How to make an electric starter on a single axle tractor

Repair and installation of the starter on your power tiller with your own hands

The starter for a power tiller may look complicated at first sight, but in practice there are no complicated elements in its design. These devices act as a starter component with which the combustion engine is started. The work of the device consists in the fact that it creates a pull to rotate the crankshaft and camshaft. In addition, at this moment a spark is supplied to the glow plug, which allows to form in the combustion chambers the necessary traction for the subsequent independent work of the engine. In practice, we can distinguish the following variants of starters for power tillers:

In each case, the principle of operation is similar, but the starting procedure differs significantly. If in the first case it is done manually, then in the second version everything is done electronically, and the hands rotate only the key in the ignition mechanism, or the start is done from the button. Most old power tillers are equipped with a mechanical manual starter, which is why it is necessary to consider in detail how to repair the device, if necessary.

Important! Modern power tillers are available with an electric starter, but if it breaks, you can also fix it yourself

The device of the manual version

Before considering how the repair of the manual starter for the motorblock is performed, it is necessary to consider what elements, this accessory consists of:

  • The body, made in the form of a drum;
  • There is a large and also a small spring inside;
  • The machine is also fitted with reeds and a washer;
  • Coil for starting and starting cord;
  • The elements used for fixing.

All elements are made of durable materials for maximum resistance to wear and tear. The start of the device is carried out by the coil, which is driven by the cord. In some cases, the former models of power tillers were equipped with special footrests for starting, like motorcycles. Repair of kickstarter (starting footstep) on a power tiller is practically the same as working with manual mechanism, except for availability of special remote handle and internal cam mechanism instead of coil and cord.

It is worth noting that the electric mechanism is also equipped with a similar device, but there is a more complex technology.

Structure of the electric starter

As previously stated, this part has a similar structure to the manual version, but differs in that it also includes the drive brushes, cam mechanism, wiring and electric drive. The last component simulates the mechanical forces that are generated by the incoming electric power and the built-in electric motor. All other elements are similar to each other and provide the same function, namely, to start the engine by turning the camshaft and crankshaft.

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Important! An additional difference between the elements is that when repairing equipment and disassembling the device, it is also necessary to disconnect the electrical supply wires

Structure of the starter

Planning to find out how to assemble a starter on a power tiller, it is necessary to become more familiar with the features of this element and its design. Motor blocks provide for the presence of two such devices at once. the main one and an additional one, which guarantees successful engine starting even in low temperatures.

Studying the device of the starter motor-block, it is advisable to allocate several important nodes at once:

Design provides that in the center of the unit body there is a coil with a wrapped cord. On the axis of the housing of the product is a large circular spring, which is responsible for returning the product to its original position when rotating.

Starter is responsible for starting the engine

The principle of operation of such an element is extremely simple and reliable. the user pulls the cord, as a result of which the coil is rotated. Thanks to this element feeds the engine speed, which contributes to its confident start.

Types of mechanisms

Before finding out how to repair the starter with their own hands, as well as the most common faults of this unit, it is necessary to get acquainted with the varieties of the part. On sale there are various types, which differ significantly among themselves in their technical characteristics and the principle of operation.

The most popular appear to be:

  • spring devices. a classic version, characterized by ease of installation and efficiency in use;
  • Electronic models. provide the presence of the battery for successful engine starting, the power is determined by the battery charge;
  • manual mechanism. a simple, but less effective option, involving the use of a special handle for starting the engine.

Planning to buy a manual starter for a power tiller or its other varieties, it should be noted that for most models of equipment perfectly suitable spring elements, as their energy will be enough to start the engine. advanced electronic devices require a battery charge, so they cannot be used without power.

make, electric, starter, single

How to repair the starter motor-cultivator with your own hands

Let’s consider how the repair of the starter motorblock with his own hands. Before you start repairing the manual starter, you need to find the manual for its operation, which contains a diagram of the device. Then you need to prepare a wrench to loosen the mechanism.

