How to remove the mower spool

STIHL FS 120 lawnmower. Gear lubrication. Threading the line. Adjusting the blade.

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Maintenance of the STIHL FS 120 lawnmower. Lubricating the gearbox, filling the line without removing the spool and installing the blade.

Greetings mowers and lawn mower owners of this model and not only. There is a saying. a man likes caresses, but machinery lubrication. Timely care and maintenance will prolong the life of any machine. Enough smart remarks, I’ll get to the point)).

First things first LUBRICATION OF THE DRIVE. here I was not told a specific often it needs to be done, which is understandable. Every mower is used differently.

My climate is hot, that you know what I mean, the video below was filmed in the evening in the cold at 38 C, so do not be lazy and look at the gearbox every 20-30 mowed seedlings.

Here you can use a ring spanner or star, I use a regular one, it’s just there in the common keys, while the mower is new and splines are whole)).

As they did not say in the store, you should see the grease and not the bare gears.

As long as it’s okay, I’m adding grease.

Here, friends, I’ll make a quick stop. Though I’m a do-it-yourself man who is interested in finalizing, breaking and doing something, and I even have some technical education, but here are some places where it’s better not to get involved and not to get clever. but if you’re not an engineer who knows more than the designers of these mowers. Guys, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, it’s already running. Seen more than one video where these masters are advised to shove and cram in a grease that is not for this purpose, and it leaks from the heat of a couple of hours of work.

It’s already been done before us. everything for a man.

Screw the tube on the gearbox, squeeze out a little, the excess goes where needed. do not worry.

Unscrew the tube, unscrew the screw, that’s it.

Now let’s go to winding the line on the spool.

On this model, it pleased with its simplicity and convenience, unlike older models. So far, the mower hasn’t been through much. 50-60 mows. all works like clockwork, and the capacity of the coil even up to 8 meters. can not fail to please the worker of this machine).

I mostly use a line with a thickness of 2.7 mm-this line can be wound up to 6 meters, on average, I do not overload, I wind up approx. 5 meters.

I was pleased that here you can do it without removing the spool from the mower-how clever is the brain that came up with it-who mows more than 10 acres at a time, you’ll understand what I mean.

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Put the mower with the spool up and align these marks and the slit.

We press the black bobbin and put the line in, take it out to the middle and start winding. There are arrows and hollows for this. you don’t have to think of anything.

Here, guys, check with the seller as and with what parts are put your knife. I’ll show you an example of what was included in the kit-two-sided (more details in the video).

Put the knife in place. fix the pad so it does not rotate.

That’s all my friends, that’s all for today. Do not hesitate to ask the supplier for important information, and of course safety precautions have not been cancelled yet.

See the video for more details. With you as always Roman the Handsome DIYer.

Always switch off the engine and disconnect the machine from the mains before coiling the line onto the mower spool.

Greensmaster 1000 restore Part 2. Removing the Reel

  • Locate the lock button on the tool and, while clamping it, rotate the lid. Remove the housing cover, remove the spool and remove the old fishing line.
  • The new thread should be slipped into the receiver on the spool and trimmed so that the ends are even.
  • Once the pieces are aligned, you can wind them on the mower spool. You need to leave the ends 10 cm long.
  • One is inserted into the mounting holder, and the other is rolled up another half-turn and secured in the opposite holder.
  • Then you can place the spool in the case and pull the thread out. Once you have threaded the line into the lawnmower, you can close the housing cover and fasten it carefully.

How to open the grass trimmer reel

Warranty exhaustion of the factory filling of the grass trimmer will inevitably require replacing the fishing line. Having a very rough idea of how to tuck the line into the grass trimmer reel by themselves, beginners are reluctant to take on this task. However, with some skills, mastering this uncomplicated science does not present any difficulties, and the following similar instruction will facilitate this process as much as possible.

The effectiveness of the electric grass trimmer

The electric mower, which operates from the household electric network, is relevant on a plot of four to six acres, planted with trees, flowers, shrubs. It is convenient to mow the grass neatly near the house or along the curb, mow paths, and environmentally friendly motor that does not produce exhaust, gas and fumes, will even make it possible to remove weeds in any indoor. Greenhouse or greenhouse.

Remove, Clean, and Replace Dewalt Brushless 20V String Trimmer Quick Spool Head

The cable of the grass trimmer limits the cutting radius, but it can be extended with a standard extension cord. If even this length is not enough for you, or the parameters of the electrical system are not conducive to the normal operation of the electric motor, then you can buy a variety of electric tool cordless trimmer for grass. It works autonomously, the built-in battery is enough for half an hour or an hour of intensive work is enough to mow trees in the garden. The grass trimmer’s motor can be placed on top of the tool or at the bottom. Top-motor grass trimmers work well on bumpy and uneven terrain. Also, they are perfectly balanced and can work with high and wet grass short circuit will not happen. The one-shoulder shoulder strap, which can be attached to the shoulder, also adds to the convenience of working with it. Bottom-motor grass trimmer can only be used for non-humid grass and for flat areas. Bottom-motor grass trimmers are often battery-powered.

