How to mount the pulley on a single axle tractor

Installing a four-stroke engine on a Krot cultivator. Step by step instructions with photos.

If you buy a power tiller or a medium single axle tractor you will have to deal with a selection of rotary hoe blades, transport wheels, tines and extensions. Of course, some motor blocks have all these attachments produced by the same company, but sometimes they are of worse quality, for example, the Chinese, and it is necessary to put a better one.

In addition, many models of power tillers and power tillers are not available or are not sold in your area. Therefore, we offer the following information about the shafts on which this equipment is installed to decide the interchangeability of this attachment: CROWN: F 15mm. Pubert MB 31H, Caiman MB 33R, F 19mm. [/COLOR]MK “Leader”, F 19.5mm. “Partner” 5054; Beezone CJD-1004-1, F 20mm. Honda F220, Honda F360, Texas “Hobby” 300 V; DDE V380 II; Triunfo TB30; ZigZag GT408; “Eurosystems” Z2, Champion BC4401, Pubert MB 50H, “Pubert” MB FUN-350, Caiman MB 86R, F 25mm. MKM 75 “Mini Neva”; VIKING VH 400; VH 440; HB445; VH540; HB585; VH660; Eurosystems Z3; MK “Eurosystems” EURO 3; “Eurosystems” EURO 5; “Eurosystems” EURO 3RM; Mole, Salute, Favorit, Tarpan, Master, single axle tractor M-3, Dachnik, “StigaSilex” 75R; Stiga Silex” 500 G; “AL-KO Farmer” MH 5001R ; DDE V700 II; MTD T240; SunGarden T240; T390; Robix156B; Efco MZ 2050. 25,5mm. MTD T205; T245; T330; T380, 28mm. DDE V600 II 65HPR; T6.5/900 FB PG Florida, F 30mm. Texas “TX “501; Texas “TX “502;Texas 572 Lilli, Texas “Lilli” 552; “Hobby” 500, Neva MB-2, Neva MK-100; DDE V500, Cascade, Oka, Ray, Ugra new, FlyRiverCJD1003-4; AF Kipor, F 35mm. Kutaisi Super 610.

Hexagonal socket at 22mm. old Ugra, hexagonal socket at 23mm. DDE V700 II (DW; DWN; H160WL4); Texas “Futura” 6003; Weima WM 500; T7,5/900 2 FB PG Montana; T7,0/1000 2FBPG Nevada. Hex socket 26mm. KAMA/KIPOR 610 and 910 models. 32 mm hexagonal. 105 Chinese (dawn and clones); Weima WM 1100.

As you can see from the table, output shafts are round and hexagonal, with different diameters. So when you need to do the necessary operation, for example to mow the grass, it’s better to buy the right mower and then a suitable single axle tractor to go with it. RVT

For many decades, agricultural workers use a single-axle tractor, which greatly facilitates the performance of heavy work with the ground. This device helps not only to plow, but also to harrow, reap and dip. The electrical apparatus consists of a large number of main and auxiliary parts. One of the most important parts of a power tiller is the pulley, which transmits rotational speeds from the motor to the attachment through the belt. This device allows the machine to move in different directions. In specialized stores you can see pulleys that differ not only in size, but also in the material of manufacture. Before buying the necessary part, it is necessary to consult with experienced craftsmen or consultants stores, so that the purchased part was not unnecessary and useless.

Do-it-yourself manufacturing

If it is impossible to purchase a ready-made pulley, professional craftsmen advise to make this detail themselves.

To make a slotted pulley at home you need a lathe and a metal workpiece. For help, you can turn to turning workshops, where professional turners will certainly help to turn the necessary part.

In case it is impossible to get the metal workpiece, experts advise to use a piece of plywood.

  • acquiring the necessary billet;
  • Drawing a circle of the required diameter;
  • Drilling the center hole;
  • sawing out with a jigsaw of a circle strictly along the planned line with a 20-25 mm indent from the line;
  • Grinding the obtained workpiece with fine sandpaper
  • Cutting out the groove for the belt with a mill of the required size;
  • installation of the finished product in a single-axle tractor
  • elimination of all defects and inaccuracies.

This piece of plywood has a short service life and requires constant checking and replacement if necessary.

You can install homemade parts only on those motor blocks, in which this manipulation is provided by the developers.

