How to prepare the brushcutter mix

How to dilute gasoline and oil for a grass trimmer for fueling

Two-stroke engines of the tool work due to the gasoline-oil mixture, which is prepared in the proportions that are specified in the technical certificate of the device. If you ignore the rules of mixing, the garden tool can quickly fail.

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prepare, brushcutter

The functioning of the two-stroke installation is different from the work of four-stroke motors: lubrication of friction surfaces in the crankshaft and other parts of the device is not carried out from the crankcase, and through oil that was previously diluted with gasoline. For two-stroke types of engines there is a general rule for the preparation of the combustible mixture. gasoline is diluted with a certain volume of oil designed for this purpose.

Why Buy Grass Trimmers?

Comparing with similar mechanisms, give preference when choosing a brushcutter on the following functional indicators:

  • Mobility and low weight of the unit, allowing to carry it over distances, to use in hard-to-reach places for mowing.
  • The universality of. lawnmower is equipped with a node for the change of work items directly during the operation of the unit.
  • Simplicity of design that allows a long life without frequent adjustments.

These and other positive features give buyers the confidence that by purchasing a trimmer for grass, they make the right choice.

Gasoline for blending

Requirements to gasoline for the mixture are extremely high, t.к. it is its foundation. The first thing you should not do is look for places where you can buy cheaper fuel (gas station with no name, etc.д.), because in the end all the apparent savings of a few tens can be eaten up by a costly repair of the engine, taken out of service with low-quality fuel.

Using cheap gasoline with a lower octane rating increases the load on the engine. Its wear and tear is much faster, its resource is reduced, and not in the ratio of one to one, but much more

The second thing to remember is that it is important to use only fresh petrol for the base mixture. Many people have fuel stocks at the cottage or in the garage, which are there up to six months, waiting in the wings. When fuel evaporates, it reacts chemically with the surface of tanks (especially plastic) and acquires new properties which are not useful for an internal combustion engine. If gasoline has stood in a canister for a month and a half, it is better to pour it into the fuel tank, where, mixed with the total volume of fresher gasoline, it will not cause any harm to the engine of the machine. Two-stroke engines are more sensitive in this respect. That is why the producers recommend to use only the highest quality fuel.

As for the octane number, there are still debates among experts about what gasoline pour into the trimmer for the grass. Most gasoline producers recommend to fill up the fuel system only with high-octane gasoline of the 92nd brand. However, there is one small caveat: quite often the instructions specify the wording “not lower than 92,” and this leaves room for speculation as to what kind of gasoline to use.

Certainly, the efficiency (efficiency factor) of the 95th gasoline is a bit higher than that of the 92nd. The latter in its turn is a successor of Soviet 80, which was used by many machines. But having higher energy efficiency, the 95th also has some peculiarities. For example, it is more suitable for modern models of cars, while the internal combustion engines installed in garden equipment are far from any design innovations, their structure remains practically unchanged for decades. For a two-stroke gasoline engine installed in the majority of modern trimmers, it will be quite sufficient to fill the tank with 92 gasoline of the brand purchased from a proven gasoline supply network.

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It is best to look for options without additives labeled “eco”, “ecto”, t.к. You need a clean gasoline base for accurate performance. The additives in the mixture will provide the oil.

Preparing your mix for mastering

Do you need 95 gasoline for optimum performance, the question is rather philosophical, and there is no specific answer for it. Suffice it to remember that in the tolerances and recommendations it occurs quite rarely, and this already says a lot. over, it is usually filled at your own risk, wishing to improve your performance. If you want to switch from ’92 to ’95 gasoline, it is important to remember the consequences in the form of increased wear, unstable operation of the power unit and failure of its individual components. Of course, none of the above may occur, but the likelihood, in the case of going beyond the tolerances, is extremely high.

Requirements for the oil

The mix of petrol and oil you choose for your brushcutter must meet the necessary requirements, indicated in the instruction manual. It is important to note that Russian producers quite often label their products in a different way from the American or Japanese classification. Russian producers of lubricants, as a rule, put the 2T marking on all oils designed for two-stroke engines. It is not rare to find oil cans labeled “self mix” or “pre mix” on the shelves. In the first case it means that the oil does not require any additional manipulations, you just pour the gasoline and oil into the same container, and the mixing will occur without human intervention. In the second case, accordingly, you will have to shake or shake the mixture to bring it to the desired consistency.

