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Belt for grass trimmer from China. product characteristics and design, price, video

Working with a trimmer is much more convenient and easier with a special belt. It enables the operator to mow large areas of grass for hours at a time without joint and muscle pain. The two-shoulder belt is designed so that the lawn trimmer can be held in place by itself. without the use of your hands. It will only need to set the direction, and it will do the rest by itself. On how to properly attach the belt to the trimmer and adjust it to lighten the load, and will be discussed in this material.

Operating a grass trimmer is quite difficult without a number of optional accessories, including a cutting headset, as well as a shoulder strap and a guard that protects the operator’s feet from rocks and grass. Each of these devices plays an important role in the configuration of the grass trimmer, so special attention should be paid to study their characteristics and choice.

Classification of pruning headsets

Local area owners often use different blades and discs to care for the area. Their main function. Fight large weeds and old withered bushes. In most cases, manufacturers use the following materials to make knives:

Grass trimmer blades also vary in the type of cutting edges. The headset can have 4,8 or more teeth that are at the same height or one above the other. In addition, the blades have a carbide tip or with holes inside the teeth.

The cutting set can also be in the form of several blades or in the form of a solid disc to which sturdy metal teeth are attached.

How To Install A Universal Trimmer Strap

Choice of blade depending on the conditions of use

When choosing a cutting headset, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made. Typically, metal gadgets are used for dealing with particularly large weeds. Nevertheless, plastic blades can handle most wild plants. In addition, plastic has much less weight and greater elasticity, and the grass trimmer blades and discs put less strain on the motor and drive tool.

How to Properly Start a Grass Trimmer?

Lay the grass trimmer on a flat surface to ensure a stable position. Gently pull the starter cord until you feel resistance, then pull the cord toward you 3 to 5 times in a sharp motion. If the engine starts after 5 jerks, then open the air damper.

  • Reinstall the control lever.
  • Adjust its height and inclination.
  • Reinstall the blade guard.
  • Install the cutting attachment (spool of fishing line or knife).
  • Reassemble the boom by sliding the pieces into each other.

Remont-karbyuratora-trimmera-svoimi-rukami. Know Your Car!

Under these conditions, it is possible to tell that the carburetor is not adjusted properly.

grass, trimmer, strap

Since quite often the money saved when buying a trimmer for grass can turn into a need for frequent repairs or a complete replacement for a new unit. Figuring out the scheme took 2 days, but the repair itself took only 15 minutes.

Sharing experience, entertaining and necessary about everything that has wheels Own Business For those who have decided to organize their own business.

Needed recommendations, handicrafts and descriptions of selfmade with photos Household, household maintenance and household chores. from the selection and cooking appliances, to care and education of children for pets Self-made snow blower. grass trimmers. Lawn mowers.

loppers and brush cutters. Gasoline saw repair with their own hands.

Chainsaw with all the greed can not be attributed to the complex In case there is no confidence and experience in their own abilities, repair carburetor Computers, Internet On everything about computers, Internet and office equipment Activity Leisure Articles about travel and tourism, fishing and hunting, amateur sports, equipment and equipment for outdoor activities Repair carburetor own hands requires certain maximum concentration and knowledge.

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The most popular malfunctions of the carburetor With the carburetor strainer malfunction much more often, two things happen. it either clogs or breaks. In order to determine which of the malfunctions befell your carburetor, you must unscrew the fuel filter cover and reach the mesh filter.

Removing the carburetor at VAZ 2109-2108 procedure is not complicated, and the time it is worth a list of tools that are suitable for execution of this repair car Faults carburetor starter in most cases lie in the pollution: a starter flushed acetone or simple gasoline. If possible, it is also possible to blow out the starter with compressed air.

In case of carburetor inlet pipe malfunction there may be traces of soot near a loose connection or a narrow film of fuel. Find out exactly where the fuel is leaking by wiping dry any suspicious areas.

Tighten the fasteners should be created evenly and gently so as not to distort the carburetor flange. In some cases, leaks still remain after tightening the fastening nuts.

In this case, you must clean the choke point and replace the gasket in it. In the event that the cause of failure of the carburetor is a breakdown of the booster pump, then you will need to accept the replacement. Gas pedal pump parts cannot be repaired.

