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Ringing the stator winding “Corner grinder

The work of the tool brings me pleasure, I am guided by the rule: “Do you want to do well. do it yourself!»This post, rather my notes, so to speak, a memo and a checklist of the necessary work during maintenance, which can be useful not only to me The article is formed on my personal experience and knowledge of authoritative sources, so on the title of guru or the only correct opinion I do not claim.

Prevention. everything is head!)) Timely maintenance of the tool, I think there is no one for anyone, saves money and minimizes the likelihood of a sudden breakdown and a number of inconvenience.

I think by analogy with medicine: “The main thing is not to get down!”Initially, correctly realize the option of the result of your own repair as the last for this tool, t.e. to realize the risks and willingness to acquire a new corner grinder, but this is under the most unfavorable circumstances. As in any other business, there are a number of nuances and subtleties, without experience it is not very difficult to make mistakes that will lead to additional costs for spare parts or generally disable several expensive nodes that make repairs unprofitable. On the other hand, not all repair workshops are a panacea. There are not many professionals and good masters, but the negative “sediment” after contacting the service center is far from uncommon. Here is just a post in which I will try to highlight the knowledge and tips that can help with independent maintenance and repair of Bulgarians.

Advantages and disadvantages

Metabo angular grinder is created for grinding, cutting, cleaning products from various materials, whether it be stone, wood, metal or plastic.

This power tool has several advantages.

  • High quality. The product is certified and complies with the regulatory documents developed in Russia and Europe.
  • Dimensions. Devices have compact dimensions, while issuing a rather large power.
  • The lineup. The manufacturer offers a huge selection of Bulgarians with a different set of functions. Here you will find a device with the characteristics you need.
  • Guarantee period. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for his tool, which is 3 years, including batteries.

The disadvantages of the Metabo corner grinder include only their price, which is quite high. But the quality of the device quite justifies it.

Metabo corner grinder can be divided into several types.

By the type of nutrition

Here are both tools working from the network and battery models. Metabo has directed its developments for the release of the construction site from network wires, so many models of the corner grinder of this manufacturer are operating from the battery. Although for conservative builders there are in the assortment of Metabo and network devices.

Also, under this brand, pneumatic corner grinders are also produced. There is no engine in their device, and the device is launched by supplying compressed air, which affects the blades inside the device and forces the circle to rotate.

By application

Metabo corner grinders are produced both in household design, where the power of the device is small, and in a professional with wider functionality and increased power and torque.

By size of the disks

The manufacturer produces an angular grinder with a different diameter of the cuts. So, compact household models have a diameter of the installed circle of 10-15 cm. In professional tools, this size reaches 23 cm.

The assortment of the Bulgarian TM Metabo and a corner grinder with a flat gearbox.

How to change a bearing on a corner grinder

How to change a bearing on a corner grinder

We are successfully promoting

Anchor. a spinning element of an electric motor containing windings.Collector. anchor place to which it remains to be made to our client of the winding. Looks like a number of plates isolated between themselves.Stator. a motionless part of the electric motor containing windings.Brushes. coal parallelepipeds leading current to the collector.

Gearbox. a mechanical device for transmitting rotation with changes in power of no rotation speed.

The most necessary inventory in everyday life after a drill is an angle grinding machine as it is also called, as it is called more often, an angular grinder.

The corner grinder is used for cutting metals, wood, concrete, grinding of different surfaces, cutting gaps, doors, and niche.

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If the corner grinder is natural, then the use of it is always not particularly sad when it stops working normally, jerks, twitching, smell of burning.

The corner grinder to our client is arranged idyntually: the oblong case in which the engine is not a gearbox located, a handle is screwed on the side of the side side.

A sticker with initial data is placed on the corner of the corner grinder. Here, easily find as a personal number of corner grinders, so not a power voltage. 230 V. Here I mean a very allowable voltage in the network. The current frequency in the network is 50 Hz. Consumption current. 5 A.

The power consumed from the network is 1100 watts, how oil comes out as a work between the voltage multipliers (220 V) is not current (5 A). The speed of the disk installed on the corner grinder is 2800-11000 rpm. Specifically the anchor itself spins at a higher speed than the disk. Directly on this corner grinder for you, stepped speed regulation of rotation.

The disk installed on the corner grinder has an external diameter of 125 mm, the fastener nut of the disk has a thread M14.

Household instrument designed for a phase voltage 220 V has a winding winding not winding of the stator. The transfer of energy from the network to anchor is carried out using graphite brushes.

The voltage from the network is supplied to the switch, which is mechanically associated with the button for turning on the angular grinder. The stator winding consists of two halves of electrically unrelated.

The anchor winding consists of many windings, but at any time the brush binds only two windings of the anchor.

When the angular grinder is turned on, the current is supplied to the entrance of half the stator winding, the output of the stator winding is associated with the brush holder into which the brush is inserted using the spring.

