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How to remove a crankshaft from a chainsaw

Collecting STIHL MS 180 ago is quite easy, the main thing is to adhere to the subsequent method:

A different option of crank seals Poulan and Craftsman chainsaws

  • Install the piston on the connecting rod, the arrow on the piston should look along the stihl 180 chainsaw, and the side of the crankshaft, which is created to install the flywheel;
  • Gently stick the piston back into the cylinder, the place for mounting the coil must be made on the side where the flywheel is installed on the crankshaft;
  • Install bearings, seals, a stop ring on the shaft and lower our client remains assembled to the place of landing in the cylinder;
  • Further degrease the place of installation of the crankcase and the crankcase itself, then smear with sealant and setting it to the destination to tighten 4 fastening screws;

DIY How To Remove Chainsaw Flywheel Without Puller. Stihl Husqvarna, Echo, Poulan

To collect the STIHL 180 saw as you get tired of the moment as the engine is assembled, it is necessary to observe the revolutionary sequence of disassembly. It is fundamentally attributed to the process closely and do not even blurry to set the rods on the carburetor, and connect the ignition wire.

Below, look for the disassembly of the STIHL 180 in the video, it is made for inexperienced users, the process is carefully shown here.

Malfunctions of chainsaws and how to repair the tire with your own hands

Chainsaws are a necessary thing in home and garden economy, which helps to quickly and efficiently perform various work with a tree. Like any electrical device, it periodically fails and requires diagnosis. The result of the latter event is often a conclusion about the need to repair the tire of the chainsaw. a mechanism experiencing most of the load during operation.

Piston chainsaw replacement algorithm

If it is time to replace the CPG of the chainsaws, you need to know that for each specific model there is an individual algorithm of action. To facilitate the disassembly/assembly work, it is necessary to prepare a candle key, a large flat screwdriver, a hammer, a compressor for cleaning the parts of the unit, a set of rock and end keys. Regardless of the manufacturer and the design features of the model before removing the chainsaw cylinder, the following work must be done:

  • Dismantling the upper protective cover;
  • Spinning candle twisting;
  • Removing the side cover;
  • With the help of a large flat screwdriver, stoppers from shock absorbers are removed;
  • In the candle channel, place the cranberry lamp and unscrew the clutch and nut of the flywheel;
  • Dismantling the leading star of the chain;
  • We remove the carburetor with an air filter;
  • Remove the ignition module and exhaust system.

After removal from the base of the power unit, unscrew the pallet and take out the crankshaft with a piston from the cylinder. Using a locksmith tweezer or screwdriver, dismantle the piston fingers.

replace, crankshaft, chainsaw

Before dismantling the Piston, it is necessary to remember its location in the cylinder in order not to spend time subsequently on re.disassembling and assembly of a power unit.

Sealant for fixing the shaft of the chainsaw

Before starting the assembly, compressed air, rags and other means to clean the parts and assemblies of the unit from dirt, remains of sawdust, dust. The first stage of replacing the piston chainsaw is to install the piston on the crankshaft. We fix it on the connecting rod with a steel finger that is included. In order to prevent the arbitrary loss of locking rings, it is recommended to install them with a cut down. Next, we mount the compression rings on the piston, but due to their fragility and brittleness to this operation, you need to approach as carefully as possible. To prevent the formation of scratches before installing the piston in the cylinder, grease the piston with oil. Before installing the crankcase (pallet), it will be necessary to degrease its mounting surface and apply a layer of heat.resistant sealant. The assembly of the chainsaw is carried out in the reverse algorithm described above.

Often the replacement of the piston of the chainsaw, crankshaft and compression rings solves problems with the idle stroke and with a problematic launch of the internal combustion engine.

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When you need a piston replacement

The reasons why the piston must be replaced, as well as completely piston, there may be quite a lot, but all of them can be divided into natural and emerging as a result of improper operation. Natural, this wear is formed due to the prolonged operation of the Stihl 180 chainsaw. There are much more artificial ones, for example:

  • overheating of the engine and the appearance of thermal bullying;
  • entering the cylinder of a foreign body and the appearance of mechanical bullying;
  • the bummer of the piston ring as a result of exceeding the maximum engine speed;
  • the wreck of the piston skirt due to excess revolutions;
  • the use of poor.quality fuel, as a result of which the piston group of the chainsaws wears out from the side of the intake channel in the cylinder;
  • Operation of a stihl chainsaw with contaminated fuel filter, as a result of which the percentage of oil in the fuel mixture is reduced;

Diagnosis of CPG is necessary if the STIHL MS 180 has sharply lost power or does not start, while the tool starter does not turn. If the starter is turning, but the saw does not start, while there is a spark and fuel enters the cylinder properly, it is necessary to measure the compression in the engine.

