How to make an ATV from a power tiller

How to make an unusual ATV with your own hands?

The question of how to make a rover from a power tiller with his own hands, is very relevant for farmers and even owners of small plots. This technique is an assistant for all occasions, since it is very easy to attach additional equipment, which makes a rotary cultivator as functional as possible. Such machinery is traditionally used in gardens and orchards. Work with the tiller, as a rule, is much, as it is possible to plow the ground, and gather leaves and hay in a pile. But for a certain period of time the technique stands idle. During this period, it can be used for other work. For example, it is possible to make an all-terrain vehicle. A little effort is enough to transform the farm machinery into a universal snow and marsh vehicle. At the same time it is very easy to work with some machines. There are models that are modified by the attachment. This variant is as simple in use as possible.

It is more convenient to make an all-terrain vehicle from a Neva power tiller. The peculiarity of this equipment is that the manufacturer allows you to install a universal attachment. This makes it possible to modify the motocultivator as quickly as possible. Thus, the marshmobile from the tiller can be made in a matter of minutes. However, in order to transform the farm equipment, an all-terrain attachment to the motoblock should be on hand.

Manufacturers offer a variety of additional equipment for this type of machinery. But the cost of such attachments is not cheap. Those who are not ready to spend thousands to turn a power tiller into a rover, you can try to make equipment with your own hands. There are no special difficulties, but some skills are still needed. First of all, the master needs to understand the technique and be able to work with a welding machine.

What can be made of the engine from the tiller

Samodelka with an engine from a power tiller can significantly save the family budget, as well as facilitate various works on the site.

From a motoblock you can make the following inventions:

make, power, tiller
  • Vehicles (mini-tractor, all-terrain vehicle, ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, motorcycle)
  • Stationary equipment (sawmill, electric generator, pump, lathe)
  • Agricultural machinery (loader, snow blower)

Vehicles made on the basis of a motor block or its engine are not suitable for use on highways and other busy roads, are intended for transportation of goods on the plot, as well as for movement in the countryside. The maximum speed of these devices is 60 km/h.

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The base of the vehicle (frame) and wheels should be adapted to heavy loads, and the engine itself should be chosen according to the total weight of the device, the weight of the cargo and the purpose of the equipment, for example, for a bicycle, a motor under 5 liters is enough.с., For a snowmobile, the engine power must be higher (7 liters).с.).

Making stationary equipment and farm equipment can be more complicated, but it’s easy to find videos with detailed instructions.

All-terrain vehicle from a power tiller: design features and making

Nowadays, a single-axle tractor is not only a sought-after farm machine. It is also the foundation for making a variety of homemade units. To the category of the latter belongs all-terrain vehicle or as it is also called, quad bikes, as well as a karakat. Any of these vehicles will find use in regions with harsh climatic conditions and simply among fans of extreme sports. Create a moto with their own hands from a power tiller can be on the pneumatic and caterpillar. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

All-terrain vehicle in the traditional sense is a vehicle designed to move through the mud and trails, regardless of their bed. A dirt bike from a Moto-Block is characterized by small size and light weight.

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Before you start the process of conversion, you need to orient yourself on certain aspects. You can create a unit on tracks or on pneumatic wheels. At the same time tracked design is more intricate, and it is necessary to know and understand how to operate it.

The next thing you need to clarify. where and how the unit will be used, what capacity, as well as what load it will be able to move on itself. Once these issues are taken care of, you can start drawing the future machine.

You should not take any motor. It must be force-cooled. Choose a power tiller with an air or water cooling system. The engine should be powerful enough to be able to move over any terrain without problems.

In order to use a self-made motodezdehod in winter, choose a 4-stroke motor. It has excellent performance in the process of work at subzero temperatures.

Basic nodes used to create a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle, in addition to the motoblock itself, are represented by such components:

  • The frame, which will be the base of the unit;
  • Rear axle, to install a second pair of wheels;
  • a seat for the driver;
  • Lights to enable safe riding at night.

Such units are the means of transportation, designed for one person. The average load capacity of the vehicle is about 200 kilograms. The width of the chassis is determined by the required stability before overturning, but it is desirable to make it not less than 1.1 meters.

Among power tillers with an engine it is desirable to use units of the companies “Ugra”, “Neva”, maybe others, having a capacity of 10 horsepower or more. Such power is enough to travel faster than 10 kilometers per hour.

In slushy conditions, it often falls to 2-3 km / h on sticky or slippery ground.

First of all, it is desirable to equip the existing engines speed reducer. This is because the acceptable torque for both diesel and carburetor engines comes at 80% of the crankshaft speed limit.

In addition, the engine must be equipped with a forced cooling system. The bottom line is that the movement will be made at low speeds, and the air flow is not enough to create the operating temperature regime for the engine.

