How to remove the muffler of a Kraftsman chainsaw model 36038

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CRAFTSMAN 36038 2000 Watt/2 gasoline chainsaw.7 л.s: whether to buy, description, photos, features, customer reviews, instructions and accessories, assembly of the unit, review.

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Weight, kg 6
Busbar length, cm 41
Saws class household
Engine capacity, cm? 38
Oil tank capacity, l 0.2
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.35
Noise level, dB(A) 101
Chain pitch, inch 3/8 (0.375)
Groove width, mm 1.3
Spark plug Champion RCJ7Y
Number of links 56
Power (l.с.) 2,4
Power (kW) 1,8
Easy start no
One hand operation no
Busbar length (inch) 16
Engine capacity 2-stroke

Craftsman 35170 chainsaw (case with oil included) is a reliable and high-performance saw for household use. Used for tilling trees, cutting firewood, and on the construction site. Equipped with 2-stroke engine.4 л.с. with working volume of 38 cc. see. Busbar length 40.64 cm (16), 56 link chain. Chain and tire lubrication is automatic. Chain tightened manually by means of adjusting wheel. The tool is equipped with a kick-back chain brake and reliable dust protection.

Instant chain brakeA convenient inertia brake handle for automatic chain braking.Ergonomic handleComfortable handle with throttle trigger and effective anti-vibration system.

  • Highly reliable chainsaw for household applications;
  • Lightweight and compact body;
  • Bus 40.64 cm, for working with thick logs;
  • Low noise and vibration level;
  • Fully-supported crankshaft;
  • The Craftsman 35170 chainsaw (oil case included) has automatic chain lubrication;
  • Quick chain tensioning;
  • Robust protection against dust and sawdust.

Kraftsman chainsaw 35081

Unit that runs on a fuel mixture and does not require manual lubrication of the saw chain. This Craftsman saw model exhibits household power and good performance.

  • 40 cm3 carburettor engine that is protected from overheating;
  • Smooth stratum, which contributes to the safety of the machine;
  • long length guide for fast sawing and a smooth cut;
  • emergency braking of the chainsaw blade that activates when the guide bar comes into contact with wood or when it touches the wood guard.

Kraftsman 55CC chainsaw. model parameters

This gasoline chainsaw is distinguished by good ergonomics, high working life and reliable fasteners. Metal bolt threads and clamping quality are of much higher quality than many Chinese-made chainsaws.

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The Craftsman 55 CC chain saw has a reliable 1-cylinder 2-stroke motor with a forged piston and chrome-plated cylinder. For the preparation of the fuel mixture and enrichment of its air in the device garden tool is responsible proprietary Japanese carburetor brand Walbro, metal nozzles which are covered by an alloy that protects them from wear and corrosion.

To stabilize engine working temperature the Craftsman chainsaw is equipped with forced air cooling system. Due to the large number of openings in the housing, the cold air masses flow freely inside the garden tool, reducing the temperature of the motor, carburetor and other highly heated components of the model.

The tool’s sawing elements are represented by a metal bar and chain that can withstand prolonged friction and high operating temperatures. For chain lubrication, the model has an automatic oiling system, and for emergency stopping the headset, the inertia chain brake.

Key features of the Craftsman saw include:

  • engine power. 2,5 l. с.;
  • bar size. 40 cm;
  • chain pitch is 3/8 ;
  • oil tank capacity. 200 ml;
  • weight. 4,4 kg.

Craftsman petrol saw in this set is equipped with a durable branded clutch, which guarantees a continuous connection between the engine and the sawing organs of the model.

Operational properties

In its simplest technical solution, the Craftsman chainsaw is a productive and safe tool, equally suitable for the efficient mechanization of labor-intensive work related:

  • with dry wood pile up;
  • preparation of wood fuel;
  • forming of vegetative elements of landscape design;
  • construction of log and log cabins of buildings of different purposes.

In the list of undeniable advantages of the model range the combination of quality and moderate cost, presented in a wide range of lubricants and spare parts, stable traction characteristics of standard power units.

remove, muffler, kraftsman, chainsaw, model, 36038

High level of repairability of the presented models allows their owners to eliminate operational malfunctions and restore the functionality of their tools in the conditions of home workshops. Quality and performance characteristics are confirmed by reviews of ordinary users and specialists of regional service departments. Even today the Kraftsman saw successfully competes with similar products of the leading manufacturers of chainsaws.

remove, muffler, kraftsman, chainsaw, model, 36038

Kraftsman chainsaws: types and features

Craftsman chainsaws are popular with homeowners and small ranchers. Semi-professional models easily cope with cutting firewood, sawing logs of different diameters, single felling of trees and other wood work. Using a chain saw Kraftsman, you will simplify landscaping activities and replace a lot of devices for repair and construction tasks.

How to remove the muffler on a Kraftsman chainsaw model 36038

Craftsman mower wheel drive gear. has a diameter (with teeth) of 32 mm, number of teeth 14 pcs. Mounted on the transmission axle for engagement with the outer teeth of the wheel.

Craftsman carburetor is suitable for lawn mowers with BriggsStratton engines, does not require additional adjustment (carburetor is set for work by the manufacturer), complete with a rubber round gasket

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Battery for Kraftsman mini-tractors, American built, manufactured before 2010. Comes in the shipment dry loaded, requires additional electrolyte. Serviceable battery, rechargeable by charger and alternator.

