How to make tractor tires on a single axle tractor

We make the grottozatseli for a power tiller with our own hands

Dirt hooks for a tiller. they are reliable helpers for every device owner that can be made on their own with no problems. Hoes are quite a popular choice of attachments that allow to increase the weight of the machinery and improve the traction of the crawler with the ground.

Despite the simplicity of their design (wheels with spikes), these devices are presented today in a variety of transformations, so it is necessary to choose them competently.

How to make gruntzatsepes for your power tiller with your own hands?

Given the high cost of some models of grousers, many owners of power tillers prefer to make devices for agricultural machines with their own hands. There is nothing strange in it, because homemade constructions practically do not differ in quality, effectiveness and longevity from the grousers, available for sale on the shelves of stores.

Before making tractors with your own hands, we advise you to carefully study the drawings. They will give an idea of how to place and fasten the parts in the design. The easiest way will be to make gruntzatsepov from automobile disks from cars of the domestic brand VAZ. The order of work, in this case, will be as follows:

  • To begin with, you need to weld one metal plate to the outer surface of the Zhigul discs;
  • Next, start making the teeth. To do this, take steel of the right thickness and cut blanks of suitable dimensions. The length of the tines varies depending on the class of the motor-block. for heavy units the tines are suitable, about 15 cm long, for medium. 10, and for light ones. about 5 cm;
  • Make teeth weld around the circumference of the rim, observing a distance of 15 cm between them;
  • A more detailed description of making tines for a power tiller can be found in the video.

Functions of groundhooks for a power tiller

This kind of equipment is a product in the form of wheels, equipped with metal curved plates. The equipment is completely made of durable metal alloys.

The grousers for “Neva” power tillers perform a number of important functions. Primarily, they are designed to improve the machine’s grip on loose soil. In addition, they are also used for other important tasks:

  • The implements are designed for better tillage of heavy soil;
  • The equipment weighs down a single-axle tractor, which makes it possible to use other types of mounted implements;
  • The tiller arm effectively removes weeds with thick stems;
  • The implement allows the power tiller with a loaded trailer to climb uphill faster.
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All this makes the tines for the “Neva” power tiller indispensable assistant for any farmer. Despite the wide range of functions, this kind of equipment is inexpensive, which allows everyone to buy it.

How to choose?

When choosing the right model, first of all pay attention to the brand of the power tiller. For the model range “Neva and “Neva MB” variations of 43-cm diameter are excellent, the depth of immersion of the spikes into the ground of which is 15 cm. You need half-meter diameter bits for your Salyut model if you want at least 20 cm deep into the ground. The Bison needs tall products. 70 cm in diameter.

Soil hooks are not required only for heavy power tillers, their weight guarantees their stable movement on almost any surface. But if you want to improve the cross-country ability of your heavy power tillers (weighing more than 0.2 tons), you need wide trailing arms with a diameter of 70 cm.

Pay attention to one important point. it is necessary to avoid contact of the surface of this type of attachment with the body part of the machine.

Installing Rear Tractor Tires and Weights by Yourself!

The choice of a suitable trailing arm model also depends on the type of soil and the nature of the exterior of the products. Their surface can be shaped like spikes or arrows. But remember when buying that low cleats are not suitable for wet and unconsolidated conditions. they are ineffective and can become blocked. Arrow-shaped cleats are the most popular and are considered universal.

When buying additional equipment for your machine, first of all consider variants of the same manufacturer.

Pay attention to the cost, because it depends on the manufacturer and the modification.

Do not forget that for lightweight power tillers you need more weighting structures, otherwise on difficult soils you will have to face slippage of the machine.

make, tractor, tires, single

What sizes to get

There are a lot of drawings and diagrams on the Internet to make them yourself. But what sizes correspond to a particular brand? Sometimes this is not indicated in the drawings.

So, the most common motocultivators are: Neva, Mole, Salyut, Oka, Zubr, Kentavr. Let’s consider the power tillers Neva.

Gruntozatels for power tillers Neva will also fit perfectly to power tillers Salyut and Favorit. Dimensions for homemade tools for power tillers: height. 34 cm, width. 11 cm. These dimensions are shown on the drawing, and all the fine details that need to be observed to work the ground well are indicated. By the way, the gruntzatsepes self-made variant make a little more than the factory ones, t.к. it is difficult to accurately select the size. Dimensions for other brands of power tillers range from 34 cm to 70 cm and higher.

