How to mow grass with a bush.

How to mow grass in the country correctly

Today we will talk about the first garden power tool from a large kit, which I acquired in a country house. a GreenWorks battery trimmer with an best.handed engine.

Let the weeds rebuff, give our site and the surroundings in order. Go!

So, we have a battery trimmer for GreenWorks GD40BC, a network charger and two voltage batteries and a capacity of 4 Ah. All these components are sold separately, charger and batteries are universal for all power tools from this series, therefore there is no need to buy them again if you already have them.

This model of a trimmer for grass refers to semi.professional equipment. This is no longer an amateur haircut, but not continuous use of 8 hours a day. In fact. the middle ground in terms of efficiency, ease of use and reliability. The weight of the trimmer for grass assembly with a “large” battery of 4 Ah about 7 kilograms.

The heart of any power tool is its engine. Here it is a highly efficient beating engine of the Digipro series. At the peak, he can develop a power of 1 kW! A huge advantage of baking.collection engines over classic brush is completely electronic control with power adjustment (it increases automatically, if the load increases), the absence of rubbing parts (brushes), a higher torque, and quiet work without vibration.

As a power, batteries are used from the assembly of batteries of size 18650. 20 batteries are installed in the battery, connected sequentially and in parallel (2×10). The total battery capacity of 4 Ah, its weight is 1.3 kg. Also in this series there are batteries half the capacity, 2 ah, they are also compatible with the tool from this series, but in the case of a trimmer you will have to adjust the weight to the batteries with various capacities.

And this is what the battery installed on the charger looks like. Voltage 40 volts, charging current 2.2 a. This is a low.power charger, so the battery charge time is 120 minutes, and it will take about 1 hour to charge the battery of the battery. By the way, in the GreenWorks series, 80 and 82 volts use a more powerful charger with forced cooling (this allows you to reduce charging time more than 2 times). But in practice, this is completely not critical (in addition, charging does not make noise without forced cooling). The charger itself can be hung on the wall, in this form it will be much more convenient to use it. The battery installed for charging is fixed using a latch.

We go to control elements. The launch button has a lock from random pressing, the force on the lock spring is perfect. it will not be possible to accidentally turn on the trimmer for the grass, but it also does not bother the lock button. Near the handle there is a three.segment operating indicator, button for turning on/off and choosing an increased head speed (10,000 revolutions per minute). The red indicator informs about the discharge of the battery.

The D-shaped handle has a convenient grip, and there is also a fairly rare bar for trimmers for the stop in the thigh (left). It is needed in order to reduce the load from the trimmer for grass on the shoulder. By the way, the D-shaped handle connects to the bar through the rubber damper, which, as it were, reduces the vibration, which in fact there is no best-looking engines. The humerous belt has a hinge connection, which can be moved along the bar. this is necessary for the proper adjustment of the hanging under the operator. The mount is fixed using a screw. For storage, the bar can be disconnected and the trimmer for the grass will take 2 times less space.

Correctly configured for the operator trimmer for the grass looks like this.

The cutting head has a working diameter of 360 millimeters and is equipped with a semi.automatic fishing line. With each launch of the trimmer for the grass, the fishing line for a trimmer is extended by about 2 mm, and with a light tapping head on the ground (during stopping) you can stretch the fishing line for the trimmer to a large length.

The diameter of the used fishing line is 2 mm. Such a fishing line for a trimmer allows you to effectively mow even very dense shrubs of shrubs. A fishing line for a round cross section is regularly installed, but to increase performance, you can install a fishing line for a square cross.section with sharp faces. Also in the set to the trimmer is a steel disk. bush. It is designed to clean the territory from thickets of small shrubs that a flexible fishing line for a trimmer is not able to cope with. Iron disk rotating at a speed of 10 thousand revolutions per minute is a very dangerous thing.

When working with a trimmer, use the eye protection without fail! And you can not be without protection for the eyes within a radius of 10 meters from the operator. The trimmer for grass is convenient to work both in thick thickets and in even areas. Here I hold a trimmer for grass by my left hand, which is designed to stop in the thigh, in some situations it can be more convenient than a D-shaped handle.

Particular attention should be paid to the gearbox located on the shaft of a trimmer for grass. Here, a gear mechanism is used to transmit torque to a trimmer head located at an angle to the axis of the electric motor. Among other things, the bourgeois can change nozzles. I saw a bureau, a fight and something else. That is, it is a standardized power shaft. On some budget models of trimmers, a curved bar is made, in which the drive cable not only quickly deteriorates, but also adds vibration during operation. It is very interesting to observe how the engine power automatically increases when the load increases (in thick thickets). The peak power of the electric motor is almost 1 kW, but of course at such power, it works episodically. The full charge of the battery was enough for me for 1 hour of work to mow thickets on the site, along the road and on the territory of the border with the forest. And even after that, there was one division of a charge of four possible on the battery. If the processed areas are larger, then there is always a spare battery that can be continued while the first is charged. Thus, you can actually work non-stop, but do not forget that the engine also needs breaks in work.

