How to mount a plough correctly on a single axle tractor

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How to plow and set up a plow on a motor-block work with a plow, the basic rules of plowing

You need to prepare for sowing or start preparing your garden for the winter season? In this case, an indispensable assistant will be your own singleaxle tractor or motocultivator, which will perfectly be able to plow the land plot. The most important thing in this case is the setting and adjustment of the plow on the power tiller. Our tips help you do it quickly and correctly.

Preparatory measures

Let’s talk about how to plow land with a motor-block, just below. To begin with let’s find out what other preparatory steps, in addition to the attachment of wheels and a plow, should be made.

Before you start the operation of loosening the soil, along the first row of the plot it is worth pulling an indicative cord. Experienced plowmen may well skip this step. It is absolutely necessary to do this operation for beginners. The fact is that during plowing, any plow moves slightly to the right. And so it is very difficult to make the row perfectly even. The cord will help you stay on course.

Beginning with the second, all the rows can be done without using additional guides, because the wheel of the power tiller will follow the furrow.

Plow for the Neva power tiller

Varieties of plows for the Neva power tiller. To save cutters and keep them in working condition for a long time you will need to buy a plow.

Below we will consider in more detail, what plows can be installed on the single-axle tractor Neva.

LEMKEN Plough Adjustment | 01. Tractor Preparation | EN

The plough has a geometrically shaped steel share and a so-called heel for loosening stubble. After its use, it will be necessary to additionally go over the soil with a cultivator.

Today on the plow market there are 3 main groups of this attachment for the Neva motoblock:

  • Single-hoe. Equipped with a single ploughshare and designed for light soil. In the process of work with this equipment the soil is thrown to one side, so to move to the next row you will need to go to the beginning of the furrow.
  • A reversible plow for a power tiller. The ploughshare is made into a featherbed, so it is suitable for heavier soils. One popular model is the Zykov reversible plow, which has a left- and right-sided body, equipped with a ploughshare and a mouldboard that allows you to turn and crush the soil.
  • Rotary, which has several curved working plows placed on one axis. In the process of plowing, it rotates and overthrows the soil.

In order to determine which plow is best, you should assess the quality of the soil on the plot.

To properly hitch a plow to a single-axle tractor Neva will need to refer to the instructions for use of the power tiller.

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Let’s see how this plough is adjusted. It must be connected to the hitch and then attached to a single-axle tractor. To start using the cultivator with the plow attached to it, you need to change the wheels to the tines. The hitch has a special footrest, so you will not need to use additional tools. It is necessary to install the plows in such a way that in the end, its narrow sections were located in the direction of the cultivator’s movement.

The plow, once attached to the power tiller, should by no means move or tilt. It may be necessary to change the depth of plowing, for the adjustment of which there are several holes on the stand.

Before using the plow, it must be adjusted. To do this, align the longitudinal axes of the cultivator with the plough, and position the plough strictly vertically. Adjust this position of the attachment after the hitch has been installed. Adjust the plough‘s position. To do this, you need to place its heel parallel to the ground and fix this position with a bolt. It is important to remember that when you do this, the motorized steering wheel must be positioned centrally away from the adjustment screw.

To assess the quality of ploughing, the first steps should be done at a low speed, because the plough may need to be adjusted.

It is possible to construct an alternative to the plough on a single-axle tractor Neva with your own hands. The feedback of those farmers who made it on their own, the most positive. This requires a steel ploughshare, which is 3-5 mm thick, and a mouldboard, which can be fitted with a tube of about 50 cm diameter and at least 3 mm thick. The subsequent assembly of the plow is done in the same way as described above.

Russian designer plough. features and advantages

To be able to plow the land more effectively, experts advise the use of the Zykov plow.

mount, plough, correctly, single, axle

It quickly crumbles and overturns the soil, so the plot owner can get rid of a lot of weeds. Such a plow consists of the following elements:

  • Supporting part;
  • A ploughshare fixed to the body;
  • A stand, designed to mount the unit on a motor-block;
  • A field board for stability;
  • A feather for turning the soil, in order to obtain an evenly cultivated area.

For ploughing various crops, you must use a plow or a plow that has two working sides. It has large dimensions and makes it possible to completely get rid of noxious weeds, fill the row with soil, cut trenches for planting. Such a plow can have a fixed and variable working width. The main difference between them is the use of moving wings, which allow you to adjust the working width.

Tractors At Work | Ploughing

How to make a plow on a single axle tractor with your own hands?

a single axle tractor plough with your own hands is not a fancy thing, but quite realistic. Thanks to checked drawings and quality materials the process is reduced to a few successive steps, resulting in a low-cost machine with a high production life. The plow on a single-axle tractor, shown in the drawing, is considered to be universal.