Tractor battery for Craftsman tractors up to 2014. Battery made in USA. Dry-charged.

12 volt battery for Craftsman mini-tractor with built-in grass catcher box. Battery made in USA. Suitable for garden tractors with a grass hopper made before 2000. Serviceable battery, rechargeable by charger or alternator.

Battery for Craftsman tractors manufactured in Canada between 1998 and 2008. 12 volt. Maintenance free battery, filled with electrolyte and charged.

Battery for Kraftsman GT series tractor, fully charged and charged. American made. Serviceable battery with the possibility of recharging from the charger and generator.

Batteries for Craftsman tractors produced between 2008 and 2014. The battery is suitable for garden tractors with a side discharge and integrated grass catcher. Voltage 12 volt. Serviceable. Made in USA.

BriggsStratton engines are installed on all four-wheel mowers. The main parameters are the shaft diameter and its “outreach”. Also consider when choosing a motor whether or not your mower is self-propelled, has a cable to adjust the speed or not. For engine selection we recommend to consult our specialist.

Craftsman lawn mower cable for wheel drive. Cable with spring tip on the gearbox mounting side. Suitable for Gold and Platinum Series Self-Propelled Lawnmowers

The wheels on your Kraftsman lawnmower are suitable for front-wheel drive. Inside the wheel are cast teeth for meshing with the transmission and a plain bearing. Material high strength plastic

Original Craftsman lawn mower blade for petrol mowers, length 56 cm, three hole seat (one large central hole and two small ones on either side) suitable for both self-propelled and non-self-propelled lawn mowers. Steel thickness 0.4 cm. Width of 5,5 cm

Craftsman wheels are suitable for GOLD and Platinum series petrol lawnmowers, only for rear-drive lawnmowers! The wheels are made of high strength plastic (will not rot or rust)

Large wheels for Craftsman lawnmowers with front wheel drive. Original wheels with the hub slide. With plastic reinforcing ribs and plastic courts (lightweight, do not rust, do not rot)

American diehard battery for Craftsman tractor. 12 volt power. Suitable for Craftsman GT 3000 series garden tractors. Lead-acid battery type. Has screw holes for electrolyte. Possibility of recharging from a generator or charger.

Craftsman lawnmower blade bolt. Fits all lawnmowers from model number 917. With BriggsStratton and Honda engines. Inch thread.

Craftsman lawn mower blade suitable for Platinum and Silver Series lawn mowers. Length of the blade 56 cm, landing place on the adapter type “butterfly” with two holes on each side

Knife for Craftsman tractor (Craftsman) Seat on the adapter “five-pointed star”. Length 58 cm. Material steel

Kraftsman original wheels are suitable for all types of tractors produced from 2004 to 2012.Produced by USA, size 18×9.50х8

Craftsman Chainsaw Muffler Replacement #545128902

Battery for Craftsman side discharge garden tractors produced between 1998 and 2008. Lead-acid, with the possibility of recharging from generator and charger. Power voltage 12 volts.

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The indispensable part when buying gardening equipment is the availability of service, repair facilities, availability and ability to supply spare parts and consumables. That’s why in 2009 we decided to set up a Craftsman repair service. We also sell parts for Craftsman snow blowers, lawn mowers and garden tractors. Our sales managers with many years of experience in Craftsman service and repair are always ready to help you find the right part, whether it is a Craftsman battery or a Craftsman blade adapter, and suggest the cause of the fault if possible.

A large warehouse of original Craftsman spare parts and repair workshops on one site help to quickly identify faults in your equipment and get it working again in the shortest possible time. All spare parts such as batteries for Craftsman garden tractors, belts, blades, cables, friction discs and many others are always in stock.

Problems of self-repair

The problem in many cases is complicated by the lack of complete information on repair technology. According to foreign manufacturers, after service life of saw should be written off to scrap, so the serviceability of many models of the budget level raises reasonable doubts.

Professional class chainsaws are more difficult to restore.

  • The problem is complicated by high cost of spare parts.
  • It is possible that in order to restore the performance of individual assemblies and mechanisms, in particular, to adjust the fuel equipment, special equipment will be needed.

Replacing expensive brand-name parts with affordable but short-lived Chinese counterparts does not justify itself economically. Practice shows that these components fulfill their service life by 50-60% at best.

Craftsman 35170 chainsaw

Saw hardwood, repair and construction work, landscaping. Complete with carburetor motor drive and sixteen-inch tire.

remove, muffler, kraftsman, chainsaw, model, 36038


  • The engine with capacity of 2.7 liters. с.;
  • The engine capacity is 38 cm3;
  • Traction power. 1800 watts;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 400 milliliters;
  • Capacity of the oil tank is 200 milliliters;
  • The guide bar is 40 centimetres;
  • Chain pitch. 0.325 in;
  • Weight. 8,1 kilograms.

Advantages of Craftsman 35170 saw:

  • The primer makes it easy to start the machine regardless of the temperature conditions;
  • Automatic cutting set lubrication. Oil savings when idling and warming up to 50%;
  • Self-sufficient operation with large fuel and oil tanks. The tool is very easy to fill;
  • Fuel economy. After refueling, the saw works uninterruptedly for about an hour and a half;
  • Combined emergency brake. In unsafe situations, the chain stops by inertia or manually;
  • Sag is eliminated by the tensioner, no special tools are needed;
  • Vibration damping system.

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