How to reduce dust from an angle grinder

How to keep the dust from flying when working with an angle grinder

Angle grinders are in many households and garages, but most owners do not know how to properly hold and use the angle grinder. That’s why they make mistakes that can lead to defects in the work, and even worse. to serious injuries. It should be remembered that the angle grinder is a very dangerous tool. Therefore, before using it, you need to know a few safety rules.

The crew, uh

Hi all. Saw this post about the angle grinder and disk on wood and decided to add my story to the piggy bank.

Who has read my posts can understand that I worked as a taxi driver and worked on my truck, and now I work as an ambulance driver.

I don’t remember exactly what year it was. But I think it’s 2017 or 2018. But not the point.

I don’t have a truck. It’s just an ordinary Japanese three-tonner with a box. The last place where I worked with it. I’ve been delivering beer to stores and bars and stuff.There was a step at the back of the van so it was easy to get in. But after all the backwards motion on all kinds of ramps. With microbeats formed a crack in the mount of the step and as a consequence, it broke off. Well, I’m a handy man sometimes handy. Having a welder, angle grinder, BUT. Not having experience how to weld all this and similar started to do. In general, the helmet was available welding (at least I guessed something, my eyes remember bunnies from my childhood). Cleaned it up, welded it on. I decided to use an angle grinder to remove the excess scale to make it look nicer. So I lie on my back under the car, and I start to grind the dross neatly. Everything seemed to go smoothly. But I got something in my eye. And I tried to wash it off with water. Didn’t help. When I got home I look in the mirror and I see this little dot in my right eye right on the iris. Well, I think maybe I scratched something and it went away. Didn’t tell anyone. I went to bed.

HERZO Universal cutting dust shroud on DEWALT DCG405/6

In the morning my eye is irritated, but I’m still sure it was just me scratching, coke washed my eye. There’s my wife like that with you, then my mother (probably felt like she called). Eventually, after hearing my story, they kicked me into the trauma room.

♪ In the trauma room, there’s always a line ♪. Who with a leg, arm, cut, dislocated, and so on. I alone with an eye. I waited in line, I went in. I explain my story to the traumatologist. He looks at me and says, “Young man, you’re not my place, and at the end of the corridor to the right of the office of the ophthalmologist.”Sorry. Deleting. There was no line at the right office.

There was a girl who saw me. After asking for complaints, began to examine. And I found a splinter in this little spot! Steel shavings! Then sprinkled or dripped (I do not remember) anesthetic. Put me behind her microscope torture machine. I rested my chin on it and saw that it had a needle in its eye. I was really stoned. I even thought, “What’s it gonna be?? If while I sneeze, cough while it shows up with a needle and in my eye. I even forgot how to breathe at that moment. But all went well that piece of shavings took out and recommended drops for 5 days and sent home. Now I have to wear glasses for even 5 seconds to make noise with an angle grinder. And that is unlikely to sneeze.

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Sugar wool with your own hands (using an angle grinder)

Surprised my kids and wife today (but I got a pistol for my pelvis), but it will survive))))

Made a super duper mega disk of the cap and stands flat, all right)))

I secretly took my wife’s pelvis.) Made a hole in it that would angle grinder stood in the center, wrapped with tape that would not gray, and pulled plastic clamps.

In a ladle melted sugar water 2k1, 10 spoons of sugar and 5 spoons of water (teaspoons), as the strings begin to stretch, then it’s time to start

If anyone is interested (if you wish) there are a lot of curious people))) I leave a link to the video

How to cut slate smoothly and without dust, without resorting to the help of angle grinder

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When it comes to cutting slate, most citizens immediately think of such a wonderful tool from all sides, as an angle grinder with a cutting disc. The only problem is that its use involves a number of unpleasant difficulties, and most importantly. not every household has an angle grinder. Fortunately, to cut the slate is quite possible without the use of sophisticated tools.