The brush transfers the current to half the anchor winding, on the other hand, the other brush receives the current and through the brush holder transfers the current to the other half of the stator winding. The current entered and left the corner grinder.

If the entire electric circuit is working, then the anchor will begin rotation.

Reverse, t.e. A change in the direction of rotation of the disk can be carried out if you change the wires going to the brushes from stator windings. Just disconnect the wires on the brushes and change places.

In the end of the corner grinder body is a red wheel for stepped control of the speed of the anchor and a screw for removing the casing.

In this type of corner grinder, the brushes themselves are located inside the case and there is no access to them, but the developers simplified the replacement of the brushes when removing the casing. After the unscrewing screw, the plastic plate is removed and the outer casing is shifted towards the cord, exposing all the insides, including the brush holders.

Speed ​​control mechanism. electronic. The whole scheme is flooded with epoxy resin and out of the speed of speed control and radiator. What is hidden inside. The commercial secret of the company. When the block fails.

speed ceases to be adjusted, but remains at the maximum level. In any case, you should not despair, but sequentially with a corner grinder, you can turn on the most common dimmer. Lighting regulator.

With it, you can adjust the speed of any AC collector engine, the main thing is that the engine power does not exceed dimmer power. corner grinder repair (bearing replacement)

Sometimes it is better to carry out the prevention of the tool in time than getting to expensive repairs.

Angle Grinder Oil Bearing Bush Open. Angle Grinder Repair. Hitachi Hikoki G10SS1, G10SS2 ||

How to change

Regardless of the models of the Bulgarians, the technique of replacing bearings is not much different from each other. The adjustment of repair technology is associated with the design features that each brand has.


The next video describes the replacement of the bearings of the gearbox of one of the Bosch models, which has a large backlash on the spindle. Here, the main executive body, which creates the efforts of extinguishing/pressing, are ordinary locksmiths. The use of various extensions in the form of the corresponding in size of pipes and other similar details allows you to transfer efforts to the right place of the structure using the movement of the viges of the vice. Some operations are performed with the help of extensions and light beats of the hammer.

A feature of the design is a flange.flooded plastic. For extinguishing/pressing the flanberry bearing, the author using a knife and burner removed plastic interfering with this process. Perhaps, if there are a turner skills, just cut off this material on the machine.

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One of the Makita models describes the process of replacing bearings without the use of special tools, any available improvised means. As basic surfaces, wooden bars made of hard rocks are used, which perceive the load when performing various technological operations using force exposure.

As equipment, metal sheets and end heads suitable in thickness are used (you can use suitable pipe size) when knocking out bearings. The central holes of the shaft serve as a base for a pointed rod (in the video it is a modified old screwdriver), with which the shaft itself is released itself. The only tool for industrial production is a puller for stopping rings, although without it you can figure out how to remove them with the help of improvised means.


Some structures of bearing nodes are performed without the use of landings with an integration. So, for example, in the next video, the ball.bearing cover of the hull of the reducer of the Interskol model is collected in the supporting structure using a washer mounted by threaded joints. For a better fit to the plane of the case, the surface of the washer is covered with adhesive composition.


Some designs of bearing nodes at first glance exclude the replacement of the bearing itself directly included in such a knot. However, the author of the next video found a way to do this in one of the Hitachi models and thereby save a decent amount of money proposed in the proposed way.

To fix the bearing node, a crown on a tree approached the drill, in the inner surface of which one of its external diameters sits tightly. With a working drill, using an acute object, plastic material is removed to the size of the outer ring of the bearing. Thereby nothing prevents the bearing with a hammer and extension.

Further, when assembling a new bearing, instead of rushed plastic, a ring is inserted (in the video it is most likely from a kaplon or other similar material). Since the ring in the video has a wall thickness that does not allow the assembly of the gear according to technical requirements, using the chisel, the inner diameter is finalized to the desired size.


In the next video, one of the models of the corner grinder of the Sparky brand was failed. To determine the cause of the malfunction, the author made a complete disassembly of a corner grinding of a sink and cleaning all the details. Details on the process of disassembly in this video did not stop. This technological operation can be viewed in the article on the link “How to disassemble a gearbox”.

After analyzing the condition of the nodes and parts, it turned out that the cause of the corner grinder was the cause of the malfunction of the rotor. It was easily replaced by a new one, which was inserted into the gearbox body without an interference and recorded with a puck using threaded screws. SPARKY Corner Grinding of the Video Corner Grinding Corner is 15 years, so other defects are not excluded and the author correctly draws a conclusion about the acquisition of a new corner grinder.

Features of structures angular grinder of domestic manufacturers

Among domestic manufacturers, the products of such well.known brands as Interskol, Fiolent, Leps occupy a special place.

Repair corner grinder Interskol

With proper operation of the angular grinder, Interskol can work for years.

Along with the infrequent failure of the gearbox of the corner grinder, in which a pair of gears and bearing are a weak link, cases of malfunctions in the stature are noted.