First it is necessary to create a frame, which will be located between the front and rear axles. For this task it is necessary to use square section profile pipes. Such components have a high degree of rigidity. When using heavy motor vehicles such as “Neva” or “MTZ” often perform a rigid docking frame. Due to this the all-terrain vehicle will be one-volume.

Another option is to use the so-called break (breaking frame), which gives great advantages when operating the machine on the terrain with a rough terrain. In such a situation, the connection will be made via a kingpin. At the same time, both axles will be equipped with independent suspension.

For movement through the woods to hunt possible to make on the basis of the power tiller swamp buggy, equipped with a frame-crossbreaker. Compared with rovers on a strict frame it is endowed with higher cross-country ability.

The easiest way to make a rear axle is to use ready-made components from an old passenger car, for example, “Moskvicha 412”. This is due to the light weight of such elements, making it possible to use them for making a cross-country vehicle.

To achieve measured travel, the suspension system is fitted with shock absorbers which additionally reduce body-on-body vibration.

In order to reduce the fuel consumption and reduce the resistance when driving on the territory with difficult driving conditions it is desirable to make an independent suspension system for each rear wheel individually.

nuances in making the suspension

After the frame, the master will need to make the suspension and the rear axle with his own hands. It should consist of two steel parts, fastened by a hinge. The design uses a steering bushing to connect the spars. Thus, we get independent front and rear suspensions.

They should be independent necessarily, because only they provide motoblock caracat safety of the entire structure when moving on difficult terrain.

Dimensions of the karakat


When constructing a homemade motocultivator, some people make do with the drive from a scooter or moped. But to assemble a more productive single-axle tractor, the strength of a moped engine will not be enough. You’d need a powerful 16- to 18-horsepower motorcycle diesel engine. It is “adjusted” to the desired parameters, but sometimes it needs to be modernized. The gas tank is also installed from a scooter.

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First, the cooling system is rebuilt into an active air cooling system, in order to improve the technical performance of the motorcycle. It is easy to do with a 12 volt electric motor with a small iron impeller. By the way, replace the valve with a petal valve, which helps to facilitate starting, increase traction and reduce fuel consumption.

The prepared engine is mounted in rigid clamps. They are pre-welded to the front of the self-made frame, then securely bolted together (the entire process is well shown in the video).

Always make sure that the clamps cover the neck of the output shaft of the diesel motor of the motor block and firmly hold it.

To the control of a homemade device attach a lever, which can easily be made from an iron bar by welding a ball at the end. Handle length should be set so that it is easy to reach from behind the tiller or power tiller handle.

Next, the self-made air purification filter is assembled, using available materials, such as cans, metal tubing. Then prepare the fuel tank makeshift motor unit. It can be made from any sealed container or take from a broken-down sidecar.

Frame construction

Next, you need to weld a steel frame, which must be very strong and reliable. But according to experienced designers, this node is the most vulnerable part of the ATV. It is assembled from a frame from a motorcycle or bicycle. If you can not get a blank, you can weld a construction from pipes, the walls of which have a thickness of 3 mm. They can be either round or square in cross-section.

Once connected to the ATV, the frame is sure to be weighted, so it will act a significant load. Homemade structure is attached to the future vehicle with two pins, which are fixed to the swivel joint.

Swamp and pneumatic cross-country vehicles as an updated version of cross-country vehicles

Swamp buggy is a machine with high cross-country ability. Swamp buggies have proven to be excellent on marshy ground, shallow water, muddy and boggy soils. Very popular with fishermen, hunters, explorers, forced to overcome dozens of kilometers of impassable off-road.

The process of assembling marshmobiles is similar to constructing a quad bike or karakat of the cultivator, so we will not dwell on it in detail.

Pneumohods are a type of transport developed in the middle of the last century. Pneumatic all-terrain vehicles have been significantly modified today. Some versions of pneumohods have 6 wheels instead of the standard 4. Conventionally, pneumohod can be called a Moto-Block on pneumatic wheels.

Make a Mini Power Tiller Agriculture Tractor with Cultivator from Cardboard with DC Motor

Based on the name itself, the main difference between the pneumohod and other selfmade from power tillers is the wheel base. The low-pressure wheels used in this unit, due to the minimum force on the ground allow you to avoid progruzation, slippage and other unpleasant things.

Pneumohods are assembled in the same order as a cross-country vehicle or a karakat. Detailed instructions for creating low-pressure wheels will be set out below. It is versatile, as it can be useful in improving other homemade machines. quad bike or swamp buggy.

The quad bike with their own hands: 6 assembly options, detailed instructions video

How to make a quad bike with their own hands. a difficult and responsible task, but feasible for the master, perfectly mastered welding and lathe work. Wasted effort and time pay off not only with great savings, but also the result. an exclusive, author’s model of the ATV, which no one else has.

Peculiarities of self-made vehicle assembly strongly depend on the chosen base. the engine and other elements used by the skilled craftsman.