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Before you start disassembling the device, take a picture of it so that you can correctly reassemble all the parts and components.

After that unscrew the washer, which is located in the middle of the housing. Having opened the lid, it is necessary to carefully inspect all the parts that are located inside the drum and determine which of them are damaged. It is necessary to carry out a very careful and careful inspection of small parts, so as not to accidentally damage them and not to lose them.

In most cases, the repair of the kickstarter on the power tiller is to update the components that have failed. For example, the starter cord is replaced if it is torn or frayed.

If a large spring fails, it must be removed from the drum. There are usually hooks on the places where the spring is attached. If they are not in the design, you need to heat the ends of the spring and bend them in the right direction. If the spring is completely out of order and there is a pronounced fatigue of the metal, then do not try to return such a spring functionality. In this case it is better to replace it with another one. After that, the device is to be installed in its place.

In addition to the manual starter, there are spring and electric starter for single axle tractor. The spring mechanism is simple in design and easy to start. The device will start after shifting the handle of the tiller. The motor is accelerated by means of a semi-automatic spring. You can replace the manual starter with a mechanical one by yourself.

The power starter is connected to the battery and is powered by the battery. Electric start-up of the device is carried out by means of a start button. The battery determines the power of the electric starter and the duration of operation of the device. The electric starter is installed according to the circuit diagram of this design. A single axle tractor with an electric starter is durable, reliable and has a long service life.

Unfortunately, not all designs of power tillers with a manual mechanism can be converted to a spring or electric. Before you start to work on replacing the manual mechanism, you should study the manual and your power tiller’s capabilities and find out if it can be reworked in this way.

Farmers should know that all power tillers work properly when they start. Gradually on the assembled unit, various components fail. In order to extend the service life of your power tiller and all its parts and assemblies, regular checks of the machine and proper care of it are essential. All nodes and components should be subjected to periodic lubrication with machine oil, checking their performance. In order to increase the performance of the cultivator and extend its service life, proper care of this equipment is necessary at all times.

How to put the starter on a single axle tractor

The design of the manual starter motorblock Cascade is quite simple and does not cause difficulties even for novice gardeners, but the assembly and installation of an electric starter unit. the procedure is more complicated. It can cause a lot of questions for the owner of the machine about how to properly install the electric starter and how to put the starter spring on a single-axle tractor Cascade. To problems with this operation did not arise, consider step by step how the installation is carried out:

  • The first thing to do is to remove the air filter.
  • Then they remove the flywheel to provide free access to the internal structure of the machine.
  • To do this, remove the casing and unscrew the screws that fix the basket of the device.
  • Unscrew the nut and remove the handwheel. The last operation may cause some difficulties, so initially it is necessary to prepare a wrench.
  • After the flywheel, unscrew the key that is behind it.
  • Then you need to put the generator, with its wires should be in the holes in the wall of the engine.
  • In the center of the flywheel the alternator magnets must be fastened and the holes of both components must coincide.
  • Connect the parts with the fastening bolts and mount the crown. To install the latter you need to use a torch.
  • When the assembly is complete, it must be returned to the motor and the nut and key must be screwed in.
  • Then the mechanism basket is installed, the protective cover is fastened, and the filter is placed in its original place.
  • Remove the plug, put the starter motor.
  • Then connect the wires and terminals of the alternator to the battery.
  • Turning on the power tiller.

Motoblocks can not be called a complex design, but still, even they contain certain features. For example, during the operation of the device, two starters work at once: the main and auxiliary. Spring-loaded, electric variants and manual ones are used as reliable helpers.

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The latter are the most common, because they can be easily mounted on a single-axle tractor and, if necessary, to repair the object with their own hands. Such kickstarters are unpretentious and often serve successfully for years with careful use.

  • housing, made in the form of a drum;
  • large and small springs;
  • reeds and washers;
  • of the spool and the cord;
  • fixing parts.