What you will need: an old hacksaw blade, a hammer

In order to cut the slate, you will need to make a special tool. To do this, you should cut a strip from the hacksaw blade prepared in advance. The working side of the workpiece should be blunt and countersinked at 90 degrees. If a sharpening remains on the blade, the slate will simply split during the work.

For more convenience in the work it is recommended to rivet to the cloth handle. Actually, this is the whole tool It must be used together with a hammer. The principle of action of this “device” is extremely simple: we make a marking on the slate, attach a blunt blade to it, and hit it lightly with the hammer. If the tool was made correctly, then the blade will cut right into the slate. Having driven the blade into the material, we continue to hit it with the hammer until it reaches the edge.

Start “cutting” the slate from the center, gradually moving first to one edge. then to the other strictly according to the marking. Nothing complicated about it. The main thing is not to overdo it with the force of the hammer blow. The cut is very even, nearly perfect. It will be extremely difficult to distinguish the result from the work of an angle grinder.

How to make, that the angle grinder could saw concrete without clouds of dust

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When you use an angle grinder to cut concrete, you are inevitably faced with huge puffs of dust, which creates a cutting tool. Thick mineral dust not only interferes with the work process, but can also pose a threat to the foreman. Of course, you need to use protective goggles, but even so, dust is a serious problem that you should get rid of.

What will be needed: cover hinge, self-tapping screws on metal short, screw with nut M3, sewer pipe elbow 50 mm to 45 or 67 degrees, rubber reduction on the waste pipe 50 mm.

To be able to safely work with concrete, the angle grinder can be equipped with an additional homemade protective casing. It will significantly reduce the amount of ceramic dust flying in all directions. First of all we attach the hinge to the bottom of the existing protective casing. For this, a suitable hole must be made in the guard. The two components are connected by a bolt and nut. Remember that the disc must not be in contact with the projecting screw and nut.

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In the second (still free) part of the hinge screw an elbow. It is fixed with two self-tapping screws on metal. Previously in an elbow should be made a slot under the blade of an angle grinder. Make a groove can be made with the same angle grinder. Next, you should connect the prepared socket to the elbow, and already connect the vacuum cleaner to it.

Such design is ideal for the tool on 125 mm. If we are talking about a more massive angle grinder, the design of the hood will have to be redesigned to fit the appropriate size and diameter of the blade. But in general, the principle remains the same. The only disadvantage of the device is that the hood is suitable only for certain discs.

You can not connect a vacuum cleaner to the homemade casing, but then the effectiveness of the system will be somewhat lower.


The easiest, most accessible option to carry out work without dust. is a wetting. That is, the surface with which you will have to work. brick, concrete, and so on. must be moistened before the work. And there is no need to use something large, cumbersome, professional. an ordinary sprayer will do for this purpose. In its absence. a plastic bottle with holes in the lid. Flowers used to be watered with such a device, turning it into a peculiar watering can. Or even a child’s water pistol.

The essence of the method is that it is necessary to produce a spraying immediately before the work, so that the dust gets wet, and could not fly away. And since man naturally has two hands, he will definitely need a helper. After all, he will work with an angle grinder. So a tandem of two people for this job is ideal. The only inconvenience: instead of dust there will be a dirty slurry. It’s worth remembering.

Is there a technology for cutting concrete without noise and dust??

Noiseless concrete cutting is a marketing ploy by construction companies. over, in addition to noise and dust, some types of concrete cutting is accompanied by water, which cools the cutting tool from overheating.

Cutting concrete, like cutting any solid material, is a mechanical impact with a rotating tool. No impact noise when cutting concrete, but noise generated by the electric motors of the tool drive and noise generated by the tool itself when grooving in concrete and cutting reinforcing bars.

Cutting of concrete is subdivided by default into “manual”, “machine”, “dry” (without water cooling of the tool) and “wet” (with water cooling of the tool). Regardless of cutting technology, the work is accompanied by considerable dust emission, noise from disassembled concrete pieces and noise from the blade, crown or cutting chain.

