How to prepare the mix for a chainsaw

prepare, chainsaw

How to dilute petrol with chain saw oil

A chainsaw is used when cutting trees, in repair work. The popularity of this tool is increasing every year. Every homeowner buys it. However, in order to use it for a long time, it is necessary to properly care for the tool. Only with good care will the saw last a long time and not harm your health.

How to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw

This is especially true in the gasoline-oil mixture. It must be diluted and poured strictly according to the instructions that will be given below.

prepare, chainsaw

The choice of components for the mixture

For the chainsaw to work efficiently, it is recommended to use only fresh, unleaded fuel with an octane rating of more than 90. A95 and A92 gasoline is considered ideal for making a fuel mixture. Do not use old, leaded fuel or fuel with a low octane rating. The existing individual recommendations for each tool are presented in its instructions.

Before mixing the fuel mixture in certain proportions, for example, dilute oil 1 to 50, it is necessary to choose it correctly. For each tool, the manufacturer forms a manual with an individual list of materials that should be used for the safe operation of the chainsaw.

It is better to choose brand-name synthetic oils for two-stroke engines. JASO-FB, API-TB, JASO-FD, API-TC are considered preferable. When buying it is worth paying attention to the following brands: Champion, STIHL, NANOTECH, ALCO, Husqvarna and others. Do not use oil beyond its expiration date.

What proportions to mix fluids?

Each chainsaw manufacturer determines its own proportions for obtaining the petrol-oil mixture and specifies it in the technical passport that comes with the tool when you buy it. Proportion of gasoline and oil for chainsaws of domestic production is often recommended in the ratio of 1:15 or 1:20. To calculate how much oil you need per liter of gasoline, you need 1000 / 15 = 65 ml and 1000 / 20 = 50 ml. In the first case you add 65 ml of oil to every liter of gasoline, in the second case 50 ml of oil. For imported equipment the proportions are somewhat different.

For a Husgvarna chainsaw, whose engine power is 2 kW, the manufacturer advises using a ratio of 1:50, t. е. 20 ml of oil for every liter of gasoline. Chinese-made saws require 40 ml of oil per liter of gasoline at a ratio of 1:25. Remember that with too much oil in the gasoline increases fouling, clogs the cylinder, damages the piston rings and reduces compression. Lack of oil overheats the engine and drastically reduces tool performance. When documentation is lost and you don’t know how to mix gasoline and chain saw oil, you can contact a service center for the necessary information.

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Recommendations for components

Even the owner of a chainsaw who observes the proportion to the gram can harm his tool if he uses low-quality or inappropriate components. The general recommendation is to use special fluids.

Two words about oil.

2-stroke engine oils are mainly made for power tools and power tools for household appliances. It is always colored in some bright color. blue, green, red, pink. This is done so that when added to gasoline, it becomes clear that it is a ready mix that can already be poured into the gas tank. The big producers, like STIHL, have several kinds of oil that vary in color.

If you have a chainsaw for which the same manufacturer’s oil is recommended, listen to this recommendation if you are a beginner. Only by trial and error do the experienced “sawyers” find the oil that suits them best.

Don’t put motor oil in a two-stroke engine! Although the Internet is full of reviews of those who say, “Lube, and the flight is normal,” believe me: they have not yet shown the master piston of his tool. And you will be unhappy with the smoke coming out of the muffler.

And about gasoline

To say that gasoline in oil-producing and refining Russia is mostly of poor quality is to repeat the obvious. “Get” the bad fuel is possible not only at anonymous gas stations, but also at large gas stations with a big name. High-quality gasoline is very important for modern high-tech chainsaws. it allows them to work with maximum efficiency and minimum wear. Today, the general requirement is to use gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92. It has optimal values for chain saws.

In the old Soviet machines could fill the 76th gasoline. Don’t do it today even with cheap Chinese saws. you will only speed up their “death”. It is also not recommended to run to the other extreme. to pour the 95-th or even 98-th in an expensive tool, thinking that he would be better from it.

We recommend that you fill your two-stroke engines with 92 grade gasoline that you can trust and that is purchased from trusted, high quality sources.

Customers come and ask: the better the gasoline, the better the saw? Why don’t you fill it with 95?? After all, more advanced cars only require it.

Answer: most Russian gasoline 95 is the same as 92, but with detonation reducing additives. This parameter is not important for a chainsaw, it needs the purest possible gasoline, since additives are completely unnecessary. So the logic is simple: better a clean 92 than a more expensive 95, but with unnecessary additives.

Basic equipment and chainsaw assembly

Partner 351 chain saws are shipped in a factory box and disassembled. Included with the power unit you get:

  • A 40-centimeter guide tire;
  • a sharpened saw chain;
  • A case to protect the saw during storage and transportation;
  • Wrenches and screwdrivers for chainsaw assembly and maintenance;
  • the instruction manual and the warranty card.

DOOM: Behind The Music Part 1

Partner is a Swedish company, a part of the huge Husqvarna group since 2006. Talking about the history of the brand itself, Partner. the first company that started to produce motor chain saws. All of the Group’s production facilities are located around the world. It is worth noting that the main assembly forces of Partner chainsaws are concentrated in the motherland of the brand. The main part. the engine. is supplied from America by Briggs Stratton, whose products are of high quality and durability.

