How to put a fishing line for a trimmer on a benzotrimer. Preparation for the winding of the fishing line

How to change a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer

Trimmer for grass is the most common unit used to cut grass and cut small shrubs. This device is distinguished by its simplicity in maintenance, simple management during operation, and even women cope with it even a small weight. It is no secret that for the high.quality performance of herbal mowing work, the correct selection of a cutting tool is required. As the latter in trimmers, special cutting nozzles (wheels, knives) or trimmer heads with fishing line inside are used. Nozzles and a fishing line for a trimmer are a consumable tool, but if the knives can be sharpened, then when spending the fishing line you need to replace it. In this article, we will tell you in the most detail how to correctly replace the fishing line for the trimmer.

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A mowing head for grass is a cylindrical case in which a coil (bobbin) is inserted with a fishing line in it (cord). This design can be installed both on gasoline and electric trimmer. The heads differ in the method of refueling and supplying the cord and there are 3 types.

  • Automatic. The cord is supplied after the user reduces engine speed. Although the automatic supply of the fishing line is convenient if large volumes of work are performed, such rods have one drawback. a large thread consumption.
  • Semi.automatic. Using this type of head does not require complicated manipulations from the user. The principle of their operation is arranged so that the cord is automatically lengthened at a time when the device works at full speed. It is enough to slightly hit the trimmer’s head for the grass on the ground (this removes the cord lock), and the fishing line for the trimmer, due to the centrifugal force, moves out of the bobbin, after which it is cut to the desired length with a knife located on a protective casing.
  • Manual. For lengthening the cord, the device is required, after which the fishing line for the trimmer is handed out manually.

Based on the above, semi.automatic bobbins are the most optimal option. It should also be borne in mind that the coils for a trimmer for grass are one.built (used only to trim the grass) and two.string, which are used to mow high grass and small, with thin stems of shrubs.

Types of section

There are a lot of views of the fishing line, you can not pay attention to the color of attention-as such general standards “color-characteristics” do not. An important factor is the type of cross section of the string, it is chosen depending on the type of grass.

  • Circle. a universal fishing line for a trimmer. Smooth when mowing is characterized by an increased noise level, twisted, on the contrary, mows quieter, but is consumed faster (like any type of twisted fishing line).
  • Square or polygon. Such a fishing line for a trimmer is more effective than round. sharp corners cut the stems faster and better.
  • Asterisk, ribbed or twisted square. Has maximum efficiency and haircut speed.

It is important to know! It is strictly forbidden to use metal wire, cables or rods instead of fishing line. Such equipment easily cuts leather shoes and is able to seriously injure the operator.

Installation of a new fishing line on the coil of a trimmer for grass

Equipping the coil with a new fishing line is performed in the reverse order. The procedure looks like it is described below, regardless of the model of the lawn mower:

Step one: fixing and styling

Fold the end of the fishing line in half. Place the workpiece above the coil on each side of each half of the winding area. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Stretch the fishing line for the trimmer through the loop.

The procedure for preparing fishing line in the field of both wound sections of the drum. The loops are laid in specially made cutouts, after which the winding of the fishing line is performed in each area

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Pull the fishing line for the trimmer enough and put the knot in the groove made on each side of the winding drum.

Step two: winding cutting material according to sections

The next step is to turn the fishing line in a circle of coil, observing caution. It is necessary that each half be filled with “its own” winding, exactly, without intersections. Usually on the hull of the winding drum you can see the arrows indicating the direction of winding. This moment should be borne in mind, filling the reel with a fishing line.

Step Three: The Club of the Head Noner

Stretch the ends of the fishing line through a pair of oval cuts of coil. Replace both goals and a spring (if any in the design) with new elements included in the package. Bend both ends of the fishing line at right angles.

The last technical stroke of the process of replacing the fishing line on the trimmer is to put the cover on the head with subsequent fixation by pressure and slight turnover.

Let each end into the hole, which is at the base of the winding drum. Install the coil in the inner area of ​​the head with an emphasis on the spring. Put the lid, leve on the base and light pressure down with a small rotation counterclockwise, put the cover on the tongues of the latch. This is where the replacement procedure is completed.

