How to replace a chain on a chainsaw. The tension of the chain

Rules for replacing and stretching the chain on the chainsaw

Any manufacturer in the operating instructions indicates a step of teeth. Given the fact that the driven stars (designed to create the necessary tension) is also installed on the saw tire, the step there and there should be the same. Leading stars of chainsaws can be whole and prefabricated. In the first case, the asterisk includes a hub on which a gear crown is tuned. This is how the details in Champion chainsaws are arranged. The product should be completely removed during replacement, since at home to observe the value of the tights specified at the manufacturing enterprise is almost impossible. And buying a crown separately is also a problem.

In the chainsaws from Stihl or Husqvarna, the replaced crown is located directly on the shaft of the drum, and therefore its replacement does not represent any difficulties.

The wear of the teeth is set according to the following signs:

  • In places of transition from tooth to hollow there are clearly noticeable radii.
  • Tooth width is uneven in height.
  • Metal chips are observed at the top of the tooth.
  • On the inner surface of the hole in the hub there are numerous bullying and risks (a consequence of poor lubrication).
  • The groove from the saw tire is noticeable on the asterisk (you need to change the chain).
  • The chain at the initial moment of starting jams.

In the presence of at least one of the above factors, the leading star must be replaced.

Before starting work (especially if the chainsaw has worked relatively little), it is worth checking the fastening of the saw tire. A screw-down screw moved away or the mounting nuts unscrewed-the guide is already inconsistent with the longitudinal line of the saw blade. He begins to contact not with the center, but with the periphery of the teeth of the leading star, provoking their intensive wear. After the tightening of these elements, the chainsaws are checked: if the backlash is not eliminated, then the star will have to be changed.

As already noted, the asterisk may have a separate and propressed crown. Therefore, the sequence of actions will be different.

For a stationary located crown, they are sequentially produced:

  • Dismantling the casing;
  • Removing the saw tire along with the chain;
  • Separation of the clutch coupling with the engine (preliminarily stall the piston);
  • Extraction of clutch couplings with the drum;
  • Rear off a crown from the drum using a conventional clab key (some manufacturers also attach a shooter to the SIP kit).

The assembly of the node is performed in the reverse order. For some models, before dismantling the crown, you will also have to remove the air filter.

When disassembling the leading stars for the chainsaw, which has a shift crown, the work order will be almost the same, but at the final stage it is necessary to replace only the crown.

After completion of work, it is necessary to check the effectiveness of the replacement. To do this, check the tension of the circuit: if, with the released brake and an attempt to pull the circuit in the direction of its movement, it is motionless, then the mount is “pulled”, and the tensioner should be slightly released.

The success of the work is determined by the presence of a special repair kit acquired for a specific brand of a chainsaw. Otherwise, you should definitely know the sizes of the saw and a step of the teeth.

Husqvarna 137 chainsaws are designed in such a way that all resources maintain maximum performance for a long time:

  • Auto-Tuning option allows you to use automatic carburetor setup.
  • If air enters, secondary filtration occurs, which reduces the load on the filter.
  • Vibration attenuation is due to LowVib function.
  • There is a possibility of easy launch, thanks to which the work of the chainsaw of Husqvarna 137 is not interrupted at any time of the year.
  • The chain tensioner is located on the side of the case.
  • For various private settings and repair, a universal key is used.
  • The drive star is equipped not only. but also an auxiliary hole for taking lubricants.

The video will help to change the leading star on the Husqvarna chainsaw, I will show in detail and step by step how it should be.

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Asterisk or centrifugal mechanism. a part resembling a star. She takes on the torque of the engine and transfers it to the guide and saw chain. This guarantees the rotation of the cutting headset and the process of sawing itself. It works in automatic mode, which depends on the value of motor speeds.

The clutch drum can be localized both outside the chainsaw and from its inside. under a separate lid. It performs a protective function not only in relation to the material from which the star is made, but also for the operator who can be injured by it during work. In addition to the function of rotation of the chain, the leading saw star prevents the appearance of malfunctions of the motor system in cases where the chain jams or ceases to rotate.

The drum, which is based on the clutch of the mechanism, is an integral part of the circuit drive system. This detail resembles a star with its form, due to which it got its name. Depending on the type of chainsaw, the part can be professional or household. Since a professional saw is used more often than household, the leading star requires regular replacement. If we talk about household tools, then it all depends on the volume of work performed and the load that is on the device chain.

Most often they require replacement asterisk, a crown and a saw bearing.

