How to properly use a trimmer for grass

When you are selecting equipment to work on the dacha or in your garden, then you do not have to run after the most expensive types of equipment that have more power. It is clear that power speeds up the work. But the thing is that power is always a lot of weight, high fuel costs, as well as the cost of the device. But that’s not the problem here either. If you own a small garden, where shrubs and trees grow compactly, and there is also a flowerbed, then choosing a large lawnmower for dacha will be inappropriate. There’s no room to turn around. You’ll often snag trees and accidentally cut branches on bushes. The best option in such a case. to buy an inexpensive trimmer for grass. It is always a pleasure to work with, because the technique is easy to operate, even for those people who have never worked with mowing grass. Grass trimmer has a small motor, comfortable handles for holding and a fishing line that is directed in the bobbin.

If your area is only six acres or less, it is appropriate to use an electric trimmer for grass, which operates from the network. With such a device it is convenient to mow the grass near the curb, near the house, under the benches, around trees. It’s convenient to work with trimmers in greenhouses and hothouses, removing weeds.

Of course, the power cord on the trimmer is not big, but it can be continued by an extension cord. But if even so the requirements will not be met, you can look for a trimmer for grass on a gasoline engine. There are also battery trimmers for grass. The battery will not last more than an hour. But even this is enough to mow the grass in the garden or near the house.

Varieties of lawn trimmers

There are trimmers for grass, which have motors on top and bottom. Where the engine is located at the bottom is called a lower-motor grass trimmer. On uneven surfaces, it is best to use trimmers for grass with the top location of the motor. There will never be a short circuit from moisture, if the motor is on top of the device.

The trimmer is very convenient to use. However, there are still some rules for the use of this dacha equipment, which should always be observed in the work. Before you start using a grass trimmer, you need to check that there are no rocks, glass and other objects on the site. They can bounce off and injure the operator.

The second rule is the installation of the cutting system. There are grass trimmers that are not very powerful. They mow the grass with a fishing line. But there are also such models, the engine power of which reaches one kilowatt. There are already installed knives. If you can see large weeds on the plot, you need to unscrew the nut and on the mount and install a knife instead of a fishing line.

When starting work you need to protect your head with goggles, because even the absence of foreign objects does not guarantee safety. Grass splinters can fly into the eyes. If the grass trimmer is powered, it has to be plugged in. Cordless devices require charging the battery. If there is a shoulder harness, put it on.

The cutting mechanism on the trimmer rotates counterclockwise. Mowing grass is very simple: you have to move the machine from right to left. If you have a lot to mow, you need to divide the area by squares and walk “on squares”. If the area has a slope, you should mow from the bottom, moving up parallel to the slope.

Grass trimmer care

When the work is over, a special care is needed for the hand trimmer: the technique needs to be cleaned of grass residue, and then neatly folded until the next time.

On the bobbin winds a fishing line, which performs grass mowing. Its edges are always visible on the outside. In order not to damage the line, you do not need to bring the grass trimmer head close to curbs, fences and other hard objects. The bobbin itself, on which the line is attached, must not touch the ground either.

The grass should be mowed with the tips of the line. so a greater effect is achieved. If you cut the whole length of line, the engine will overheat. If the grass is tall, you should not try to cut it all at once. You must at least cut twice. Otherwise the grass will be wound on the reel. If this happens, the engine is overloaded. Occasionally, you need to stop working and clean the head of the trimmer for grass. In the meantime the engine can cool down.

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Gasoline grass trimmer gear lubrication

If grass is very stiff, the line is wasted quickly. However, if you work carefully, following all the rules and requirements, the consumption of fishing line will be minimal. Today, to buy a trimmer for grass is enough to apply to any garden center, where experts will help pick up the right technique.

trimmer, grass

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To learn how to mow with a chain saw and a trimmer

Mothmowers are devices, with which it is easy to take care of lawns. The question of how to use the trimmer is asked by those buyers who are just about to purchase a garden tool. The industry produces different types of devices, so when choosing you need to pay attention to their characteristics.