The cord itself is fixed on a spool installed in the central part of the drum. A special large circular spring is placed in the drum around the axis and helps to return the spool to its initial state after scrolling. As you can see, it is quite easy to assemble such a mechanism.

As for the working process, it is even simpler: after a man jerks the starter knob with a sharp movement, the mechanism itself takes effect and transmits the initial rotation to the motor. Pull the handle twice for best acceleration.

But, as is usually the case, nothing lasts forever, and even such reliable devices sometimes malfunction. Don’t be discouraged, however, because all malfunctions can be corrected.

Working principle and application

The main purpose of a power tiller is to plow the field or tilled it. Secondary tasks assigned to it can be snow plowing and cargo transportation (with an attached trailer). A single-axle tractor is an attachment built on the basis of a single-axle frame and developed on the basis of a small-sized tractor device. The user controls the motion of the power tiller and follows it.

According to the type of work the devices are distinguished into wheeled (tracked) and motor cultivator. In the wheeled device, traction is achieved by the undercarriage, but in the tiller-driven one, the tool is attached to the axle at once. Different models of power tillers use a different set of mechanisms, but, as a rule, a milling power tiller is used for domestic devices, and a plow mounted on wheels. for professional. The tool used is a tiller or a tiller.

The idea of creating a small device that could do the work of a full-fledged tractor when cultivating arable land appeared in the beginning of XX century in Europe due to the inconvenience of passing of full-fledged tractors on private fields. Thus, in 1912 the German company Siemens-Schuckertwerke launched mass production of motor cultivators called Siemens Bodenfrase. At that time, the company produced both small-sized lightweight devices, and heavy powerful devices, not inferior in operation to full tractors.

What other types of starters are suitable for power tillers??

Every owner of power tillers should understand that at first absolutely all starters work perfectly and can please their owners with this state of affairs for about a year. But without periodic lubrication of parts, their inspection and commensurate jerk force, such joy will not last long. Take care of the starter, and it will answer you with high performance and long service life.

Repair of power tiller Neva-MB2

In our dacha plot we are not only engaged in home improvement and landscaping, but also actively planting a variety of vegetables. That’s why you have to cultivate a lot of land. For this purpose we use a single-axle tractor Neva-MB2. This equipment is reliable, unpretentious, its power is enough to perform many gardening operations.

During the 6 years of operation, there have been no problems, I only changed the oil in the engine and belts. But at one beautiful sad moment, while dipping potatoes, there was a strong metallic rattle, and the starter rope popped out of the starter. Having stopped the engine we tried to start it again. After a couple of minutes of work the same scenario occurred again.

It became clear that it was necessary to repair the power tiller Neva-MB2.

The owner’s manual didn’t say anything about this problem. We had to search for information with our own strength. We asked around, searched on the Internet. It turned out that several owners of machines have encountered such problems, after 5 years of active work, this breakdown is quite common. It’s all about the overrunning clutch.

make, electric, starter, single

Overrunning clutch of the Neva-MB2

The principle of its operation is the following: the overrunning clutch is installed on the engine shaft, and the starter is put on it. When starting the single-axle tractor Neva-MB2, the starter turns the shaft together with it. When the engine starts, the coil spring puts the starter back in place, the overrunning clutch stalls and prevents the starter from spinning.

In the place of contact with the metal balls that slow the overrunning clutch, its tabs are ground, the balls pop out of the grooves, it starts to rotate with the shaft, rotating the starter with a coil spring. That’s why you get such a loud metallic rattle.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to perform repair of the Neva-MB2 motorblock, and more precisely, the restoration of the overrunning clutch. This is done as follows.

Repair of power tiller Neva-mb2

The first thing to do is to undo the two screws at the top with a flathead screwdriver and the two screws at the bottom of the cover with a 10 mm wrench and remove the starter by pulling it towards you. We will see the overrunning clutch protruding. Next, unscrew 4 screws with a flathead screwdriver and remove the metal mesh.