In any case, the main reason for replacing the asterisk is the wear of its teeth with a chain. In the case when a monolithic drum is installed in the device, the surface of the chain cuts it almost completely, which requires a complete replacement of the entire part. If the chainsaw has a drum with a replaceable crown, here you can limit yourself to replacing the crown.

Usually, in order to remove the star from the chainsaw, many people contact specialized service centers, but if there is a need to save the family budget, you can do this work on your own. This event does not look complicated, but at the same time it is necessary to have all the necessary details and tools. The process of replacing the sprocket is similar to any device model.

The direction of the chain and which side to wear?

Chain of the chainsaw, if you carefully examine, has saw teeth directed in one direction. Therefore, the correct direction of saw teeth on the guide tire is very simple:

If you place the chainsaw itself in the plane, which it is in the process of operation, then a number of teeth located on top of the guide tire should be directed by sharp edges to the end of the tire. While a number of teeth, which is located below the chainsaw, should look in the opposite direction, towards the leading star.

Put on the chain teeth inward to the grooves in the guide tire will not work, it simply will not stay on the bus. Therefore, wearing a chain of chainsaws on the tire must be so that the guides of the ears of the links of the saw canvas are directed into the guide tire.

Replacement of a sawing element of a chainsaw

If you need to change the chain on the chainsaw for you, make subsequent deeds.

  • Remove the cover covering the star. For this, in most cases, you need to unscrew the mounting nuts.
  • By unscrewing the fasteners, remove the lid covering the coupling with an asterisk.
  • Take the tire with your hand and press on the asterisk to loosen the chain.
  • Remove the chain element from the leading star.
  • Now you need to install a chain on a chainsaw. Take a new saw unit and first put it on the driven star.
  • Then you need to put the chain on the tire, placing the element in its groove around the entire perimeter. Fundamentally, so that the links correctly fit the driven star in the highest part of the tire. When installing, point attention to the direction of cutting links. They must be oriented away from the device, on the highest part of the tire.
  • Turn the tire in the direction of the reverse engine to pull the chain slightly.
  • After laying the saw element before installing the cover, you need to cooperate the screw, with which the tension is adjusted, with the regulator placed behind the bar. Only after which you can put on the lid and fasten the nuts little. Then stick the screwdriver into the adjusting screw and attach the final tension. How to correctly pull the chain described above.
  • Lift the tire a little and tighten the nuts to fix it. Not to overdo it and not break the thread.
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Read why the chainsaw saws crookedly one way

Tools necessary for work

Starting to the rivet, the first thing you need to remove the link from the chain, for this you need to plug the rivets. To rivet, you will need an anvil, a hammer, thin beards, a vice, an angular grinder with a grinding circle or a sandpaper. These tools do not allow you to work efficiently, but they will find them for everyone. A more cultural and careful way to remove rivets using a special punch.

There are several designs of the breakdowns, we will talk about the most popular.

How to adjust chain tension on Echo chainsaw (CS 352)

Rubber for rivets

Punch. a machine used to remove rivets.

It is mechanical, works on the principle of the press. The kit has a special anvil in which grooves are selected for installing a headset with a different step. There are also interchangeable tips, which are squeezed out of the rivets.

Important: the size of rivets in different types of chains differs, so when buying a breakdown machine, make sure that there are several tips that are used for different types of headset.

We suggest watching a video that shows how to flan out a saw chain using a mechanical punch.

After the chain is flared up, it is necessary to remove the old link, install a new one and stuck. For this, the machine is used to rivet. It is electric, so it costs much more than a breakdown machine.

The rivet-probe machine

A gearbox with a high torque is installed on the machine.

It is used for riveting and rolling the headset in steps from 1/4 ″ to 0.404 ″. The depth of cut chains that can be stuck with this machine from 1.1 mm, to 2 mm (0.043 ″. 0.080 ″). Together with the machine, special rotating inserts and anvils for different types are delivered. Inserts and anvils are marked. Marking “a” means that the inserts are designed for a headset with a 3/8 ″ and 0.404 ″ step. “B”. for 1/4 ″ and 0.325 ″.

The machine works as follows. The saw chain with a new link and rivets is installed in the guide inserts. The repair link with rivets installed in it is pressed by a working roller to the anvil, after which the engine turns on and the roller begins to rotate, gradually crushing the rivet, at this moment, the machine operator slightly increases the force of the roller, tightening the adjusting screw. For clarity, we suggest watching a video about the work of a riveted-rolling machine.

Use such a machine in order to rivet at home is not profitable, t. to. it is expensive. If you need to block not regularly, then you can do without it. Consider how to shorten the chain of chainships with your own hands without using expensive machines. You need to start with riveting and lifting the link.

