How to place the tools in the garage with your own hands

Using U-shaped rails with bent sides and appropriately shaped hooks, you can organize movable hangers. The distance between the elements is determined by the dimensions of the articles to be hanged.

It is possible to assemble a roomy box with several compartments from unnecessary pieces of plywood. It will find room for large tools for different purposes. To give the product an aesthetic look, it is worth using paint.

Plywood tool and toolbox

ideas for getting your garage or home workshop in order

As soon as the storage system becomes not very convenient to maintain on a regular basis, the garage again becomes a spontaneous warehouse.
Open shelves are better for storing tools in the garage. It is very convenient if these shelves will be removable.
In the garage of the workshop you need to place not only the usual set of tools of the motorist and home craftsman, but, sometimes, and garden tools, and camping equipment.
Maximize the full height of the room. In plastic boxes under the ceiling and on the floor, you can stack those things you use from time to time.
The tool storage system in the garage uses the entire wall area as a stand. Individual shelves for storing tools and supplies hang from horizontal rails.
Wooden guides are used here, but it is better to use metal tubes for this purpose. If, over time, the rail that we see in the photo crumbles, the toolbox with heavy tools can fall right on your foot.
Such organizer for storing supplies can be made by yourself from sheets of plywood, which are connected by hinges in the form of a book.
A lockable home handyman toolbox will make it easy for him to keep the right order in the garage.
Metal nets are convenient for storing paint cans, bags with fertilizers, etc.п.
If you’re a pro, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful and convenient organization of this garage.
Metal rails and metal shelves not only guarantee safe tool storage, but are also easy enough to clean.
It is inconvenient to keep power tools in a branded case, it is much more convenient to make such an open stand for storage.
The owner has a lot of needed little things in the garage and each of them has its own way of storage.
Most tool storage methods are uncomplicated, but still effective.
Very convenient design for storing consumables! The self-tapping toolbox you use is secured to a separate panel, and when you’re done, slide it into the general organizer.
Every owner has a different scope of activity and a different number of tools. But convenient organization of labor always makes you want to do something else. Don’t take the time to get your garage in order.
Sliding panels as extra storage for tools. Make sure they will work reliably without getting stuck in the slots, otherwise this method of storage will not be practical.
Simple and handy. Store your tools wisely! If you do not have a garage, and you keep all your tools in a small box on the balcony, even there you can organize a small work cabinet.
For the happy garage owner, let’s continue. Here is a handy way to store clamps.
It is possible to spy some ideas for storage in the stores, which sell tools.
But it’s not just tools in our garage. We still have pipes, slats, the right pieces of plywood and plastic.
It is not difficult to assemble such a pipe ceiling structure in your own garage.
Large sheets of plywood and drywall is best stored that way. vertically.
Even a dozen planks can make a mess in the garage. Make a simple storage unit.
Another handy way to store long pipes and all sorts of strips in the garage.
A small workbench can also serve as a place to store boards and pieces of plywood.
You don’t have to put your garage in order in one day. This can all be done gradually step by step.

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How to get your tools in order in the shed or garage bookmark 56

The most important thing to do when starting to put your garage in order. Before you start, you should think about what you would like to get as a result.

Every handyman needs a place to store all his tools and gardening equipment.

But it is often not easy to arrange things so that you can work comfortably in a small car workshop or garage and keep the frequently used tools at your fingertips. Our review will help you understand how to use the space in your garage more efficiently.

For many motorists, the garage is not just a place to store the car, but also a real home workshop, where they store tools and supplies. That’s why organizing space in this room is very important. It is not difficult to do this if you know some subtleties.

Now that the shelves and workbench are ready, it’s time to organize it all into a single composition. Positioning shelves on the wall, you should immediately think about what will be stored on them. It is best if the place for each specific thing in the garage will be strictly defined.

Handy shapes for fasteners

The original shelf for power tools

place, tools, garage, your, hands

If you do not want the door knocking against the wall knocking paint, wallpaper or putty is to attach a soft band to the wall, such as foam rubber.

Storing Folding Chairs

Many people purchase folding furniture for picnics, for which space must also be provided. You can buy wall brackets or make fasteners yourself from boards. This solution frees up space and makes storage convenient.

