How to remove a wheel from an angle grinder

The compression nut should be heated with a heat gun or gas torch to make the metal more pliable. Then unscrew it with a universal wrench or your hands. But the risk of this method is that you can damage plastic parts and gear components.

angle grinder discs for rust removal and paint stripping

The shoulder when using a gas wrench increases, consequently, the torque of the force increases as well. It is easier to unscrew jammed connections with this tool. But if you try too hard, you risk crushing the flange or breaking the spindle lock.

What to do if the nut is jammed?

A frequent problem in the work of the angle grinder is a jammed nut. The first thing to do in this situation is to determine the direction of rotation of the disc. In the same direction and it is recommended to unscrew the jammed nut. There are some of the most effective ways of solving the problem.

  • Use a socket wrench and socket head. To do this, grind the surface of the socket wrench by 4 millimeters, which has 17 millimeters. On the head of the 24 millimeter face, chisel out four protrusions that align with the flange nut holes. Then the open-end wrench is placed under the disc, and the head of the face is placed on the nut of the angle grinder. After that, use a ratchet to turn it in the direction of rotation of the disc.
  • Use a torque wrench. Knowing the laws of physics and using a gas wrench, you can increase the torque, because the length of the arm will increase.

But do not force it too hard, since you could crush the flange and damage the spindle lock.

  • Use a peorator. If set in chisel mode without rotation function, it works like a jackhammer. Place the six-millimeter bit on the flange face and start working. Once the nut has moved, it can easily be unscrewed with a special angle grinder wrench.
  • Heating. If the nut is heated with a hairdryer or a gas torch, the metal becomes more pliable. All you have to do is unscrew the nut with the wrench. But while heating it is necessary to take care not to damage plastic parts and gearbox.
  • Cracking the disk is an easy and quick way to undo a jammed nut without a wrench. It implies complete crumbling of the disk. You should use a hacksaw or pliers for this. When from an abrasive wheel is only the inner ring, clamp in a vice unnecessary metal plate (its thickness should not exceed the thickness of the disk). Next, it is necessary to start the angle grinder and grind abrasive to the seat sleeve. Do not forget to use protective glasses and gloves when doing this. Then you only have to unscrew the flange nut by hand.

How to change the disk on the angle grinder? Step-by-step instructions

To work with the angle grinder, you must first install and then, if necessary, change the disc on the angle grinder.

remove, wheel, angle, grinder

Often with this rather simple procedure for some beginners and not only beginners may have various kinds of difficulties.

Below you will find detailed instructions for replacing the disc on the angle grinder.

To change the disc on the angle grinder you must unscrew the mounting washer.

Fixing washer, as a rule, comes with special grooves, and you can unscrew it only with the appropriate wrench, which is usually included with each angle grinder.

remove, wheel, angle, grinder


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On some angle grinder as fasteners are installed conventional nuts, which can be unscrewed with a wrench.

To unscrew the fixing washer in its grooves need to install a wrench angle grinder.

DIY. How To Remove A Stuck Angle Grinder Blade / Disc / Wheel By Force. Tool Life Hack =]

On the other side of the angle grinder, press the locking button to lock the rotor in a fixed position.

Next, you need to turn the key counterclockwise.

This is how to unscrew the fastener, then replace the old disc with a new one.

After installing the new disc in place, first use your hands to screw on the locking washer, and then use a wrench to tighten the washer.

After all the manipulations described above, the angle grinder is “charged” with a new disc and you can get to work.

In the case where there is no special key, to remove the drive and replace it with a new one, you can use improvised means, namely to use a large screwdriver or its analog, such as a blunt chisel or t.п.

the essence of the following, we put the end of the screwdriver in a groove for a special wrench in the unscrewing direction, also we fix a clamp so that the disk does not twist, and sharp not very strong but strong enough blows on the back side of the screwdriver produce unscrewing of the disk. Read more in the article How to unscrew the fastening nut on an angle grinder without a wrench?

How to change the disc with and without the wrench for angle grinder?

