How to remove the spool from an electric grass trimmer

Changing a fishing line in a trimmer: 2 simple ways

Grass trimmer. a necessary and useful tool for a cottage plot and private home. Many people own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to change the line in a trimmer, especially, at first.

In this instruction we will explain the whole replacement process step by step. Looking ahead, there are two ways to tuck the line into the trimmer spool. There is no fundamental difference. the difference is that in the first case one line folded in half will be tucked in, and in the second such lines will be two segments.

How to choose a fishing line

In order to thread a line into a trimmer head successfully, it is important not to miscalculate with the choice of consumable material. The thicker the cord you tuck in, the thicker and tougher the grass it can cut. A multi-purpose line with a diameter of 2 mm is often used. Choose the right diameter for the mower can be the following ways:

  • Look up the information on line thickness in the instruction manual that came with your trimmer.
  • Pay attention to the bobbin itself. Sometimes information about possible line diameters is printed on it.
  • Another option is to try to insert a cord into an outlet. If it passes through it without difficulty, then the chosen diameter of the fishing line is suitable for use.

Reel for grass trimmer

Choose a cord thread can be by type of engine. If the line is too thick, it will increase the resistance to rotation. the motor in this case will overheat greatly and will soon fail. Useful recommendations:

  • For an electrical device with a motor under 500 V, a 1.3 mm thick filament is fine. If you can’t find it, you can use a 1.6-mm fishing line. If the power is more than 1 kW, then choose a cord with a diameter of 2 mm.
  • With a gasoline grass trimmer, the shaft mower matters. A 2 mm cord is often used for the bent version. If the shaft is straight, install 2.4-2.5 or 3 mm thread. The thickest line is installed on powerful devices. from 1.3 kW.

Pay attention to the type of cord cross-section as well. Some popular options:

  • The most common lines with a round section. They mow fresh grass well, but cope worse with shrubs, deadwood.
  • Twisted (spiral) cord is not very strong, but not bad for thin young grass.
  • A serrated cord with sharp edges is ideal for large weeds in a neglected area.
  • A rectangular, star-shaped or square grass trimmer line can mow the lawn more evenly, but they are not very durable.
  • The strongest is a two-piece cord with an inner core and a circular cross section.

What kind of lines are best for your grass trimmer?

Keep in mind that you can not use wire, metal strings and ropes, as well as ordinary fishing line instead of fishing line. The machine would be dangerous for the user and others. So the rope or similar products will gradually begin to work, as a result, their ends will unravel, and small pieces will fly with great speed.

Preparing. remove and disassemble the bobbin

In most models of electric and gasoline trimmers to change the line will need to remove the spool. FUBAG tools (electric trimmers and petrol trimmers) allow you to skip this step. In order for the instructions to be universal, we will still consider it in detail:

Lock the shaft. Insert the locking element in the appropriate hole. It can be a thin screwdriver or a metal rod.

Unscrew the bobbin case. In our example, strictly in a clockwise direction.

Unscrew cover according to the direction shown on the housing.

The preparatory stage is passed. You can proceed to winding the line.

Making your own reel

Grass trimmer is often used far from places where it is possible to buy spare parts for the mowing head in case of its breakage. In this case, instead of a broken mechanism, you can install a simple design coil, made by your own hands. You’ll need a sheet of plywood (textolite, metal, etc.).), eyelets, screws or screws. The process involves several steps.

How to Replace the Line in a Black & Decker Grasshog : Lawn Care & Power Tools

  • From a plywood sheet cut a disk with a diameter corresponding to the failed bobbin.
  • In the center of the disc drill a hole that matches the diameter of the shaft of the grass trimmer.
  • On opposite sides of the disc, attach small eyelets, which will serve to refill the fishing line.
  • Through the eyelets run a fishing line and fix it with the usual screws or screws. Reel is ready to use.
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Important! Remember, it is not possible to tighten or loosen the nut without firmly securing the shaft.

To replace the line on a homemade reel, you’ll have to loosen the fixing screws, insert a new section of string, and re-tighten the fasteners. It is not necessary to remove the reel from the shaft of the grass trimmer in this case, but it is necessary to exclude the possibility of spontaneous starting the motor.

So, above were described step by step with pictures of methods of repair of a string head. As you can see, the process is not complicated. And most failures are directly related to sloppy stringing and poor quality. You can visually see all the stages of the process on the video.

How to remove the spool from the grass trimmer

Grass trimmer is the most common machine used for mowing grass and trimming small shrubs. This device is simple to operate, easy to maintain and even women can handle it, because of its low weight.

It is no secret that high-quality mowing performance requires the right choice of cutting tools. As the last trimmers used special cutting attachments (discs, knives) or three-dimensional heads with hair inside.

The nozzles and the hair growth line are expensive tools, but if the blades can be sharpened, they must be replaced when using a mower hair growth line. In this article we will tell you in detail how to change the fishing line.

Trimmer head types

Head for grass mowing is a cylindrical body, in which is inserted a spool (coil) with a hair (cord) pinned in it. This design can be installed on both gasoline and electric grass trimmers. The heads differ in the way they fill and feed the cord, and there are 3 types.

