How to remove the housing of a Bosch gas water heater

Of course, not always the gas water heater is worn or broken so thoroughly and irrevocably that there is no way to do without the help of a specialist. According to feedback from the same locksmith gas service, in 70% of cases the repair of gas boilers is reduced to the usual maintenance and repair of minor defects, usually associated with poor quality parts or improper adjustment.

The list of work available for at-home gas water heater repair can include the following activities:

  • Minor repairs and repackaging of socket and nut connections of pipelines;
  • Replacing the elastic diaphragm in the water-gas regulator of the column;
  • Cleaning and adjusting the operation of the draft sensor;
  • Cleaning and flushing of the heat exchanger;
  • Repairs of ignition wiring boards.

In a separate category you can select such an operation as repair and soldering of heat exchangers.

It is clear that there is a certain category of expensive hot water boilers, full of automation and electronics, which just does not make sense even to try to repair at home. For example, the repair of gas boilers Electrolux or Vaillant will be cheaper in the service center because of the high cost of spare parts. Exceptions are especially responsible units, such as three-way valve or the ignition board, it is better to buy them from an official dealer, even if the price is higher. This is the only chance to repair and not to kill an expensive Italian or German column with a substandard part.

Bosch gas heaters: types and features of operation

The Bosch concern can be called one of the recognized leaders in the production of high-quality water heating equipment. The excellent reliability of these products is confirmed by their demand and only positive feedback from professionals and buyers from all over the world. A distinctive feature of products from Bosch has become a set of simplified functions.

The famous brand produces only high quality products and has been improving them for many decades. The concern is always introducing all sorts of technical innovations in its columns to make them even more popular.

How to clean a gas water heater from limescale

Flushing the gas water heater can be carried out with a special device. electromagnetic cleaner (scale and rust converter). It is connected by wires that are wound on the incoming pipe heater at a distance of 15 cm. This procedure is possible thanks to magnetic pulses that break down the scale in the heater‘s pipe.

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Important: in addition to cleaning the pipes from formations, the device softens the water. This helps to prevent limescale deposits from forming.

If there is no possibility to use special equipment, “chemical” methods are used. That is, they use substances and solutions that can destroy or break down the scale.

When it is not recommended to repair the gas boiler by your own forces

In some cases, when the device ceases to meet our usual requirements, there is a reasonable question: “Where can I repair my gas water heater??”Naturally, the best option would be to contact the specialists of the service center, which cooperates with the store where this equipment was purchased.

This method of repair is particularly relevant when the warranty period from the store has not yet expired. So even if you are sure that you can fix the problem on your own, please contact the store for assistance. First, the repair in this case will be free, and secondly, you are guaranteed to receive quality service and avoid unfortunate mistakes.

In no case do not engage in amateur work when it comes to the gas part of the equipment. Be sure to contact a professional repair company or the gas service if, in addition to the usual problems, you notice a gas leak in the threaded joints.

Peculiarities of disassembly of gas boilers for components: what points to consider, how to do it correctly

Gas water heaters are designed to solve the main problem of private houses, cottages and apartment buildings of the old type, where there is no and can not be a centralized hot water supply. Convenience, safety and cheap cost of operation make them a very attractive alternative to electric water heaters. However, this does not cancel the need for periodic maintenance of gas boilers, which consists of washing the heat exchanger, cleaning the burners and replacing components.

You may not be an expert in repairing gas equipment, but you must be able to perform basic maintenance on your gas water heater, if you have one at your disposal. Trouble in the form of the speaker’s refusal to work can come at night or on a weekend, and in order not to wait for a specialist to come, you can solve the problem by yourself, at least temporarily. But before you disassemble the gas water heater yourself, you should know exactly when you can and when you can’t do it.

Draught in the chimney

This is one of the reasons why the gas water heater does not ignite. If suddenly the main burner of the device stops igniting, then it is recommended to check the chimney, perhaps it is clogged. A large accumulation of soot inside the chimney, various construction debris, leaves from the street. all this can clog the chimney so that carbon monoxide mixed with air will be returned back to the speaker. This will lead to fading. You can’t ignite it.