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By the way, there are several secrets that will allow you to work with the trimmer more efficiently. For example, in order for the mowed grass to be wound on the shaft, high thickets must be mowed in two passes.

What types of equipment can be used?

To care for the lawn, you can use a variety of devices and equipment. trimmers for grass, lawn mowers, motorcycles, garden scissors or priests.

The choice of a particular type of technique depends on the size of the lawn, as well as its purpose.

So, large fields for playing Golf require a perfectly even haircut of grass: only in this case the ball will freely roll on the surface. Therefore, such fields are usually cut by a specially equipped tractor or lawn mower.

For small summer cottages, a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower is suitable. And in the absence of the necessary equipment in the farm, you can use a bush or scissors.

Tractor with special equipment

Professional tractors are a tractor equipped with several gears, bunker, reverse, various methods of release, as well as adjusting the height. Such a technique is used not only for mowing the grass, but also of the Scaring (purification of moss), aeration (loosening of the soil).

The advantages of tractors are:

  • good maneuverability on even sites;
  • the ability to quickly and easily process large territories;
  • multifunctionality, the presence of different nozzles;
  • Comfortable management.

Among the shortcomings can be distinguished:


Sekator. a garden device simple in design in the form of scissors with sharp wide blades and a handle on a spring. Although the secateur is designed for trimming trees, shrubs and weed grass, if necessary, it can be used to cut small lawns or their inaccessible areas.

The advantages of using the secateur can be called:

Disadvantage: a time.consuming haircut process when working with large lawns.

Lawn mowers

The lawn mower is a device on wheels that can work on a gasoline engine, from electricity or battery. Such devices are equipped with the function of adjusting the height of herb. This will need to reduce or increase the height of the cutting knives relative to the surface of the soil.

The battery mechanisms are most convenient and mobile, but are distinguished by a limited work time. Electric can be used on small lawns, the size of which does not exceed the length of the power cable and carrying. Gasoline is more often used for mowing large areas. football fields, stadiums, but they work louder compared to previously listed models.

Also, lawnmands are divided into self.propelled and non.self.propelled. The latter must be pushed forward, and behind the latter it is enough to go from behind, holding the handles and determining the direction of movement.

Among the advantages of the lawn mower can be distinguished:

  • Quick and light mowing of large area lawns.
  • High quality haircut. The grass is especially spinning exactly with spindle lawnmands, so they are usually used to care for the golf fields, since the ball can only roll on a perfectly evenly trimmed grass.
  • The presence of a cut height adjustment function.
  • Self.propelled models facilitate the process of their movement up if the lawn is located under the slope.
  • The presence of a special tank for collecting mowed grass.
  • Some models are equipped with a mowing grass grinding function.
  • High price.
  • Low efficiency when working on bugr areas.
  • The inability to carry out high.quality mowing in places. elaborates, trees, borders, under benches, in narrow places.


The lawn mower is a gasoline braid with a straight bar, bicycle handles, forged shaft and knob belts. Thanks to a powerful gearbox, there is the possibility of installing a knife or a multi-table disk.

Devices are suitable not only for mowing small summer cottages with an area of ​​up to 20 acres, but also of sections with an area of ​​several hectares.

  • quick and light mowing;
  • autonomous work, mobility;
  • The presence of additional nozzles: mowing heads and knives, saw discs, special mills.

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The disadvantages of the units include:

grass, bush

Trimmers for grass

A trimmer for grass is a manual instrument for the mowing of lawn grass, made in the form of a bar, on which there is a handle, as well as a special coil and an electric motor. To drive the device, just include it in the outlet. For mowing sections of large areas, an extension cord with a cord of the required length is used.

Some models of trimmers are equipped with a gasoline engine, which allows you to work without using cords and carrying.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, the trimmers for the grass can be:

  • Battery. such devices are mobility, battery capacities are usually enough for 1 hour of operation.
  • With the upper location of the engine. is characterized by high power, in appearance, such trimmers for grass resemble a motorcycle, can work with a knife or fishing line.
  • With the lower engine location. less powerful braids for grass compared to previous ones, can only work with fishing line, differ in small weight, ease of work. However, when working with large weeds, hard and wet grass, problems may occur.
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The advantages of trimmers are:

  • relatively low cost;
  • Convenience when working both in open areas and in complicated places, for example, around flower beds, near borders, under benches.

