How to remove the flywheel from a centaur

Step-by-step instructions for different models

Lifan 6.5

Valve adjustment on Lifan 6 single axle tractor.5 is to set the correct gap under the valves. The sequence of work is as follows:

  • Remove the cover to get to the flywheel.
  • Remove the valve cover. There are two valves, an intake valve and an exhaust valve, underneath it.
  • To check the clearance of the intake valve, you will need a dipstick of 0.15 mm, for the exhaust. 0.2 mm. With proper adjustment, the dipstick should pass under the valve fairly freely.
  • To adjust, loosen the nuts of the fasteners with a wrench. Insert the dipstick between the valve and the piston so that it does not slip and is held tightly enough in this position. Tighten the nut.
  • Replace the valve cover and flywheel cover.

Adjusting the Neva MB 2, Zirka 105

The process of valve adjustment on the Neva MB 2 power tiller and similar model Zirka 105:

  • Let the engine work and then cool down a little.
  • Remove the shroud.
  • We remove the valve cover and get to those flywheels that are under it.
  • Unscrew the jam nut.
  • The blade that we put in the gap should pass very freely between the piston and the valve.
  • Screw the whole system back.

How to correctly adjust the valve on the Zip power harvester

What is the procedure for adjusting the valves on a popular motorblock zipp:

  • Open flywheel.
  • Unscrew valve cap clockwise.
  • Use stylus to check the gap in the same way as above.
  • Use a spanner to turn between the nuts and loosen them a little.
  • Close the system and test.

How to regulate on a power tiller Agro

Adjustment of the valves on the Agro motoblock is made as follows:

  • Warm the engine and give it some time to cool down.
  • Remove the oil bath of the air filter.
  • Then the flywheel cover, mounted on 6 bolts, should be unscrewed.
  • Marks 0 (top dead center), 5, 10 and 20 (fuel injection) are located on the flywheel. Align the flywheel dead center with the mark located on the cylinder so that they are opposite to each other.
  • Then we remove the valve cover.
  • Under it there are two valves. Loosen the locknut, then insert a razor blade under the valve. The blade should pass freely between the piston and the valve.
  • Having achieved this, we screw the nut back on. Then put the valve cover and the flywheel cover back.
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It is worth noting that identical adjustment actions are performed to adjust the valves on the Patriot motoblock. Agros single axle tractor and its valve adjustment is also related to the MB 1 power tiller.

So if necessary, you can use an identical scheme.


Adjusting the valves on the Cascade power harvester:

  • Remove the cover from the flywheel.
  • Remove the valve cover.
  • Turn the flywheel until the intake valve is compressed. Accordingly, the exhaust valve will be depressed.
  • Next, you need to achieve the correct gap for each of the valves. According to the instructions, it is 0.15 mm for the inlet valve and 0.20 mm for the outlet valve.
  • Check the clearance between the valve and piston with a feeler gauge. If the dipstick slips a lot, or it doesn’t go between them at all, we’ll need an adjustment. If you do not have a feeler gauge, you can use a razor blade, which is 0.1 mm thick.
  • To adjust, loosen the fastening nut, then insert the dipstick into the gap under the valve. Its optimal position is quite tight between the piston and the valve, without slippage.
  • If everything works, we tighten the nuts back on, and then put the valve cover and the cover back on.

The adjustment of valves on your power tiller Ural also should be approached precisely on the basis of the above-described instructions.

The scheme of work is arranged in an identical way, so that you can use the same algorithm of actions, exactly as for adjusting the valves on the popular motoblock centaur.

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How to remove the flywheel on a Zubr tiller, video

Alexander (Adrianus) Not necessarily.either the head gasket is blown or the rubber liner gasket.

Main Seal and Flywheel install on a Type 1 aircooled engine (Grease Pit)

Serega (Shashwat) Yes, one of 2 or the gasket or rubber liner seals

Genady (Hadia) Remove the cartridge case and change the gasket, “alkaiden emal” head gasket with solvents.

Alexander (Adrianus) There was such a problem, before installing new rings should remove the bevel in the block (the place where part of the liner with rubber rings is inserted), there is a very sharp edge and when installing new rings they can cut off, in my case, rings were cut off when installed in the factory, after disassembly I got cut off parts of the rings, and the leak appeared after a good warm up of the engine, that is, in operation, probably did not work valve on the radiator cover, the heated fluid pressure rose in it and pressed these rings.

Genady (Hadia) Alexander, put the “can of brake fluid” bottle

Alexander (Adrianus) Genadi, so I wrote that did not work the valve in the radiator cap, expansion tank (I have a bottle of 0, 5l.) was! It was just a factory defect, the rubber was cut at the factory during assembly.

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How to remove and inspect the flywheel key

If all tools, including pullers and holders are present, you can proceed to the removal of the flywheel with a key for inspection. The disassembly procedure consists of these steps:

  • Disconnecting the ignition wire and partially disassembling the engine guard. It is enough to loosen the bolts of the protective cap and remove it.
  • If the flywheel brake is present, you need to disconnect the outer part of the brake spring.
  • If the flywheel coupling is provided, you need to remove it, using a strap wrench. It is necessary to unscrew the locking nut in the process.
  • Installing a flywheel puller and gradually turning the nuts. After removing the mountings, the handwheel and key can be removed.
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It is important not to use excessive force when working. In particular, it is worth excluding hammering and wrenching on the housing. The inspection process involves the study of key components of the flywheel itself, the crankshaft, the keyway and the key itself. No parts may show any major mechanical damage, including larger dents, cracks or chips. If found, the part in question should be replaced. Simultaneously examine and, if necessary, replace nearby shafts and gears. It is worth remembering that all elements of the engine must be intact and functional. Otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money for maintenance and repair.

Ignition coil repair and troubleshooting

There are situations when a power tiller won’t start. The problem may be related to the coil system. For example, observed:

  • Fault in the coil itself.
  • Trouble in the spark plug located in the coil.
  • In the wiring.
  • In the tip of the spark plug.
  • To check the spark plug, take it out and inspect it. If there is soot on the electrodes, they can be heated with gas.

To check the magnetos (coil), the tip is put on the spark plug and the lower part is brought to the coil. As the flywheel rotates, there should be a spark. If this does not happen, then the malfunction is in the ignition coil for the motobloc.

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