How to mow a lawn evenly with a trimmer. Lawn mower

Lawn mowing with a trimmer

The height and frequency of mowing depends on the type of lawn, the season and the climate. Lawns Parterre is mowed at 4-5 cm during the first two years, evenly dropping to 3-4 cm. The best height for garden and park lawns is 4.5-5 cm. Meadow lawns are mowed twice a season. Mowing frequency. Once a week, in damp weather. Every 5 days. During the dry period the height of mowing increases to 5-6 cm, and the interval between mowings. Up to 7-8 days. Lawn mowing is often carried out in accordance with the growth of the grass.

Lawn mowers

Now there are a huge number of models of lawn mowers, which differ not only in price, type of cutting element and type of motor, but also the presence of auxiliary options. Therefore, when choosing a mower, you should consider the power of the motor, the area and shape of the lawn, as well as a number of other technical features.

Introduction of hand lawn mowers allows you to not depend on the availability of energy sources and perform the perfect mowing of the lawn, without harming nature. Sharp blades provide high quality of mowing, although the work for it is quite difficult.

Electronic mowers are ordinary in operation, ordinary in cleaning, quiet, relatively harmless to the environment, ideal for medium-sized lawns. In fact, the only inconvenience in using this type of mower is the need to connect it to a power source. A beautiful solution for small equal lawns.

Gasoline mowers are perfectly suited to mowing huge lawns of any shape without being dependent on an external power source. But gasoline mowers are heavier, more difficult to use and produce a lot of noise.

For large areas there is a more complicated and large lawn care technique. Usually, such machines are not only equipped with blades for cutting grass, but also with tools for aeration and scoring. Some of them include a garden vacuum to collect leaves, grass clippings and debris. Large area lawn mowers are called garden tractors.

How to use cuttings of lawn grass

Do not rush to dispose of cuttings, they can and should be used. Let’s look at how you can use cuttings for the lawn. For example, for mulching (in order to improve air and water access to the roots of plants), composting or fertilizing plants on the site.

Cut grass, which will be used for mulching, must be perfectly dried, then it is laid out in flowerbeds, beds, at the foot of fruit trees and shrubs. Do not forget to refresh the mulch layer in time, so that it does not melt and vermin do not run in it.

Feeding the lawn with grass clippings is easy enough, just throw it on the lawn (this is not acceptable for all types of lawn) and the nutrients will enter the soil during decomposition. Many gardeners also prepare compost pits and moisten them. When the grass rots, mix it with manure, dissolve it in water and use it to feed the plants.

Safety at work

Technique of the trimmer with a string and disk has some differences. So, the trimmer line cuts the grass at the very end, but if you move too fast, the entire length is engaged. The result is that the stems are not cut, but the grass gets wound up on the cord and the motor is overloaded. So you need to choose the optimal speed of wiring. In addition, when mowing high and hard grass trimmer line is consumed faster than when mowing the lawn.

There are a few simple recommendations that, if followed, will make mowing more efficient and effective.

  • Trimmer with the engine below is convenient to mow garden paths, flower beds and edges of lawns. The plane of rotation of the spool of such a device can be perpendicular to the ground.
  • Dense thickets, large weeds, bushes should be mowed with discs or special attachments.
  • When cleaning large areas, the machine must be tilted to the left in the direction of swinging.
  • To cut the grass around flower beds, bushes and other objects, turn the grass trimmer head with the hood towards them. This will allow you to mow large areas without damaging the hedge trimmer.

Remember that the spool or disc must not touch the ground or any obstacle other than grass or branches to be cut.

Safety precautions when working with brushcutters include.

  • You should not use the trimmer in rain or high humidity.
  • People and animals should be at least 15 m away from the working device: grass clippings, small debris and stones fly out from under the cutting head at high speed and can injure.
  • Grass trimmer operator should wear heavy clothing that fully covers arms and legs.
  • Wear protective glasses, gloves, headwear, closed shoes, special earphones or earplugs.
  • The wire of a corded grass trimmer should be behind the mower.
lawn, evenly, trimmer, mower

So, the use of hand-held grass trimmers allows you to maintain order on a small area. When working on large areas, it is more convenient to use a mower. In addition, the grass trimmer is relevant for making hay and tidying up the area: small grass clippings can be mulched strawberries and other useful plants. You can visually see how to mow with this tool on the video.