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Recommendations for storage

The mixture should be prepared in the quantity necessary for a small amount of work, because if the solution is stored for a long time, its quality characteristics deteriorate. The ready mix must be used up within a few days.

Fuel mixture, which has been stored for about a month, reduces the engine performance. Resinous substances form in the engine nodes, soot particles form, piston rings lose mobility. The maximum storage time of the mixture is no more than 2 weeks. During this period the mortar will not lose its quality. If the air temperature is higher than 25ºC, the shelf life of the product is reduced to 10 days.

Some professionals allow the use of expired mixture to save money. For this purpose it can be spent gradually, little by little adding it to the fresh solution in the volume of no more than 10% of the total amount of the mixture. The ready-to-use petrol-oil mixture should be filtered.

If you follow all the above recommendations, you can ensure the reliable operation of your chainsaw. Also, when carrying out work it is necessary to observe safety precautions, as a chainsaw works with a chain rotating at high revolutions, and in case of violation of operating rules it can be dangerous for the worker himself and the people around him.

Fuels and Lubricants


Engine manufacturers recommend using high-octane gasoline brands AI-92 and 95. Do not use fuel with various octane improvers. The engine is not properly lubricated during this time, which can lead to tarring and polymerization that impairs engine performance.

We do not recommend the use of gasoline that has been stored for more than 60 days

Most chainsaw engines are designed to use leaded gasoline. If you have purchased a tool with a catalytic converter (the fuel filler cap will be green), we recommend unleaded gasoline.

prepare, chainsaw

Important: Do not skimp and use gasoline with an octane rating below 90. It is also not recommended to use gasoline with an octane rating higher than 95. This leads to premature wear of the engine piston group.

secrets of 2 stroke engines oil x gas mixture


Air-cooled two-stroke engines are not designed with a separate oil system. It is the oil in the fuel mixture that lubricates the moving parts. That is why it is so important to use only quality oils from proven manufacturers.

Recommended oils for filling your chainsaw:

  • STIHL HP. developed especially for chain saw engines. Well-proven in all weather conditions, ensures perfect engine performance.
  • Husqvarna HP is an oil from a well-known manufacturer of gardening equipment. Special additives reduce fouling of the engine crankcase, which can be caused by low-quality fuel.

STIHL HP Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T Champion JASO FD Lubricant

  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T. multifunctional oil with synthetic esters. Protects engine parts against corrosion, reduces wear of machinery and parts.
  • Champion JASO FD is a quality oil from a well-known company. Provides good protection for all moving engine parts;
  • Vitals Semisynthetic is a multigrade oil for low-cost chain saws and is suitable for use at temperatures of up to.10°C.20 to 40C 0.
prepare, chainsaw

The brake pedal and brake pedal movement is governed by the revolutions of the clutch pedal. The brake pedal and brake pedal movement is governed by the steering wheel lock, and the brake pedal is not deactivated.

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What happens if the manufacturer’s recommendations are not observed?

STIHL STIHL 180 chain saws have the following problems if the correct oil and lubricant mixes are not used and the proportions of oil in the fuel mix are not maintained:

  • The brake pedal and brake pedal are precisely controlled by the brake pedal.
  • Insufficient lubricant will cause the bearings to break down.
  • The system is not able to operate properly due to premature wear of mechanical components and significantly reduces their service life.
  • The use of lower-grade gasoline and oils reduces the performance of the machine and results in damage to important components and parts.

Fuel must be prepared before filling up the saw, making sure it does not come into contact with oxygen. After finishing work, the remaining mixture must be drained.

How much gasoline a chainsaw uses

Another quite important indicator can be called how much gasoline mixture is consumed by the chainsaw during work. The container for its storage can have a volume of 0.3 to 1 liter. The consumption figure depends on the following points:

  • Motor power. This can vary quite widely. Domestic versions have less power, but the volume of the tank is also reduced. That’s why it is important to provide the right quantity of fuel beforehand, taking into account the gasoline consumption indicated by the manufacturer.
  • intensity of work. When sawing, the idle and work cycles can alternate quite frequently.
  • How much fuel does the chainsaw use? When processing wood that has frozen, for example, the workload increases considerably. That’s why you have to refuel often. However, there is a certain limitation on the octane rating of the fuel.
  • It is worth taking into account that the fuel consumption figure increases significantly when the construction is worn out. That’s why after a year or two of operation it has to be recharged much more often.

In the professional provision of services related to sawing construction materials, models with higher power are often used. They can work for a long period, which leads to frequent fuel consumption. In the home, models that are characterized by a smaller capacity indicator are used. At 5-6 kW capacity, the consumption rate can be 3 liters per hour. If the power is less, the value drops to 0.6-0.8 liters per hour.

Note that new models do not tolerate a bad fuel mixture. That is why when buying an expensive chainsaw from a well-known manufacturer it is necessary to pay attention to what fuel can be used for refueling.

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