How to put a line in a trimmer with a lawnmower

How to change a trimmer line in a trimmer

grass trimmer is the most common unit used to cut grass and cut small bushes. This machine is characterized by its ease of maintenance, uncomplicated operation during work, and due to its low weight even women can cope with it. It is not a secret that high-quality performance of works on grass mowing requires correct selection of cutting tools. As the latter, trimmers use special cutting attachments (discs, knives) or trimmer heads with a fishing line inside. Trimmer nozzles and fishing line are an expendable tool, but while blades can be sharpened, when the line is used up it needs to be replaced. In this article we will tell you in detail about how to change the line for your trimmer.

Mowing head for grass is a cylindrical body, which is inserted spool (bobbin) with a filled in the line (cord). This design can be installed on both gasoline and electric trimmers. Heads differ in how they are threaded and fed, and come in 3 types.

  • Automatic. The filament is fed after the user has lowered the engine speed. Although automatic line feed is convenient if you do a lot of work, but these bobbins have a disadvantage. high consumption of thread.
  • Semi-automatic. No complicated operations are required from the user when using this type of head. The principle is that the cord is extended automatically while the machine is running at full speed. It is enough to slightly knock the grass trimmer head on the ground (this removes the cord blockage), and the line for trimmer due to centrifugal force is pulled out of the bobbin, after which it is cut to the required length by the knife located on the protective cover.
  • Manual. To extend the cord requires stopping the machine, after which the line for the trimmer is pulled by hand.

Based on the above, semi-automatic bobbins are the best option. It should also be taken into account that the grass trimmer reels are single string (used only for grass trimming) and double string, which are used for mowing tall grass and small, with thin stems of bushes.

How to replace the trimmer line on a trimmer?

Replacing the grass trimmer line with step-by-step instructions will allow even an inexperienced lawnmower owner to perform quite complex work.

However, before you begin work on changing the filament on your trimmer, you must ensure that the work is carried out safely. In particular, measures should be taken to protect against careless or unintentional start-up of the trimmer:

  • Prevent spontaneous starting,
  • remove the battery pack (if applied),
  • place the tool on a comfortable work site.

Grass trimmer line replacement work is convenient to perform when the mower is lying on the table, and the handyman, who replaces the grass trimmer line, has access to the tool from any side.

Grass trimmer head cover removal

The first stage of disassembly is removing the grass trimmer head cover. Using the Black and Decker and other trimmer models, removing the cover usually requires only applying some force to release the locking tab located on the side of the trimmer head.

On some models of lawnmowers initially provides for the dismantling of the grass trimmer head, for which a hexagon wrench included in the tool kit is used. The head is usually held by two or three screws, which can be accessed through the side holes in the back decorative cover.

The cover of the head, where the filament spool is installed, is usually held in place by a latch tongue. All you need to do is to squeeze the latch with some effort and twist the cover a little, after which the cover is easily removed

At the moment of squeezing the locking tab you need to slightly turn and lift the cover of the grass trimmer head to remove the winding drum.

Step 2: extracting the spool with the line

The next step in the process is to remove the winding drum with the fishing line from the inner area of the head. You need to turn the head with the open side to see the trimmer line and spool. On the side of the head find two recesses (eyelets), through which the line for the trimmer is led out.

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Release the line for the trimmer from the holes by turning the reel. Then carefully remove the spool from the head area. The spool reel of some models is mounted on a spring. This must be taken into account during the extraction.

Procedure for extracting the grass trimmer reel with fishing line from the inner area of the head: 1. head complete with reel; 2. extracting gently with a slight axial turn; 3. extracted parts

How to replace the gut/line on your edge trimmer or weed eater

The old trimmer line is completely removed from the spool. To remove the old grass trimmer line, you need to remove the line from the hinges and pull the free end. All old winding is removed this way. The same process is repeated on the second section of the drum. It is recommended that the handyman wear gloves when working.

Making the cord cord holder

On the outer forming sleeve of the cup from the back side using ruler and marker mark two marks on the perpendicular to each other diameters.

Then, focusing on the first four marks, transfer them to the middle of the side surface of the cup-shaped sleeve strictly vertically. We clamp the cup-shaped sleeve in a bench vice and use a core and a hammer to mark the points of drilling in the marked places, which we do with a drill. There should be two opposite holes, each at a perpendicular diameter.

line, trimmer, lawnmower

Deburr the metal around all four holes, working them in turn with a hand file. Above each of the four holes on the outside install and weld on a nut with a rounded top.