  • Automatically. The cord is fed in after the user has slowed down the motor speed. Although the automatic wire feed is convenient, if you do a large amount of work, such bobbins have one drawback. high filament consumption.
  • Semi-automatic. Using this type of mowing head does not require complex manipulation by the user. The principle of their work is arranged so that the cord is automatically lengthened at the moment when the device is running at full speed. Lightly tap the trimmer head on the ground (this removes the cord retainer), and through centrifugal force pull the hairline from the spool, and then cut to the right length with the knife located on the protective cover.
  • Tame. To extend the cord, you need to stop the machine, after which the line is pulled by hand.

On the basis of the above, semi-automatic spools are the best option. It should also be noted that grass trimmer reels come in single-flow (used only for cutting grass) and double-row, used for mowing tall grass and small grass with thin shrubs.

How to remove and disassemble the spool

Grass trimmer users must remove and disassemble the spool before beginning the cord replacement process. Think about how to do it.

The grass trimmer head consists of several parts: the cover, springs (not for all models), cord reels and covers.

Grass trimmers most often use 2 variants of mower mounting.

Option 1

To remove the grass trimmer head, it must be completely disassembled.

  • To remove the cover that covers the inside of the head, you must click on the tabs (latches) located on both sides of her.
  • When you remove the cover, you’ll see the spool, which should be removed from the body. Some reels have a spring installed under the bobbin, which must be carefully pulled out to avoid losing it in the grass.

How to remove the trimmer head with an electric trimmer

Since the choice of trimmer for grass we looked in the previous article, now we will tell you how to correctly fill the trimmer for grass fishing line, and what better to pick up based on the criteria of work.

After you have purchased a trimmer for grass and began to use them intensively, at some point there will be a question of replacing the line, as it is the most wearing element in the tool, the intense use of trimmer for grass will lead to frequent substitution of expendable material.

What kind of lines are there

A common type of fishing line, which is suitable for virtually all types of coils. cord of circular section. How to remove the spool from the assembled mowing head. Before a trimmer attachment. It is an ordinary line, suitable for cutting succulent grass, but it will be much more difficult to mow dead grass with it, and even more so it can not cope with shrubs.

How to Replace the Spool Lever on a Black and Decker String Trimmer

Usually, the cross section, which can mow young grass, does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the cord, the coarser the grass it can overcome.

There are lines with sharpened facets in the form of a star or a square, this option is more adapted to mow dry grass just by having a sharp edge, but the disadvantage is its greater wear and tear, and on the strength it concedes round cord.

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There are lines with improved aerodynamics with appropriate dents, scales and notches, similar product makes less noise, but use it only on benzokosa, since the output of such thread from the spool is difficult, using it in most cases with discs, in which segments are inserted. Answers@: how to remove the mowing head from a grass trimmer. The disadvantage of such a product is its fragility.

In most cases, gasoline trimmers with engines more than 1.5 liters of power.с. Use cords with an iron cord inside. This article explains how to disassemble the trimmer head and how the grass trimmer. Such a cord is perfectly suitable for mowing dry grass and small shrubs. Install the trimmer head remove it from the gear rod or from the engine. How. The presence of a core, positively affects the durability of this material. The disadvantage of such a cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the above listed opponents.

How to take the spool cap off of your electric weed wacker / weed eater /string trimmer

How to replace, remove the mowing head of the electric grass trimmer BlackDecker GL716

How to change, remove mowing head electronic grass trimmer BlackDecker GL716 for repair or replacement.

EFCO STARK 25 HD OLEO-MAC replacement trimmer head

EFCO STARK 25 HD OLEO-MAC replacement trimmer head Efco Stark 25 gasoline grass trimmer.

How to tuck the line into the grass trimmer spool

To coil the line, you need about 10-15 minutes. What is the grass trimmer spool?? Plastic housing with cassette inside that has a hook for winding lines in comfort. Virtually all trimmer reels have a similar fastening principle, this is the central screw-button, when you press it, it is possible to pull the line of the required length. The photo below shows several examples of different coils for trimmers.

Bobbins trimmers, whose motor is at the ground itself, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have on the spool two buttons located at the edges, which must be squeezed, otherwise the change of thread in no way differs from other cassettes.

The principle of the correct line winding is identical in all of the above cases, so let’s have a look at the standard version with 2 tendrils for example.

To remove the spool with a fishing line to unscrew the screw, located in the center, but note the thread is left, so you have to turn it clockwise, made on purpose, so that during operation it has not opened under the influence of centrifugal force.

Next, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and pull out the spool, on which the fishing line is specifically wound. Having measured the required length and having folded it in two, it is necessary to tuck the line into the spool, finally bringing out its ends opposite each other (there are special slots for this purpose).

After that, you need to assemble the head in the reverse order, passing the ends of the cord in the two corresponding holes.

If there are any doubts or is not quite clear how to charge the line on the grass trimmer, we advise to see how to correctly wind the line in the lawnmower. How to remove the head from the grass trimmer. In this video clip carefully step by step instructor will open trimmer head, measure the required amount of fishing line, usually it is from 2 up to 4 meters, and demonstrates the assembly and installation of the trimmer for grass.

