How to put a spool on a gasoline grass trimmer

Purpose and Construction

The trimmer spool (bobbin) holds the line to cut the grass. On some devices, the cord is wound in coils, while others have finished sections attached. In the first case, the length of the line is 1-8 m, and in some models up to 15 m, in the second. a few tens of centimeters for each piece. The reel itself is the central part of the working head of the grass trimmer, but these terms are often used synonymously.

The bobbin with the fishing line wound on it is enclosed in a casing that includes two parts: the base and the cover, which are connected by snaps. The cord is fed through holes in the body, which can be 2 or more, for example, to use a line of different diameter without changing the spool. Between the bobbin and the cover is a spring that allows the line to come out or be pulled out to replace the frayed end. The design is bolted to the grass trimmer shaft.

For your information! With spider reels, the line is attached to the spool individually, as on the Kumm universal model T 31, or in a bunch in the middle, as on the aluminum head T 34 of the same manufacturer or the similar Hooper model wth905a.

Reels for grass trimmer and brushcutter

The grass trimmer reel (trimmer mowing head, spool) is an expendable material for brushcutters, lawnmowers or electric mowers.

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The part is designed as a spool with a metal bobbin with a fishing line inside. The trimmer head must be compatible with the model of your mower. The choice depends on:

  • type of grass trimmer: electric trimmer for grass, electric or gasoline lawnmower;
  • power;
  • manufacturer;
  • design features (dimensions).
spool, gasoline, grass, trimmer

Petrol Strimmers Head Replacement

You can buy a universal grass trimmer reel, which will fit most popular mower models.

spool, gasoline, grass, trimmer

by type of line feed: semi-automatic, automatic and mechanical (manual) reels.

Semi-automatic heads contain a bobbin with fishing line, which is fed by hitting the ground with the tool during operation. This method allows easy control of material flow.

Makita Line Trimmer. How To Replace Nylon Cord

Automatic mowing heads cost more. Line is fed by decreasing RPM of tool.

Mechanical heads do not contain a bobbin and are universal. Trimmer line is cut into equal sized pieces and inserted into the special holes in the spool. Manual cutting heads can handle different line diameters of 1.6 to 4.5 mm, so they are suitable for both light trimmers and professional chainsaws. This is the most reliable type of head, despite the need to stop work to extend the cord.

spool, gasoline, grass, trimmer

TOTAL tools Gasoline grass trimmer & bush cutter

For our consultant to help you find the right coil for your grass trimmer model, please specify your mower model, manufacturer, diameter, pitch and thread type. Common thread diameters of 8 mm and 10 mm, pitch 1 mm and 1.25 mm.

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