Assembling the grass trimmer by Steps

Fasten the handle of the tool

Remove thumbscrew 2. Removing top cover fasteners

To adjust the handle, you need to loosen the wing nut and move it. Then fasten the thumbscrew.

FUBAG Electric Trimmers have rubber coated handles for more comfort and safety. They let you hold the tool securely, even in wet hands.

Inserting the safety cover

Align holes in access cover and attachment bracket.

Fasten the brush guard on the bar with the thumbscrews and washers with the spanner provided.

The blade guard on this model is secured with metal plates on both sides. This ensures extra reliability and durability of the grass trimmer.

The hood itself is made of dense but flexible plastic. This material is sure not to fall off when hitting small obstacles. We advise to pay attention to this, if you are just going to choose an electric grass trimmer or gasoline trimmer.

Attaching the shoulder strap

One of the easiest operations at assembling the electric trimmer. Many people will intuitively understand how to attach a shoulder strap. For those who are not sure, we decided to add a few important points to the instructions:

trimmer, grass

Connecting the carabiner to the belt ring 2. Adjust the position of the fixing ring on the rod 3. Fixing the ring with the fixing screw

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Install spool of fishing line

To begin with, we align the hole on the washer with the hole in the cup of the gearbox and lock with a special rod.

Unscrew the fixing nut from the hub clockwise. 3. Remove the cup from the shaft and pressure washer

Screw in the spool with the line counterclockwise until it stops, holding the rod.

When choosing a grass trimmer, you should take into account the quality of the bobbin from the kit. Often it is the coil that becomes the subject of savings to reduce the overall price of the product. How to detect a deficiency? A good bobbin is characterized by the quality of plastic, easy to open and allows you to fill the line without much difficulty.

The knife is not always the best choice. When you mow with a metal disc, the gearbox is more stressed, especially when the cutting part hits a stump or a stone in the grass.

The two-stroke engines of grass trimmers are filled with a mixture of gasoline and oil, and a different proportion is recommended for each. If you pour more oil. the engine may begin to smoke. Underfilling the engine will begin to heat faster, increasing the wear and tear of parts. It is important not to skimp on oil: bad oil can leave a residue. Also, the grass trimmer engine can start badly on old gasoline. for example, after standing for several months in the can.

Classification of trimmers

Depending on the source of operation grass trimmers are:

Cordless grass trimmer is a wireless device for the elimination of vegetation, working autonomously on account of the battery charge. Advantages: small weight, mobility. Drawbacks: Limited operating time, which depends on the battery capacity.

An electric grass trimmer requires a connection to a power source for operation. Advantages: comfortable to use, low power consumption. Disadvantages: impossibility of operation without power connection, the distance over which you can work is limited by the length of the cable.

Gasoline grass trimmer. a device for mowing grass, using gasoline as source of power. Advantages: high output, high efficiency. Drawbacks: High weight, loudness.

How to STRING TRIM like a PRO ������

What you can mow with a cordless trimmer

Small lawns and hard landscaping

Lawn trimmers are best used in places where a ride-on lawnmower would be impractical. A nice, neat lawn with a trimmer is not perfectly straight after all. But on small areas trimmer for grass will be just indispensable.

trimmer, grass

Mowing corners

Very often a lawn has its own protected areas which are difficult to reach with wheeled machines. You can trim them with a pair of garden shears, but a cordless grass trimmer will do the trick.

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Mowing bedding of fruit trees, ornamental trees and bushes

Mowing areas with many obstacles is not as easy as using a wheeled mower. With trunks of trees and shrubs you have to be very careful, otherwise you can damage the bark and lose the plant. It’s best to mow with a trimmer in these places.