When there is a suspicion of problems with the CPG, it is advisable to contact the service center authorized by the manufacturer, t. to. Only in it they can, without a complete analysis, accurately diagnose the malfunction and, if necessary, carry out high.quality repair.

nine.5. 11 atm. It is considered a normal indicator in which the StiHL chainsaw is regularly launched and gives out maximum power, if the compression is lower, there is a possibility that there are bunches on the cylinder.piston group, or its wear is large enough. In any case, with reduced compression, for further diagnosis, it is necessary to completely disassemble the saw.

Determine the presence of bully on the piston, as well as the wreck of the piston ring, if you remove the muffler and conduct a visual inspection of the visible part of the piston, while the rings for elasticity can be checked by pressing them with a small screwdriver. A small walk will be observed on the working rings, there will be no defective or clamped piston ring.

Description of the piston group of the chainsaw of Stihl 180

On the Stihl 180 chainsaw, the piston group has a 38 mm dialect. The dimension of the CPH of the chainsaw is determined by the piston diaphier, the cylinder is a bit than easy. In the configuration, the standard of the CPG MS 180 is supplied with the piston finger, 2 piston rings and 2 stopping.

The inner surface of the cylinder can be completely polished and have a glossy radiance, where you need to direct attention in the purchase of a spare CPG for the Stihl MS chainsaw. If there is damage on the inside of the cylinder, it is not necessary to install such a cylinder.

What do you need for repair with your own hands

To carry out the Husqvarna saw independent repair, you must have several specific tools that can be bought in specialized stores or manufactured independently. First of all, you may need:

  • Stop for the piston. necessary to limit the stroke of the piston through the candle hole. It is used in order to unscrew the nut of the flywheel and clutch (if necessary, it can be replaced with a lace from the starter with nodules imposed on it);
  • The screwdriver screwdriver. On some models of Husqvarna chainsaws, the adjusting screws of the carburetor are made in the form of a star or semicircle;

Clutch key. Different types of keys can be used depending on the model of the chainsaw (you can make from the old head of the suitable size, turning it to the desired dimensions);

Tip: When repairing any, it is convenient to use a medical clamp and tweezers. It will also be necessary to have a set of heads, a slotted screwdriver and a set of Torx keys.

Types of clutch breakdown

Types of malfunctions do not depend on the chainsaw model, since the structure and principle of the clutch work are the same in almost all modern power units. Chainsaw operators know that a slight malfunction of this device requires immediate actions. Refusals are inevitable because the coupling is undergoing a lot of load, when the tool is used not very intensively. Often problems are related to:

  • Wear of the node as a whole (the spring may burst or the mechanism begins to slide);
  • Damage to the spring (the chain will rotate, the engine will work, but unstable);
  • Chips on a clutch fist due to a large load or overheating (just listen to the device during its operation, extraneous noise indicates a malfunction).
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Regardless of the cause of poor adhesion and related components, you need to disassemble the coupling to repair it

Please note that repair work does not always give the desired result, so sometimes it is necessary to replace the coupling with a chainsaw. All these manipulations can be “twisted” independently, without turning to the specialists of the service center for help

How to remove clutch on a chainsaw?

You should not consider instructions for this type of work for one model, since one is used for all universal, which allows you to dismantle this unit on modern gasoline tools.

If there are any distinctive nuances, they relate to individual parts of the clutch. For example, some brands create a single spring with two sections in the design of this device, which must be taken into account when the component is completely replaced (it must be replaced if the spring is damaged, which will lead to rotation of the chain and engine. Show unstable work).

replace, crankshaft, chainsaw

To dismantle the clutch, we follow this algorithm.

  • We dismantle the entire headset. Also remove the lid located on the air filter and the clutch.
  • Manually stop the crankshaft so that it does not rotate. This is more convenient to do with a rope that penetrates through a hole for a candle, thereby removing the candle. Do not forget that for this you need to reliably fix the piston in one position. Or remove the starter cover and plunge a couple of bolts into the rotary mechanism of the ignition system.
  • Using a special wrench, which is usually included in the set of tools, we unscrew the coupling (it must be unscrewed counterclockwise). No need to be afraid to make efforts, as a rule, the installation of this unit is durable on modern chainsaws.
  • Remove the drum and leading star.

Then you can install new parts (which needed to be replaced). Turning the mount, make movements clockwise. Do not forget about the crankshaft where the starter is located. This must be stopped.

When compiling, we use the same algorithm, but in the reverse order.

After manually tightening the assembly, use the brake lever of the chain element to fix it. Tilt the tool forward, try to run it, remove the block from the brake.

Speaking about the complete clutch replacement, do not forget that experts recommend changing the unit after two replacements of guides. When servicing the coupling, the following nuances must be taken into account:

  • Some saws have a puck located in the gap between the clutch and an asterisk (sometimes a motor and an asterisk), this must be taken into account when carrying out repair work;
  • Disassembleing the tool, analyzing the coupling, trying not to damage the special spring pump (this unit drive), do not try to put it in its original position, otherwise it will cause oil supply.