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Let’s take a look at the main functions of the tractor hitches on the Neva single axle tractor:

  • Better quality plowing of land plots.
  • The tooling installed makes the single-axle tractor heavier and good to use, which improves soil handling and allows you to work with heavy attachments.
  • This product helps you get uphill with a full trailer in a fairly short amount of time.
  • The tines cling to small and large plant roots, pulling them out.

How to make a groomer for a power tiller with your own hands: learn the essence

Earthmoving is one of the most boring and arduous types of physical labor, so it is important to choose the right equipment. If you do not want to waste extra time, then learn how to make groomers for a power tiller with your own hands. With the help of this device, you can facilitate any excavation work that every dacha farmer carries out when farming.

make, tractor, tires, single

Technically, it is a wheel with spikes or blades that dig into the ground. To understand what kind of tool bits are good for your power tiller. are they bought or homemade, you can choose from two variants: universal or for a certain model.

In the first case, you only need to select the size, in the second case, you need to match the characteristics of a particular brand.

Dirt hooks for power tillers are made by hand everywhere, it’s a much less expensive option. All the more so that they are practically not made for heavy equipment, they can only be built by hand or to order.

  • Improved traction on the ground;
  • facilitating movement uphill and on soft ground;
  • provision of additional loosening;
  • increased weight so that more equipment can be attached to a single-axle tractor, and for the sake of stability.
make, tractor, tires, single

1.1 Grousers for the most common brands of power tillers

The following power tillers are common throughout Russia, and equipment for them can be obtained from manufacturers:

Trailing shoes for tillers (iron wheels)

The most common machine on the agricultural lands of Russia, is the Neva. For it, the trailing arms are made in the same factories as the single-axle tractor. F340 design×110, where the rim height is 340 and the width is 110 mm.

Models for Neva with the size of 560×130 mm fit also on Salyut and Favorit power tillers. This size can be called universal. It is possible to put on the Salut wheels much larger size. 700×100 mm, they are delivered from Poltava.

For power tillers Mole, Dachnik, Master, there are small wheels with diameter 280 mm and thickness 90 mm. For heavier motoblocs, the Kentavr and Zubr, equipment is created with dimensions of 450 mm in diameter and 110-120 mm wide for the first and 700×200 for the second.

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On the Kadwi fit from 350 to 500 mm in diameter, with a width of 100 mm. Oka. 425×130 mm, the peculiarity of the design is that it is necessary to hang them on the hub extensions.

Homemade grottozatseli for power tiller Salyut 100

When choosing, you should also take into account how much weight the device will have to hold. the higher it is (including attachments, ploughs, etc.), the bigger and stronger the hitch must be. to menu

Combination hooks

Such implements are not only needed for power tillers. Many people are also interested in the question of how to make the tines for the cultivator with their own hands. For this purpose, you can use combined wheels, for example, using the tread from the tractor.

Bigger tires and hubs on a lawn tractor

To implement such a project, you should prepare the halves of rims of “Zhiguli”. You also need to prepare tractor tires with strong tread. Then the sidewalls have to be trimmed. This creates a rubber disc with an excellent tread.

Such wheels can be used on hard unpaved roads, as they will not loosen the ground. On soft soil, they will also show themselves well, but the traction with the ground will be much less than in the presence of metal discs.

If you need the option of wheels not only for good traction, but also for loosening, it is necessary to make ground wheels with knives, which will not ride on normal roads, but are suitable only for loosening. That way, the ground will be tilled.

Heavy grundozateli for a power tiller from automobile discs VAZ with their own hands

In modern life, a variety of devices are used, designed to significantly reduce the physical strain of performing certain work. Appropriate special equipment is used for agriculture and horticulture, which increases productivity. In practice, special attention is paid to small and multifunctional devices.

One such attachment is a single-axle tractor. Of course, the machine itself has no certain value without additional attachments. However, due to the high cost, the load hooks on a single axle tractor and other devices can be made by yourself. In this case, it is necessary to consider exactly how to make homemade soil hooks for such a device as a single-axle tractor Krot or other models.

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