Specialists recommend to resort to self-made pulley only in the most extreme cases and when it is possible to immediately replace the part manufactured under industrial conditions on special equipment.

pulley, single, axle, tractor

To extend the service life of a power tiller, experts recommend knowing and applying a few basic rules for maintaining the pulley:

  • regularly check and clean the guard against stones, dust, dirt and other debris;
  • Constantly checking that the part is securely fastened to the axle to prevent thread wear;
  • observance of all rules and regulations for operation of the electric device;
  • checking the alignment with a laser level;
  • check the device for mechanical damage, as well as cracks and scratches.
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To prevent the development of corrosive processes after operation it is necessary to put the single axle tractor in a dry and ventilated room, protected from various precipitations.

In order to remove the pulley and correct the runout of the starter, you must first reduce the stroke, reduce the speed, and then completely stop the machine.

Before starting the planned work it is necessary to check the working order of all the elements of your power tiller to prevent the appearance of unpleasant situations that can cause a breakdown of the power tiller.

Experts recommend regular comprehensive inspection of the entire machine, which will definitely affect the service life of all parts, including pulleys.

The main activities of the comprehensive technical inspection:

  • regular cleaning of all working units;
  • check the air filters;
  • regular replacement of deformed parts;
  • inspection of spark plugs;
  • oil change;;
  • Lubrication of control system parts;
  • clutch adjustment;
  • replacement of the muffler;
  • Belt tension adjustment.
pulley, single, axle, tractor

A single-axle tractor is a versatile machine used not only by farmers, but also by ordinary residents with homestead plots. This unit is a multifunctional appliance that gives you the ability to remove snow, mow grass and lawns, haul loads, pump water, and clean the streets. To perform various types of work, you just need to change the attachment. This process takes a short period of time and has a simple technology. A large number of different parts ensure the stable operation of the machine. One of the most important elements in a power tiller is the pulley. The simple round piece is the connecting link between the motor and the moving parts. It is the pulley that determines the whole process of work.

About how to replace the pulley of the gearbox and the front coupling on the motor-block “Neva” MB-2, see the video below.


Selecting and installing a starter is only half the job

If you want the purchased part to work as long as possible, you need to pay close attention to the care of it. New things always work well

For example, the factory starter needs only one jerk to start the engine. But this is bound to change after a year of active use. To avoid these problems, it is important to lubricate it regularly before starting. Additionally, one should not overdo it when pulling the handle, because this could cause mechanical breakdowns.

Pulley: characteristics and properties

Pulleys exist in absolutely different sizes and are made of many types of materials. They are attached to the motor’s main shaft. If you are going to buy a part, then pay attention to the size of the installation place. You can buy a new belt and choose the pulley on a single axle tractor clearly by the parameters. For the manufacture of this mechanism is used mainly aluminum, cast iron or dural. These raw materials are used because they have an excellent level of strength and are resistant to mechanical damage. Also in stores you can see pulleys for power tillers made of plywood, plastic or textolite.

The main difference between these pulleys for a motor-block gearbox is the number of pulleys. When using a lever for controlling the belt can be thrown from one pulley to the other. This allows the speed to be adjusted, which creates a particular convenience during the cultivation of the soil. In agriculture, usually two- or three-stranded pulley parts for power tillers are used.

And also the unit is divided into categories according to the type of gearbox: there is a pulley driven for the motoblock, and there is a leading. Different sizes of mechanisms are required for different devices. In order to make the installation of attachment equipment, the pulley 19 mm for a motorblock will be suitable, for heavier units you need parts with a diameter of 135 mm.

For electric motors only three types of mechanisms are suitable:

  • Pulley for motoblock with a diameter of 25 (three-arm) monolithic;
  • up to 100 cm with special spokes;
  • discs. have a diameter of up to 40 cm.

The seating aperture is of two types: cone-shaped and cylinder-shaped.

How to change the belt on the Neva power tiller?

The simplicity of the basic device of MB-1 and MB-2 modifications allows you to replace faulty drive elements without having to turn to a specialized workshop for help.