Before the operation of the saw on which the clutch is repaired, check the unit for the serviceability of the engine, reliable fixation of the bolts, the testing system.

Design and operation of individual nodes

The design of the chainsaw is designed so that fuel and oil are mixed to work. This solution is then poured into a gas tank, from where it is supplied to the engine and the spark is ignited. In addition, the engine and circuit path work independently, and to drive the cutting side, press the throttle button.

Before each process, it is important to check the performance of the existing structural elements of the chainsaw: the circuit should be well stretched, the lubricant mechanisms are moved, the air filter is in good condition. At the end of cutting, it is recommended to clean the tool from dirt and chips

Ignition system

The device of modern chainsaws has a contactless electric trigger mechanism. Thanks to this structure, the consumer should no longer suffer from adjusting the clearance and cleaning contacts. These include the following details:

The rotation of the shaft creates electrical signals that are supplied to the spark plug. As a result, the fluid is ignited.


The purpose of this device. Mix the fuel mixture with oxygen. Wood glass with the damper is responsible for supplying air to the carburetor. There is also a float inside the device, which controls the position of the sash. Когда двигатель бензопилы включен, клапан открывается, кислород поступает в диффузор, смешивается с топливом и движется в полости цилиндра.

The gas handle regulates the width of the open sash, which leads to an increase in air flow and an increase in the speed of the piston.

Clutch mechanism

The centrifugal clutch is installed on modern saws, which works automatically after pressing the throttle button. Springs that relax with an increase in speed are responsible for the shaft tension. Then the drum rotates, and the dusty chain begins to act. Outside. Fixing tape that blocks a random run of a saw

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It is very important to carefully monitor the state of the lock, since improper use can lead to both the damage to the device and the injury

Fuel equipment

The device is equipped with three components:

The fuel from the tank enters the hose into the fuel mixing node, bypassing the gas filter (it is located at the end of the pipe, which is immersed in gasoline). To facilitate the launch procedure, the fuel system of each chainsaw is equipped with a manual pump. They deliver gas directly to the carburetor, which will help to launch much faster.

expensive species of pollen have a mechanical pump, which acts along with the starter tightening. To return the excess, the tube is connected to the tank.

replace, crankshaft, chainsaw

Gas cleaning

In order for a high.quality mixture to get into the gas part of the engine, it is necessary to remove an excess of vapor. For this function, elements of preliminary cleaning and fine cleaning are responsible. Also, in the cold season, an additional element is installed, which blocks snow hit. However, this structure consists of dense material, which negatively affects the power. The rest of the time, standard filters are installed from nylon, foam and similar materials.The removal of exhaust gases occurs when the flywheel is rotated, which emits steam through a special pipe. Regular inspection of this structure is mandatory. Otherwise, this will reduce performance.

Starting device

It is made from a drum with a cable, a return spring and body. Such a set is attached to the crankshaft, so when you sharply pull the handle, it scrolls. Then spring returns everything to its original position. It is unlikely that you can start the engine for the first time, and this requires certain physical efforts.

However, you can speed up this procedure if the system is enriched with a mixture of a gas tank. Also, this unwinding allows you to get a spark, thanks to which ignition occurs. To stop, just press the power button.

Cutting the chain

Saw is a dangerous device. This is why you need a chain saw brake. It is worth stopping in the case of a strong blow, which is most likely to leave the device to a person. The rotation also stops if the chain breaks during the impact. All this is called the inert type of brake. But there is another (manual) type of brake. This helps to stop the promotion by acting on the corresponding handle

It should be noted that before sharp it is important to ensure the quality of the brake tape. Using a saw with a faulty plug is dangerous for health

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Yesterday for some reason, the crankshaft bearings were jammed during the factory. I dismantled the dirt there and washed all the things lubricated. Everything began to spin. collected in the reverse order. a saw does not start a spark, there is a benz. There is one current but. collected on a transparent seelicon sealant. gathered and began to try to start after an hour. Silent. and pouring under the candle too zero. maybe she does not start due to hermitization bad? The new saw was working 5 times in total.

Dirt in the bearing-it means dirt in gasoline! I don’t even know, try another sealant.But rather, the reason is not that!

In the first part, the photo shows a bottle of 80 % butter that they are fired because of this and

Tank color color printing quality. Well, a foul video immediately.

Well, you are “expert”! 1) The photo really is not visible, and you saw the quality of the print and determined the fake, or rather I saw it right away) 2) The color of the bottle can distort the camera as you like, depending on the settings of the balance of the white color and the sensitivity of the camera itself. 3) oil was bought not in the market, but at the official Stihl dealer with the saw!

here even the chainsaws will be repaired))). And they say the site of the car. I also have Stihl, 290 MS, and the excavation of the oil hose changed

Good chainsaw. I have been working since 2008 and there are no problems. I saw about 12 cubic meters per year for heating a house.

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