How to rebuild a muffler on a power tiller

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Muffler for power tiller with his own hands

I do not know about now, but many used to know that the old car fire extinguisher is a great blanks for spigotok. The story is simple: what I did with the original muffler bank on the piit, it was useless. I changed the muffler stuffing and made a flute similar to Yamaha’s, but all the same the sound was nasty, rattling and loud, in general. a charmer.

To put a full-fledged muffler from the pit is possible, but it is necessary to shorten, reweld the mountings, but you know: to buy a barrel for 5 and still reweld it all, I had no special desire, but the desire to get rid of the native muffler still did not leave.

And so back to the fire extinguisher. One was lying, gathering dust in the garage for a long time, but for the production of sprightly muffler need two So, one beautiful morning in May, on a small river, among the snags on the surface was spotted the coveted second fire extinguisher. Exactly the same as the first one, and now there were two. Well, you can see where this is going.

We take the most attractive tool in the garage, with the affectionate name “Bolgarochka”, and saw flatly the bottoms of fire extinguishers.

Next we take a forty-five pipe, cut gazerdelitelnye slots or, if not lazy, drill a billion holes. Then weld one end of the pipe to the part of the muffler, where the outlet hole will be.

It is not even necessary to do anything with the outlet hole: the place of attachment of the fire extinguisher nozzle and just fits perfectly and the diameter is right.

Now we go to the kitchen and tear off the casing of the refrigerator ZIL, ripping out its glass wool. Only when working with glass wool wear tight clothing and gloves, otherwise you’ll be itching for two days, and if these two days you want to cope with the natural urine, then. So we take the glass wool, and we stuff the exit part of the jar as tightly as possible.

Then we proceed to the inlet part. Here in it just a thread should be cut so that the through pipe fortykovka passed, well, and, naturally, it also stuffed with glass wool, the denser, the better.

Well, it’s just a matter of time: we weld both parts together and weld a spigot to connect it to the standard muffler.

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I don’t bother with the mounts to the frame, and why?? I made two points of attachment to the luggage frame (I couldn’t get any stronger): this attachment was able to withstand rollover on asphalt and the can became a boogie)))

End of the can. it’s up to you. I made a smaller diameter pipe. And it looks pretty good)

The sound, I can tell you, is surprisingly great! Even though the duct! At idle it can’t be heard at all, even ebbs are louder, and on the run just the most beautiful sound. soft growling without dull metal rumbling and yelling.

Well and here is the final look) Plastic does not burn, the sound is pleasant, with the native spigot did not do anything. What more do I need?)))

Mufflers for power tillers, making their own hands

Motoblocs. this is a technique that can make agricultural work, if not pleasant, then at least harmless to health. And you can work the ground over a wide area very quickly and with high quality. Like any other technique, power tillers have a complex system consisting of various parts, elements and designs. At first glance, the muffler does not seem to be the most significant part of the machine, but it plays an important role in the quality and smooth operation of the power tiller.

In this article we will consider how to make a silencer quiet. Also we will tell you how to create this element with your own hands. Many power tillers are unique in that they can be easily upgraded by yourself, adding designs that you can make practically from the materials at hand. The same applies to the muffler.

How to make a new muffler

Most users prefer to make their own muffler for power tillers. This is due to the simplicity of the design and high efficiency of the manufactured part. As a rule, the owner himself chooses the thickness of the material from which the new part will be made. This helps to eliminate vulnerabilities and increase the reliability of the entire structure. It is worth noting that in order to make a homemade muffler on a single-axle tractor, you will need the following set of tools:

If all the tools are available, you can proceed to the very process of making.

Why chain saw noise?

All chainsaws have only one significant disadvantage. it is the noise when working, which in some places (dachas, homesteads) disturbs and irritates many people. If the noise from the working saw disturbs your concentration, then it is also possible to use headphones, which can suppress the noise. But not everyone around you is going to be wearing headphones while someone is making noise.

A clogged or uncorrected muffler is the reason why the engine constantly stalls or does not start at all.

