How to properly install the lugs on a single axle tractor

What are the pruner wheels for?

Ground hitch is used in order to obtain additional traction power for transporting goods on dirt roads. It should be noted that it is forbidden to use a power tiller on public roads, even if it is equipped with quality wheels.

Many owners of small agricultural equipment make a rubber hitch with their own hands. In this case it is simply required to make a similar attachment as the “iron horse”. Additional wheels can be mounted if necessary.

When a single-axle tractor is used exclusively in the field, then rubber tires are not needed. When you design your own design, rubber wheels can not be made, and use only the grouser for everyday work.

This design is not a know-how, but is in demand for a long time. No rubber tires used to be made. The wheels in tractors and power tillers were metal, and cross steel plates were additionally installed on the drive wheels for better traction.

Hoes for tillers: What to look out for?

The main factor influencing the choice of a universal object is the size. If a person wants to buy the tires for a particular model of the machine, you should read the wishes of the manufacturing company and follow them.

Since among farmers and agronomists the Neva and Neva MB power tillers are particularly popular, it is necessary to outline the features of universal wheels-sootter tines by their example. For the products of these manufacturers are suitable versions with a diameter of 43 cm, because they are embedded into the soil to a depth of 15 cm These dimensions will provide maximum traction with the ground and smooth movement.

An important point: the equipment of heavy class does not need such additions, because its weight is already a guarantee of stability on almost any ground.

Functional purpose

The first thing you need to know before buying equipment is its functionality. Groomers are no exception. The tines for the power tiller successfully fulfill the following purposes:

  • • Improving the quality of traction with the ground;
  • • Increasing the weight of the motoblock for greater stability and the possibility of using various attachments;
  • • additional soil treatment;
  • • Facilitating the movement of a power harvester with a load uphill on soft soil.

Thus, it is immediately obvious that it is necessary to buy a tractor for a power tiller. Without them a singleaxle tractor will not be a fully universal unit. In order to understand what kind of grousers for which motoblock is required, it is worth examining their features by machine type. Only the right grousers will perform their functions well.

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How To Replace Seals On A Transmission Axle (Tractor)

What equipment is suitable for Neva power tillers?

There is a large selection of models of equipment, which differ in size and material of which they are made. Depending on the model, the devices may also differ from each other in the way they are installed on the singleaxle tractor. In any case, the design should not touch the machinery, and the bends of the metal plates should be directed towards the movement of the machine. Often some models of equipment are additionally weighted in order to better grip the power tiller with the soil. Not knowing what kind of trailing wheels are better for “Neva” power tillers, many beginners make mistakes. In practice, the most effective is the use of equipment of the “KMS” company.

Each such product weighs about 12 kg. Diameter of grototseks from this manufacturer is 46 cm, which allows you to effectively plow any type of soil. In addition to them, the inventory of the company “KUM” is also popular. They are ideal for tilling and deep ploughing. The weight of these “wheels” is 15 kg.

Production of grottoceps

It is ideal to use the pressed discs from any old VAZ car. Their mounting holes are usually the same as the holes on the cutter shaft plate of most Chinese power tillers. This allows you to use the axle-half of the tiller as a hub to attach the point plates to the gearbox. Using an angle grinder, the rims are cut from the discs.

The result is quite narrow and lightweight wheels. If they are not trimmed, they will be too high, so the machine will lose stability because the center of gravity will be shifted upwards.

To make the hooks on the cut discs, you need to cut an angle.

Its sections are securely welded to the first wheel, not evenly, but with a slight skew of 1 cm.

The clearance between the angles should be 3 cm. The bevel on the hooks will allow them to self-clean if the soil is wet.

On the second wheel, when welding the angle, you should also offset by 1 cm, but at an opposite angle. If this is not done, the single axle tractor will go to one side when driving and it will be difficult to hold it level. To directly install the tines on a tractor you must disassemble the first section of the standard tractor tiller that comes with your power tiller. From it the blades are removed and the shaft is screwed to the wheels through the mounting plate. For this purpose, the bolts used for fixing the blades are used. As a result, the wheels get hubs and can be mounted on the motoblock gearbox.

If the holes on the cutter bar and the wheels do not match, the wheels will have to be reworked a bit. To do this, a thick steel plate must be welded into them and drilled under the hub from the cutter.