Angle grinder. the universal power tool. It can be used to cut steel profiles and wood, process concrete and stones, grind and deburr, and sharpen hacksaws. And there is a specific wheel for each operation. For example, a thin cutting wheel for angle grinder must not be used for grinding surfaces. it will quickly break. How to correctly place the disk on the angle grinder when grinding and grinding wheel breakage, or when you switch to another type of work?

According to the user manual, the disc on the angle grinder must be replaced as follows.

  • Unplugging a power tool.
  • Press the spindle lock button.
  • Hold the stop button of the angle grinder and unscrew the flange nut with the open-end wrench. Turn the angle grinder wrench in the direction of rotation of the disc. If it is difficult to press the button with one hand and work with the wrench with the other, ask someone close to you to help.
  • Remove the old disc from the spindle shaft.
  • Install a new disc.
  • Put it in place with the nut by hand or with the same Allen wrench. At this point, hold the stopper with your other hand. Do not tighten the nut too much.
  • Unplug the angle grinder for about 30 seconds at maximum speed. If the disk rotates freely, without beating, without touching the protective hood, you can start to work.

The angle grinder must be supplied with a wrench. Cheap angle grinders often come with a bad quality wrench. It may break quickly (this also happens, however, with tools from leading manufacturers). In the end, you can simply lose the wrench. How to properly install the disk on the angle grinder in this case, not having at hand a suitable tool?

The most reliable way. just buy a new key. You can take the standard, under a certain flange for the angle grinder, or sliding, with the ability to adjust the jaws. But wrenches for cutters are not sold in all construction stores, and it can be difficult to find the right tool. Here are a few tricks with which you can change the disc on the angle grinder without the universal wrench and save nerves and money.

How to install it correctly?

Installing a disc on a UMSH is not that difficult. You can change it by simply following the instructions, although there are nuances.

First of all, you need to install the disk on the right side. This is especially important if it is a cut-off. Usually, the side of a disk with a label, which indicates the marking and, consequently, the scope of its application, is slightly different from the opposite side. It may not be revealed immediately, but with prolonged intensive work the difference will not only be noticeable. it will be obvious.

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On the side where the label is glued, is placed a wide pressure washer, it and the moving nut when screwing (installing the disk). On the polished surface of the washer nut slides, without it it will be harder to tighten or unscrew, because the abrasive will hold firmly the nut and you need more force. This is especially important if you need to replace the disc quickly or if it is broken (jammed).

there is always a chance that the disc will break, but installed correctly, it breaks only under high loads, the structure of discs takes into account the difference of loads on both sides.

With circular saws or other products that have teeth or a significant difference between the two sides, the problem of how to put, usually does not arise. For example, you can’t mount a sanding disc backwards, it would be impossible to work with it.

Stone discs, including diamond discs, have a special rotation indicator in the form of an arrow: when installing them, it is necessary to mount them taking into account where the rod will rotate.

It is also important to consider the size of the disc during installation. Under no circumstances should safety be neglected and the protective cover removed. it is better to pick up the disc of the appropriate diameter. Sometimes a used disc from a big machine is used on a smaller “angle grinder”. But the worked disc is usually worse, the working surface is limited by about half of the disc radius, the structure is slightly different. The disc burns up faster and does less work. This operation can be justified if the stem diameter is the same. But it is impossible to change it back.

No debris should get under the disk during installation. Of course, the clamping nut may well squeeze small objects, something will be pressed into the surface of the circle. But unnoticeable to the eye skew will cause displacement of the plane of rotation and, consequently, a strong vibration of the mechanism, it may cause the disc destruction and, of course, one should not hope for an accurate cut in such a case.

Before installing the disc “angle grinder” should be disconnected from the network. this is a basic safety requirement, as the sudden inclusion at this time, fraught with the risk of serious injury.

The clamping nut should be unscrewed with the wrench provided with the tool. To prevent the stem from spinning, it must be locked by pressing a special button. Unscrew the nut while holding the button depressed at the same time.