The advantages of the machine are that the rivets stained with its help are practically no different in quality from those that riveted in the factory.

PowerSharp technology

If your chain is compatible with the PowerSharp system, this means that it will be possible to save time and effort. Sharpening occurs without removal from the tire in just a few seconds. The system equipment includes:

Let’s figure out how to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw using PowerSharp in just three steps:

  • Install a chain with a bus;
  • Fix the beam installed directly on the tire;
  • Rest the end of the saw somewhere and start the equipment for a few seconds.

Sharpening by the PowerSharty Wistel

Compliance with all recommendations will avoid damage to the chain and conduct an operation in compliance with technological requirements.

Watch in the video how to sharpen a chain of chainsaws with folk methods:

Why the chain is stupid

There are several reasons why the chain is quickly blurred by inexperienced users. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • The use of low.quality oil not recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Incorrect installation of parameters, the gap between the edge and the limiter should be 0.7 mm;
  • Lack of tool lubrication before work. Immediately before each use, lubricate the leading asterisk M8 oil.
  • There is no normal tension of the circuit, when installing it should be located exactly on the grooves located on the tire.

Taking a machine with a machine

The methodology using an electric machine that allows us to achieve factory accuracy is considered the most effective. We will figure out how to sharpen a chain of chainsaws in this way, achieving the desired result with minimal temporary and labor costs. The saw is placed in a special hole. It is necessary to loosen a screw closing a circuit and configure the desired sharpening level on the tables or the stupid tooth itself. The process is performed in accordance with the selected parameters, after which the saw is processed with machine oil. You can use two methods when sharpening with a machine:

  • Consistent effect on the teeth one by one, from time to time changing the polarity.
  • The teeth are hidden through one, first the right, and then the left one, which allows you to do without changes in polarity.
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Sharpening the chain with a machine source

Watch the video instructions for sharpening the chain of the chainsaw using the machine:

How to put a chain on a chainsaw: direction correctly

When considering how to put the chain on the chainsaw, we note the moment that the modern version of the tool has a special installation wheel. At the expense of it, the procedure is greatly simplified. Among its features, we note the following points:

  • Considering how to properly put a chain on a chainsaw, we note that first you should prepare an even surface. Due to this, the probability of damage to the tool can be excluded. After that, the main part of the tool, tire and chain is separately laid out.
  • The next step is to remove the protection that is designed to protect the asterisk. In most cases, it is fixed using a conventional lamb nut.
  • On the tire, the stretch asterisk turns to the right until it stops. It is in this position that the tool is installed.
  • Then the chain is gradually superimposed on the fixing element. A fairly common issue can be called what this element is posed. Installation begins from the top, the circuit rotates so that the tire is on top. Such operations should be performed exclusively in thick gloves that can withstand the effect of the cutting edge. The cutter on the end surface should be located forward.
  • Both elements are put on a star.
  • The next step is to reverse the cover of the chain star lid. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the pins coincide with the holes. Incorrect fixation can cause rubbing or other problems.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the guides get into a special gutter.
  • Visually, the state of the circuit is checked after it is fixed.

The next step is to direct verification of whether the chain was pulled. To do this, release the chain brake and carry out its pulling along the line of movement. Check is carried out exclusively in special gloves.

In general, we can say that the procedure under consideration is quite simple to execute and special tools are not required for its implementation. However, the maintenance of not all chainsaws as indicated above.

Necessary devices and tools for pulling the chain on a chainsaw

In order to correctly perform stretching, you need to know some simple mechanisms and simple tools. In chain saws of the STIHL type, the stretch is performed simply. using the chain tensioner. This method is as simple as possible and such a stretch is performed very quickly. To pull or adjust the degree of sagging a chain, the manufacturer recommends that this:

  • With the help of a lamb nut, the sprocket lid is unscrewed;
  • The rotation of the adjusting wheel determines the necessary length of the circuit, pulling it to the desired degree;
  • The sprocket cover is closed again and the chain is securely fixed on the tire.

If it is not possible to pull the chain of the chainsaw in the mechanism, I use such tools (for the example of the Sparky electric saw):

How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

  • corner grinder with a metal disk;
  • Steam key, diameter 5 mm;
  • a piece of wire;
  • wooden stick or strong sliver;
  • Flat screwdriver.

After de-energizing the electric saw, the screws are untwisted with a hexagon, remove the hull cover, unscrew the tension screw and remove the stitch-gas. The side of the screw adjacent to the saw housing is polished with a disk. Then the saw is collected in the reverse order. The sliver is required to clean the body from sawdust.

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