How to properly screw knives on an electric screwdriver auger

How to choose an ice drill for an electric screwdriver

During winter fishing you will have to drill more than a dozen holes. And if during the first one you’ll be full of enthusiasm, then after the tenth one fatigue will take its toll. At such moments, the ice drill combined with an electric screwdriver comes to the rescue, which automates the drilling process. In this article, we will talk about how to choose an ice drill under an electric screwdriver and what characteristics of the power tool you should pay attention to.

In order to assemble an optimized hole-drilling tool you will need: an electric screwdriver, an adapter and an auger. The latter is connected to the power tool with an adapter and secured with a screw.

How to screw a screwdriver into wood.

You can screw a screw into wood in three ways, with a screwdriver, an electric screwdriver or a drill. the easiest and most cost-effective way to screw in a screwdriver. Wood is a soft and pliable material, which allows you to screw a sufficient number of self-tapping screwdrivers into it without much fatigue. In order to screw in a large number of screws you need to resort to the use of an electric screwdriver, all the power part of the work it will do for you. Screwing a self-tapping screw into wood with a drill is also not particularly difficult, but to do this, the drill must have a continuously variable speed control function.

How to drive a screwdriver into wood.

In most cases, you have to screw two types of self-tapping screws into the wood, a flat slot and a Phillips-head slot. Screwdrivers marked SL and PH are suitable for screwing these screws. Cross-head screwdrivers marked PZ are also commercially available. PZ bits have additional facets and are used for screws with a recessed slot. Sometimes flat-tipped screwdrivers are referred to as minus-tips, and Phillips screwdrivers are referred to as plus-tips or triangular screwdrivers. Their package includes not only a letter code, but also a number code, which indicates the width of the flat tip or which group the cross-tip belongs to. When making furniture with their own hands often have to screw in screwdriver screws whose diameter ranges from 2.2 to 4.2 millimeters. For example, the designation of a screwdriver should be SL 4 to 8 for screwing flat-tipped screwdrivers into wood, and the designation of a screwdriver for driving cross-tipped screws into wood should be PH or PZ 1 or 2.

How to drive a self-tapping screwdriver in wood with an electric screwdriver.

With screwing a screw in wood with an electric screwdriver to cope even a person far from this business, as an electric screwdriver will do all the work for you, you only need to properly select the nozzle for an electric screwdriver (bit). The rules that must be followed when selecting a bit to drive self-tapping screws in wood are the same as when selecting a screwdriver.

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How to screw a screwdriver in wood with a drill.

To drive self-tapping screws in wood, the drill must have electronic speed control. In other words, the speed of the drill chuck should increase smoothly as the button is pressed. It’s also worth remembering that most drills don’t have a maximum torque adjustment function like an electric screwdriver, so you need to control the depth of the screwdriver and take your finger off the button in time. A normal drill has enough power to drive a screwdriver deep into the wood or even tear off the head of a screwdriver.

How to tighten a screwdriver without a screwdriver and an electric screwdriver.

of course this way of tightening screws is an exception to the rule, but in some cases when you really need it and you only have a drill and screws at hand there is nothing else but to clamp the head of the screwdriver right into the chuck and slowly tighten it. To prevent the self-tapping screw in the chuck you can knock on the head of the self-tapping screw several times with a hammer so that it is not round, but slightly deformed.

What drill bit to drill for a self-drilling screw in wood.

It is not necessary to pre-drill a hole, since a self-tapping screw is nothing but a self-tapping screw, and according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it can be screwed into wood and plastic without pre-drilling. In confirmation of this you can think about what should be a drill for wood screwdriving under the 4.8100, and if reasoning logically drill diameter should be about 3 mm. and at least 130 mm long. (100 drill and 30 in a chuck of the drill). It is unlikely that such a drill can be found on the market.

And finally, remember that a poorly driven self-tapping screw holds up much better than a well driven nail.

How to use a screwdriver: helpful tips for use

After purchasing a screwdriver, follow the simple recommendations regarding use. And then the tool will work long and well:

  • Turn off the screwdriver before connecting and removing the battery;
  • Do not overheat, take breaks;
  • Do not adjust the torque control clutch correctly;
  • set the high RPM to minimum and let the engine idle for a few minutes to allow it to cool down;
  • Check the mains cord on a cordless screwdriver and the mains charger cord on a cordless screwdriver. If the tool or charger occasionally loses power, the cord should be replaced;
  • Do not use the screwdriver in the rain or snow. You can only work in a wet environment under a roof.

Causes of cutting parts falling out of the tool

If the drill bit is about to fall out or has already fallen out of the electric screwdriver chuck, look for the following reasons:

  • Bit is not properly secured. The bit in the electric screwdriver has to be unscrewed and refitted.
  • The wrong wrench has been selected for the toothed chuck or it has not been used correctly.
  • Chuck jammed. In this case, it must be removed and then lubricated with WD-40 or a similar liquid.
  • The nozzle is out of order and needs to be replaced.

Important! Do not tighten the wrench in only one hole in the chuck. To tighten the bit evenly around the whole circumference, you need to twist the key inside each of the holes in turn.

properly, screw, knives, electric

Types of meat grinders

There are two types of meat grinders. mechanical and electric. The latter varieties provide different degrees of chopping of meat and other products. Manual types of meat grinders in the traditional version have several attachments, which also allow you to vary the coarseness of the mince obtained.