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Black and Decker Trimmer Line Spool Replacement

Grass trimmer spool design

Mowing heads for trimmers come in a variety of designs. both simple and complex. The picture below shows a semi-automatic trimmer head from Husqvarna brushcutter (Husqvarna) disassembled.

This type of head is present in the equipment of most gasoline mowers and electric trimmers, such as STIHL (STIHL), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Champion), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. The design of the mowing head is quite simple. It includes the following parts:

  • the base of the mowing head;
  • button for semi-automatic cord feed;
  • bobbin (spool) into which the fishing line is threaded;
  • spring;
  • eyelets. the line comes out through them;
  • trimmer head cover;
  • line (cord).

There are also simpler trimmer heads, shown in the following photo.

All of these attachments do not allow you to change the line length in semi-automatic mode (after pressing a button). If the cord breaks, you have to stop the mower and change it manually.

How to choose the right line?

Nylon lines are suitable for both electric and gasoline-powered trimmers. It is a consumable material that can be used both for hand tools and for lawnmowers on wheels. It is important to choose the right fishing line, as it directly affects both the result of the work and the service life of the unit. Of course, it is very easy to get confused by the range of lines available, especially for beginners. But there is plenty of advice from experts and those who have already tried out the various options.

For an electric grass trimmer under 500 W a thin line with a diameter of 1 to 1.6 mm is suitable. It’s great for mowing low-grass lawns. If the power of the tool is in the range from 0.5 to 1 kW, it is better to give preference to a line with a diameter of 2 mm or slightly more.

This is long enough to mow thinned grass or long weeds, but not too thick.

For gasoline trimmers and brushcutters, you can’t use a line of less than 3 mm. This thickness will allow you to easily cope with any weeds, dry stems, dense grass. A diameter of more than 4 mm is only suitable for high-powered petrolmowers. It turns out that thicker lines are essential for powerful devices. It is not recommended for low-powered trimmers, otherwise it will not work well, constantly winding up on the spool and create additional load on the engine.

As a rule, a standard package contains up to 15 m of line. However, to replace the string on the reel, a length of about 7 meters is sufficient. It also happens that lines are produced in coils of 250-500 meters. When choosing a string, it is necessary to clarify the date when it was produced. Nylon that is too old can dry out and become too brittle. If this happens, the line can be soaked in water for a couple of hours, but it will not be fully regenerated.

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When selecting a line, the important parameter is the cross-section of the string, which comes in several kinds.

The circular cross section is versatile. It is used to mow grass with medium thickness and density. It may make too much noise when working, but it is not used too quickly.

The square or polygonal cross-section is more efficient than the round cross-section. Sharp corners make it possible to cut plant stems faster and with better results.

Ribbed, twisted and star-shaped lines are the most effective. This line mows grass very quickly. And its main disadvantage is that it wears out quickly.

The grass trimmer line is made of nylon, which is strong, lightweight, low cost and wear-resistant. To make the cost of the material even cheaper, polyethylene is added, but then the line overheats faster. Thick strings have a graphite or steel rod. Sometimes they are reinforced, which increases strength and service life.

It’s worth noting that two-piece strings are priced higher than standard nylon strings.

How the brushcutter centrifugal clutch works

When the brushcutter is working at idle speed the clutch pedals do not touch the clutch drum because they are compressed by the spring and do not transmit torque from the engine to the cutting unit, even though they rotate together with the crankshaft. When the engine is running above idle rpm (above 4,000 rpm) the clutch weights unclench under the centrifugal force (overcoming the spring force) and rest against the inner surface of the clutch drum with their outer friction surface, starting to rotate it, thereby transferring the torque from the engine to the cutting equipment of the brushcutter (or grass trimmer).

lawn grass trimmer (garden): how to remove the head replace the line install the brushcutter

Household tool, which acts as a trimmer for lawn grass (garden), is marked in practice by active use. Technically, this type of machine is considered a quite familiar device. Traditionally, grass trimmers bush trimmers and string trimmers are based on the standard internal combustion engine system. It is true that more and more often there are electric models on the market. Nevertheless, let’s consider the first option in terms of maintenance.

Trimmer spool types and features

The effectiveness and performance of the domestic grass trimmer on the site largely depends on the quality of the line. It is located in the coil, or as it is also called, trimmer head. Manufacturers produce coils of different types. Each of them is distinguished by its design features and individual principle of action. By studying them in detail, it will be easier for the gardener to choose just the right brush head for the right application.

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