How to remove a pulley of the air conditioner compressor denso

Air conditioner clutch bearing

At one point, after 3.5 years after the purchase and run about 50,000 miles, my Citroch started whistling at the first start. The first thing I thought was the tensioner roller and the belt. After changing the belt and roller the whistling did not go away. On diagnostics revealed. whistling air conditioner clutch bearing.

Peugeot and Citroen official services both said in one voice. the bearing is not replaceable. Only together with the clutch. and it is 10-14 thousand. rubles.

I visited not professionals, but the partners of our Perm Peugeot Citroen Club. They do not have strict requirements of the dealer. They changed my bearing for 2 000 (including disassembling and assembling).Wanted to make a photo report on the results, but photos are not clear, but the site 206-club.found quality photos and quality story. And that’s why I will bring it below.

I have a denso 5se12c[img][/img]the yellow arrow points to the retaining ring and the red one to the “nut” to hold.By the way, how much Freon in Liberty 2008 2.4 petrol ? I don’t have a sticker with info on it.

Thanks a lot!Just saved the day!It’s not that it’s too bad. But I think the next winter the horse would not have survived.By the end of winter the Jeep was humming in cold like castrated Juke with falsetto.

I want to change the pulleys again this summer (I took Dike’s ones). full of G.), and a belt to go with it.Already changed the clutch last time on the INNO. But the clutch of the compressor bothered me (8 years of the car. almost 80K mileage)

Denso compressor 7seu17c

To paraphrase Ostap Bender, it is possible to declare with confidence that automobile conditioner is not a luxury, but means for comfortable movement. It’s been many years since the first cabin air cooling system was introduced in 1933. This service is no longer available only to very rich people and is part of the equipment of any modern car, there are companies that specialize in manufacturing cooling systems. For example, many cars are equipped with Denso 7seu17c compressors.

The principle of operation of the car air conditioner has not changed much since the 1930s.

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Detroit Thermo Tool to remove and replace the compressor hub and pulley on Toyota Corolla

  • Freon refrigerant that circulates through the system in either gaseous or liquefied form.
  • Compressor is a part that moves actively and creates a high pressure area. It also keeps the refrigerant moving through the system.
  • Evaporator (condenser) part of the cooling system where the temperature of the freon decreases. Located behind the engine radiator.
  • Receiver (dryer). A part of the cooling system where the temperature of the freon decreases. This is where the freon gets rid of the moisture particles.
  • TRV (expansion tube). The low-pressure region where freon reverts to a gaseous state. Regulates the flow of gas to the evaporator.
  • Evaporator. The cooled freon particles settle on this part. The fan behind the radiator blows air through them and the air cools and enters the passenger compartment.
  • Pulley. The only part of the air conditioner that moves all the time. Denso compressor pulley includes a dampener, bearing and oil seal.

The power supply system to the compressor looks like this: from the crankshaft to the pulley, there is a drive belt that transmits power to the engine. to enable switching on and off the air conditioner independently of the engine operation, a solenoid clutch (valve, on the most advanced models) is built into the system. When the cooling system is turned on, the clutch connects the mechanism and the compressor begins to work. The rest of the time the pulley rotates idly.

Failures of air conditioner are usually manifested as follows:

  • noises around the compressor;
  • is the lack of cold air;
  • Uneven cold air supply;
  • The appearance of a foreign odor in the cabin.
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The causes of problems with the cooling system can be found in the breakage of any of the parts. For example, very often the compressor jams due to the use of unsuitable oil or system depressurization during refueling. In the second case, the air and moisture get inside. Also moisture that gets inside leads to corrosion of the radiator or receiver, which negatively affects the cooling of freon.

Extraneous noise is caused by a broken Denso air conditioner compressor pulley. Since it rotates all the time, it is subject to more wear and tear than other parts of air conditioner. Any of its component parts can fail.

Bacteria and mold, which take a fancy to the evaporator, aromatize the cabin. It is humid and cold there, and it is a favorite habitat for microorganisms that cause various diseases. So it’s a bad idea to fight the unpleasant smell with air fresheners, which can lead to serious illnesses, such as legionellosis. Note, this problem is also common in home air conditioners.

Sometimes the compressor jams or fails and doesn’t deliver enough cold air because the system is dirty. Because the air conditioner condenser is behind the engine radiator, it collects road dust and debris. All this leads to decrease of heat-removing surface. Debris can get inside the system during unskilled charging. Either insects can get inside (these can get in everywhere). System clogging from inside will cause serious damage and necessity of complete replacement of parts.

Sometimes compressor does not start not because of malfunction in cooling system, but because of problems with transmission belt or electromagnetic clutch. Such malfunctions are not always easy to detect, because first of all, the search of faults is conducted in the air conditioner.

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In the car service center the diagnostics is carried out by the qualified masters:

  • visual inspection of the condition of the mechanism;
  • search for leaks using special equipment;
  • Diagnostics of noises (strange noises accompany not only air conditioner’s breakage);
  • Detection of freon level in the system.
pulley, conditioner, compressor, denso

If during the inspection, problems have been detected which require immediate repair, they are eliminated without fail.

Obligatory procedure that is carried out in the car service center is rinsing all parts of the air conditioner. It allows reducing a probability of breakage of details because of the accumulated garbage in the system. This procedure is obligatory even in case of replacement of parts, because otherwise the new parts will be clogged and will need to be repaired again.

Filling of the car with freon with added oil inside takes place obligatory in a vacuum, using only the consumables recommended by the producer. Always give a guarantee for all accomplished works.

pulley, conditioner, compressor, denso

In order to prolong service life of your conditioner and to face the necessity of its repair as seldom as possible, follow the following advice:

  • Not to neglect timely technical maintenance of the car.
  • You should entrust only qualified specialists.
  • Ventilate a salon once in a while, switching off air conditioner for this time.
  • Do not run the air conditioner when the engine is cold.

Coolness in the cabin in hot weather is not only pleasant, but also reduces the risk of accidents due to overheated driver. Keep an eye on the condition of the auto air conditioner, and the ride will not only be comfortable, but also safe.

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