  • Carefully remove the old belt, being careful not to damage the tension pulleys and other important nearby parts. To do this, it is necessary to remove the protective shield and the main factory cover, built for additional belt protection, in sequence;
  • Carefully remove the spring, which is necessary for the tensioning of the drive element;
  • To unscrew the fasteners in the form of screws and regular limiters, which serve to keep the belt on the regular pulley of the engine;
  • Inspect the position of the shaft handle of the power unit and the gearbox. they must be in exactly the same plane. The Neva MB-1 and MB-2 power tillers can have deviations in the location of handles by no more than 0.1 mm;
  • If necessary, adjust the position of the pulleys by carefully moving the motor in its longitudinal plane;
  • Adjust the position of the idler pulley. this is necessary for proper tension of the belt to be installed;
  • Install the new drive element. it is important to start putting the belt on the gearbox side of the motor block. This video will explain in detail how to change the driving element with your own hands.
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The belt replacement procedure is performed the same way for the Neva MB-2 motoblock, as well as for its analogue MB-1. In each case, before installing a new element, it is important to inspect the place of its installation and carefully clean it from debris, if necessary.

What engines are suitable for the cultivator “Mole

Because of the difficulty of starting and low-power motor initially installed, the owners of power tillers “Mole” often change to more powerful imported counterparts. There is nothing complicated in the replacement of the engine, since the design of the frame allows you to install motors from different manufacturers.

The main thing when replacing the engine. choose the correct capacity. And the modifications will not take much. any owner of a power tiller can cope with them. Usually the two-stroke motor that is installed on the “Mole” is changed to a more powerful four-stroke engine. often than not, the replacement of the engine on the mole cultivator “Mole” is made with imported analogues.

Motor Lifan 168 FB

This sought-after gasoline engine, suitable for mc “Mole” and other brands. Its manufacturer is a Chinese. which is world renowned for its quality engines of various capacities and designs.

The quality of Lifan is explained quite simply. the company does not do its own development, but only copies high-quality engines from other manufacturers, most often from Japan. “Lifan” produces many models of engines that can be used for agricultural machinery. Cultivator “Mole” suits best the modification 168FB.

Lifan 168 FB can be installed not only on tillers “Mole”, but also on “Cascades”, “Lucha”, “Neva” and other equipment that runs on gasoline.

  • Exhaust and air filter hoods are made of plastic;
  • Comes with a spark plug wrench and instructions, no pulley in the kit;
  • oil. Husqvarna SAE 30 for four-stroke engines;
  • The use of a reduction gearbox with an automatic clutch is allowed.

Single-cylinder engine has a capacity of 6.5 horsepower and volume of 196 cubic meters. cm. This is twice as much as the motor that comes with the cultivator. The engine shaft, 2 cm in diameter, is located horizontally. The cylinder diameter is 6.8 cm and the piston stroke is 5.4 cm.

Fuel tank holds 3.6 l, twice as much as a standard engine on a power tiller. Solid-state ignition. contactless semiconductor. The engine is started manually. Dimensions (cm): 39.5 x 36 x 36. Weight. 16 kg. The Lifan 168 FB runs on AI-92 gasoline. Parts for the motor are freely available and reasonably priced.

To work reliably Lifan 168FB, its air filter must have an oil bath, which allows for long-term work in high dustiness.

Sadko motor de 220

The diesel engine is made in Slovenia. It is compact, fuel efficient, rugged, and can withstand diesel loads. Its power is 4 horsepower, and the engine volume is 211 cubic meters. see. It is installed on compressors, power tillers, motor pumps, mini-tractors, cultivators, etc. д. Sadko de 220 is able to operate steadily in all climatic conditions.

Recommendations for the use of belts on your power tiller

After the first start of the cultivator the engine is not fully loaded. The service interval is given in the machine manual. Every part should be lapped. Otherwise serious repairs will soon be necessary.

If the device is old and the warranty does not apply to it, you can make a small repair not only of the Mole cultivator, but also of the cultivator for the vegetable garden, manual for dacha, electric for dacha and garden with your own hands. This is a simple process. The main thing is to get a good look at the machine.

The cultivator has always been built so simply that it can be repaired and improved by a person with a basic understanding of technology (see the “know-how” section). article with an engine from a power tiller)

What is the oil?

M-8B oil is used to lubricate parts of the power tiller. Developed during Soviet times, it is considered one of the highest quality products in its category.

Parameters GOST values
Kinematic viscosity mm2/s 7.5-8.5 (at 100ºС) and 1200 at 0ºС
Viscosity index 93
Mechanical impurities, in percent 0,015
Temperature of solidification, ºС -25
Corrosion resistance on lead plates, g/m2 10
Sulfated ash content, % 0,95
Mass fraction of the active elements: zinc phosphorocalcium 0,09 0,090,16
Density at 25ºC, g/cm3 0,905

Oil M-8B has another name. Autol. It is made from distillate components. The ready-to-use mixture is thermally treated with the addition of active additives. They increase the quality properties of the oil. Thanks to this it expands the scope of its application.

