How to remake an electric screwdriver for electric.

How to make a network from a battery electrical screwdriver

An electric screwdriver with a battery is useful in home economic activity, in construction, as well as when assembling a wide variety of structures, power tools. Its main advantage is the ability to perform work autonomously until the nutrition elements are discharged. For various reasons, it may be necessary to alte out an electrical screwdriver for connecting to a 220 V network. Such a modification is relatively easy to carry out independently in various ways, for this you do not need special tools. Depending on the selected option, making changes will require different temporary and financial costs.

The battery electric screwdriver in power is worthily competing with network analogues, but only while charging its batteries is at a sufficient level. When the battery sits down, he needs recharging from the network. This factor is the first drawback of this power tool.

The second disadvantage is a limited number of reloading cycles. over, the cheaper the battery block (battery), the faster its operational resource is exhausted. The acquisition of a new battery at a price is almost comparable to the purchase of a whole power tool. It also makes no sense to buy a new battery instead of the old, if the electrical screwdriver of the battery type itself is outdated and is rarely used. It will be more practical to adapt the power tool for power from the network 220 V network.

Making changes will make it possible to further operate this tool with a minimum level of financial investments. The created alteration will have all the advantages of network devices:

  • The need to perform periodic charging will disappear;
  • The power of the power tool (torque) will not fall during operation;
  • No need to worry about the proper storage of equipment during long.term non.working periods: it is enough to put it in a case in a dry place.

These advantages, as well as small expenses, compensate for the inconvenience related to the presence of the cord.

To make a network from the battery electrical screwdriver, you need a power supply (BP), which can be placed in two ways: in the form of an external supply unit or mounted inside the old battery case.

It should be borne in mind that the cord from the external power supply to the power tool should be, according to the law of OMA, a larger section than directly from the 220V network.

For the practical implementation of any option, the following set of tools and materials will be needed:

  • screwdrivers with different tips;
  • screwdrivers with different tips;
  • pliers;
  • Kusachki;
  • solder with a set for soldering;
  • insulating tape;
  • wiring for jumpers taken, for example, from a multi.core cable;
  • multimeter;
  • knife.

Ways to solve the problem

A tool such as an electric screwdriver, although it is the most popular, but still not every home master uses it daily. Every day the battery is subject to spontaneous discharge, as a result of which the internal design of the product is destroyed.

After the battery does not hold for several minutes, the question arises of what to do with an electric screwdriver now? You can buy a new battery, but first you should find it, because you can find exactly such a design of a supply element only in official dealers. The second option is to throw an electric screwdriver and buy a new one (this is a medium.sized product). The third option is the simplest, but at once, it requires the application of efforts. to remake the product for power from alternating voltage.

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The advantages of the last option are the following factors:

  • The lack of the need for a constant recharge of the battery, which is very annoying during the workflow;
  • Now an electric screwdriver can be stored as much as you like, without thinking that the battery is spontaneously discharged every day;
  • Constant torque, which will provide voltage from the mains.

Among all the advantages there will be only one drawback, which is due to the need to connect the device to the outlet, so the product should be tied to the electric network during operation.

remake, electric, screwdriver

Choose a power supply for an electric screwdriver

The task can be carried out by several details. For example, a charger for a laptop, such removal is considered a simple and unassuming. Therefore, if there is an unnecessary network block from the laptop at home, you can use it. The second detail is the network unit from the computer. This option implies a certain amount of knowledge and ability to work with a soldering iron. Another option on how to remake an electric screwdriver on the network is to use the desired inverter welding. In the next section, we will tell in detail how to carry out what is conceived in all three ways.

Tip: pay attention to the parameters of the device. For effective drilling, the indicator of the/min should be at least 1300. For example, Bosch GSR 1440-Li and Makita DF347DWE devices have this characteristic.

Basic materials:

To transfer the power supply of an electric screwdriver from the battery to the network, you must get to its power contacts. To do this, disassemble the battery block body. The batteries present in it are extracted.

Since the contacts of the batteries remain on the removed batteries, in order to return them to the case, it is needed to be finalized. To do this, I cut 2 short tubes from the 20th polypropylene pipe. Their length should correspond to the height of the unit of the removed batteries. It is necessary that the segments enter the body of the battery of the electric screwdriver.

Just one of the edges of the tubes will have to be cut a little, because it will rest against the ledges on the lid.

Next, you need to remove the contact plates from the batteries and rearrange them on the tubes. So that they are planted tightly, each tube should be wrapped with electrical tape, thereby increasing the planting diameter. After that, a comfortable length cable is soldered to the contacts, and they are finally fixed on the tubes.

Now you need to connect the cable from the terminals of the electrical screwdriver with the power supply wire. It is important to observe polarity here. The plus of the block should connect to the plus terminal, and minus with the minus. For reliability, twisting is better to solder. Its isolation can be made with island or heat shrink.

Next, contacts with the tubes are laid in the battery housing. To do this, a lateral hole is made in it directly at the junction with the cover of the wire. So that the tubes with the contacts do not move and do not fall out, everything is fixed by thermochery. For reliability, it can also be applied to the joint of the case with the lid so that it does not open.

Now, when the power supply is included in the outlet, an electric screwdriver can work from the network for as long as you like without recharging.

How to remake an electric screwdriver for work from the network

It is necessary to figure out in advance how to remake an electric screwdriver of 12 volts to work from network 220. There are several recommendations that will help to do it right.