Now put the single-axle tractor on its side, with some support under it.

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There is a metal cover just under the net. Under it there are balls, like from a bearing.

When removing the cover, make sure that they do not fall out of their places. Assemble them, put them aside. Next, take out the overrunning clutch.

The grooves, where the balls go, have worn down and rounded over the years of use, so they pop out of their seats and stop blocking it. The grease on the shaft is also burned out.

Next, let’s take a file and grind off the curves, this operation can be performed on an emery machine.

Pour a little oil inside so that its friction on the shaft is minimal. Do not pour a lot of grease, make sure it does not get on the balls to avoid sticking. In the center of the overrunning clutch is a hole through which you can lubricate the shaft without removing the metal mesh.

Insert the needle of a syringe filled with oil and squeeze out a little grease. Then put everything in its place, distribute the balls in the grooves, assemble the entire assembly in reverse order. At the end of the assembly pay attention to the spark plug wire. Put the starter cover so that it doesn’t get squeezed.

Check the work of the power tiller by starting the engine.

Episode No.127. The Starter Motor

If after some time this malfunction is repeated, let’s do the same thing. And even better would be if the overrunning clutch is replaced with a new one. It costs about 30. Which is inexpensive compared to the price of the machine itself.

That’s how we conducted the repair of the motor-block Neva-MB2, restoring and lubricating the overrunning clutch.

Features of the hand mechanism

In the selection process, most users usually give preference to the manual starter. It has a huge number of advantages over electric and other options. Such a device includes the following parts:

It is the manual starter is the most popular, because in the process of operation such devices often fail, so they have to be repaired, but just manual versions are extremely easy to repair. Let’s look at what the process of restoring the starter looks like.

  • Before starting the repair, you need to find a diagram from the manufacturer to understand the peculiarities of the location of all the parts. In addition, it is not unreasonable to understand the instructions.
  • You need to prepare a wrench, with which you can unscrew and remove the nuts.
  • Before you remove the starter, it is best to take a few pictures. This will help restore everything in case you forget the location of certain parts.
  • Unscrew the washer, which is located in the center of the drum.
  • Find the damaged elements, and carry out their replacement.

Thus, the repair of the manual starter does not take too much time, which is why this variety and enjoys great popularity. In the process of restoring the serviceability of the starter for power tillers the main thing is to pay attention to any detail, even the smallest.

The structure of the power tiller starter

All models have differences in design and are equipped with special mechanisms. The latest equipment uses two starters. The spring starter contributes to an accelerated start of the main. The key mechanism is the manual starter, it is responsible for the movement of the motor.

The design consists of the following parts:

  • reel housing;
  • washer;
  • large and small springs;
  • coil;
  • tongues;
  • cord;
  • fixing elements.

The spool with the spooled cord is connected to the body with the reel. There is a spring in the drum chamber, which allows the mechanism to return to its original position after pulling the cord to its full length.

How to make an electric start for small engines

On some models there are starters with an electric ignition system. The electric starter to the power tiller is battery-powered. Its capacity determines how long the engine starting mechanism can function.

Kickstarter manual type, as well as an electric starter for power tillers are highly reliable, durable and resistant to various external influences.

  • Spring. It’s easy to install and quick to start. just slip the tiller handle. The spring works on the semi-automatic, its task is to accelerate the motor. All activities can be completed in two hours;
  • Electric. This type of starter is powered by a battery of battery type. It determines the power of the mechanism and the duration of its operation.

It is important to understand that not all equipment with a manual release can adjust to the work of the electric starter. Therefore, before proceeding to work on the replacement, it is necessary to pay attention to the design features of the unit.

Owners of power tillers can use the machine with confidence. For a long time it does not need repair work. But it is important to periodically lubricate the parts, check them for serviceability, control the force of the jerk. Easy care ensures high productivity and long service life.

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