So, cutting concrete without noise and dust with existing equipment and tools is impossible! This also applies to drilling in concrete.

  • Diamond cutting of walls and partitions by hand tools:
  • Diamond cutting with a stationary wall saw;
  • Diamond cutting with a floor saw;
  • Cutting with wire.

Peculiarities of work with angle grinder

An angle grinder for cutting concrete is an indispensable tool, but it can also cause injury. This requires the following operating procedures to be followed when working with the equipment.

  • Work should only be performed when sober and in good health;
  • Before starting work, it is advisable to prepare such devices and protective equipment:
  • A face mask or goggles to prevent sparks from getting in the face and especially the eyes;
  • Vacuum cleaner or respirator;
  • Gloves, preferably thick or leather gloves;
  • Protective clothing that covers all parts of the body;
  • Nozzles, which the manual to the equipment allows you to use;
  • Headphones.
  • A cover that fits between the tool and the person.

All these items will keep the worker safe when cutting concrete.

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Choice of equipment

The right equipment is a guarantee of quality and long life of the tool. When buying it, you should pay attention to such basic parameters as: power and diameter of the cutting wheel.

reduce, dust, angle, grinder

Tip: Often customers are afraid to buy high-powered models. But this is completely wrong! Please note that a machine with low power can jam the discs, as the machine is not able to pull them out.

For beginners, you should buy a tool with these characteristics:

Equipment with these technical characteristics can well saw iron. If the technical characteristics of the selected model is suitable, but it is inconvenient to use it during the work, you should give preference to another option.

Types of tools for cutting concrete

For cutting concrete, diamond circles are used, their basic sizes:

  • The outer diameter of the discs, in the range of 100. 600 mm;
  • Thickness, between 0.4 and 3.5 mm;
  • Diameter of the landing hole. more than 15 mm, the optimal diameter is 22.23 mm.

Diamond wheels are also differentiated according to other characteristics.

The last two characteristics are the main when classifying the tool.

reduce, dust, angle, grinder

The table shows diamond blades with different configurations of working edges:

According to the technology of spraying are distinguished circles:

Attachment on the angle grinder for connecting a vacuum cleaner How to cut concrete without dust DIY

  • With a soldering plate that contains silver solder, they are used only for wet machining of concrete surfaces;
  • With laser welding. These are the toughest and most durable discs that can withstand dry cutting. Such a diamond disk on concrete for angle grinder is most often used for cutting reinforced concrete;
  • Coated with special compounds that are then exposed to high temperatures. They are multi-purpose discs with average performance.

The wheels also differ in the degree of concentration, which in quality tools is more than 30%, and the abrasive grit is distributed throughout the entire volume of the teeth and grooves. This design significantly increases the service life of the wheel, with new layers of material to cut as it wears away.

Tip: When choosing a wheel for cutting concrete, you should consider all of the above features of the tool.

Is it always necessary to be drilled

This process can be chosen by those apartment owners who do not want to engage in a full-fledged repair. The choice of this method is due to the desire to save money on building materials and hiring specialists.

reduce, dust, angle, grinder

Replacing wiring without drilling can be done in the following ways:

In the first case, the wire is placed in the baseboards. In the process of repair is widely used corrugations and cable channels; install boxes. Wiring in the apartment without drilling can be done by a specialist for a small fee. But laying channels in the wall for electrical wiring will entail significant financial costs. In addition, you will have to allocate funds to buy finishing materials. The work of a professional plasterer will also require expenses.

Using the old slot will be a good option, if you do not have to change the location of outlets. In this case, you can do the wiring yourself.

You can make cuts by hand and with equipment. It is best to use a floor saw with an industrial vacuum cleaner connected to it. The disadvantage of such a device is its high cost, so in the home you can use an angle grinder with a diamond disc for laying channels. Wiring without drilling through walls is possible. Many apartment owners will be attracted to this option by the absence of dust.

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