How to protect the corner grinder from dust. Installation instructions

TOP-7 dustproof rating for angular grinder from 125 mm: overview and features of the best casings-drifts of 2022

During finishing work, dust often flies around the master, and even pieces of wood or concrete periodically strive to get directly into the eye. It’s not always able to dodge, and how to affect the work of a waste of time for one or the other! Therefore, it’s easier to immediately buy a special device and be calm.

The protective casing performs a certain function, namely, protects the user from large pieces of brick or concrete, and from small dust particles.

HERZO dust shroud can use for 80% main brand angle grinder

Yes, and not only the user: if the garbage enters the mechanism of the corner grinder itself, the device may fail. But how to choose a device so as not to be disappointed? Let’s find out.

Dustproof for corner grinder

The fight against dust. Eternal problem at a construction site. Manufacturers of power tools on many Divines provide for withdrawal to the vacuum cleaner. On milling cutters, disk saws, electrolobsics and much more, even at the electrodrodreli I saw. Although, for me, if you do not sharpen gypsum or something else, from which a lot of flying dust is formed, they are not needed. It’s easier for me to clean up after work, than, along with the tool, the vacuum cleaning hose is to turn. But this is my personal opinion.

Yes, what did you want to say. There are full.time instrument for the instrument. Even where they are not very and needed. And on such a powerful dustenarator as an angular grinder, dust is not provided for. At least I have not met industrial samples. But many different self.lives on this topic. People are bridging something, to the best of their understanding, capabilities and technical equipment. I myself often wrapped with tape to the corner grinding of a vacuum cleaner hose. The effectiveness is low, but at least a fishing line for a cutting cut for dust can be seen.

Old man my Kurher is still new, clean.

The video of Andrei Shaiter looked at YouTube. Inspired. I decided to build something similar. But differently. I fix the dustwall not to the body of the corner grinder, but directly to the protective casing. So much more functional.

Two corners of the 50th sewage system, 90 and 135 degrees. You can do one corner. Two self.tapping screws, a drill at 3.5. 20 minutes of work. That’s what happened.

The corner grinder rowing “from itself”. It is more convenient for me to work in this position. With a convenient grip of the tool, you can observe a fishing line for a trimmer cut.

The corner grinder row “for itself”. If the cut is necessary close to the corner or other obstacle to bring. Turn the casing, unfold the corner.

Dustless Technologies. Dustie Dust Shroud for Hand Grinders

The casing can be placed at any comfortable angle.

View near. I put a couple of washers to fix the corner in the right position.

I do not see the need to close the casing with something. Dust does not fly to the side. Foam block tests showed decent dust efficiency. A little later I will check on gypsum and brick.

Types of casing

In stores trading in an electric tool you can find a protective casing for angular grinder with dust band. Most manufacturers make them under semi.professional and professional equipment of well.known firms.

The appointment of this additional equipment is an effective removal of dust from the processing zone by means of the angular grinder itself. Fastening is carried out to regular places with a clamp.

Exhaust pipe has a size equal to the suction hose of the vacuum cleaner. External diameter. 65 mm. The diameter of the hole is 59 mm. The dimensions of the dustyness correspond to the established circle. For example, the Messer cover 10–40–441 is designed under a circle with a diameter of 180 mm. And its dimensions are 245x230x100 mm.

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A high drawback of purchased equipment is a high price. So, minimal, which is comparable to the cost of a budget corner grinding machine.

But the goal for inventions is cunning, and the home craftsmen solved the problem by independent manufacture of additional equipment.

How to saw concrete without dust

When you use a corner grinder for cutting concrete, you inevitably come across huge dust clubs that a cutting tool creates. Thick mineral dust not only interferes with the labor process, but can also pose a threat to the master. Of course, you need to use protective glasses, but even in this case, dust is a serious problem that should be rid of. In the article, the master plumber will tell you how to cut concrete without dust.

Concrete. the material is durable, so working with it is quite difficult. To carry out cutting, most often used angular grinder (angular grinding machine). This instrument is better known in everyday life as “corner grinder”.

As a nozzle, a diamond disk is used. Depending on the design features, they are divided into several varieties:

protect, corner, grinder, dust

The first option is a continuous base with a segmented edge. Such a circle differs in low cost, but not too suitable for working with strong materials. It is also necessary to take into account that it is used only for dry cutting. A continuous diamond edge has a continuous disk, so chips are not formed during operation. Such a nozzle heats up quickly, so it must be cooled with a continuous water stream. Combined or turbo-almas disk universal. It withstands the maximum load and is suitable even for cutting reinforced concrete.

