How to put the fishing line on the mower spool

Removing the spool from the grass trimmer

On small electric trimmers with a bottom-mounted motor (when it is at the ground in operation), the spool usually has two keys on the sides. Press them and disconnect one half of the spool body from the other half, which remains on the trimmer. Together with the first half the inner part, on which the line is wound directly, is taken out. When disassembling, be careful: there is a spring inside, which can fly out and get lost.

On electric and gasoline trimmers with a bent boom (there is still no possibility to put a knife on such trimmers) it is necessary to grasp the coil body itself with one hand, and the second hand should start turning counterclockwise the winglet available on it. This is what fastens the spool to the grass trimmer bar. Having unscrewed a wing bolt, carefully remove the whole coil, trying not to lose a spring inside.

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On electric and gasoline trimmers with a straight boom and gear on its end (in such trimmers for grass besides the fishing line can be installed and a knife) are looking for a hole under the spool, put it in, for example, screwdriver, quietly turn the spool, until the screwdriver will penetrate even deeper, and the spool will be fixed. Now turn the whole spool clockwise (because the thread is left) and remove it from the trimmer for grass. Next you need to disassemble the coil. It can be assembled with snaps or twisted with a wingnut. if the coil is on the latches, press on the sides of the latches base so that they bend and release one half of the coil body from the other half. We just unscrew the wingnut. There may also be a third type of connection of the two halves of such a coil: when it is necessary to grab the lower part with one hand, and the other. the upper part, and start turning them in opposite directions. When dismantling such a coil, you must also be careful not to lose the spring inside.

Instructions for changing. how to insert the line

It should be noted that reels in mowers can be different:

  • for single-tooth operation;
  • To function with two tendrils;
  • the line must be fed through the through-hole located on the inside of the element.

And you should not confuse this detail with the extender for the lawnmower on the spool, because despite the similar name it is two completely different elements.

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In the first option, it is very easy to wind the cutting element:

  • On the inner part of the spool element there is a fixing eye.
  • One strand of thread is inserted into it.
  • The capron thread must be spooled in the opposite direction to the rotation of the bobbin element.
  • You only need 2 to 4 meters of fishing line. When the winding process is completed, the small end of this cutting element is put outward and fixed in the groove, which is necessary to fix the fishing line so that it will not unravel during the operation of the mower.
  • If there is no special groove then the end must be held by hand to prevent the cutting element from unscrewing during further assembly of the element.
  • The last step is to pass the outer end of the thread through the special hole on the outer part of the element. The reel can then be inserted into the mower.
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When the roller works with two ends of polyethylene thread, then the following steps must be taken to tuck the fishing line into the mower:

  • Inside the reel you will see how many notches there are for winding (two or one). If there is one notch, then both ends of the thread will run through this notch. If there are two, then the tendrils are laid out separately. each in its own notch.
  • It is necessary to wind 2 to 4 meters of polyethylene thread and put its two ends through the hole.
  • Wind both threads in the same direction, opposite to the rotation of the drum.
  • When the entire line has been wound, the ends should be secured in the groove or held by hand.
  • Both ends are inserted through the eye on the outside of the roller body.
  • The reel is then assembled and inserted into the mower.

To insert the line into a lawnmower where the spool contains two grooves, you must use the previous version of threading this polyethylene thread. In this case each end of the line will be wound on its groove. All other actions are similar to the previous process.

The reel element or roller may have a completely different design from the previous two options. The fishing line may be threaded through an eye, which is through and through on the inside of the spool. In this case there is no need to disassemble the roller drum and manually wind the polyethylene thread.

Polyethylene thread is put through the hole and rotated by pressing a special button. This button is located on the body and is intended for the operation of the technique, so that there was an opportunity to release the line as it wears out.

No need to worry about winding the polyethylene thread the wrong way, because it can only rotate in one direction with this design.

Taking into account the power of the grass trimmer, the developers with great accuracy calculate the diameter of the kapron thread. This is important because the motor of the power tool will break if it is overloaded.

If you do not know the elementary, you will overpay for consumables. This is why you should choose the right line for your grass trimmer responsibly. Then the cost will be minimal.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate line for a particular machine. It is sold in coils up to 120 meters long. The line diameter is specified in the instruction manual, which always comes with the trimmer.

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Note that the length of line determines the cost of the spool. When buying, you need to consider the amount of garden work to be done. In any case, there must be a surplus. Then there will be no need to come to the store again in the near future.

fishing, line, mower, spool

How to wind the line correctly for grass trimmer on the reel

Grass trimmers for mowing grass are indispensable helpers on both large and small garden plots. The convenience of their use is debatable, as it requires from the owner certain skills and physical training. the grass trimmer is hung on the shoulder with a special belt and for a few hours of work the hands can get pretty tired. But in the process of preparing the unit for work there can be difficulties. For example, winding a fishing line on a grass trimmer reel can become a real challenge. We’ll tell you how to avoid this.