Preliminary preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line, it is required to remove the coil (bobbin, spool) from the trimmer for the grass. specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of product itself:

  • Small electric trimmers for grass with a working location of the engine and coils in the lower part, as a rule, have side keys on both sides of the bobbin. With the simultaneous press on them, the upper part of the coil, along with the internal contents for winding the fishing line, is disconnected, while the lower remains on the trimmer. It is advisable to analyze the bobbing in an even smooth place, so that the spring does not jump out and not be lost;
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers for grass with a curved rod without the ability to install a knife, as a rule, have coils with a special lamb: in such structures, you should hold the spool in a fixed position with one hand, and rotate the fixing bobbin on the bar with a barack’s baracks. After disconnecting the nut, the whole bobin is removed.
  • Electric and gasoline trimmers for grass with the ability to install a knife on a straight rod (for example, trimmers for STIHL grass) have a hole. For the immobility of the bar, a screwdriver or another suitable object is inserted into this hole and, with slow rotation, such a mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and the bob is fixed. After that, the coil body is scrolled clockwise (with the left thread) and removed from the trimmer for the grass.

For the second and third cases, the coil, depending on the design, are versed in various ways. In the bobbins with a lamb, lamb is twisted, in the reels with latches, latches-fixers are pressed and one part of the coil is freed from the other. If the halves of the spool are connected by thread, then it is enough to turn them with your hands in the opposite directions until they are completely developed.

Features of the use of trimmers

A trimmer for grass, mowing grass with a fishing line, can be used near: houses and other buildings, fences and hedges, trees and shrubs, beds and flower beds, a row in a garden plot.

Such a convenient, and most importantly, effective device, like a trimmer for grass, exists in several variations:

As the names understands, the types of trimmer for grass are noticeably different from one another. But regardless of the type of this tool, its cutting element can be a fishing line for a trimmer. Of course, a trimmer tilted for the grass for a trimmer is not infinite. And sooner or later it will need to be replaced by a new.

Fishing consumption directly depends on the frequency of using the device and the scale of the work performed. The more herbs are brazen and the more often it is trimmed with a trimmer for grass, the more actively a fishing line for a trimmer is consumed in it. And, accordingly, the faster it will end. In this regard, the question arises: how to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer to a trimmer coil for grass?

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. But the winding of the fishing line on the coil plays an important role in the work of a trimmer for the grass. To make the device normally, it is very important to correctly wind a new fishing line for a trimmer to the reel. About how to change a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer, and will be discussed in this article.

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The shape of the handle

Manufacturers offer 2 pens options:

The handle in view of the letters “T” is installed on models with auto.wrapping a fishing line. The work is carried out with 2 hands located on both sides of the bar. This situation is convenient for mowing large areas of vegetation. The cut is carried out according to the principle of braids for grass. from one side to the other. This option is not maneuverability, it works poorly on a complex relief. Bicycle steering can be equipped with control buttons. In household types of a trimmer for grass, the launch buttons are installed on the rod.

The classic model of a trimmer for grass with a bilateral handle on which the control buttons are installed

Gasinosinotrimmer with a D-shaped handle is more maneuverable, it is convenient for them to mow grass in areas with a complex relief. In such a tool, the hands are located one above the other. The lack of a handle is difficult to hold, control of such a device is more complicated.

The handle in the form of the English letter “j” is the most uncomfortable, so it is rare.

Preparation for the replacement of fishing line

Before replacing the fishing line, you need to pull out, and then disassemble the head. It usually includes a casing, a spring (on some models), a bobbin with a fishing line, a lid.

It is necessary to turn off the electric trimmer for the grass (or drown out gasoline) from the network, and then proceed to remove the coil.

It can be recorded in two different ways: in the first case, it is necessary to completely disassemble the head, and in the second. just remove the gearbox from the shaft, to which it is attached.

  • A bobbin is located under the lid, it must be carefully pulled out of the case (sometimes a spring is hidden under it, it should also be carefully removed to the side so as not to lose);
  • After removing the spool, it becomes noticeable in the center of the case with a fixing bolt (or screw), which must be unscrewed in a direction opposite to the clockwise movement;
  • After removing the fasteners, it is necessary to hold the body with a swaying movement to remove the coil from the gear shaft.
fishing, line, trimmer, preparation

The second method involves the following actions. Coil head is worn on the gear shaft. To disconnect it, you need to lock this shaft.

Typically, in braids, for example, the brand “Champion” or “Stihl”, for this a hole is made into which a nail, rod or screwdriver is inserted.

After fixing the shaft in a fixed position, you need to, holding the body, start rotating the head clockwise, since the thread on the shaft is usually applied to the left.

Now that the head is removed and dismantled, it is necessary to determine what thickness the cord should be.

You can find out the suitable diameter for your trimmer for the grass by looking at the user’s guide or on the squash itself, it usually indicates such information.