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Connection to charging

The easiest way to connect the tool to the network is to do it through the charger. This is done as follows:

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  • Solder power wires for charging.
  • Disassemble the old tool battery.
  • Make holes for the cable in the housing.
  • Sold the wires to power supply.

Connection of the unit in the battery case

People who were able to find a suitable PSU can use it to connect an electric screwdriver to the network. Before collecting an electric electric screwdriver with a power supply, you need to deal with the nuances of such work. This is done like this:

remake, electric, screwdriver
  • Extract an old battery from an electric screwdriver and get outdated components from it.
  • Install the new BP in the case.
  • Connect the wire to connect to the network.
  • Install the terminals.
  • Assemble the case and place it in an electric screwdriver.

If a compact power supply is used, you need to take care of cooling. To do this, several holes for air circulation are made in the walls of the case.

Connection with external BP

If it is not possible to install a compact BP in the case, you will have to use the external. To connect an electric tool to it, you must perform the following actions:

  • Disassemble the housing of the electric screwdriver and redo the entrance to connect the power source. This is done so that you can connect the BP.
  • Connect BP to the device. Perhaps this will need a special adapter for low voltage.
  • Run the tool and check its performance.

If nothing happens after the launch, you must carefully inspect the wire joints. Contacts often leave and because of this the tool does not start.

BP connection from a computer

People who have decided to redo the battery electric screwdriver and connect it to the network can use the computer BP. For this, a model is suitable with a capacity of 300 watts. Such devices at the output give out 16-18 a. This is quite enough for the work of the tool.

Connect an electric screwdriver to a computer PSU just. This is done using two wires. One of them is 12 volt “plus”, and the second mass.

Features of the device of electrical screwdriver

Electric screwdriver is a manual device for working with various fasteners. It is used to unscrew or twist screws, dowels, screws and other fasteners, and also in some cases allows you to drill holes and holes. This device works at the expense of electricity, has a special cartridge or a bit holder (only for bit), into which you can insert a drill or bit that is suitable in shape to fasteners (for example, a cross, a hexagonal bit, etc.D.).

  • from the network. respectively, has a network cable and spatially limited in the use of the length of the wire (it can only be used if there is an outlet or extension cord and it is impossible to use if the electricity is turned off);
  • from the battery-works from the battery-accumulator, can be used where there are no sockets, but you can use it only until the battery is discharged;
  • from the compressor. a pneumatic version that turns on by supplying air.
  • the engine that makes the spindle rotate;
  • Spindle on which a cartridge for bit is installed;
  • a cartridge that allows you to fix the desired bat;
  • gearbox transmitting rotation from engine to spindle;
  • rotation speed regulator;
  • turning buttons, switching the direction of rotation (reverse);
  • The battery is a power source (only in battery screwdrivers).

The case of the product in most cases is made of plastic. due to this, the production of devices was reduced at one time. There are metal options. they are more reliable and durable than plastic ones, but are much more expensive.

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On a note! The very first sample of an electric screwdriver appeared in 1982 and was presented at an exhibition in the GDR.

Now you know about the device of an electric screwdriver. This information will come in handy if you decide to redo your battery version in the network, since you still have to disassemble the device. It will not be superfluous to know where and what this device has.

There are many ways to register an electric screwdriver from the network

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 83

Something you have named the name of the post what ~ 220 volts? PSU from the computer. And what is the novelty? On any feeder you can hang a load. With the same success, you can fasten a car 90Ach battery and you will be happy. Turn up. Leave the entire funny joke wireless and at the same time powerful and with a durable battery.

The fact is that now the electric screwdriver is operating on the automotive battery and from 220 volts through the computers power supply I will enlarge as I want

I remade an electric screwdriver for 18V took a power supply from the computer plows.The block goes into the sewing only on great efforts (8-9) on small everything is fine.www.YouTube.COM/PlayList?. Qoizwvw_yx5s1mmklhyhy9npnk

I also have such a shurik.One battery converted to lithium, and the other once dropped, broke the body into firewood.So, from the second I made such a “adapter”: I just brought two wires with “crocodiles”, if you want. to the automobile battery, you want. to the battery from the UPS, and you want. from the power supply (also from computer ATX).So, I support. A very correct decision.Only now: Shurik’s starting current is large, so the wires are at least 1.5 square And when working with the machine (well, I don’t have a garage), it is better to take food from a socket, but right from the battery terminals (therefore, I soldered crocodiles). And, of course, observe the polarity.

And from charging from the laptop the heat will go? Apparently no, there 19v and 3.5a, you need to lower DC-DC ?

Assembly of a serviceable battery of two that lost the capacity

Of the two faulty devices, one can collect one suitable for operation.

remake, electric, screwdriver

Important! Having connected the power supply unit to the defective battery case, the second repaired will provide mobility when performing small volumes of work.

Search for faulty elements

The battery is assembled from individual elements. They do not fail at the same time, but even one faulty element worsens the work of the whole battery.

To determine the parts that have lost the capacity, it is necessary:

  • charge the battery;
  • work to loss of power;
  • disassemble the battery;
  • measure the voltage on each element separately.

Batteries on which the voltage will be noticeably smaller than others or at all, it is necessary to replace.

Battery repair

After determining and removing faulty parts, a device suitable for further operation is collected from the remaining ones. The connection is carried out by soldering, with wires with a cross section of 1.5 mm² or a strip similar to the one to which the details were connected earlier.

With insufficient amounts of working elements, we buy the missing or redo the tool for a network power 220 volts.

Knowing how to redo the battery electric screwdriver in network with your own hands will help save money and not purchase a new device.

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