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It happens so, that a chainsaw works well at a low rpm, but it is necessary to add gasoline, and it immediately sneezes and snaps. The reason is that as a rule, the exhaust cannot go through the clogged muffler and has to move in the opposite direction. All you need to do is to take it off and clean it, if it is disassembled of course, if not you will have to dry it with hot air using a hair dryer.

Reaper attachment for power tiller assembly video

The most important reason for the contamination of the muffler is the excessive amount of oil that is diluted with gasoline and as a result settles on its walls.

Muffler Types and Differences

There are four types of mufflers by the way they absorb acoustic waves:

Small Engine Repair: Cleaning Carbon Buildup on the Exhaust Port & Muffler on a 2 Stroke Engine

Reflector circuit is reverse-flow, the rest. direct-flow.


If one muffler is installed in the car, the reflective variant is used. It applies the principle of “breaking” the flow of exhaust gases by creating several baffles, expansion chambers and bends. The volume of the exhaust is reduced to the standard values. For this reason, the vast majority of factory cars are equipped with a reflective type.

The disadvantage of this type of muffler is a decrease in engine power due to the resistance of the exhaust system to the flow of exhaust gases.

What kind of homemade items for the power tiller can be made with their own hands

Homemade tools for power tillers are invented and made by almost all owners of this equipment. The purpose of these actions is to expand the functionality of the unit with minimal financial investment. In the basic configuration motocultivator has very limited opportunities. Installing various options on it can turn a small machine into a full-fledged mini-tractor. Often, homemade devices are not inferior to their factory-made counterparts. In order to improve a single-axle tractor with your own hands, it is quite enough to have a set of tools, which are available in every workshop of a country house or dacha. The necessary materials can be found at a junkyard, in a shed or at a scrap metal reception point.

Homemade muffler for power tiller: how to make it with your own hands

The popularity of motor blocks as versatile equipment for the countryside has increased at times in recent years. In general, they are quite profitable and reliable helpers. But, as any technique, they have their disadvantages and weak points. The most expensive and powerful models have the silencer as a weak point. The constant hard work, an increased level of vibration, bumps and other negative factors most often affect this part, which leads to its failure at the most inopportune moment. Muffler failure leads to the fact that the performance of the power tiller strongly decreases, it can cease to start, glows, shoots.

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In this article we will tell you how to make a homemade muffler for power tillers with low noise, in the quality and reliability of which you can be sure.

Types of mufflers and their differences

There are four types of mufflers by the way they absorb acoustic waves:

The scheme of the reflective one is inverse, others. inline.


If a single muffler is installed in the car, the reflective version is used. It applies the principle of “breaking” the flow of exhaust gases by creating several baffles, expansion chambers and turns. The volume of the exhaust is reduced to the normative indicators. For this reason, the vast majority of factory vehicles are equipped with the reflective type.

The disadvantage of this type of muffler is a decrease in engine power due to the resistance of the exhaust system to the flow of exhaust gases.

manufacturing steps

Creating a muffler for a power tiller with your own hands, you need to start with the mounting. The optimum thickness of the billet, can vary from 8 to 12 mm, depending on the intended design. If by design, the part will be directed upwards, a thicker billet must be chosen. For a tight fit flange mount, you need to make your own adapter, similar to the one on the exhaust pipe of the engine.

After that, you can start making one of the most important parts. the expansion chamber. It looks like a thickening with many baffles that reduce the velocity of the exhaust gas flow, thereby reducing the noise. Do not make a very large number of baffles, in the future it may prevent the engine from starting and adversely affect its operation. Standard homemade mufflers, have 2-3 baffles.

The final detail is the exhaust pipe which goes directly to the muffler. It must not have too thin walls, but at the same time not be too heavy. It can tear the whole structure and damage the engine. It is best to choose a pipe of the same diameter as the exhaust pipe that comes out of the engine. This ensures the correct operation of the entire system.

To make a homemade quality muffler for any power tiller with as little noise as possible. an easy task that everyone can do. They can be various forms and designs, but the main task remains the suppression of excessive noise and free exit of exhaust gases.

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