Front, side or rear?

The mowing and a bush cutter can be attached to a special machine on the side where there is a power shaft (VOM) or, as an option, a shaft of a gearbox, the torque to which the hydraulic motor transmitters. In the latter case, the machine should have a sufficiently powerful and developed hydraulic system. However, most often the drive of special equipment and equipment is carried out precisely from the VOM. Ideally, torque is transmitted by one cardan shaft, and not a power line composed of them. In the latter case, to avoid additional parasitic vibrations transmitted to the tractor and special equipment will not be possible. Let’s not forget about the difficulty of servicing long gear, as well as problems with the layout of the machine.

Disputes about exactly where the mowing and bush cutter should be fixed, are eternal. Nevertheless, we note that the ability to consolidate special equipment to the rear (standard canopy of agricultural equipment), the front plate or one of the lateral power elements of the machine frame has many modern, mostly imported, tractors. And since there are relatively few such machines in the Russian market, the lion’s share of the seller sold, and in our case, mowers and black cutters are intended for the rear location.

As for the convenience of work, and in particular observation of performing mechanisms and equipment, a number of experts agree that the installation of the manipulator in the front of the chassis (tractor) is preferable to the installation of the manipulator. In this case, the operator does not need to twist his head, and the road (the roadside along which special equipment is coming) and the working equipment are in the direct visibility zone. When installing a manipulator with a mower or a bush on the front plate of a tractor, it is important to prevent overloading its front suspension. The distribution of forces acting on the wheels will be uneven. Despite the fact that the mower has a support roller (pneumatic or hard wheel), the side of the suspension at which the arrow is directed will be loaded more.

In fairness, we note that talking about a deterioration in the controllability of the machine is irrelevant, since the speed with which special equipment involved on the window moves is relatively small. With anterior equipment, it also makes no sense to bet on tractors with equal wheels. Such machines work better on weak soils, but the roadsides are not related to those. No wonder they are strengthened in all kinds of ways to exclude the slide of the soil and the destruction of the road surface. It is good to work with equipment fixed on the side of the tractor, especially if the manipulator is perpendicular to the cabin doors, and the latter has a large glazing area. In this case, the operator who monitors the work of the actuators, if it is distracted from the road, then for a short time.

Despite all the above, the market leaders are the rear location mowers. These can be connected to most of the Russian operating organizations in the parks. However, according to a number of operators, the rear location of special equipment requires a greater concentration of attention and experience from the driver of the special machine. To facilitate the operation of the operator, manufacturers of special equipment offer options and additional systems. For example, the simplest solution is to.the.basis of the tractor with additional mirrors with a large area and a curved surface, thanks to which an overview of the working zones is significantly improved. The so.called spherical mirrors can be separately purchased in a number of spare parts stores for trucks.

grass, bush

There are other, more interesting and advanced technical solutions. So, for example, McConnel at one time developed a MIDCUT system, which is proposed as an option. The system is an additional, separate, prostrate block between the arrow and the hilt of the mowing. Thanks to this modernization, the engineers carried the working body to the operator’s side vision, that is, in fact, provided the lateral location of the working mechanisms, since the cabs of most tractors, as we have already mentioned above, have more glazing area, including doors. In order to check the course of the same mower, the operator just needs to turn his head for a short time to the right or to the left, depending on which side of the OTOS is produced, and not sit in a half.breeze.

And the less a person gets tired of performing a typical operation, the more he will do and, therefore, more arrived to bring to the enterprise. As practice shows, the costs of acquiring a prostate block pay off quickly.

Types of black cutters

There are many types of various black cutters, each of them has its own advantages, meets the necessary requests of gardeners and is most optimal for various tasks that must be solved with its help in the garden.

grass, bush

Key characteristics when choosing a bush cutter:

  • By type of power: battery or electric;
  • By functional capabilities: manual, bar (with an additional section), mini-custores-garden scissors;
  • along the length of the blade (from 20 to 70 cm) and the width of the cutting edge (from 18 to 35 mm);
  • by voltage (voltage): line 24V, 40V, 60V, 80V and 82V, as well as with a built-in battery from 3.6 to 7.2V (in mini-boards);
  • according to the capacity of the battery: 2 Ah, 2.5Ach, 4 Ah, 5 Ah and 6 Ah (depending on the ruler);
  • By type of engine: standard brush or powerful and reliable beastless dodigipro;
  • By weight: from 700 g (garden scissors) up to 4.5 kg without taking into account the battery (powerful professional battery bush GreenWorks 82V GD82ht).