Before buying a nozzle of the right type, you need to figure out what material you will have to work. Reinforced concrete is reinforced with metal rods, on which in the process the cutter may stumble. Therefore, if it is supposed to deepen more than 10 cm, use the discs of increased strength, that is, turbocharged. Fresh concrete is more abrasive, over time the material hardens, its strength increases. This factor should also be taken into account when choosing a circle for cutting.

The disk segments are attached to the canvas with a silver solder or using laser welding. The first option is more suitable for wet, the second is used only with dry cutting. When choosing a suitable diamond circle, you should also pay attention to its diameter, which should approach the parameters angular grinder. An important criterion is also the frequency of rotation of the disk. It is better if it is higher than the maximum possible indicator declared in the technical characteristics of the “corner grinder”. This will provide the optimal mode of operation.

The use of water allows you to cut concrete “angular grinding” without dust and overheating of the tool. The technology allows you to solve several problems at once:

One way to ensure water supply continuously is to fix the hose so that the liquid gets to the disk. If there is no water supply in the working area, an assistant can be involved in the process. He will use a primitive device from a plastic bottle to wet a circle. At the same time, the cut site is moistened with liquid. This must be done carefully so that the water does not fill the tool.

The method is not very applicable in multi.storey buildings, since there is a risk of pouring neighbors from below.

How to make an adapter to an angular grinder for a building vacuum cleaner from the “corner grinding” of small particles of the material that forms during cutting during the cutting of the “corner grinding” with a vacuum cleaner. But what if it is necessary to saw concrete with an ordinary tool without additional options? The easiest solution would be to purchase a casing for a vacuum cleaner separately or make a device with your own hands.What will be needed: a patch loop, metal screws are short, a screw with a nut M3, a knee of a sewer pipe 50 mm by 45 or 67 degrees, rubber reduction on a 50 mm wastewater pipe.

protect, corner, grinder, dust

It is necessary to attach a small door loop from the bottom to the protective casing of the corner grinder. For this, one hole is made in a loop and a casing.

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Popular models

Protective casings for a vacuum cleaner for angular grinder are produced in a huge assortment. over, each of their appearance can differ not only in design, but also with functionality. Several models of nozzles are very popular among masters.

Bosch 2605510224. This casing is suitable for bells of various brands with discs 115 and 125 mm. It is equipped with a special ring brush, which allows you to perform the work of a fiber nozzle and a grinding circle. The size of the nozzle is 200 × 190 × 80 mm, its weight is 0.3 kg. The cost is low.

  • Stomer 98299441. This device is made in the form of a semicircle. It is installed on a corner grinder with discs 230 mm. The main advantage of the nozzle is the presence of a guide, which is responsible for adjusting the depth of bastard. Casing size. 320 × 160 × 240 mm, weight. 2.71 kg. It can also be purchased at an affordable price.
  • Mechnik Air Duster. This option is suitable for tools with diamond disks with a diameter of 125 and 230 mm. It has a low price and the ability to connect to medium.power vacuum cleaners (up to 1.6 kW). The casing has lightweight, easy to install.
  • Blastrak. This is a professional protective casing for a vacuum cleaner, which can be attached to a grinding tool with discs 125 and 180 mm. The nozzle is distinguished by a variable elasticity, it is more rigid in places of attachment with angular grinder and soft on the edges, in contact with the floor.
  • Metabo Ged125. This casing deserves special attention. It is recommended to purchase it for processing concrete and stone. The nozzle is equipped with a special pipe that allows you to attach it to the vacuum cleaner.

Each master, whether he is a professional or amateur, does not represent his workdays without a corner grinding machine, or the people of a “corner grinder”, “Ushma”. It is almost the main power tool in most works and many try to buy it in the first place. Corner grinder is not the safest type of tool, therefore, its operation requires knowledge of safety regulations and special details.

They are designed to ensure the personal security of the worker himself and those who surround him, as well as for the quick and high.quality performance of the tasks. What is meant by the phrase “special details”? Various types of protective covers with dustwall.