To replace the gears of the gearbox, you need the gearbox of the pos.19 disassemble, freeing the lid pos.6.

Leading gear pos.11 pressed on the shaft pos.8 and removed using the press. Bearing pos.9 is removed by a puller.

Repair of the INTERSKOL corner grinder stator can be performed independently if you know the necessary data. When disassembling the burned stator, you must calculate the number of turns of the wire used, its section.

Repair corner grinder Lepse

Corner grinder under the Lepse brand are marked by Lepsa Kirov 1.8-230-a. These corner grinders lead their history from the famous corner grinding of IZH. Amazingly hardy tool representing the most anti.vandal structure.

The advantages of Lepse’s angular grinder are the possibility of replacing worn coal brushes without disassembling the machine body.

Repair angular grinder lepsy in terms of replacing brushes is performed simply. Through special windows pos.45, closed with traffic jams poses.48, coal brushes poses.47 are inserted into the case of the brush holder pos.46.

When repairing the gearbox of the corner grinder Lepse, a gear pair must be dismantled.

The leading small scobiery gear is attached to the rotor shaft on the veneer and fixed with a nut.

Leading gear pos.15 is wound on the shaft of the spindle pos.10 and fixed by a nut pos.eighteen.

Repair corner grinder Fiolent

Recently, the corner grinder of the Fiolent began to be especially popular. Attracts not only an affordable price, but also the reliability of the tool.

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It is recommended to start the repair of corner grinder of the Fiolent with your own hands. If you need to disassemble the corner grinding of the Fiolent, then to remove the driven gear poses.11, it must be handed over from the shaft of the spindle pos.eight.

To remove the bearing of the spindle shaft, you must first remove a large gear. These are minor inconvenience.

Replacing the rotor bearings is associated with the fact that it is necessary to dismantle the small, scabbling gear poses.22.

Dismantling of corner grinder for prevention

I would recommend to disassemble your grinding machine not only for the repair and replacement of worn parts, but also for regular prevention. This will significantly extend the operation time of the electrical device. Any mechanism works longer, better if proper care is established behind it. The angular grinder is no exception.

Disassemble the tool, as described in this article. Only now you are doing this not for repair, but in order to carefully clean and lubricate the tool that is necessary in the farm.

The most ideal option for cleansing is to use compressed air and nozzle for purging in compressors. You will have to take into account that the corner grinder is cooled through the distance in the middle of the anchor and the stator.

Excessive amount of construction dust, various particles on the engine. All this is required to clean from time to time.

And if you have disassembled the corner grinder for prevention, apply fresh grease to the details, as previously said.

As you can see, the maintenance and repair of the corner grinder is not such a difficult task!

Dismantling procedure for the corner grinder Sparky

Regardless of the power of the SPARKY Bulgarians, the disassembly procedure is almost the same.

Dismantling begins with the dismantling of coal brushes. They are easy to get when you remove the body cover or protection on the brush holders.

The thing is that in order to extract the rotor from the stator body, carbon brushes prevent the rotor to extract, rubbing the collector lamella.

At the next stage, the gearbox body and the stator case are disconnected. It is only necessary to twist four screws attaching the gearbox body and the stator body.

To disassemble the gearbox body, it is necessary to remove the lid by unscrewing the four screws. In the lid of the gearbox mounted the shaft of the driven gear. We have already examined the analysis of the shaft of the shaft.

The electric part is even easier to disassemble, since the number of parts in its composition is even less.

Coal brushes are mounted in the brush holders and recorded by special clamping springs. Taking out the brushes during repair, remember the places and directions of their installation. The brushes wear out unevenly. And the wear of the brushes is influenced by the angle of rotation of the rotor.

Wide entry simply implies the entry of the product name: the request “608” Relias results: Holler AXK 6085 (CX) Bearing EGB0608-E40 (INA) CRBS 608 A UU (IKO) bearing (IKO)

This type of entry involves a gap in front of the query line to search for modifications of some series. The request “608” REALITY REALITY: AXK 6085 (CX) bearing CRBS 608 A UU (IKO) but the EGB0608-E40 (Ina) bearing will not be removed

This type of entry involves a gap in front of the query line and after it, to find only the exact entry of the series with the “608” request, the results are relevant: CRBS 608 A UU (IKO) bearing SV 608 ZZST (KOYO) but the EGB06-E40 (Ina) bearing will not be removed AXK 6085 (CX) bearing

Repair corner grinder Fiolent

Recently, the corner grinder of the Fiolent began to be especially popular. Attracts not only an affordable price, but also the reliability of the tool.

It is recommended to start the repair of corner grinder of the Fiolent with your own hands. If you need to disassemble the corner grinding of the Fiolent, then to remove the driven gear poses.11, it must be handed over from the shaft of the spindle pos.eight.

To remove the bearing of the spindle shaft, you must first remove a large gear. These are minor inconvenience.

Replacing the rotor bearings is associated with the fact that it is necessary to dismantle the small, scabbling gear poses.22.

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