After the nut has been unscrewed, the disk is put on the freed disk, with the front side facing outward, and it is necessary to see to it that it is precisely put into its seating.

In the kit for a new “angle grinder” always includes a number of cardboard spacers. when installing the disc, they must be placed so that they are between the disc and the clamping elements. These spacers will help unscrew a broken or jammed disk.

Then, the nut is screwed in by hand as far as it will go and tightened with the special wrench. That’s it, the “angle grinder” is ready to work.

How to remove the disk from the angle grinder: in normal mode and after jamming

Working with any mechanisms, you should always expect abnormal situations, which can not always be solved in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers. Angle grinder is no exception. You may experience excessive clamping of the cutting disc at work. Especially often this problem occurs with large, powerful models, power over 2 kW. What to do if the disc on the angle grinder is jammed or the nut does not unscrew? Let’s deal with this question further on.

The essence of the problem

There is no problem with idle rotation of the cutting disc, especially if the disc is relatively light and the tool has a soft start function.

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After the set of revolutions at the moment of contact of the cutting disc with the surface to be treated, the following chain of instant actions takes place:

  • The blade is hitting hard against the material to be cut, so it is slowing down.
  • The motor rotor continues to rotate at the same speed for the first few moments and pulls the gear train, which carries the spindle along.
  • The spindle head threads are screwed more firmly into the retaining nut which is pressed into the cutting wheel.

That’s it, an abnormal situation has arisen (excessive tightening of the corkscrew nut), which is caused by the following factors

remove, wheel, angle, grinder
  • Large cutting wheel diameters.
  • High motor power.
  • Massiveness of the rotor.
  • Large cutting depth (working load).

The nut securing the cutting wheel is now difficult to unscrew.

You will find a variety of attachments in construction material stores. Choose the one that is suitable for the task in hand. It is not easy to set up the disc, but with some knowledge and skill, it will work out very quickly.

The way of removing with a key

The machine always comes with a wrench and an instruction manual. It clearly describes the procedure when it is necessary to replace the wheel:

  • Unplugging the power cord.
  • Secure the button for locking the rotating spindle.
  • Hold it and loosen the flange nut with a spanner.
  • Remove the old disc and put a new one in.
  • Secure it and tighten with a universal wrench.

The task can’t be done by oneself. It is best to ask a comrade for help.

EASY, FAST, SIMPLE Replace a Cutting Wheel on Angle Grinder With NO TOOL

After it is installed, turn on the machine for half a minute. the maximum speed of rotation. The disc should not be loose or knock against the casing. Correct function means correct installation.

Without wrench

It often happens that the tool is lost or broken. Producers do not take the trouble to provide quality parts. In this case you have to remove the disk without a key. And there are several ways to do this.

  • Using an adjustable wrench. Simply turn the nut slightly, with little or no force. The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of damaging the rotary element.
  • Chisel. WD 40 on the shaft and wait 15 minutes. After that, start using a chisel to gently tap the wheel. It will take a long time, but it will start to yield and soon become easy to unscrew by hand.
  • By heating the nut. Not a very safe method, but still effective. Grind the flange with a torch and carefully unscrew it with a gloved hand. The danger is overheating, which will cause the oil in the gearbox to boil.

However, experts still advise to use a special wrench so as not to get injured. In addition, strictly observe the safety precautions.

When the need arises

Changing the wheel is required if the already installed disc is damaged or if other equipment needs to be installed. For example, if you’ve been working with wood and now need to saw a steel pipe, you’ll need to change the nozzle.

Necessary observance of safety rules

It is extremely important to understand that the angle grinder is a tool with the highest degree of possible injury. Consequently, it is advisable to be vigilant when using them, even when they are switched off (when replacing grinding wheels).

Not every beginner knows that the replacement of the abrasive wheel is carried out only on unplugged equipment. in the case of cordless models, the battery is disconnected at the time of changing the wheel.

This is a method that absolutely every user of the specified equipment should use. However, craftsmen are quite using and alternatives. Their main disadvantage is the possibility of damaging the tool.

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