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The corded trimmer is safer, but not always the best way to mow, unlike the disk. As they say, it is worth choosing a cutting mechanism under the peculiarities of your area of work or use integrated systems, where you can operate both the disk and the line for the trimmer, if necessary, setting the first, then the second.

As we have already written, lawn mower with a cord comes in automatic, semi-automatic and manual. In the first case, the cutting element “ejects” itself after each new start of the machine. This is very convenient, but not economical enough, for example, if your plot is irregularly shaped, and contains corners, jagged edges, and with a long transition to each of such areas the mechanism must be turned off and on again.

It is important for the operator to understand that the length of the line ends, which he sees in front of him in an extended state. this is the diameter that will mow the device. You can read about how to thread the line into the spool in one of our articles, but the most important thing to remember is that the length of the line ends should be optimal for proper mowing.

How to mow with a chainsaw correctly? You have to do it so that it will serve you as long as possible:

  • Keep the spool 10 cm above the ground;
  • When working with tall grass. mow it at the top, and then already at the stem to protect yourself from its winding on the device;
  • Drive the machine in the same direction in which the spool rotates;
  • Lawn grass, especially near walls and garden décor, is best mowed with the tips of a fishing line so as not to overload the engine;
  • Take a break every 15 minutes.

Any answers to questions about mowers you’ll find in this section of the site, but we are pleased to offer spare parts for lawn mowers among the other range of benzoinstrument.

Ideally, tall grass can be cut with a powerful trimmer with a thick line. But you must admit that the land where weeds grow is not always flat, and landowners often have bushes and all kinds of debris, stones, etc. on their plots. To avoid wasting expensive equipment, it’s better to mow in two stages.

If you’re preparing grass for hay, and you’re more or less familiar with the condition of the ground. then you can predict your work more accurately. Any technique designed for mowing grass. can also handle high overgrowth. The main thing is not to hurry and to approach the process correctly, as we demonstrate in the practical video.

  • Do not overload the machine;
  • If the grass gets tangled, immediately turn off the device;
  • do not mow wet grass, even with a gasoline trimmer.

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Features of the grass trimmer with a fishing line and cord

A grass trimmer is a more delicate machine than a full-fledged electric or lawnmower. And a grass trimmer that works not with a cord, but with a fishing line is an even more delicate device. Cord. essentially a wire. can damage the underside of the trunk in young trees that goes to the root, which is not the case with a fishing line. With thick weed stems. for example, weeds that have begun to tiller. the trimmer line may not have time to cut all the weeds.

Manual and automatic grass cutting modes have differences. Grass trimmer automatics eject the trimmer line every time the motor starts.

Despite the obvious convenience, on uneven and irregular areas, cutting the grass in one place and moving to another, you restart the engine. The way out. the transition to semi-automatic control: grass trimmer in the working part has a separate button, easily pressed when the head of the drum touches the ground. the trimmer line will immediately come out of the cutting part.

The length of the line must not exceed 15 cm in operating condition. A longer trimmer line gets tangled, a shorter one won’t cut effectively. The optimum line diameter is 2-3 mm.

What trimmers can mow wet grass

To understand what trimmers can mow wet grass, and what not, you should understand their structure. To date, two main types of brushcutters are available to the consumer:

Electric trimmers, depending on the location of the engine can be:

From a safety standpoint, mowing grass when saturated with dew or rain is best done with a petrol-powered trimmer or a “lithometer. But using an electric brushcutter is highly undesirable. Particularly bottom-mounted models, because they are in the water spray zone. As a result. there is a risk of a short circuit.

