How to put a disk on an angle grinder

Why do some craftsmen put discs on an angle grinder with a picture inside?

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What do they say those who put the drive outward

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Proponents of installing a cutting disc angle grinder picture outside in most cases argue their choice because only with this method of fixation visible marking blade: its thickness, as well as the destination (metal or stone). The second important argument is the presence of metal rings. So many of the consumables have them only on one side, namely on the side where the picture is. According to some masters, this already indicates that the disk should be placed with the picture outside.

What do those who put the disk with the picture inside say?

Proponents of this method of installation cutting disc angle grinder like to point out that the metal ring on the work surface should adjoin tightly to the metal base itself angular grinder. Allegedly this method significantly improves the grip elements and protects the drive from spinning when jammed. Experts with this opinion also point to the fact that even if the disk tears, it will be no problem to remove the rest. That means that it is worth it to fix the grinding wheel more securely.

What’s the right way to?

It all depends on the disc. In some cases there is no difference at all. Although, if the angle grinder is used by several people at the same time, the installation of a picture outside may be preferable to increase the safety of the work process, so that a person at once had the opportunity to see the purpose of the tool.

There are also special grinding discs. In most cases they are placed with the image inside, as in another way they simply can not be put. In addition, if the angle grinder works with one specialist, then he can safely give preference to the second method of fixing the disc, as this will to some extent make the tool safer.

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How is it correct??

Yesterday, after another dispute. from what side to put a disk on the “angle grinder”. I decided to express myself in writing on the subject, all the same in my opinion this is quite an interesting question.And besides, in the future rather than rekindle demagoguery, it is better to just throw a link to this entry.I work in a workshop (basically power tools) and I see that quite often wear angle grinders with “jammed” discs. Sometimes it jams so much that it is necessary to take apart a gearbox and after clamping pinion in a vise unscrew a nut with a big gas wrench.It is interesting that the nuts are stuck only on machines with the disk installed on the right side, ie “sparking” from the machine. If you consider that under a normal load torque on the spindle is small then occur such a bad self-tightening of well it should not happen, but it happens, why??. Because of the shock loads that are common when mounting a disc on the right hand side.Why it happens it is easier to explain on such an example (lazy to draw). we start the motorcycle, and, holding it by the handlebars trying to arrange a slipping of the leading (rear) wheel. So, the fullest analogy with cutting with a wheel with a disc “from yourself” will be if we hold the wheel standing in front of the motorcycle. Try it, you’ll love it. If you like to cut “from yourself” you will like it for sure.There’s an important caveat here. the higher the support and the shorter the base, the more interesting the effect.And yet, the center of mass and the hands that hold it is above the plane of cutting (or rather the vector of force), it leads to a strong jerk, and as a result, often to the breakdowns and injuriesIn short, it turns out that the work of the angle grinder “from myself” is something like a dangerous ride with the slippage on the verge of “getting up on the goat.

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Now, how it will be if the drive is on the left and “sparks” under the planer: Take the FRONT DRIVE motorcycle, of course start it, turn the gear and, holding the trunk, admiring how wonderfully tractions front wheel. Exactly BUCKS (in the analogy cuts) and not “drives in” under the fulcrum, increasing the grip and trying to raise the steering wheel, as it does with rear wheel drive.So it turns out that as a system, the “front wheel” is more stable and predictable, even if we push the wheel from above.Well, that’s how it is It may be idiotic but it is figurative.

I was cutting a couple of months ago, sticking out under the ceiling rail, cut one standing on a stool a huge angle grinder to 2.2 kW, in addition, with the protective cover off (it is impossible to do anything with it)!).If I had cut “from myself” I would have been killed and more than once.

Solution to the problem

If a nut can not be unscrewed in a standard way (with a special wrench), you can resort to the following methods:

    Use a pipe wrench instead of a special, bolt-on wrench.

If these gentle methods have not been successful, you can resort to the cardinal methods:

    Completely break the cutting disk with pliers. Grind the rest of the circle all the way to the nut. During operation of the machine to grind out the rest of the cutting disk with a metal plate which has thickness less, than a circle and can freely pass in a gap between a corkscrew nut and a thrust washer. After the wheel has been ground down to the center ring, the retainer nut is unscrewed in the standard way. Warning! This method requires great care. This method is also not suitable for non-abrasive grinding wheels (diamond, grinding, brushing, etc.).п.).

As you can see, before you irrevocably cut off the stuck nut with another angle grinder, you can try to remove the disc with less traumatic tool ways.

How to change the disc on the angle grinder? Step by step instruction

As for the sequence of actions for disk replacement, questions rarely arise, everything is in sight. use special key or gas wrench and move forward. With the size of the disk is also difficult to miss, here just serves as a criterion for the size of the casing. Not unimportant is the number of revolutions specified on the drive, here you need to choose in strict accordance with the manual angle grinder, disk what speed can be operated on it (speed specified on the disk should either be equal or greater than the spindle speed, but not in any case not less than!)

I will not comment on cup-shaped disks. there is no other way to put them. Diamond and carbide stone cutting discs have an indication of direction of rotation or a pronounced tooth profile and they have a metal backing, which is metal on both sides.

How to Assemble and Put Disc on Milwaukee Small Angle Grinder

But not everyone knows which way to put the cutting wheel label when installing. outward or toward the gearbox.

