How to put the throttle cable on a single axle tractor centaur

Adapter for single axle tractor Kentavr making with our own hands

Nowadays single axle tractors are not uncommon. With their help you can perform many tasks, but the factory version does not allow you to do all the work for which they are designed. In order to expand the capabilities of a power tiller, you need a special adapter to the Kentavr single axle tractor, which, fortunately, you can make with your own hands. Thanks to this, your assistant can turn into a miniature tractor, whose capabilities will be limitless.

How to start a single axle tractor correctly?

MotoGP is quite a serious and not cheap gardening equipment. If you want it to fully carry out its functions, serving long and reliably, then you need to look after it carefully and follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations for use.

When you’ve bought a machine, it’s important to know how to properly start a singleaxle tractor. There is a definite sequence of actions, consisting of getting the equipment ready to start and starting it immediately.

Cables for power tillers

Cables for power tillers Kentavr, Neva, Forte, Zubr, Zirka, Kama, Kipor, Parma, Aurora, Brigadier, Bulat, Vityaz, Dobrynya, Proton and others.

Gas cable, clutch cables, decompressor levers with cable, choke cable, safety cables, differential cable and other cables

Product code: 608060 Decompressor cable (cable 109cm; shroud 87cm)

Article Code: 601007 LPG rope (rope 125cm; sheath 111cm)

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Product code: 608028 Gas cable (cable 132cm; shroud 108cm)

Article Code: 601259 LPG rope (143cm rope; 122cm cap)

throttle, cable, single, axle, tractor

Product code: 602017 Gas cable (cable 158cm; shroud 135cm)

Product code: 3073 Gas cable L-1220mm. 168F

Product code: 7037 Gas cable L-1300 mm (cord/thread)

Product code: 7065 Cane L-1550 mm (top cable, bottom fork). MT

Cable length L-1650mm Product code: 3295. 178F/186F

Item number: T-120 throttle cable m/b 168F/170F (6,5/7Hp)

Article code: T-122 Acceleration cable m/b 168F/170F (6,5/7Hp)

Product code: T-121 Accelerator cable m/b 168F/170F (6,5/7Hp) (Yellow)

Article code: D-603 throttle cable m/t 168F/170F (6,5/7Hp) DIGGER

Product code: D-686 Gas cable m/t 178F/186F (6/9Hp) (L-1500mm) DIGGER

Product code: 602015 Back cable (cable 135cm; shroud 118cm)

Predator 212 ungoverned/bypassed throttle linkage best method!

Product code: 3296 Back cable L-1330mm. 178F/186F

Article code: D-688 Rear drive cable m/t 178F/186F (6/9Hp) (D-1350mm) DIGGER

Product code: 602016 Cable protector (cable 175cm; sheath 155cm)

Product code: 3297 Cable protector L-1660 mm. 178F/186F

Article number: 601006 Clutch cable (Option A) (cable 94cm; guard 73cm)

throttle, cable, single, axle, tractor

Product code: 601171 Clutch cable (Option B) with spring (cable 136cm; sheath 124cm)

throttle, cable, single, axle, tractor

Code of goods: 601185 Clutch cable (Option C) with a fork (cable 127cm; guard 105cm)

Code of goods: 3005 Clutch cable (fork) L-1280 mm. 168F

Product code: 3006 Clutch cable (spring) L-1250 mm. 168F

Code of goods: 3298 Clutch cable L-1210 mm. 178F/186F

Code of goods: 3074 Clutch cable L-940mm. 168F

Item code: D-604 Clutch cable m/b 168F/170F (6,5/7,5Hp) DIGGER

Code of goods: T-222 Clutch cable m/b 175N/180N (1200mm, coll.1pc)

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Code of goods: T-720 Clutch cable m/b 190N/195N (1300mm, coll.1pc) KOMATCU

Code of goods: T-223 Clutch cable m/b 190N/195N (1300mm, std.1pc, yellow)

Part number: D-2441 Clutch cable with fork m/b 168F/170F (6,5/7Hp) DIGGER

Code of goods: D-2440 Clutch cable with spring m/b 168F/170F (6,5/7Hp) DIGGER

Product code: 606070 Cables set 4pcs, throttle (cable 175cm; sheath 145cm), clutch (cable 158cm; sheath 120cm), differential 2pcs (cable 102cm; sheath 93cm)

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