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A closer look at the constructional features makes it clear that they are similar in principle. Having mastered the algorithm for assembling an ordinary meat grinder, you can quickly enough understand how to install its electric counterpart.

How to sharpen the cutting edge

It is not a secret that any cutting object, no matter how good it is made of, blunts over time. Drill blades produced in our country are made of rather soft steel. Therefore, if you use the ice drill extensively, they have to be repaired several times during the season. Ideally, you should have several sets and give them all to a professional sharpener after the winter season is over. If this is not possible, you must sharpen the blades yourself.

Be very careful when correcting the edge in this way. The point can easily injure your hands. over, it is only possible to sharpen on the inside where the blade has a sharpening angle. Attempts to sharpen them on the flat outside where recesses for countersunk screws are made will only lead to complete destruction of the blades.

properly, screw, knives, electric

The quality of the sharpening of the cutting edge is very simple to check: try to cut a sheet of newsprint by weight. A well sharpened blade will do it without difficulty. If the paper tears, the straightening procedure has to be repeated.

You just need to heat up the blades a lot so that the paint, rust, and all the slag is burned off. Then you need to slowly lower it into the water. Do it this way several times.

Requirements for electric screwdriver parameters

The choice of a screwdriver for the ice drill is based on the tasks facing it, namely, to work well and for a long time:

Next, you have to decide what kind of battery is needed, so that after a few minutes your screwdriver will not turn into an unnecessary unit, uselessly dragged around the pond. Mostly, anglers settle on three types of batteries:

  • Li-Ion batteries. They recharge quickly, they are lightweight, but they do not tolerate severe frost. However, the latest models of lithium-ion batteries are designed for use at low temperatures, but they still have to be taken out and periodically hidden behind the groove;
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries. They are highly frost-resistant, but they weigh a lot on the ice drill;
  • Nickel-metal hydride batteries. the most optimal power cell for the screwdriver, which is something in between the batteries mentioned above.

As practice has shown, more often fishermen prefer nickel-cadmium batteries. Despite the weight, they cope with the main duty of a good ice drill. to break through any ice, regardless of severe frost. And you should agree that this is an important factor in winter fishing.

Battery capacity is not the least important factor in choosing a screwdriver. It should not be less than 2.5-3 Ah so that you can drill several dozens of holes before the battery is completely discharged.

This is a good decision, as it provides a number of advantages over other options:

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Test-drive of Nero and Tonar-Helios ice drills

For amateur fishing speed is not so important, on the contrary. I want to exert less effort. In this regard, it might come in handy for someone to have a special adapter with which you can connect the drill to a screwdriver. “Volzhanka” offers such adapters, and made very intelligently, with a handle.

Yes, and one more practical tip for those who like comfort: it is worth to put on top of the foam, used for insulation of water pipes. so it will be much more pleasant to carry a drill.

Technical parameters of Nero ice drills:

In october ’18 I bought a screwdriver from Einhel German for less than 8tp, like everything now is made in china. (not advertising) was to ensure comfort during winter fishing without extra costs. I do not make repairs = home almost no need for an auger. I bought an auger HERO 130 (RIGHT ROTARY) to the screwdriver. )

What are you doing? ? How can sellers now sell top models for 27-28 kilograms ? Now how are the people who have bought themselves such a screwdriver. will feel ? Do not ruin people’s lives. Plus it’s on a regular collector motor. which is terribly shocking to the fish.

[Post modified by user 23.02.2020 14:26]

Tell me is it necessary to have an auger with a right hand rotation?Is it just a single auger that is sold in stores?? Tornadian knives are said to have right rotation or not?

[Post modified by user 24.02.2020 00:41]

in october 18, bought for less than 8tp a screwdriver from Einhel German, like everything is now made in china. (not advertising) was the task without the extra expense of providing comfort in winter fishing. no repairs = almost no need for a screwdriver at home. I bought a HERO 130 auger to the screwdriver (RIGHT-CURRENT). )

The screwdriver is the easiest. 60hp, 2 2Ah batteries.

The second season ends! Flight is fine. )) Almost every weekend on a fishing trip, 40-60 holes at a MINIMUM!!

For 2 years I have not changed or sharpened knives on the HERO. Although it’s about time

Also, if an ice drill powered by a cordless screwdriver is used, you don’t need gasoline. Also, there is no unpleasant smell, which is important for fishing.

What kind of drill is suitable to work with an electric screwdriver

Experienced users say unambiguously. with right-hand rotation. This is because all screwdrivers are designed specifically for standard drilling and screwing to the right. Yes, they have a reverse mode as well, but the chuck and inner clutch are not designed for heavy loads with left-hand rotation.

How to convert a manual ice auger into electric one

This means that your drill should also be right-handed, while some domestic brands are designed to drill counterclockwise. If this is the kind of drill you have, then an electric screwdriver will either require you to change it or overload an expensive electric tool with reverse rotation. Below we will tell you which electric screwdriver is the best choice for an ice drill.

There are two types of reducer that are suitable for these tasks:

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