Folding trestle on the cordless trimmer KäThe rcher LTR 36-33 Battery Set will prevent accidental cutting of trees by the line, and the guard will protect you from flying grass or anything that can get under the line and fly off in your direction while the unit is running because of the high rotation speed.

Overgrown areas with high grass

A wheeled mower tends to have trouble mowing in these areas. It crushes tall grass and tears it up. To cleanly and evenly mow overgrown area, it is better to mow it first trimmer to a height of about 6-8 cm, and then bring to mind a wheeled mower.

How to use a lawn trimmer

Surely many owners of dacha plots have faced the problem when it is necessary to clear a certain area from weeds, on which, for example, densely grow fruit trees. No ordinary mower will do the job. you can’t swing it, a hoe is long and labor-intensive, a lawnmower won’t pass. But there is still a way out: you can use a trimmer (brushcutter), which has long been used abroad for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places.

Before you buy or rent a grass trimmer or brushcutter, you need to decide for what purposes you need it. If the intended area of mowing the grass. from four to six acres, it is better to use a trimmer for the grass. If the area to be mowed is more than six hectares, a lawn trimmer is needed. Today we will focus on the first option. trimmer.

Grass trimmers come in two varieties: electric and gasoline.

The first. less powerful, suitable for work in the countryside, where there is an opportunity to connect to the mains for direct power or recharging batteries.

The latter are equipped with gasoline engines, they are more autonomous and will be suitable for those gardeners and dacha owners who have no opportunity to connect to the outlet. In addition, the stock of energy gasoline trimmer for grass give head start on the electric. they work for 10-15 minutes longer than the “rosette.

Gasoline grass trimmers

As a rule, gasoline grass trimmers are equipped with two-stroke motors, the power of which is about two horsepower / 1.5 kW. According to the location of the engine, such devices are divided into upper-motor and backpack.

Upper-motor gasoline grass trimmers (gasoline tool) are suitable for mowing grass on small areas with uneven terrain. Because the engine on this machine is on top of the handle, it is easy to balance and reach hard-to-reach areas. Such grass trimmers, in particular, are produced by the German company Solo.

For example, Solo 142B model is designed to work on large areas with uneven terrain. It has an ergonomic, bicycle-like handlebar. In the upper part of the trimmer for grass is a two-stroke, 2.6-horsepower motor, in the lower part. the cutting mechanism. Depending on toughness of the mowed grass one of two cutting tools can be used: a three-toothed blade (for tough grass, small bushes) or a fishing line (for thin-stemmed weeds). The fuel tank capacity of such a grass trimmer. 0.7 l, this amount of fuel is enough on average for 45-60 minutes of work.

Backpack-mounted grass trimmers with flexible shaft are used for cutting grass over large areas. They are more convenient to use, because their engine (about 2.5 to 3 liters.с. and more) is fixed behind the back, which allows the mower not to get tired while working on large areas.

Model of the Italian company Oleo-Mac 446 BP Ergo. an example of such backpack device. Vibration of the powerful 2.8 l engine (mounted behind the back on special backpack mounts) and the high output power of the STIHL Back-Pull Grass Trimmer is optimally adapted to the working conditions of the lawn.с.) practically do not feel during the work. thanks to the special system of vibration suppression. Fuel tank has a capacity of 1.5 liters, enough for 1.5 hours of operation. The set of such a device includes several types of blades, which allows you to remove grass of any hardness, bushes and even small trees.

Electric grass trimmers

This kind of trimmer for grass is what any gardener with a small garden plot needs for mowing soft-stemmed weeds or lawns. According to their design, electric grass trimmers are divided into upper- and lower-motor.

Upper-motor electric grass trimmers for the example of gasoline trimmers are designed for mowing grass in areas with uneven terrain. Another important distinguishing feature of such devices: they can mow wet grass, while lower-motor electric trimmers are contraindicated. there is a risk of short circuit.