As can be seen, the existence of different classifications of lubricants suggests that the use of oils in two-stroke engines is necessary. This is due to the fact that the fuel mixture without lubricant pretty quickly puts the engine out of operation, which will not be lubricated properly. Gasoline and oil form the necessary fluid that reduces detonation, removes debris (waste products from gasoline combustion), and protects the engine interior from wear.

It is important to remember that using the wrong oil can cause the engine to break down or clog. It can of course be repaired, but in order to prevent possible damage and to minimize its probability it would be better to study the instruction manual, find out the displacement of the two-stroke engine installed on the brushcutter, and use only petrol and oil that will suit this model in all its parameters.

Quite often, in the recommendations section (and sometimes on the label), the manufacturer indicates the partner companies, whose gasoline and oil it recommends to fill their models. Most often the fuel and lubricant recommended by the manufacturer will suit the trimmer for grass the best.

First of all, you should immediately exclude from the list of actively used lubricants all oils of unknown (garage, basement) origin. Usually it is not easy to dilute these oils because of the unclear basis, composition. As a rule, the labels of non-branded manufacturers are not replete with information, covering only general information, without elaboration. It is highly not recommended to dilute and dilute such oils as AC-10 and ACZp-10. The origin of these lubricants is usually quite obscure, it is better to give preference to proven brands that are used every day by thousands of people around the country.

prepare, brushcutter

A distinctive feature of all oils for two-stroke engines is the fact that manufacturers paint them in a color that contrasts with gasoline. The fluid is translucent and viscous, slightly yellowish but not thick. Usually we are talking about three colors. red, green and blue.

Do not forget that the color scheme has no effect on the classification (as is often done in the case of antifreeze).

Under no circumstances should you use oils from a line not designed for grass trimmer. This can have an extremely negative impact on the operation of the power unit, leading to increased fuel consumption, soot on the plugs and a number of other problems that will have to be identified and eliminated. It should be noted that if the fact of using oil that is not included in the tolerance is established, the seller has every right to remove the machine from warranty. It means that you have to replace the defective parts at your own expense, and no exceptions won’t help here.

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If the fluid you have purchased does not have the declared qualities (for example, too liquid), you should never mix it with gasoline. It is best to return such oil back to the store, explaining to the seller the reason for the return.

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How to dilute gasoline and oil for grass trimmer

Dilute gasoline for grass trimmer must be in the correct proportion. Insufficient oil quantity can cause poor lubrication of the mower and rapid wear.

To check the correct ratio, refer to the instruction manual of your trimmer. Most often it is 1:25, 1:40, 1:50. In order to get these ratios you need to add 40ml, 25ml and 20ml of oil to 1liter of gasoline, respectively.

Dilute petrol with lubricant directly in the fuel tank is not allowed, in addition, the proportion of oil and gasoline must be clearly observed. If you ignore this rule, the work of the grass trimmer engine can be unstable, due to which it will quickly fail.

It is not recommended to use plastic bottles or canisters for this purpose. The reason is that gasoline tends to dissolve plastic, which means that some plastic may get into the fuel tank, which may cause a carburetor failure. Although there are special plastic canisters marked “flame.

  • gasoline;
  • oil suitable for two-stroke engines with air cooling system;
  • Canister, preferably metal;
  • A container for mixing, also better a metal one;
  • gloves;
  • respirator.

Make a mixture of gasoline and oil as follows:

  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into the container, add half of the required portion of oil. mix it thoroughly, doing it very carefully away from sources of open flame.
  • Add the rest of the oil to the gasoline of the grass trimmer and mix it well again. This fuel can now be poured into the trimmer’s fuel tank.

The mixture can be stored for no more than three months, so it is better to dilute the gasoline in such an amount that there is enough for several uses.

For dilution, you can use only quality oil, and it is recommended to buy it only in reputable stores, such as specialized hypermarkets.

Why do you need grease?