When buying a corner grinder, you can find a protective casing in the kit, but this accessory, if you can call it that, will not be able to protect the premises from the dust where the work is carried out. For this reason, many buy or themselves make a casing for corner grinder for a vacuum cleaner.

When buying this nozzle, you will need to get acquainted with the information about what type of work it is intended for and what size the casing is made for the size of the disk. The advantages of such a purchase include the adjustability of the depth of the disk penetration, the reliability and durability of the casing. By the minuses. the fact that this accessory is by no means of cheap.

Canistra device

Homemade craftsmen have developed a more economical option for modernization angular grinder with a casing for a vacuum cleaner. In any workshop there is always an unnecessary plastic canister from technical fluids. Such a container holds its shape perfectly, is quickly processed and has a factory diverting pipe of the required size.

To make such a product, you will need such tools and materials:

First, fitting is carried out, the main criterion of which is to ensure the necessary depth of immersion of the cutting disk. The necessary through holes are cut out with a stationery knife. Their dimensions are selected taking into account the further preservation of the maximum stiffness of the product. Both landing holes are cut out on both sides of the canister so that the direction of rotation of the cutting disk can be changed. The hose of the household vacuum cleaner joins the neck of the plastic container and is fixed with a clamp. Next, you need to attach the casing to the corner grinder using a durable clamp and a special transition ring. The assembly of this detail should be taken very carefully. The hole in the canister is closed with a lid, which can be transferred to the opposite side when changing the direction of rotation of the cutting disk.

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Such homemade dust collectors cost almost nothing, but bring very much benefit. The construction corner grinder with dust protection allows you to perform any kind of work in the rooms with the least release of fine dust. To make polishing the floors, the shape of the nozzle should be slightly changed, but this will not require a lot of time and effort.

Types of cases for corner grind

Plastic casing for angular grinder (125 mm) Messer. Photos all tools.RU

There are several types of covers for angular grinder:

  • The nozzles for the vacuum cleaner are used for walls of walls, grinding surfaces and the implementation of other works, during which a large amount of dust, particles and other garbage is formed;
  • Covers designed for Bulgarians with various disks diameter;
  • nozzles made of metal and plastic;
  • with and without fastening;
  • with sleds. special guides;
  • various brands: Russian and foreign.

Functions of a case for angular grinder

As soon as the machines for the processing of stone and metal were invented, the operator’s protection problem from flying out “production waste” immediately arose. A simple leather apron served as a “means of individual protection” on stone.cutting machines that worked with a continuous supply of water.

With metalworking machines, the situation was worse. Flying shavings, sometimes, sometimes “drain”, prevented the achievement of “high rates in labor” and forced to invent protective casings of turning cartridges, cutters with chips, chips removal systems and other technical tricks. To save the health of qualified labor, protective glasses and masks were widely introduced. The problem of reducing the opening of shavings even caused the development of special “automatic” steels for automatic machines and semiautomatic machines.

GDE 115/125 FC-T Professional Bosch nozzle. Photos all tools.RU

Starting from the last, 20th century, in the design of the first manual grinders, first with a direct gearbox, and then corner, a protective casing was initially provided. The functions of the standard casing were (and remain) quite simple. direct the flow of sparks and other particles away from the operator and protect it from fragments in case of emergency destruction of the abrasive disk.

DIY vacuum collar casing with your own hands

Author’s tools.- electric screwdriver. crowns. stepped drills. construction hairdryer. corner grinder. cut.out disk. grinding diamond bowl along concrete. vacuum cleaner. square, ruler, marker, screwdriver, file, scissors for metal.

Production process. The basis for the casing will be a plug for PVC pipe with a diameter of 160 mm. On it the master marks the center, and drills the hole with a step drill.

The edges of the hole turned out to be a little longer, the author cuts them with a corner grinder, leaving about 15 mm reserves. The edges are aligned with a file.

Warm up with plastic, and inserts a corner into it in this way. Its joint can be additionally fixed with hot glue.

There are many incisions on one edge of the tape, this is necessary to increase its elasticity, and more dense contact with the surface.

Almost everything is ready, a clamp is put on the neck, the casing is installed on the corner grinder, and is fixed with a screw. The master also installed a diamond grinding bowl on concrete.

That’s all, you can connect a vacuum cleaner, and process the walls, level their surfaces, or remove paint.

I thank the author for a simple but useful device for construction, which will help to work without dust!Good mood, good luck, and interesting ideas!

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