Other oils may also be used. For example, when using SAE 30 and 10W-30 oils, consider the following:

  • SAE 30 oil should not be used at temperatures below 4°C. It will make it difficult to start the engine;
  • at temperatures above 27°C do not use 10W-30. It will make it harder to start the engine;. The consequence of this will be higher oil consumption.
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If the engine is equipped with a gearbox assembly, it is serviced in this manner:

  • Unscrew oil filler cap and oil check plug;
  • remove the oil filler cap, and drain the oil;
  • tighten the drain plug;
  • pour oil into the filler neck until it comes out of the oil check hole;
  • tighten all plugs.

Mounting Tracks to walk-behind tractor

Before draining oil from the upper port, first unclog the fuel tank. Otherwise the fuel will start to leak out. The result can be a fire.

Ignition repair

Faulty ignition. one of the most frequent problems arising during the operation of the Krot cultivator. First you need to check the spark plug. It must be unscrewed and carefully inspected.

If it is dry, it means that the fuel is not reaching the cylinder. A wet spark plug warns that the cylinder needs to be dried. To do this, the motor is pumped with a hand starter.

If you can see a lot of carbon deposits on the spark plug, clean it with sandpaper and gasoline.

Why Do We Run Single Axle Trucks? The new trailer gets a paint job!

The gap between the electrodes should be measured. It must be no less and no more than 0.8 mm. Otherwise it needs to be adjusted. If there is no spark, a new spark plug must be installed.

There might be a loose contact in the circuit. First it is necessary to inspect the gap separating the ignition coil and the magnetic wire.

Ignition coil

The operation of the air filter should be inspected. It often happens that because of its contamination no air flows into the carburetor. Even a dirty muffler can affect the power of the machine.

Caiman produces a wide range of power tillers, characterized by high quality and reliability. Caiman power tillers. profitable and inexpensive equipment for many years.

Special equipment is required for planting large quantities of potatoes. The spud planter is not a luxury. it’s a way to boost yields.

Nowadays, domestic snow blowers have become very popular. Here is all the information about the snowplow Pro Arab.

Ignition is affected by the condition of the insulation of the wires and gasoline hoses. Magneto pulleys must not touch the flywheel plates. This fault can be detected by touch marks.

If you can’t find the cause of a breakdown yourself, you need to call in a professional. A serious problem requires a specialized approach.

Pulley from a power tiller: purpose and varieties

The chain block pulley is a part that looks like a little wheel. Usually installed between the shafts. Belt drive creates rotational motion between them. That’s why the pulley of a power tiller is the main mechanism with which you can change the torque of any vehicle, whether it’s a cultivator or a sawmill.Motorized pulleys are differentiated by:

The pulley on a single-axle tractor is most commonly made of:

Lighter versions made of plastic or pressed sawdust are possible. For this part is the diameter. both outer and inner. Pulley dimensions are standardized to eliminate confusion on this issue. According to current standards, pulleys for a motor-block can be:

Different size pulleys have planting grooves, although present in approximately the same number (about 8), but are different in shape:

Based on the fact that the maneuverability of the motoblock is determined by the overturning of the belt between the arms, the pulleys subtypes are:

Also, depending on which shaft it belongs to, the pulley is classified into:

For example, a driven pulley on a single-axle tractor is designed to communicate with the motor and bring the auxiliary equipment into operation. Slave is installed directly on the crankshaft.


In motoblocks, the designers use belt transmission, which consists of two pulleys, a belt and a tensioner.

  • High speed of operation;
  • protection of drive units against overheating;
  • simplicity;
  • reliability;
  • low cost;
  • no noise.

The pulley is the main part of the gearbox, which is located on the central shaft of the motor. The appearance of the part resembles the shape of a wheel, interacts with other elements through a special belt.

In specialized stores you can buy these devices of different sizes. Most parts are made of aluminum, steel, cast iron and duralumin, with high strength and reliability. To make products cheaper, some manufacturers use plastic, plywood and textolite for production.

The main criterion for choosing the part is the size of the belt. It is the size of the pulley that depends on it.

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