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Grass cutting during rain and with top-mounted trimmers is not recommended. If water penetrates the power unit, it may not only cause a short circuit, but also electrocute the mower.

Wet grass should not be mowed with electric lawnmowers either. The reason is the same as with bottom-mounted electric trimmers. there is a high short circuit risk. In addition there is a danger that the power cable for the machine will be accidentally cut because of negligence.

If there is still a need to cut the grass in wet weather or in the dew, it is better to use carbureted brushcutters and lawnmowers. It is much safer for life and health.

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Height of the grass: the size counts

From May, the first cut of the year, periodical mowing of the lawn becomes obligatory. The frequency of cutting the grass depends on many factors that determine the intensity of its growth. Lawns should preferably not be cut higher than 1-1.5 dm. Optimally up to 7 cm.

The last mowing should be done before frost. This is to ensure that the grass survives the winter. Do not leave the height too high or too low.

At one time you can cut no more than a third of the grass height, as otherwise it will be difficult for the plants to regain their function. If you cut the plants short at once and do it infrequently, the lawn will weaken, grow unevenly, with alternating islands of vegetation and bare ground. In neglected cases, even reseeding may be necessary.

For the record! Creating a parterre English lawn requires the right climate. If we do not have such conditions, cutting the grass too short (less than 30 mm) is not recommended because of the likelihood of plants quickly dry out and get instead of a soft carpet of tough shoots.

How to choose a grass trimmer for the lawn?

Grass trimmer is a mechanism that consists of a cutting tool, motor and boom. It can only be operated by holding it in your hands. The grass trimmer is designed to mow areas with high grass, uneven terrain, in hard-to-reach places and near plantings.

A better and more beautiful mowing on a flat area will provide lawn mower. Grass trimmer is indispensable for large areas with dense grass. Equipped with a blade, it can even cut thinner trees and bushes.

trimmers for grass come in electric, battery and gasoline.

Electric grass trimmer is suitable for mowing small lawns near the house. It connects to the 220-volt mains with an extension cord. Such grass trimmer has a light weight and can be managed by a woman. As a rule, electric grass trimmers are inexpensive and their power is low. But they are very convenient for mowing paths near the house, benches, small lawns surrounded by flowerbeds, areas near trees or bushes. The disadvantage is that the cut grass will have to be collected manually, as well as in the cord (extension cord), which creates some inconvenience when working.

  • environmentally friendly (no exhaust fumes)
  • low weight
  • No gasoline or oil required
  • low-noise
  • easy to start

Cordless grass trimmer. Such grass trimmers work on a battery. They do not have a cord, but their battery capacity is limited and they can only mow a small area at a time.

With a gasoline engine. Gasoline grass trimmers (brush cutters) are more powerful because of the fuel tank and weigh more than their electric counterparts. To work with them, more physical effort has to be expended, and to start the gasoline grass trimmer at the first time can not everyone. To fuel a grass trimmer, you must learn to mix the correct proportion of gasoline and oil (for trimmers with a two-stroke engine). The power requirement is very low and the noise level is high. But it often happens that only a gasoline grass trimmer can do the job.

  • is not connected to the power supply, which means that it is highly mobile
  • You can mow wet grass
  • high power, long motor life
  • Will cope with tough tall grass and shrubs
  • low probability of engine overheating

Types of engine in a gasoline grass trimmer. Gasoline grass trimmers can be equipped with different engines. two-stroke or four-stroke. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The presence of a certain type of engine does not directly affect the class of the grass trimmer and its power. Grass trimmers with two-stroke engines are most in demand among buyers because of their low price.