If the pump is serviceable, it can be flushed with gasoline or blown out with a blow out. It is also worth checking how freely move parts and levers diaphragm pump

Pay special attention to the ball in the atomizer

Grass trimmer gear lubrication

Lubricate gears regularly as recommended in the instruction manual of the model in use. This should also be done if:

Constant use of the grass trimmer causes stress on the gear train due to clippings, dirt or torque variations. Lubricant should choose a quality one, to extend the service life of the gearbox.

Types of grease used

When choosing a lubricant, you need to consider the following factors:

Besides trimmers, renowned manufacturers like STIHL, Husqvarna and others also make. Such products not only reduce wear and tear, but also protect the gear metal from corrosion. Therefore, for brushcutter from these brands, it is better to use their same lubrication products.

Lubricant consumption varies from model to model. This is determined to a large extent by the intensity of use of the brushcutter and the heating of the transmission mechanism. It is believed that the lubricant is sufficient if the temperature of the gear during operation does not exceed 40 ° C.

According to consistency, lubricants for grass trimmer can be:

grass, trimmer, strap

According to the composition, the following types of lubricants are in demand:

  • Graphite, which greatly reduces friction, thereby improving the rotation of the gears;
  • Lithium, which is also an excellent anti-corrosion composition, saturated with additives that increase the wear resistance of the metal without harmful substances;
  • universal, containing mineral oils of high purity and improving performance components.

Examples of suitable greases are: Champion EP-0, Gear Grease OREGON, Oleo-Mas, Azmol 158, Lithol.24

You should also pay attention to the manufacturers’ advice on this matter and use the materials offered by them. You can buy them at specialized retail outlets

Champion EP-0 Universal Grease 120 gr

Algorithm of self-lubrication of a gearbox

You do not need to disassemble the gears before lubricating them. The device already has a special hole for this purpose (it is shown in the photo below)

In addition to the gears, you should pay attention to such elements of the mechanism when carrying out the lubrication:

Use a screwdriver to fill in oil or grease. The steps are carried out in the following sequence:

grass, trimmer, strap
  • Clean off dirt and adhered grass from the gear housing, especially the area around the plug to prevent debris from entering the mechanism;
  • unscrew the plug with the appropriate tool (often included with the trimmer)
  • In the open technological hole, the selected lubricant is injected from a tube or using a syringe, as shown in the photo below;
  • screw the plug into place.
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If for any reason the gearbox has to be dismantled, the old lubricant must be completely removed from the entire surface of the gears and housing, the shaft, and only then use the new. It is convenient to lubricate the disassembled mechanism with solids.

The entire process of lubricating the gearbox is demonstrated in the video:

You should lubricate the transmission unit at least once a year, but every 20 hours of heavy use should be enough. If the first signs of trouble with the mechanism appear, lubricate as soon as possible.



Before starting work, you need to take care of the power supply for your buzzsaw. Garden trimmers usually have a very small tail, requiring an extension cord to be connected. It’s important to properly position the cable reel so that it doesn’t interfere with your work while you’re driving. Take special care when using steel blades, which can damage the braided blade. The cord must be long enough to reach the end of the field and must always stay behind. If the cord is too short, stoppages caused by pulling the plug out of the socket are inevitable.

An extension cord can be used to keep the cord from getting tangled or caught in bushes.

Which mowing head to use with a chain saw

Two types of cutting attachments or cutters are used in the construction of chain saws. These are fishing line reels and steel or plastic discs. What’s the best choice for working with gasoline-powered tools. The site presents information on how to choose disks and fishing line for trimmers, as well as their types and design features. Let’s briefly consider what types of cutting blades should be used on trimmers and gasoline cutters.

  • For mowing soft grass, a fishing line is used for the trimmer, which is wound on a drum or spool. unlike metal discs, trimmer line is used where grass grows near trees, houses, fences and other obstacles. line for trimmer allows to make a qualitative mowing of grass near the obstacles, without violating the construction of the tool
  • Metal blades. have 2, 3, 4 and more cutting parts, through which the mowing of coarse grass and brushwood is performed. Practice shows that the thicker the mowed thickets are, the more blades the cutter should have
  • Metal discs with 40-80 fine teeth for mowing vegetation. It can be rough grass, weeds, dense thickets, or even small trees. The more teeth on the cutting attachment, the higher the efficiency of the tool in question
  • Plastic discs are mainly used on electric or battery-powered trimmers

The choice of the power tiller depends on where you use the tool. If it is planned to work at home, the line for the trimmer is chosen, and for mowing the grass in the field or steppe, discs with 3-4 blades and more, as well as discs with fine teeth are used.