Gasoline lawnmowers. These are internal combustion engines (ICE) in which the driving force transmitted from the ICE to the working parts (blades) is generated by the energy generated in the cylinder combustion chamber during the ignition of the fuel consistency. As a result of fire, the gases expand, forcing the piston to move, which is associated with the mechanism of further transfer of energy to the final organ, that is, in this case, to the blades of the lawnmower.

Therefore, there are many huge and small parts in the engine, which require lubrication in order to, if not quite prevent their abrasion, destruction, wear, at least as much as possible to slow these unhealthy processes for the mechanism.

But over time, this is inevitable, as the development of gaps in the mates is still going on. And the better the oil, the longer the life of your garden equipment. In addition, with high quality lubricants such positive phenomena occur:

  • The best cooling of the engine and its parts, prevents overheating and thermal shock;
  • Motor operation is guaranteed under heavy loads and long periods of continuous grass mowing;
  • The safety of engine parts from corrosion is ensured during seasonal downtime.

Rules for refilling the mixture in different engines

The basic rule is to strictly follow the ratio in the mixture for two-stroke engines and not to use such formulations for four-stroke engines. Also observe the principle of “seasonality”. after a long stay of fuel in the tank, drain it and replace it with fresh.

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It is practical to prepare at once a certain amount of mixture for future use. When storing, adhere to the rules:

  • Store gasoline-oil mixture for no more than 3 months because it will delaminate;
  • Use a container for storage that does not let sunlight in. Keep it away from direct sunlight;
  • Do not place the tank near heating appliances.

result of calculating the fuel mixture:

For more convenient measuring of needed oil volume in milliliters use big volume medical syringe, it is cheap, available at any drugstore. Or use a graduated container of any size.

Our calculator will help you calculate the right proportion to fuel any gasoline tool, such as: boat motor, chainsaw, grass trimmer, lawn mower, etc.д. In other words you can calculate the right gasoline-oil ratio for two-stroke engines yourself, free of charge. Mixing instructions on the photo below.

Important, before you start the calculation read the instruction manual of the tool, in particular items: refueling volumes, the ratio of the fuel mixture. This data will be the input for the correct calculation.

prepare, brushcutter

For your convenience, the result can be printed out on a printer by clicking the “Print” icon. We will be glad to receive constructive Комментарии и мнения владельцев and feedback on our service.

Note that the power tool has a run-in period and the gasoline/oil ratio is different than recommended.

Choosing the right oil for your chain saw

Two-stroke engines are filled with a mixture of unleaded gasoline and oil marked 2T. It is necessary to use recommended gasoline AI-92. If a higher octane rating is used, the flash and combustion temperature will be higher, and the valves will burn prematurely. The same is true for oil. Recommended compound is not the most expensive. But using another brand is not allowed. The viscosity will change, resulting in insufficient lubrication of conventional products made without precision lapping.

If too much oil is added, incomplete combustion leads to carbon deposits and excessive exhaust emissions. A rich mixture is bad for the engine. For a four-stroke engine, the oil is filled separately from the gasoline. It washes components, cools, reduces friction. The oil gets contaminated during operation and must be changed after 50 operating hours. What oil to pour into the lawnmower is specified in the passport. The composition should be marked as 4T with a viscosity grade of 10W40.

prepare, brushcutter

The best oil for every engine is the recommended oil. But the world famous oil is Shel Helix Ultra. For 40 years the company has been developing new technology to produce synthetic oil from natural gas. The Pureplus technology has made it possible to get an improved composition of base oil. The leading manufacturers use it as a base to produce the recommended oils for their equipment, adding the necessary additives.

The oil selection depends primarily on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only STIHL brand name lawnmower oil is used. The same oil is suitable for the brand Vityaz, since the engines in the brands are the same brand. There is an opinion of experts, the oil of any manufacturer, designed for one type of equipment, is suitable for use on all brands. But if possible, it is better to use the recommended.

Need oil in stock for one season. Product that has stood for a long time loses its properties. Available in packages of 0.1 to 5 liters.

Investigating the oil path recommended for Husqvarna lawnmowers. Company does not have its own production facility, only a bottling plant. The product, which has been purchased in bulk, is filled into small containers and labeled and then delivered to the stores. The oil may have contained additives exclusive to Husqvarna at the time of manufacture.

Use of oil according to the instruction manual for the brushcutter is mandatory. The equipment can not work on pure gasoline.

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