Engine type Two-stroke Four-stroke
Filling It is necessary to mix gasoline and oil in a certain proportion Separate containers for gasoline and oil
Noise strong weak
Exhaust a lot of little
Cost low high
Design simple complicated
Grass trimmer weight light heavy
Motor life small large

Choose the cutting system of the grass trimmer:

  • line for trimmer. The most common variant. Lawn trimmer lines are available in various thicknesses and sections. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The line for the trimmer is wound on a special spool at the bottom of the grass trimmer. Suitable for soft lawns.
  • Knife. The presence of a blade can be a basic or additional function. The knife is good for hard, thick stems. Choose a blade if your lawn is heavily overgrown with weeds and tall grass.
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What does the grass trimmer for lawn mowing look like

The device consists of a rod, a cutting element and a motor. Curved booms are more convenient to use. A flexible cable is used to transmit the rotation of this design. The straight boom has a rigid transmission. They say straight drives are more reliable, but that depends more on the manufacturer than on the type of gear. Booms can be collapsible and solid. If you do not plan to transport the grass trimmer, it is better to buy a device with a solid rod. This structure is more reliable in operation.

Do you know? The garden trimmer for grass was invented in 1971 in America by entrepreneur George Bollas. He came up with the idea after watching the brushes at a car wash.

The cutting elements of the appliance can be a trimmer line or a knife. Some versions can work with two pieces. Low-power devices are usually equipped with a fishing line. They can cut soft grass, but will not cope with shrubs and sprouts of fruit trees. The diameter of the line used depends on the motor power and the type of vegetation. For soft grass 1.2 to 1.6 mm is sufficient, for stiff grass 2 mm or more.

The cutting diameter of the grass should also be taken into account. For mixed vegetation, this parameter should not exceed 30 cm, on large areas with homogeneous grass it can be increased to 40 cm. For stiffer twigs and stems use knives. They can be made of metal or plastic. The blade diameter matches the power of the machine. The cutting element must be equipped with a protective shield.

Besides splitting motors according to the type of power used, these devices can also differ in power. Before buying, it is worth comparing the required amount of work with the duty cycle of the device, the type of vegetation with the type of cutting element. These characteristics will help you to choose the right power of the device. To remove weeds between the beds, a power of up to 500 watts is enough, to cut the grass on 6 acres you should choose a grass trimmer of 1 kW. The duty cycle of electric models is directly proportional to the motor output. But even the most powerful devices need a 10-minute break after 15-20 minutes of work.

lawn, evenly, trimmer, mower

What is better: trimmer for grass or lawn mower

Each grass trimmer has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on your needs, choose the one with the greatest advantages in this situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a lawn grass trimmer:

  • Compact. Compared to a lawn trimmer, it has a much smaller size.
  • Mobility. Grass trimmer is easy to use and can be used on small lawns.
  • Indispensable in hard to reach places.
  • Can be used on sites with a rough topography.
  • Does not require special care after use. It is enough to clean the device from the remains of grass and check the trimmer line.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Price appeal. Grass trimmer costs less than lawnmower.
  • Low power requirement.
  • When mowing, the grass is scattered on the lawn. Grass cuttings must be collected after use.
  • Can pull poorly rooted grass with roots.
  • It is forbidden to mow wet grass.
  • The work is accompanied by a lot of noise.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a lawn mower:

  • The quality of mowing is even and neat, on the width of 30-40 cm.
  • Does not pull the grass out by the root.
  • The operation of the device is virtually silent.
  • Equipped with a grass collector, so there is no need to collect the cut grass after work.
  • Using the device does not require special skills and great physical exertion.
  • Only suitable for work on medium and large lawns.
  • Used on young lawns with not very tall grass.
  • Productive on flat areas and slopes up to 10° degrees.

It is better to buy a gasoline grass trimmer to take care of the lawn in the countryside. It enables mowing vegetation of varying stem thickness. If the lawn in the cottage is homogeneous, the purchase of an electric grass mower with a capacity of 1 kW will be sufficient. Before buying, think about storage and transportation.

Did you know? The first garden trimmer for grass was invented for removing weeds around trees. The uniqueness of it was that it did not damage the bark of the trees as a result.

For areas with wild vegetation, it is better to use a metal blade as a cutting tool. Select the device on the basis of the work that it will regularly perform. Excessive power greatly increases the weight of the grass trimmer and fuel consumption. The disadvantage. leads to poor quality work and even breakage of the tool.

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