Algorithm of winding the line

How you wind the line depends on whether you wind with one or two cord wires and if you use an automatic cord loading system.

On a spool with one tendril

It is very easy to wind the line on the spool with one bar. In such designs, depending on the brand of grass trimmer, fits from two to five meters of cord. The edge of the line in the bobbin has to be tucked into a hole or groove, and then the line is wound in the opposite direction to the turn of the spool during work.

Tip! To understand which way to wind the line, look at the body of the bobbin, usually with markings indicating the direction of the bobbin’s movement when working.

After the line is wound, you need to leave a small piece (15-30 cm), put it through the bobbin outlet and reassemble the head.

On a spool with two tendrils

In this type of bobbins need to inspect the inside of the spool and determine the number of grooves for winding cord provided in it.

Important! If the spool has one groove, then both tendrils must be wound in a common groove, if two. then on separate tracks.

A two to three metre piece of line is necessary for reeling. For spools with a single groove to tuck the line through the hole, combine the whiskers, align and wind it on the spool in the direction opposite to its rotation during work. If you have locking grooves, put the ends of the filament in them, then pull them out into the exit hole, then close the spool and put it back in place.

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For double-groove spools, the difference is that a piece of string should be folded in half. Next, you need to charge the middle of the bend in the groove between the grooves, and then wind on his track each of the pieces of line, fix the tendrils and reassemble the bobbin as well as a bobbin with one track.

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On the trimmer head with automatic threading

For heads with automatic threading, you just have to wind up and grab the edges of the line, and further winding the tool will perform itself when you turn on. It is impossible to make a mistake here, because the spool itself recognizes how the tendrils should be positioned.

Just a side note! The advantages of trimmers with this head include the convenience of laying the cord, and the disadvantages. expensive and difficult to repair.

Device Boom for grass trimmer electric. Features of the design

It should be noted. that the grass trimmer’s cutting head contains special arrows. They allow the spool to rotate in different directions. An electric grass trimmer consists of a boom, a good electric grass trimmer will last. If it is necessary to wind the line to the side of the shaft rotation, it is rotated to a specific position. A large amount of wound cord threatens to break the equipment. Two arrows are present only on imported models. Now on the market are heads with a single arrow.

If the cord is not wound after striking the semiautomatic head, the previous winding was not done correctly. That is, after the grass trimmer head has been installed, the user has not pulled the ends of the fishing line out of the groove. Another unpleasant moment when mowing grass can be sintering turns of the coil.Why does this happen?? This happens when the cord meets a hard object. In doing so, it brakes sharply and the subsequent movement of the line starts to go inside the device. The cuttings are caught on the bobbin and stick to the bobbin. Because of this, the worker has to take a break and correct the situation. However, this can be avoided. Before installing the spool, you need to treat the line with a special silicone substance.

For different models of trimmers use a semi-automatic head, consisting of two parts. the body and the bobbin. Both elements contain springs. The second part can be performed in several ways:

  • Single-section. both parts of the line are wound together;
  • Two-sectional. each end is wound on a certain part; this type is the most effective, since the fishing line does not get tangled and does not sinter.

There is a simple and cheap way to turn a one-section bobbin into a two-section bobbin. To do this, you will need a solid plate. It is necessary to cut a circle from it, the diameter of which should be equal to the thickness of the bobbin. This takes the thickness near the place where the line is wound. This disc can be moved freely. Next, a cut is made on the ring, put on the bobbin and connected with glue or tape.As a result, it is possible to wind the line on the desired section. The head for the grass trimmer universal can have from two to four holes, which are located opposite each other. The mowing ends come out of them. In addition to the presented spools, there are heads, where a certain size of line is inserted. In this case, the number of whiskers is increased to twelve. Many users believe that such a device is quite convenient. However, not all people hold this opinion.They believe that in this situation, more fishing line will have to be consumed. It is also necessary to stop work in order to change it. Electric grass trimmer. An electric grass trimmer consists of an electric motor, a handle. Grass trimmer head, the caliber of which can be varied, is suitable for cutting grass, shrubs and trees. Before you buy a grass trimmer. The terrain to be mowed, and the characteristics of the equipment to be mowed, must be known. So, we have found out what is the universal trimmer’s head for grass and how to fill it up correctly.

What you need to know about line on a grass trimmer

The fishing line is called the consumable material, which consists of nylon, and serves as a cutting device. The grass is cut with this cutting head, which is made possible by the high frequency rotation of the tool head. This material has different thickness, which depends on its application on the corresponding tools electric low-power (1 to 1.6 mm), electric from 500 watts (2-2.4 mm) and gasoline grass trimmers with brushcuts (2.4 to 3.2 mm).

The more powerful the tool, the thicker the cutting equipment must be, respectively. This affects not only the quality of grass mowing, but also the life of the material. If you’re wondering how to wind the grass trimmer reel, then it’s time to change your tool. As spring arrives this issue is becoming more and more important, so it’s time for a step-by-step guide to changing the line in your grass trimmer’s reel.

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