How to place the tool in the workshop: on the wall, in cabinets, under the ceiling

The GarageTek storage system includes a number of accessories specifically for organizing a workshop in your garage. You can supplement your workplace with handy organizers. The right tools will always be on hand.

What could be more convenient than storing tools on the wall of the garage?

In garages with existing finishes where the storage system is organized with tracks, TekPanels and TekTraks are often combined in the workshop area. The modular system is ideal for attaching tools to the wall.

Convenient cassette racks in three sizes are indispensable for metalware storage. They can hold bolts, nails, and fasteners of various sizes. The transparent plastic allows you to see how much material you have left.

The arrangement of the garage with their own hands. how to put in order, to store tools

If you type in a search engine the phrase: “how best to place tools in the garage or workshop,” the Internet will produce dozens of options and hundreds of photos. Often, they are beautiful and expensive devices from foreign sites. We want something of our own, native, and preferably cheap or even free. And we’ve got that! Let’s turn to the personal experience of FORUMHOUSE users.

Tell us how you place tools in the workshop, so they do not get in the way and are always at hand? Especially if there is a lot of it.

I try to buy power tools in cases. If I don’t have a case, I store my tools in the factory box.

And what to do if there are no cases and boxes?

I cut 1 cm thick plywood strips from 5 to 25 cm wide. I run them through a woodworking machine with a saw blade. Got the groove. Then I use these strips to assemble drawers with a pull-out lid. Tool box size for specific tools. If I need to store small items, I make an extra compartment.

The description is certainly good, but when it comes to tool storage, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. See what users of the portal offer.

I refused to buy ready-made “organizers” for tools. Made drawer. In the laminated chipboard cover drilled holes for the specific tool. Now you can’t put a flathead screwdriver in the place of a Phillips head screwdriver.

And these are tips from Ivanrin. All tools are in their places on shelves.

To keep the workshop tidy, put the tools where you got them right away, not later.

I was lucky enough to get used metal racks from the store on the cheap. Got 7 of them. The shelves are 500 mm wide. Now my tool has a lot of room to run around.

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Such “storage” looks neat and there is enough space for everything.

Experience shows that the optimal depth of shelves is no more than 40-50 cm. If deeper, you will have to climb far for tools. This is not convenient. True, there is a nuance, store miscellaneous small items in jars and containers, it is more convenient on shallow shelves, width 15-20 cm.

Handy containers for small items, made of plastic meat or salad trays.

Ivanrin’s workshop after cleaning.

And this is a homemade plywood box to store the jigsaw, which made ShmulikShleperson.

Organization of storage in the garage: a collection of ideas

In the garage, not only park the car, but also create a small workshop, equipped with tools and appliances for car maintenance. In addition, the utility room can serve for storing household items, bulky items and materials.

One of the important functions of the driver is the seasonal changing of wheels. The owner must take care that an extra set of car tires does not interfere with the passage of the car.

To keep tires out of the way in the garage, they can be hung on the walls.

For storage will do ready-made shelving, as well as shelves made by your own hands.

For a large number of wheels and rims, make a tiered structure.

Convenient storage can be placed under the ceiling.

Minor repairs or changing tires is not without a good set of wrenches and wrenches. They are easy to select if properly placed.

Tool stands can be purchased in a store or made by yourself.

Hang the keys or put them in separate sections.

place, tools, garage, your, hands

Screwdrivers and hammers also have a good place.

Make mobile organizers to rationalize the use of space.

If you have a small workshop, install a bench for locksmith work or carpentry.

Extendable element will enlarge the work surface.


The table can be equipped with shelves or drawers.

At-home craftsmen can make a folding workbench.

Chisels, chisels, screwdrivers, and hacksaws are fixed in the boxes.

Hang a convenient tool cabinet above the workbench.

A cupboard could be placed next to the work table.

A portable toolbox fits anywhere on the workbench.

Drills, jigsaws, power saws, place them on handy brackets.

Electrical outlets should be located near the work table.

Put nails, screws and self-tapping screws in containers, boxes or jars.

Sign the opaque boxes to make it easier to find the hardware.

To easily find the tools you need, effectively illuminate the surface of the workbench.

Lumber can easily be stacked on a homemade shelving unit.

A small section on wheels is handy for stacking scraps of wood.