Some people are just convinced that there is no difference. But it is not so. The disc is always mounted with the label facing out. Yes, someone will say that the direction of disc rotation is not regulated by a strictly drawn arrow, almost always this arrow is absent, at least on abrasive discs (cut-off discs) and will also be right.

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It’s not the point, the arrow is not needed, at least according to the following logical conclusions.

There is a wide metal washer on the side of the label. This is the one that should be facing the moving flange nut, that is outward (even if the disc is unlabeled). In the event of a disc seizure or breakage, the sliding nut may be easier to unscrew if it slides on a metal washer. If you put the disk in reverse (with the washer towards the gearbox) it will be very difficult to unscrew the moving outer nut on the abrasive part.

In connection with this, seemingly obvious thing, and is the structure of some cutting discs. They are less prone to fracture (and wear) if installed correctly, with the label facing outward (correspondingly and with the wide washer toward the nut being clamped, not toward the gearbox)

P.S. Well, in addition to all of the above, you must arm yourself with thick cloth suit (I have for this purpose an apron) and safety glasses!

Is there a significant difference from the direction of rotation?

The direction of rotation can be changed, as from yourself, so and on yourself. These options have advantages and disadvantages. If the abrasive is placed away from yourself, then sparks and dust fly on the operator, which creates inconvenience in the work. There is also a risk of eye burns and clothing ignition.

Sparks when working with an angle grinder

Install angle grinder disc | Angle grinder safety

If the disc rotates on itself, you can get rid of these disadvantages. But in this case there is a risk of serious injury. If the abrasive is jammed in the process, the tool will hit the operator’s hands or face hard.

cutting disc safety basics-How to properly use an angle grinder with cutting disc

There is no single rule for the rotation setting, and if it is important, the information should be indicated on the tool itself. In any case, the direction of the machine must be chosen by the operator himself, depending on the material to be processed, as well as for his convenience.

The provided information is enough to understand which side to put the disk on the angle grinder and why it is important to install the abrasive correctly.

What side to put the disk on the angle grinder

In most cases, the abrasive for the angle grinder is installed only in one direction, but in the situation when working with stone or concrete, the process changes. Therefore, we need to consider these cases separately.

Depending on the situation, the disc is set in different ways

For metal

How to correctly place the wheel on the angle grinder. two factors influence:

  • On any abrasive glued a special label that shows the side on which it must be attached to the angle grinder. If the angle grinder is running sideways from the driver, as it should in most cases, then the disc should be mounted with the label inward. When the angle grinder works in the opposite direction, the label is located on the outside.
  • Of course, you can put the abrasive disc either side, without paying attention to the label. But in this case you should expect unpredictable results, for example, disk breakage.

Important! Experts assure that if you do not observe the requirements of the installation of the disk, the angle grinder one day will jam, the disk may break, injuring the operator working with the tool.

For other materials

When working with concrete or wood the angle grinder must rotate the disk in the direction of the person who is holding the angle grinder. In this case, the label must be directed outward. These are isolated cases, and in most other variations, the grinder works away from the operator.

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What must be used for setting the disc?

In fact, the process of installing the disc in the angle grinder is not that complicated. However, in order to perform such work, you need to take into account certain rules and use certain tools.

Specifically, you may need to use a wrench for installation:

  • The wrench that is used to unscrew the nut.
  • Next, the disc itself is required.
  • You may need a hole or a chisel. These tools should be used in the case where the disc is jammed and it will have to be taken out by exposing it, which means that the residue in the gap can be eliminated exactly with a chisel. These tools may not be needed, but it is better to have them on hand.

Which side to put the wheel on the angle grinder

Most builders know for sure that without using a grinder in their work can not do. At the same time, the popularity of the tool is so great that in the people it received a fairly simple name. the angle grinder.

It is used quite widely, for example, for processing stone, concrete, marble and even reinforced concrete. In some cases, the angle grinder is also used to cut entirely unsuitable materials. However, it is worth understanding that in this case, there are also many questions about safety and installation of auxiliary devices.

In order to use an angle grinder it is necessary to know certain nuances of use, so often beginners have a lot of questions.

One of many questions, is to study the information about how to properly install the disk on the angle grinder, namely, which side to put the disk.

Picture up or down: how to position the disc correctly on the angle grinder

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If you look into the operating manual angle grinder, then there the handyman can not find any clear answer to the question of what exactly side should be put on the angle grinder. the picture up or down. Taking into consideration how many discussions this fact provokes, you might wonder why such an important thing was not mentioned in the main technical document for tool users?

In fact, the answer to this question is quite trivial. In the manuals do not write anything about how you should put the disc of the angle grinder, because it does not matter. If the design of the disk allows it to put both ways, you can do it any way you like. The disc mounting option does not have any serious effect on safety and performance. For the same reason, there is no information on “correct” installation of the angle grinder disc in either GOSTs, TU or foreign EN.

Manufacturers of discs for the angle grinder claim that the structure of the abrasive wheel is uniform and equal in working properties and composition. That said, different companies give different advice on how they think it would be best to put the discs. These tips vary, depending on the logic of the craftsman. Most often it is advised to put the disc so that the worker could always and easily see what exactly the angle grinder is “armed” right now. In this case, the companies add that there are no strict norms and recommendations on the proper installation of the disc.

It is recommended that the facing outward is chosen because the color of the pattern protects the tool from the pressure nut and thus acts as a protective seal. By the way, it does not affect performance of your tool in any way.

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