clicking the locks in the corresponding grooves. After that we pull the free course of the cord.

It remains to screw the nozzle in place, acting similarly to the first stage. Only now, to tighten the element, it is necessary to move it counterclockwise. Such a simple instruction will help you quickly replace the fishing line for grass, without spending special efforts on searching for other solutions.

How to disassemble the lawn mower

For the repair of the shaft, lubrication of its parts, the bar is disassembled with subsequent recovery, while the element can be replaced with a new. The bar includes:

  • a drive steel shaft with a square shape or with faces at the ends;
  • aluminum tube;
  • anti.vibration bushing of plastic;
  • rubber shock absorber connecting the motor and bar;
  • steering wheel, belt and stubborn rack.

For disassembly, all elements are removed, in t. h. locking hilt, ignition tooth switch, gas switch. Remove the gearbox connected to the lower edge of the bar. On some lightweight models, the part is not provided, t. to. the rod is curved, and instead of the shaft there is a flexible cable. The mechanism stops or slips due to licking faces or gross slots, which requires replacing the axis. When tapping in the tube, the sleeve is most often damaged, it is repaired or changed.

If you start a lawn mower, and knives or fishing lines for a trimmer move when operating the motor at idle and extraneous noises are heard in front of the engine, then the clutch is disassembled to inspect the coupling and replacing the bursting spring. Slick speaks about the wear of the pads. For disassembling the clutch, perform actions:

  • Remove the lid and a metal stand;
  • Twist the starter and tire of the cylinder;
  • Remove the screws on the side of the shock absorber tires;
  • Remove the tube by failure to tighten the methys;
  • disassemble the clutch, inspect the components;
  • To change the pads, dismantle the spring.

To study the piston rings, the engine is disassembled, the piston is removed:

To ensure the move of the gearbox, unscrew the cap and place the grease into the device, turning the shaft.

The carburetor fails due to poor.quality gasoline, spoiled air or dirt filter inside the device. A membrane is often deformed in the fuel pump, it does not fit, there is no channel sealing. Before disassembling and adjusting the carburetor, the engine is washed and the spark plug is changed or cleaned or cleaned.

A cord is installed in the coil or knives are mounted to add a small load to the motor, the engine is heated for 10 minutes. The rotation of the blades at idle indicates the need to reduce the number of revolutions with the lower balancer. To configure the carburetor, 3 screws are used:

  • The right changes the degree of fuel enrichment at low speeds, it is twisted first, reaching the maximum frequency at idle;
  • The lower handle when turning to the left reduces the number of revolutions, and to the right. on the contrary, increases;
  • The left bolt changes the fuel enrichment at a high frequency, the setting of this parameter ends the process.

For disassembling an electric mower performs the following actions:

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  • unscrew the fasteners of the lid, remove the freed part of the case, gaining access to the electric motor, launch button, connection diagrams and bearings;
  • Determine the cliffs of the wiring, the smell of Gary, melting on the details;
  • the device nickname the integrity of the supply cord, believe the resistance;
  • Check the operation of the buttons, clean the brushes and the collector from the carbon;
  • the engine is taken out after disconnecting the screws and wiring;
  • The device is checked by the reel margins for compliance with the technical parameters in the passport;
  • They examine bearings and rings on the motor shaft, they are removed after removing the metizes, propeller and the seanous section;
  • Testing the temperature relay is connected by the output and input wires.

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Tips and recommendations how to wind a fishing line for a trimmer and what you need to know

There are several useful tips and recommendations that it will be useful to find out not only beginners, but also experienced masters-codes. These tips will help prevent negative consequences in the form of injuries and improper functioning of the mechanism. These recommendations say the following:

  • Set the lid to clicks. over, these are 2 or more clicks, which depends on the number of fixers. If one latch does not click, then when starting the tool, the drum can jump out and injure a person
  • Do not wrap a fishing line for a trimmer with its strong pulling, as well as in an amount more than you can insert it into place. It is better not to harvest the equipment than it will be more, as this will lead to negative consequences in the form of the impossibility of unwinding it if necessary
  • If you own the tool not with two conclusions of the fishing line, but with one (usually low.power units), then the winding process is performed in a similar sequence, as described above, only with the difference in the absence of the average side between the extreme bases of the coil
  • After replacing the material, it is necessary to first check the tools of the tool, and then proceed to the mocking of the grass. If you do not make a preliminary check, then the forests can be unwound, and injure a person

It is interesting!Choose the material of the appropriate quality so as not to get injuries when working with, trimmers and motorcycles. In the process of beating grass, small stones and other materials fall under the rotating parts, which can fly over long distances, therefore, despite the fact that the fishing line for a trimmer is not a knife, working with a tool should be carried out in protective special uniforms. The result of the work done is as follows. after the replacement of the new material is enough for an area of ​​up to 600 square meters, but when taking into account the presence of a reinforcing layer on the fishing line. Ordinary nylon materials serve less, which is important to take into account when working. Do not try to mow thick.button grass with fishing line, as there are special metal wheels or knives for this.

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