On the walls of the garage will also place accessories for clearing the car from the snow.

For gardening tools, build stands or holders.

You can buy a compact device for household equipment in the store.

Attach a large-sized stepladder to the ceiling on a homemade wooden structure.

In plastic containers on wheels, pour fertilizer.

To free up space in the apartment, find room in the garage for sports equipment.

A cabinet with doors will help to separate items according to their purpose.

A cellar under the garage will be good for storing vegetables and home-made supplies.

The original box for potatoes can be made by yourself.

The proper organization of labor of the home handyman will make his work more pleasant and effective. A well-equipped garage will increase the life of the machine, as well as add comfort to all family members.

DIY for the garage: useful tips and ideas for arrangement

Competently arrange the garage is much more difficult than the house, because there is much less space, and sometimes you need to place several functional areas at once. It’s different for everyone. For some people, the motor home is just a place to store seasonal items and take care of the iron horse. And someone turns it into a workshop, a pantry for winter supplies, arranges a personal space for recreation and friendly gatherings. In each case, to seriously save money, and at the same time find a useful use for the discarded things allow various self-made garage crafts.

If you don’t know what a storage system for your garage should look like. you can get ideas for organization below.


The easiest system to store most tools. Tool board is a wooden or metal sheet with holes and pins. These are where the tools cling to, which is quite handy.

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How to use it? Pay attention to the handles of your adjustable wrenches, hammers, angles or brushes. They have a through-hole that you can hang your tools from. For hammers, two pins are placed next to each other, and he clings to the “head”. Pliers, blue pliers and other similar tools are hooked by the place of the arches in the handles.

For storage of drills, screwdrivers and other small things put shelves. Many commercially available panels have a “out of the box” base. If you make it yourself. you can screw it on with self-tapping screws.

Panel for tools is made simply: take plywood, mark and screw in screws. All that’s left is to hang it on the wall or make a frame.

Here’s what a homemade tool rack looks like.

Plastic containers

Storage system for metalware should be at hand, which means you need to be compact. Plastic containers like these are sold in stores. They easily fit on the workplace in the garage and do not interfere.

If you constantly have to work with a lot of different fasteners, use these plastic containers. A self-tapping screw organizer like this is good for temporary storage.

By the way, you can find such stands for tools on sale, where there are mountings for such containers.

You can save a lot of money and make an organizer for drills and hardware with their own hands. To do this, cut plastic canisters like the one in the photo.

Organizational Drawers

Tool storage organizers are handy if you need somewhere to keep a bunch of supplies and small items. The following varieties are on sale:

  • The organizer for wrenches. Often they are sold in cloth packaging, which is not convenient for storage. In this case it will be better to buy a rack which is screwed to the wall.
  • . You can order from China such plastic holders. They are convenient, but they do not last long. All parts are made of plastic, so the tool storage system will not last long.

If you need a multifunctional tool organizer on the wall buy this shelf. It is multifunctional and you can store pliers, screwdrivers and drills here.

Many people have old toolboxes that have nowhere to put them. You can make a tray with your own hands, so nothing can fall out. In this video you will find inst

A stand for garden tools

Not only working tools take up space in the garage. Do not forget about the garden tools, which always take up a lot of space, and put it in a storage box does not work.

However, to solve this is simple. to allocate one wall for garden and vegetable garden tools. And here are ideas on how to place them:

  • A purchased rack. They are not very expensive and are sold in all construction stores. They are convenient in that you can place the tool nicely. The minus of the purchased stand in its inflexibility. You can’t add new tool compartments, and you have to buy another wall mount.
  • Handmade tool stand from PVC pipes. Cheap and sulfuric. To make it, you need to install a bar near the floor. At a certain height to the wall screw PVC pipe cuts. The handle will rest on the bar, and the scraps will not let it fall.
  • Hooks. Regular furniture hooks can help you nicely place your tools on the wall. Can be installed at any height. Hooks are added as needed and do not take up much space.

Magnetic Tape

If you want to have your garage tools always at hand. buy a magnetic strip. It costs cheap, it can be bought in any store. Tapes of different lengths are available.

Pay attention to the strength of the magnet. Some tapes are only suitable for screwdrivers and other small things. Relatively expensive ones can hold hammers over a kilogram, wrenches, etc.

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