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An example of a top-mounted grass trimmer. the model of the German manufacturer of garden equipment Gardena. ProCut 800. The device is equipped with an 800-watt electric motor that is powered from an outlet. It can mow small areas of up to six acres. The cutting mechanism is the fishing line.

Bottom-mounted electric trimmers are usually equipped with small capacity battery, and such devices are used for mowing grass on sites with flat terrain.

The Gardena AccuCut 400 Li is equipped with a 18 V/1.6 Ah lithium-ion battery and is designed for short duration (30 minutes on a single charge) mowing on flat areas. The unit’s pivoting handle helps you mow grass on lawn edges.

Mowing safety

What safety precautions when working with a trimmer? There are a few simple and straightforward points after which you can avoid dangerous situations and minimize the chance of injury:

  • Do not use a grass trimmer in wet and damp weather (especially an electric grass trimmer);
  • Wear body clothing before mowing so as not to injure your skin with bits of grass stalks flying from the disc or fishing line at high speed;
  • Keep a distance of 15 meters from other people and pay attention to signs others may be giving;
  • Using headphones or earplugs;
  • Use an electric weed trimmer to make sure the extension cord is always behind you;
  • Wear tight-fitting rubber boots that are easy to clean after work;
  • Using gloves and safety glasses, avoid getting small stones in your eyes and respiratory tract;
  • In case of injury, seek immediate medical attention.

Also, be sure to look behind you if you suddenly encounter an obstacle in front or to the side. When plunging a blade rod into dense thickets of grass, be aware that there may be a rock, stump, or berries (e.g., strawberries). Working with a trimmer requires discipline and attention, but once you understand the simple rules, it will become familiar, understandable and will bring only positive emotions from the results.

Description of the grass trimmer for mowing the lawn

grass trimmer is essentially an electric scythe. It looks like a long pole, on one end of which is a mechanism for cutting, and on the other. a handle to hold the tool. The motor can be in the upper or lower part of the pole. it depends on whether it is a gasoline grass trimmer or electric.

These tools for grass trimming are:

The efficiency of the device described depends on:

The principle of operation of the grass trimmer is simple. the drive, gasoline or electric, spins a reel, in which a fishing line and a spool are mounted. The ends of the line, looking outward, straighten and act as blades when rotating. The line can vary in thickness from 1 mm for a regular weekly mowing to 4 mm for overgrown areas.

The electric tool has many strengths and weaknesses.

  • Its advantages can be called:
  • Practically silent operation;
  • the lightness of the tool;
  • easy to operate;
  • the only consumable item is the fishing line.
  • The minuses of such tools are considered:
  • Dependence on the length of the cord and the electrical outlet;
  • low power;
  • it is forbidden to work with wet grass.

Also, during mowing you have to watch out for the cable, which can get under the cutting part of the tool. If the area is very overgrown, you should not cut the grass in one go. You should go over the area several times, removing 10-15 cm.

Cordless grass trimmers are relatives of electric trimmers. They differ in the fact that they do not need to be plugged in. you only need to charge the battery. However, such a tool can work for 25-30 min.

During this time, you can manage to mow an area equal to 100 square meters. Then the device will have to be charged, and it takes from 5 to 10 hours. As an option, you can buy several spare batteries and prolong the mowing by 1-2 hours.

Gasoline grass trimmers use currently expensive fuel. If the owner of the site has no problems with the purchase of gasoline, then you can opt for this option. It is more powerful than an electric and is not limited to battery power.

This type of tool can mow until you run out of fuel or a fishing line. In addition, similar grass trimmers that run on a mixture of gasoline and oil are much more powerful than electric ones. A lawn mower can cut up to 1,000 square metres of grass.

The two disadvantages of the gasoline lawnmower are noise and exhaust emissions. And if you don’t mix the right mixture, it can have trouble starting. Wheeled gasoline grass trimmers are almost lawnmowers. They are equipped with two large wheels, which improve handling and maneuverability on particularly difficult terrain.

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