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Also clogged or clogged chimney can cause carbon monoxide to enter the apartment or home, which can lead to serious poisoning.

In modern columns “Bosch“, “Beretta”, “Ariston” and other manufacturers have special sensors that constantly monitor the level of draught in the chimney during the operation of the column. If suddenly there is no traction, the fuel supply (in this case. gas) will be automatically stopped. This is why the gas boiler “Bosch” does not ignite, for example.

You can independently check whether there is a draught. To do this, bring a burning match to the hole in the body of the speaker. If the flame of the match deflects, the chimney is working properly. If the flame does not move in any way, then the ventilation system is clogged. It is better to turn off the boiler and do not operate until the chimney will not be cleaned.

Repair of gas boilers of popular brands at home

Repair of the main breakdowns of all gas water heaters is similar to each other, since the principle of operation in all devices is similar. However, different manufacturers have weaknesses in the equipment that are most common.

This is important! If the gas boiler is under warranty service, it is not recommended to make repairs yourself. In the future, the service can remove it from the warranty.

You can fix only small defects by yourself

Features of repair of gas boilers “Bosch

The weak point in the models of the Japanese manufacturer. a thermocouple, after a couple of years of operation it may be a problem with ignition and combustion, the gas boiler may not turn on when you turn on the water or it may go out spontaneously. You can independently strip the thermocouple, but this only temporarily eliminate the cause. Soon the part will have to be replaced. Another problem. the igniter tube is not fixed rigidly, in connection with what it can be displaced. To fix such a malfunction, you just need to put it back in place.

Nuances of repair with your own hands of a gas water heater “Junkers”

The weak point in the models of the manufacturer “Junkers”. the ignition system. Over time, the burner or wick can go out, in connection with this there is a problem with heating water. To fix it, you need to check the functionality of the assembly.

A brief instruction on repair of the gas water heater “Oasis”

The equipment of the German manufacturer is distinguished by a very high quality assembly. Problems specific to this particular brand have not been identified, and to fix common failures of the gas water heater “Oasis” you should read the installation diagram and our repair manual, using the above methods.

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Repair features of the gas water heater “Vector”

According to experts, all the faults of columns of this manufacturer are in the use of spare parts of low quality and improper assembly. The main problem why the gas water heater “Vector” does not turn on is in the power supply unit oxidized contacts. In this case, even the replacement of batteries will not bring a proper result, it is necessary to carefully clean the contacts. Another possible problem: on the water valve there is a hang-up of the piston rod.

Gas water heater “Neva. In this publication we will look at the principle of operation and features, specifications, model range, where to find spare parts and how to repair the equipment. The causes of arising failures.

The structure of the gas water heater and the principle of operation

The principle of operation of the gas water heater is as follows. In the turned on heater constantly burns an igniter (pilot burner), which ignites the main burner after the faucet with hot water opens and the pressure in the DHW system decreases.

The main elements of the gas water heater are:

  • Cover of the outer casing. protects internal elements from external influences.
  • Diverter. creates the necessary level of draught for functioning.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Gas burner.
  • Gas supply knot.
  • Water supply unit.
  • Control and management unit.

How to remove limescale in a gas water heater

Before flushing the heat exchanger from limescale, let’s talk about where the same limescale is formed.

It is known that the scale is a solid deposition of salts (mainly consists of calcium carbonate and magnesium) on the walls of heating appliances, pipes, heating elements as a result of water evaporation. Hence the conclusion is that the scale in the gas water heater appears because of violations of operating rules, mainly due to the opening of the cold water tap to reduce the temperature. It is prohibited to mix water in a gas water heater, it leads to overheating of the coolant and the formation of lime crust.

Gas Water Heater Installation

How dangerous this process is for the gas water heater? The resulting layer of limescale gradually reduces the capacity of the water tube, reduces the heat transfer coefficient and contributes to overheating the heater. The water temperature will stop adjusting, at the minimum values set, the water will flow too hot. Heating water will be accompanied by a crackling sound, pieces of limescale rise and close the passage.

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