Clamp the two bolts in a vice and drill through holes with a diameter of a little over two millimeters directly under the heads.

Wrap the nuts on them and put both bolts with screwed nuts in the annular recess of the cup sleeve with their heads inward symmetrically between the two holes opposite each other.

arrange the bolts so that the nuts on them can be freely tightened and unscrewed from the head and to the top of the holes drilled in them. Once again making sure that the bolts are stacked correctly, weld them to the sleeve on both sides.

Coil out the 2 mm rope and insert one end of it through either side of the holes in the cup sleeve toward the bolt. Pass the rope through the hole in it and pull the end of the rope out through the hole in the sleeve on the other side of the bolt, helping yourself with the wire cutters.

Set the length of the cord which you want to remove, and after measuring the same length from the other side, bite into the strand at the destination with the wire cutters. Do the same with the second “tendril” and tighten the nuts on the bolts with a spanner wrench with enough force to firmly fix the “tendrils” in a given position.

Usually at high operating speeds the tendrils quickly become frayed, lose their strength and begin to break under the tremendous centrifugal force. This worsens the work of the grass trimmer, but what is even more dangerous, they can hurt the legs of the operator or people nearby. That’s why you should make a solder jacket with a soldering iron over the entire length of the “tendrils” of the cable. Soft solder, which has considerable plasticity, in contact with grass stems and small bushes, dampens most of the impact force and, thus, protects the rope from destruction. So, the homemade working organ of the grass trimmer is ready.

Preliminary machining

First of all, to wind the fishing line you need to remove the spool (bobbin, bobbin) from the grass trimmer. the specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and type of the product itself:

  • small electric grass trimmers with a working arrangement of the motor and spool in the bottom usually have side keys on both sides of the bobbin. When they are pressed at the same time, the upper part of the reel with the internal contents for winding the line is detached, while the lower part remains on the trimmer. Disassembly of the bobbin should preferably be made on a flat, smooth place, so that the spring included in the design does not pop out and get lost;
  • Electric and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved boom without the possibility of installing a knife, as a rule, have a reel with a special wingnut: in such designs should be one hand to hold the bobbin in a fixed position, and the other counterclockwise to rotate the fixing bobbin on the boom nut, wingnut. After disconnecting the nut, the entire bobbin is removed.
  • electric and gasoline grass trimmers with the ability to install a blade on a straight bar (such as STIHL grass trimmers) have a hole under the reel. To immobilize the rod, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole, and when rotating slowly, the mutual positioning is achieved so that the screwdriver enters the hole and the spool is locked. then turn the reel body clockwise (for left-hand thread) and remove it from the grass trimmer.
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For the second and third cases, bobbins, depending on the design, are disassembled in different ways. For spools with a wing nut, the wing nut is unscrewed, for spools with latches, the latch latches are pressed and one part of the spool is released from the other part. If the bobbin halves are connected by thread, it is sufficient to turn them by hand in opposite directions until they are completely unscrewed.

AutoCut C

the following mowing head is also equipped with a spool for the cutting line, and the line is fed while the machine is in operation, as is the case with the non-C type AutoCut. However, in this modification the replacement of the trimmer cord is especially quick and easy. It doesn’t require you to open the mowing head and prepare two identical sections.

  • Before you tuck your trimmer line into the grass trimmer reel, set the handle in a position where the arrows on the head are next to the round recesses.
  • Take out a cutting string of maximum length. 8 m. and insert its ends into the opposite holes of the drum. Make sure the line ends are cut at a bevel. Then rotate the spool in the direction shown on the cover. clockwise. The lines for the grass trimmer will thus be wound completely onto the bobbin.
  • Cut the protruding loop in the middle. The resulting ends of the string should protrude from the reel by about 12 centimeters.

Semi-automatic spools and how effective they are

The most popular among mowers are the heads on grass trimmers of the semi-automatic type. It is clear from the name that the line for the trimmer comes out of the spool in semi-automatic mode. For this purpose, the head is equipped with a mechanism by which the line is fed. The filament mower needs to touch the bottom of the head to operate the machine. It is very convenient, as there is no need to turn off the tool motor and stop cutting the grass.