It is often easier to find fishing line than a ready-made spool of cord. And the line will cost less than a ready to use bobbin. However, it is important to know a few basic rules for winding the line on the spool, which will help avoid problems in future use.

Open the spool and carefully inspect the bobbin. you should see an arrow, it will indicate the direction in which you need to wind the line.

Put both ends of the fishing line in different holes and pull through to the end, and then. wind the line (both ends) in one direction. an arrow will indicate to you.

How To Put Line On A Spinning Reel

Carefully insert the ends of the fishing line into the spool, holding the cord as it is wound. Lower the bobbin into the bobbin and close.

How to Spool a Spinning Reel | TIPS to Help Beginners!

A few secrets for spooling grass trimmer lines on a reel

To reduce fishing line breakage during use, reel in less than the capacity of the reel itself. For example, if you have 15 meters of spool, you should wind 10 meters (i.e. two ends of 5 meters, respectively).

When using fishing line with a curved section, remember that its diameter must be at least 0.3 mm less than the “working” diameter of the grass trimmer. Such a discount is made so that the serrations of the shaped line rub less and the line does not tear so quickly.

Wind both lines simultaneously (both ends), avoiding overlaps. You have to try and learn how to hold the line tight: if you overdo it, it will jam, if you underdo it, it will kink. And curly line should be coiled only with gloves, otherwise you will hurt yourself.

Do not leave too long ends, that’s why line twists most often when cutting grass.

When mowing grass near obstacles (a tree, fence, bush, fence, concrete), remember that the consumption of the line will go much faster, because the cord will cling to this obstacle. Get a bigger spool.

How To Spool A Fishing Reel. put line on your reel!

If it is too much trouble to manage it by yourself, ask someone else to help.

What is the best line for grass trimmer?? How to wind the line onto the brushcutter reel?

With the grass trimmer perform lawn mowing and clearing various areas of excess vegetation. The technique is suitable for domestic and professional use. Electric grass trimmers work with a line and blade. Before buying a grasshopper, all the components of the device are evaluated, including the choice of line.

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Grass trimmer line and reel: how to make the right choice

The main criterion for a line for a grass trimmer is its diameter. It can be 3.2, 3, 2.4, 2 or 1.6 mm. The thicker the line, the thicker the plants you can mow with your brushcutter. The most popular and common line diameter. 2 mm.

Line thickness must be matched to the engine power of the grass trimmer and the parameters of your brushcutter model. For a unit of low power, a line diameter of 1.3-1.6 mm is suitable, and for a device designed to work with soft and hard vegetation. 1.8-2 mm.

If you do not know exactly what diameter to choose, read the datasheet on the product before buying. There, the manufacturer specifies the optimal line diameter.

How to properly store fishing line or increase the service life

Many people give advice on how to choose a line on the grass trimmer, but almost no one reports on how to store this material. Improper storage causes the line to wear out quickly when cutting the grass. When you buy a 15-meter coil, only a few people ask how to store the line for the grass trimmer. When you buy a coil of 250-500 meters, then it is very important to understand the observance of its storage conditions.

What happens if you do not follow the storage conditions of a nylon grass trimmer line? The consequences are as follows:

  • Loss of its properties, so high-strength material tooling becomes brittle and quickly wears out
  • Productivity of the job is reduced
  • Accelerated wear and tear means you have to buy and re-tighten your line in the weed trimmer more often

The loss of the original properties of the fishing line is definitely an unpleasant phenomenon, so let’s find out what to do to increase the life of the material during its storage. Nylon material is especially afraid of UV rays. The longer a cord is exposed to the sun, the quicker it loses its technical properties. Instructions on how to extend the life of a grass trimmer fishing line are as follows:

  • At the end of the season, when a long break is made, you should pack the tackle in polyethylene, having previously soaked it in grease (glycerin). Tightly packed and soaked in grease fishing line, should be stored in a dark place at a temperature between 5 and 20 degrees (best in the fridge)
  • Do not store the cord on radiators or radiators, since excessive exposure to heat leads to failure of technical properties
  • To exclude full penetration of light on the line it is necessary to pack it in black polyethylene instead of transparent one. Instead of a bag, you can use special plastic airtight containers

When the season comes, it is necessary to take out the coil, and winding off the necessary amount of material, wipe it of grease, and load it into the grass trimmer reel.

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