Another way is to insert the thread into the hole from which it is served. If the Sruna is without difficulty, it can be used to work.

On a note! To understand how much fishing line is wrapped for coil, you need to wind it on the bobbin so that the height of the skein is not more than the diameter of the sides. If the cord protrudes behind the edges, the coil cannot be hidden in the casing.

Fishing lines winding algorithm

The procedure for winding the fishing line depends on the type of coil. with one or two antennae, as well as with automatic charging the cord.

On a reel coil

Winding a fishing line for a trimmer to a coil with one osik is very easy. In such designs, depending on the brand of a trimmer for grass, from two to five meters of the cord is placed. The edge of the fishing line in the spool must be tucked into a special hole or groove, after which the string is wound in the direction opposite to the rotation of the coil during operation.

Advice! To understand which way to wrap the thread, you should look at the corps of the spool. usually marks are made on it indicating the direction of movement of the coil during operation.

After the fishing line for the trimmer is windpowed, you need to leave a small piece (15-30 cm), walk into the output of the spool and collect the head again.

To a coil with two antennae

In the rogues of this type, you need to inspect the inside of the coil and determine the number of grooves for winding the cord provided for in it.

fishing, line, trimmer, preparation

Important! If there is only one gutter in the coil, then both antennae must be wrapped in a common groove, if two, then on separate paths.

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For winding, you need to take a piece of fishing line with a length of two to three meters.

For a spool with one groove, tie a fishing line for a trimmer into a through hole, combine a mustache, leve and wind it up in the direction in the direction of its rotation during operation.

If fixing grooves are provided, they need to go through the ends of the cord, then stretch them into the output, and then close the coil and put them in the same place.

For a two.lep mewood, the difference is that the section of the string should be folded in half. Next, it is necessary to charge the middle of the bend into the groove between the grooves, and then wrap each of the pieces of fishing line on its path, fix the antennae and assemble the coil as well as the spool with one path.

On a trimmer head with automatic dressing

For heads with automatic refueling, it is enough to just start and squeeze the edges of the fishing line, and the tool will perform further winding on its own when turning on. It is impossible to make a mistake here, because the coil itself recognizes how the antennae should be located.

On a note! The advantages of trimmers with such a head include the convenience of laying the cord, and the disadvantages. high cost and complex repair.

Fishing line for a trimmer. varieties and the ability to replace other material

A cord for a trimmer for grass can be of different diameters (from 1.2 to 4 mm), and it must be chosen depending on which vegetation is required to mow. the thicker the fishing line is for a trimmer, the more rough grass it will cope. Experienced users recommend putting a fishing line for a trimmer 2 mm thick, which is a universal.

The shape of the fishing line can be round (for juicy grass) or with sharp faces in the form of a square or asterisk (for beveling dry grass). The second type is less durable and wear out faster compared to the round cord.

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Where to begin

First of all, it is necessary to remove the head from the motorcycles and open it. for this, latches are provided on the sides of the case.

A spitter head of three main elements consists. the head with a spring, a coil, on which a fishing line for a trimmer is wound, and cover.

Before proceeding with the “dressing” of the fishing line, you need to make sure that it is suitable. To do this is very simple. we insert the end of the fishing line into the hole in the head, and if the fishing line for the trimmer passes into the hole without problems, then this diameter is suitable.

Is it possible to make a coil for a trimmer for the grass with your own hands

On sale there are a large number of trimmer heads (not automatic), which have a low price and good quality. But sometimes situations arise, for example, in the country, when the trimmer coil broke, and its repair is impossible, the store is far away, and you need to mow. In this case, you can quickly, literally in a few minutes, make a simple trimmer nozzle to fix the fishing line from ordinary plywood 10-12 mm thick.

  • Take a piece of plywood or textolite and draw a circle with a diameter of about 14 cm on it.
  • Cut the disk with a jigsaw or hacksaw for metal.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the disk, suitable in diameter to the gear shaft. Do not forget before installing a disk on the shaft, put a puck on it.
  • You can fasten small corners along the edges of the disk or make 1-2 holes on the opposite sides. They will serve for refueling fishing lines in them.
  • To fix the fishing line for a trimmer, you can screw several screws into the plywood.
fishing, line, trimmer, preparation

Such a homemade mowing nozzle is fixed on the shaft with a nut. Twist or unscrew the nut without fixing the shaft will not work. To replace the cord, it will be enough to release the screws, insert a segment of the fishing line of the required length and press it again.

Also, a mowing nozzle for fixing the fishing line on it can be made from a metal sheet. How to do this can be understood from the next video.

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