How to reload string on EGO 56V trimmer

The cord is lengthened by centrifugal forces. It is very easy and comfortable to work with a semi-automatic tool head. Many craftsmen recommend using this particular version, but do not specify the following information:

line, trimmer, lawnmower
  • If semi-automatic spools are to be used, then only brand-name models
  • Buying cheap machines is not a good idea because they do not last even a few months
  • It is rational to buy semi-automatic type spools, which are designed directly for a specific brand and model of grass trimmer, as universal ones are often of low quality of assembly

Based on the above, it should be noted that it is not always rational to buy a spool for trimmers semi-automatic type, especially if there are models more perfect and no less reliable. automatic.

Choosing a Filament

In order to easily wind the line for the trimmer on the grass trimmer reel, it is worth deciding what tasks the garden tool will perform. The thicker the thread that is inserted into the head, the more difficult the tasks it will be able to perform. It should be noted that often a universal thread is used, the width of which does not exceed 2 mm. You, in turn, can determine the size by using the following methods:

  • Read the information in the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Check the suitability of the line yourself by trying to insert it into the spool hole;
  • Examine the bobbin for information on the diameters allowed for use.

The choice of line for the grass trimmer reel can be made according to the type of engine. For example, an overly thick filament can affect the rotational resistance. Because of this, the load on the engine will increase, which will certainly affect the quality and life of its further operation.

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Avoiding negative consequences is not difficult. For this you need to take into account that for electric motors with power up to 500 watts, a trimmer line with a diameter of up to 1.2 mm is ideal. If you can not get such a cord, you can use 1.6 mm cord. Filament with a diameter of 2 mm, in turn, is used for engines with more than 1 kW. It is worth noting that 2mm cord is often used for winding on a bent mower. If a gasoline-powered device has a straight shaft, a 2.5 or 3 mm filament should be used. The thickest lines are installed only on appliances with a power equal to or greater than 1.3 kW.

The last, but not least important factor is the type of cross-section of the line. When selecting it, it is worth focusing on the tasks set for the garden tool. There are several popular cross-sections:

  • Twisted. has a small safety margin and is therefore only suitable for young grass
  • serrated. characterized by sharp edges, suitable for working in overgrown areas of weeds;
  • round. the most common cross-section. These lines do well with fresh grass, but are not suitable for shrubs and dead wood;
  • Rectangular, square and star-shaped cross-section types. because of their low strength are used for working on lawns.

The most durable and versatile cord is a two-piece trimmer line with a circular cross-section, with a core inside. This type of line is suitable for most jobs. It should be remembered that the use of fishing line, ordinary wire and other third-party materials as cord poses a danger to others.

Basic steps of work

Now let’s install the fishing line. The spool has a separating rim, which divides it into two grooves for the fishing line.

line, trimmer, lawnmower

There is a groove in this rim. We measure the required length of fishing line, and then bend it in half (with one end to be longer by 10-15 cm).

The newly formed loop is hooked to the groove. Then we look at the body and look for the inscription Wind line, next to which will be an arrow that indicates the direction of winding line.

If there is no such inscription with an arrow, then look for an arrow on the head, and then wind the line for the trimmer in the opposite direction.

Is it possible to make a spool on the grass trimmer with my own hands?

There are a large number of trimmer heads on sale (not automatic), which have a low price and good quality. But sometimes there are situations, for example, in the country, when the trimmer reel is broken, and its repair is impossible, the store is far away, and it is necessary to mow. In this case, you can quickly, literally in a few minutes, make a simple trimmer attachment to fix the line from ordinary plywood 10-12 mm thick.

  • Take a piece of plywood or textolite and draw a circle around it with a diameter of around 14cm.
  • Cut the disc with a jigsaw or metal saw.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the disk matching the diameter of the gearbox shaft. Remember to put a washer on the disc before putting it on the shaft.
  • You can screw small corners on the edges of the disk or make 1-2 holes on opposite sides. They will serve for threading the fishing line into them.
  • To fix the line for the trimmer, you can screw a few screws into the plywood.

This home-made mowing head is attached to the shaft with a nut. It is not possible to screw or unscrew the nut without fixing the shaft. To replace the cord, it will be enough to release the screws, insert a piece of fishing line of the required length and press it again.

You can also make a mowing head from metal sheet to fix a fishing line on it. How to do this, you can see in the following video.

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