In order to make a homemade plow on a single-axle tractor, you need to remember the following nuances:

  • Deviation from the standard dimensions of a proven design may end up in a machine breakdown;
  • For the plow, it is worth thinking about a fixing stand, which would allow it to be adjusted and mounted on the single-axle tractor itself. It is best to choose all-metal plates of 1-cm thickness for this purpose. By adjusting the leg, the desired ploughing depth can be set;
  • The mouldboard must be able to withstand heavy loads. Standard sheet steel is the most suitable material for this purpose. The main thing is not to overbend. It is advisable to use a gas heater to heat the pipe and bend it in the required direction according to the drawing or workpiece;
  • ploughshare. the component mechanism of the plough that directly interacts with the ground. should preferably be made of high-alloy steel or a special type of steel “Sortite”. The difference in thickness of upper and lower layers will ensure uneven bending and prolonged work without sharpening.
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Let’s look at some variants of homemade plough on a single-axle tractor.

Nibbi AE 11 two wheel tractor plowing Aldo Biagioli & Figli Single furrow plough 3

Rotary plough on single axle tractor. special features

A rotary plow for a power tiller with a support wheel is the most complex type of attachment used today for plowing. When working on it, you need to be extremely careful, as the slightest mistake will lead to a poor quality of processing the soil. The procedure for making it is as follows:

  • The working tool is a cutter, which can be made from a steel tube and metal plates. The plates need to be welded to the pipe so that when they rotate, they grind the ground and throw it aside;
  • Next, make a frame for the plow gear. It can have any shape, the main thing is that no moisture or debris gets inside the reducer;
  • It is not possible to make a reducer. it must be purchased. After that, the mechanism should be connected to the gearbox of the motor-block;
  • Since the rotary plough is quite a large structure, it will need separate wheels for its use. They can be taken from an old moped or motorcycle.

Optional equipment

“Salut” has a specific design feature. its engine is shifted forward, this perfectly balances the plow hinged behind. Compared with “Neva” and “Oka”, the Salyut power tiller’s center of gravity is displaced much closer to the ground surface, which facilitates the power tiller control, as a result there is no need for its additional balancing, the load on the hands during the motion is reduced many times.

According to owners’ and masters’ reviews, the Japanese engines are the most comfortable and efficient to work with. Pay attention on the shots of the video clip. a single-axle tractor is moving confidently along the furrow without any efforts of its owner. The video shows that when the operator releases the steering wheel, the singleaxle tractor with a plow continues to move smoothly in the track and plow at the same rate.

Depending on different tasks, half-axle extensions and metal wheels with weights are used. The wheels are installed with treads, which have a large support area, so as not to fall through on loose soil.

Also, the tillers for the power tiller allow you to adjust the desired row spacing.

The universal hitch mode provides a stable position for the machine during work and makes it easy to adjust plough angles in three planes. There is a version of wheels with weighting, then the plough goes even deeper into the ground.

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A plow is attached to a motorized tractor with a hitch. Since couplers come in a variety of versions, and each model has its own differences, in some cases you will need to do some preliminary work on mounting the coupler to the plow. When the hitch is installed to the plow, proceed to hitch the plow to the single-axle tractor.

The plough’s attachment to the tractor unit via a universal hitch provides a secure attachment to the tow bar of the tractor unit, and also allows a number of precise adjustments for plowing the soil.

Types of couplings for power tillers

if we use a universal hitch as shown in photo 3, I recommend not to fix the adjusting screw, leave the locknuts (A) loosened and loosen the locknuts (B) that fix the hitch to the plough leg. Now you and I can start adjusting the plow.

Tillage with a power tiller, video selection

Let’s take a look at what plowing plow options are offered by the official manufacturer of Neva motoblocks.

Hinged plow PN

The manufacturer of this model is Energia Joint Stock Company. They confirm the quality of the product conforming to all norms of Euro-Asian Union.

This is a relative small model that allows you to work on small plots of land in gardens, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, etc. д.

Here is a review, the principle of coupling and operation of this model:

The plow is a structure of a base and attached to it a body and a stand with holes.

It has a single mouldboard. That is, when it is used, the soil will be thrown to one side.

The depth of plowing can be adjusted in manual mode. The maximum depth of ploughing is up to 22 cm. And the maximum working width.18 cm. This is more than enough for most tillage applications.

Single-hoe plow H

This plough is produced by CJSC “VRMZ”. They look very similar, but differ in quality. VRMZ has long ago established itself as one of the best manufacturers of various steel structures. Their distinctive feature is the high quality of all products.

To see how easy it is to plow land with the Neva motoblock look at

Judging by the sales experience, single-hoe plough NRMZ production is one of the most popular ones. That’s why the company has developed 9 different modifications of this plough. They differ in size, weight, working width and ploughing depth.

This means that every owner of a Neva motoblock can pick up exactly the plough that is best suited for his particular case.

Dimensions range from wide to narrow, from low to high.

  • Looking at the working width, it can be 15 or 22 cm.
  • Their working depth can be set to 20 or 14 cm, depending on requirements.

That is, they are universal and can be used in any area and for any purpose.

When selecting a plough, please consider the type of terrain you are going to work. Particularly suited to soils that are soft and already fertile.

Its use on virgin or stony soils is inadmissible.

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