With electric trimmers (electric mowers) power is measured in watts (W) and the maximum motor power reaches 1200W. Compared with gasoline mowers, they are somewhat weaker, but they have their advantages.

  • Weight, t.к. electric grass trimmers are much lighter.
  • ease of use. you do not have to think about buying gasoline and oil, and how to mix them.
  • Electric grass trimmers are much quieter, t.е. the noise emitted by the electric motor is much lower than that of the gasoline engine.

And now about the disadvantages

Bottom-mounted grass trimmers have very little power. No more than 650 W. They are never equipped with a blade (!).

Trimmers with the top-mounted motor are much more. They are much more powerful. up to 1200 W

Most often, on electric grass trimmers as a cutting attachment is put a line for the trimmer, but there are models on which you can put a cutting disk, or in another way. a cutting knife. As a rule, it is a powerful (from 1000 watts) models. The power of the top-mounted grass trimmer allows you to install a thicker trimmer line, which allows you to mow thick, tall grass. An example is: STURM!, Energomash, Champion

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Lockout from overheating

Very rare in electric trimmers. The essence of its work is as follows: if the engine overheats, a special thermal switch will not let the engine burn out and will shut down the lawnmower. Of course, unlike a gasoline mower, an electric mower has to be watched, t.е. after 15-20 minutes of work it is necessary to turn it off and let it cool down for about 15 minutes. The EFCO 8060 and 8100 have an overheat lock.

Safety rules

Among the safest and most popular trimmers are especially valued products of German manufacturers (including Denzel), because they pay increased attention to quality and reliability. However, despite the brand and model, there are a number of rules that when using the trimmer for grass should be clearly known and respected.

  • You have to read the instruction manual before using it.
  • Do not use the trimmer when you’re tired, sick or intoxicated.
  • It is forbidden to use the mower in explosive and fire-hazardous areas.
  • Do not mow during thunderstorms or when it is raining, or after the grass is wet.
  • Can only be operated during daylight hours, in good lighting conditions.
  • Use only the type of fuel and lubricant that is suitable for the particular model of grass trimmer.
  • It is not recommended to repair the tool yourself.
  • Do not touch any rotating or heated elements during operation.
  • No smoking and no flames allowed during mowing, etc.д.

Important! There are other health hazards associated with operating a grass trimmer: increased noise level, vibration, exhaust fumes, high temperature of some parts, flying branches, etc. To minimize risks, you should use protective clothing, goggles, and headphones.

If there are questions about the adjustment of the belt on a particular model of brushcutter, you can try to find the answers in the instruction manual that came with the product, or watch a video on the Internet, which clearly and understandably shows how to adjust and regulate the belt with a gasoline brush.

Sturm 1500 Watt Gasoline Trimmer, Disc, Cutter BT8952D

Benzotrimmer Sturm BT8952D. has a reliable 2-stroke internal combustion engine with air cooling. Engine displacement 51.7, power output. 1500 watts. Easy to operate and maintain, the most powerful in the Sturm gasoline trimmer line! garden tool of household level. Can be used for municipal services or forestry. Real “combine” to mow grass of any hardness, weeds, even undergrowth. Fitted with automatic line reel (2.4 mm line diameter), 3-blade blade or 40-tooth carbide-tipped cutter. Thanks to the robust iron gearbox, the grass trimmer can operate without overheating. A manual fuel pump (primer) is used to ease the starting of the cool engine. The smooth, non-disassembling connecting rod increases reliability and tool life (no connectors that are subject to wear and tear). Rigid drive shaft gives the possibility to use either a knife or a mill. line trimmer is designed to work with soft low grass, the blade allows you to cut through tough grass and weeds, the use of 40-toothed cutter allows you to thin bushes, remove unnecessary young shoots, branches, twigs and trees up to 50 mm across.

To protect the user from small objects flying out from under the cutting part of the Sturm lawnmower! BT8952D is armed with a robust shroud. With the mowing head pressed to the ground the line is fed in, the excess is cut with a special blade on the housing.

line reel ( Ø 2.5 mm ). Metal. blade ( three blades ). 40-tooth carbide-tipped saw blade. Plastic protection on gearbox.Key set for machine assembly. Two support handles. Consistency bottle (600 ml): flammable oil. Shoulder strap (with plastic hip pad). Engine (two-stroke). The rod (rod height. 165 cm)

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