The choice of bush cutter must be done primarily on the basis of the tasks that it is planned to solve it, as well as depending on other important factors: the experience of the gardener, the desire for autonomy during work, the type and size of plants, which must be treated with a bassorem.

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What is this haircut oil?

If you cannot find real oil for a hair cutting machine, try vegetable oil ry olive oil. Do not use something unusual, for example, extra virgin olive oil. which cannot withstand high temperature. But everyday things should be in order. If you can fry the onion in it, it is perfect for a hair cutting machine.

  • Make sure the trimmer for the grass is disconnected from the network and the blade does not move.
  • Make sure the switch lock is released or is in the off.
  • Using a rag, apply a thin layer of machine oil along the edges of the upper blade.

Manufacturers of lawn appliances

In the Russian market, products of the following brands were most famous:

Gardena (Gardena)

The brand products are light and comfortable, equipped with ergonomic handles, high.quality blades. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for its products for 25 years. The assortment of the brand has a large selection of tools for lawns, shrubs, trees.

A review of the grass from Garden’s grass is shown in this

Worth (Wort)

Releases excellent scissors with sharp blades. The possibility of turning the blades on 180O provides a quick and light haircut of grass. Stainless steel is used for the manufacture of working parts.

Bosch (Bosch)

The company produces manual and battery models with a telescopic handle. Lithium-ion battery allows you to work without a break for 50 minutes on one charging. Products have a compact and ergonomic design and maximum comfortable in work. Also, under the brand of Bosch, a large selection of crossbow cutters and tools for caring for a hedge is produced.

Black and Decker (Black and Dexer)

The largest American manufacturer of power tools and household appliances produces reliable and practical devices for caring for the garden and garden. Electric scissors are equipped with a powerful brush engine and non.slip handle. Batteries operate on one charge up to 60 minutes. Nozzles for grass and bushes change with a light click of a button.

Stihl (stihl)

A wide range of grass scissors allows you to find the best option for specific tasks. Electronics are distinguished by a well.thought.out design and attention to the little things. The case and blades are made from high.quality materials.

Oleo-Mac (Oleo-Mac)

Company among world leaders in the production of garden instruments. In the assortment of brand products for private and professional use. Electric scissors for cutting the hedge of Oleo-Mac are chosen for power and reliability. Devices of this brand are compact and slightly weight and simple use.

Possible problems and how to eliminate them?

There may be several malfunctions:

  • Electric devices poorly cut branches, grass, etc.D.
  • Scissors vibrate very much.
  • Stops during operation.
  • Custores simply does not turn on.

The first problem appears due to the fact that the canvases are dull after prolonged use or from a foreign object. The way out of this situation may be to replace blades in the workshop, or laser sharpening.

Extreme Bush Hog Action / 20 Feet Tall Trees

The vibration of the scissors is not eliminated so quickly, but at the same time you need to immediately turn off the device from the outlet. You need to turn off immediately, because you can harm the user and because, so quickly the electric motor wears out. At the same time, it is worth checking:

  • Whether the fork fell out of the outlet;
  • Whether the cable was wrapped and whether he was cut;
  • cutting elements seize;
  • the engine overheating due to long operation occurred.

Based on situations, there is a solution independently, but if it is connected with the engine, you need to contact the repair.

The device does not start at all. The reasons for this problem may be different:

  • The switch does not work;
  • malfunction in the engine;
  • Weak eletarmon;
  • The fuse burned;
  • The cord broke off;
  • there is no gasoline or there are gearbox malfunctions.

Even shrub. how to achieve it

Boisturosis can be called, without exaggeration, comfortable, effective, ergonomic tools for creating a crown of shrubs and trees. They are many times facilitating the care of hedges. With their help, it is easy to perform an even slice, and both horizontally and vertically.

The maximum reliability of the equipment is provided by a cable with the protection system. The blades are hidden by diamond sharpening, if it is professional equipment of a normal production brand. Thanks to this, a very high performance of shrubs haircuts is achieved.

The handles are designed so that the gardener can work with them at an altitude above the level of their shoulders. A number of models are equipped with a level, which helps to make even sections along one line. They can also be equipped with additional nozzles, which can be cut not only by bushes, but also to trim the lawn grass.

How to use bassores

In order for the acquired garden assistant to serve faithfully for many years, it should be treated correctly with a bush:

  • use electrocistores with a protective shutdown device;
  • start work at small speeds, gradually increasing them;
  • carry out movements in one direction. cutting the top of the hedge, lead the tool from one edge to the other, even sides, use the knife from top to bottom;
  • trim in the morning or evening.

When purchasing a bureau, make sure that the device has a few diverse nozzles. This will not only work with shrubs with different thicknesses of branches, but also if desired to perform decorative figures.

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