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In the future, if cutters are needed, it will be necessary to remove the half axles from the wheels. These are good on sandy and soft soils. On good chernozem they only work in dry weather. If you get wet, the tines will still get stuck in the swamp despite the bevel.

properly, install, single, axle, tractor

How to choose a jack for a power tiller

When choosing a product, it is necessary to take into account how you plan to use it. If it is a question of cultivating the fallow fields, it is advisable to choose models with spikes. For the cultivation of already cultivated soil plates are needed.

Considering that the soil becomes hard after winter, it is recommended to have two types of tines. This will ensure comfortable work, regardless of external factors. However, you need to choose models based on the weight of the power tiller. If it is small and weighs a little, it is better to buy additional weighting agents to better loosen the soil.

Buying the aforementioned soil cultivators, you can not fear for the quality. It has already been tested by many users. They wrote that the devices are durable if used properly, do not require special maintenance and are efficient. Periodically new models appear on the market. Thus, if there is any doubt about what to choose, it is worth examining the offers and reviews on moderated sites to buy a suitable prime mover.

To implement such a project, you should prepare halves of Zhiguli rims. It is also necessary to prepare tractor tires with strong tread. Then the sides need to be trimmed. In this way, you get a rubber circle with an excellent tread.

Such wheels can be used on hard unpaved roads, as they will not loosen the ground. On soft ground they are also good, but the grip will be much less than with metal discs.

If you need a variant of wheels not only for good traction with the ground, but also for loosening, it is necessary to make ground tires with knife treads, which will not drive on ordinary roads, but are suitable only for loosening. In this way, the ground will be worked.

When cultivating the land in spring, the width of the occupied area is doubled with such wheels, which cannot fail to please, because it saves a lot of time.

It does not matter how to make and what type of grousers, the main thing is that they can be made on their own. elementary, from improvised means, and the budget for their production is ridiculous.

properly, install, single, axle, tractor

How to choose the right tines for your power tiller?

The right choice of wheels is a guarantee of their successful operation and functionality of the cultivator itself.

properly, install, single, axle, tractor

It must be based on several criteria:

  • Size. The grousers on a singleaxle tractor are considered to be properly sized if, once installed, they do not make contact with the bodywork. It is important to consider the power class of the cultivator: for motobloks heavy series, whose weight exceeds 200 kg, it is recommended to use wide gruntozatsepy (d=0,7 m); medium and light cultivators function most reliably with less dimensional metal wheels. with a diameter no larger than 0,3-0,4 m;
  • The nature of the surface of the grouser and the type of soil (its moisture capacity, softness, looseness) that is to be cultivated. The outside of the grousers can be made as:
  • spikes, which are uniformly distributed plates of welded reinforcement of varying height. According to consumers’ reviews, the tines for a power tiller with low spikes (in the range of 2 cm) are difficult to use on wet and loose soils. That is why for chernozems it is better to choose a big spike that will not get clogged and will not reduce the traction of the machine. On sandy massifs, in which moisture does not stay for a long time, this criterion can be slightly neglected and be guided only by your personal considerations and budget;
  • Tine arms. their traction part has an angular shape. Arrow-shaped ground spikes. the most popular option of equipment, which is suitable for any type of soil and for any load;
  • brand and modification of the motor cultivator. the most reliable criterion, following which it is difficult to make a mistake. Tines for a particular cultivator model are perfectly adapted to its specifications and are often sold together with hubs;
  • Price. depends on the company-manufacturer and versatility. When buying tillage implements for a light tillage machine it is important to understand that it is necessary to pay extra for auxiliary elements. weighting agents, without which the machine will stall on heavy soils.
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One way to save money on buying grototsezepov and get the right helpers for agricultural needs is to create metal wheels for a power tiller with your own hands.

Rating of the best grototsebs for power tillers for 2022

One of the main assistants of a person in the conduct of personal subsidiary farming is a singleaxle tractor. Its main purpose is to plow the land. This equipment is rather expensive, and in order not to spend money on such highly specialized equipment, it is enough to buy an additional trailing body, which will expand the range of application of a power tiller.

Industry produces a wide range of tractor models. Some of them are universal, suitable for many power tillers, while others are highly specialized, suitable for a particular brand.

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