The 6 best options for the base (“donor”) for the purpose, how to make an ATV.

  • Ural” motorcycle.
  • Izh motorcycle.
  • scooter “Muravy”.
  • Other scooter (scooter).
  • Niva” car.
  • Automobile “Oka”.

Most often some elements of construction are taken from a motorcycle, others. from a car.

make, power, tiller

In addition to parts (components) for the ATV its creator will need:

  • Assembly “shop”. in this capacity, a fairly spacious garage equipped with good heating and lighting will come in handy;
  • A set of equipment and tools;
  • blueprints.

Preparing for work, tools and equipment

First of all, you must carefully consider when, where and for what purposes the future ATV will be used. for hunting and fishing, motorcycling in the countryside, cargo transportation, other. On this basis it is necessary to make a choice of “donor” vehicle, deciding how powerful the engine is needed, what kind of suspension, what kind of trunk, etc.

  • You can take ready-made drawings from the Internet, make them yourself from scratch or combine both options and remake the ready-made one to your liking.
  • List of necessary tools:
  • welding machine;
  • angle grinder;
  • drill;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • various small tools. caliper, hammer, knife, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

To make a frame yourself you will also need equipment for bending pipes. If you do not have it, you can rent one or outsource the necessary work to another handyman. Only with great skill you can bend pipes by hand, heating the bend with a gas cutter or torch.

  • engine;
  • frame;
  • rear and front suspensions;
  • steering;
  • braking system;
  • cooling system;
  • muffler;
  • electrical equipment. battery, headlights;
  • housing, bodywork.
make, power, tiller

Brake system is strongly recommended to buy either brand new or with the shortest mileage. Using old brakes is too dangerous.

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Muffler can be made by yourself. All the rest is to buy on the second-hand market.

ATV frame

Depending on a “donor” and a design of an ATV the frame either should be made by yourself or it is possible to reconstruct a ready-made, used.

Most importantly, along the frame is securely bolted to the bottom of the engine, which can be located both in the front and rear. Also fasten drivetrain and driveline to frame firmly to avoid backlash.

Homemade frame

As the material will be suitable ordinary water and gas pipes, with a wall thickness of no more than 3 mm:

Pipes are connected by means of spot welding, then solid welding is carried out. Shock absorber and wishbone mounts are welded to the frame at once. Brackets. for mounting units and subassemblies.

Reconstructing existing frame

To reconstruct the ready frame, you need to remove everything, leaving the frame, remove the rear and build on the front. Then weld elements for fixing the complete set of units and assemblies of the ATV. When you reconstruct the frame of the motorcycle should be at 40. 45 cm back seatposts.

Cut out of metal sheet and welded the front and rear racks, welded to the frame. the ready frame can be painted, there is no need to varnish it.


The engine is suitable from a car, motorcycle or scooter. Some “Lefties” even construct an ATV from a power block with their own hands, as newer models are equipped with four-stroke engines, the power of which in heavy devices reaches 15 “horses”. against 11 l.с. “Ants”.

Engine from a scooter favorably with low fuel consumption, in addition, the quadricycle based on the scooter is the lightest, which makes it easy to pull out when stuck in the mud and sand. But a quadricycle for cargo and/or off-road riding needs a more powerful engine.

Engine power “Izh-1”, “Izh-2” and “Izh Jupiter”. 24 liters.с., old “Ural”. 32 or 36 liters.с., for two-cylinder engine of the old “Oka”. 35l.с., three-cylinder car later model. 53.

For travel in hot weather the quad requires an engine with cooling. It wasn’t installed on older bikes, so you’ll have to pick it up (VAZ 2108 will do) and install it.

Suspension can be used as rear or front. The easiest way is to get the front one from a motorcycle.

  • The rear axle of the car shortened to quad dimensions. The advantage is the differential. The disadvantage. the design will be heavier.
  • Cardan-gear design. with gearbox mounted on the rear axle.
  • Note: an independent suspension with high ground clearance is necessary for a quad-vehicle.
  • Suspension arms are bolted to the frame via rubber-metal joints. silent blocks.
  • The front suspension strut must be tilted, otherwise the ATV can turn over.
  • Shock absorbers will do from “Izh”, but if the budget allows to buy the gas-oil ones with swap, the driver will be able to adjust the suspension according to road conditions.

About the assembly of ATVs

It will be necessary to go through such stages to complete the work:

make, power, tiller
  • Acquisition, preparation of parts.
  • Welding frame, rebuilding it.
  • Assembly of wheels with shock absorbers, chassis, brakes and suspensions.
  • The engine and gearbox mounting. The drive train is assembled at the same stage.
  • Next, install the electrical equipment, including battery and dashboard, turn signals, headlights.
  • The body part is made.
  • The body is sanded and primed, painted.
  • Install the body, seats.

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