How to make an air compressor from an air conditioner compressor

Semi-professional blower

A semi-professional compressed air unit will require more accessories and tools. In particular, instead of a rubber chamber, it is advisable to use a propane tank. In addition to it will be required:

  • Fittings for mounting metal hoses.
  • Metal plates with a width of 30-40 mm and a thickness of 3-4 mm.
  • Two wheels with a platform for attaching it to the receiver.
  • Compressor.
  • Hardware.
  • Fittings for pressure adjustment.

make, compressor, conditioner

  • Welding machine. inverter.
  • electric screwdriver.
  • Metal cutters.
  • Grinder with abrasive wheels.
  • Brush on metal;
  • adjustable wrenches, pliers.

Working mechanism

To assemble a semi-professional blower, you can use a compressor from a broken refrigerator made in the USSR. These refrigerators are superior to their imported counterparts in that they can produce higher air pressure.

Container for air

Propane tanks and old fire extinguishers can be used as compressed air reservoirs. This is due to the fact that these containers are able to withstand a fairly high pressure, and have a large margin of safety.

As an example, let’s take a blower, made from a fire extinguisher OU 10. Its volume is 10 liters. Such reservoir can easily withstand operating pressure up to 15 atm. Remove the starter from it and install the adapter.

Of course, if traces of corrosion are found, they must be removed using a converter. This case is quite simple, the outer surface can simply be treated with a moistened rag, and for cleaning inside you will have to pour a certain amount of liquid and shake for quite a long time.

After the tank is cleaned, you can begin to install the water cross. After that we may consider that two parts of the future unit are ready.

Mounting parts

To simplify the assembly process, it is best to assemble all the parts in one place. Thus, it is acceptable to use a thick plank for mounting the discharge unit and the air reservoir.

To fix the nodes can be used studs, pre-equipped with washers and nuts. Install the air reservoir in an upright position. To do this you can use three sheets of plywood. One of them has a hole the size of the receiver’s diameter. The remaining sheets are fixed to the base board with self-tapping screws.

By the way, it does not hurt to prepare a place under the receiver. To ensure the mobility of the homemade compressor to the base of the board, bolt the wheels.

After all the work is done, make sure that no dust can enter the compressor. For this purpose you can use the filter of crude fuel purification, installed on internal combustion engines. This part will play the role of air intake. To make this system will have to use a rubber hose and inlet tube.

Here you should remember that the inlet pressure is quite low, and therefore there is no point in reinforcing the connection with a clamp.

At the end of the above operations, the master will receive a ready-made air intake system, equipped with a filter. But do not forget about the installation of the oil-water separator. Its task is to remove particles of moisture and oil. The fuel system filter will be used in this node. And that’s why car clamps must be used to install these assemblies.

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This filter must be connected to the compressor inlet. Its task is to provide a decoupling between the receiver and the outlet of the supercharger. In other words, on one side of the cross-section is installed outlet, and on the other side of the manometer that monitors the pressure in the receiver. In the same assembly it is necessary to provide a place for installation of a regulating relay. Practice shows that for this purpose, the best solution would be to use a standard product of PM5 brand or its analogues. The task of this product is to switch off the motor when the pressure in the vessel is at its limit and switch it on when it drops to the permissible minimum.

Let’s regulate pressure

The required pressure is regulated by the two springs installed in the PM5 device. A large spring is designed to set the minimum pressure level, and a small spring to set the maximum pressure. This is the way to set the limits for turning on/off the compressor motor from the refrigerator.

Of course, all electrical connections must be insulated and soldered.


After assembling the homemade unit, you can proceed to its testing. That is, an air hose is connected to the air tank outlet with the spray gun connected, with paint poured into it. Then with careful observance of technology perform a layer of paint on the prepared surface. That is, it must be cleaned of the layer of old coating and degreased. If after applying a layer of paint, there are no streaks, matte stains, unpainted, then the installation is working in normal mode and it can be operated when performing various works.

Air compressor with their own hands: an idea video

Air compressors can be found at any gas station or service station. They serve not only for pumping up the wheels of vehicles, they are also connected to a variety of pneumatic tools, jacks, paint sprayers. To have such a tool in the workshop or garage probably everyone dreams. In our article we will tell you how to make an air compressor with your own hands from improvised means.

How to make an air compressor from a domestic air conditioner

Igor (Zofia) compressor from the air conditioner really works and blows air like 4 pieces of Berkut P20 (depending on capacity), there is only the problem of lubrication, and then its separation from the air, and fastening to the engine (not everyone can get up). Even an electric clutch is good. It’s a good thing, but I see it mainly for typhonists, they need much air.

Ivan (Simrit) Igor, according to my calculations I need 3 cubic meters per minute)) lubricator at the inlet, oil trap at the outlet

Igor (Zofia) The topic is about air suspensions, like.

Ivan (Simrit) Igor, the topic of suspension I’m aware)) compressor for suspension oil in the lubricator at the inlet oil trap at the outlet

Igor (Zofia) Ivan, Why so complicated, lubricator, it is easier from the crankcase breather, there are more than enough suspended particles of oil. And the oil catcher at the outlet. This system is tested, though not by me.

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Ivan (Simrit) Igor, you can’t use ordinary oil

Igor (Zofia) Ivan, you have a special concept of oils! People are plugged in from the breather and do not bother, and you probably do not want to do. Practice is a great thing. In principle, look for a special oil, which knew for 100 percent. I advised you.

Pavel (Harou) Nothing. And it wasn’t even going to! The compressor from a ZIL, put a belt compressor, but it is a joke.

Valera (Merfyn) Igor, to solve the problem of lubrication, air intake should be organized from the breather hose. The only nuance is you need to have a dead fuming engine

Ilfat (Jolka) there is a compressor from the combine air conditioner, I’m a beginner just want to start assembling, how many atmospheres should blow into the receiver? and is there a bypass valve, and if you do a combined system with an electric compressor and a drive? and who knows the cushion markings for the classics?? what kind of company?

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Air compressor from auto parts

Fundamentally different design of the air compressor, which is based on a ZIL compressor and a free-standing engine. This is more powerful equipment that can be used to connect pneumatic tools. Very noisy unit.

Compressor unit layout drawing: 1. compressor from ZIL-130; 2. frame from angle; 3. safety valve; 4. standard manometer; 5. distribution box; 6. three-phase electric motor (1 kW, 1380 rpm); 7. starting box (from washing machine); 8. capacitor battery (working capacity. 25-30 uF, starting. 70-100 uF); 9. receiver (from an oxygen cylinder or CrAZ’s muffler); 10. V-belt transmission (RPM reduction 1: 3); 11. Stop button; 12. Start button; 13. button for short-term starting capacitor battery; 14. outlet valve fitting; 15. aluminum tubes Ø 6 mm; 16. outlet valves; 17. inlet valves; 18. wheels (4 pcs.19. transversal stiffener; 20. tie rod (M10. 4 pcs.); 21. drain hole with plug

Connecting a three-phase motor to a single-phase system: a. delta; b. star

You can see an example of independent installation of the air compressor from new parts and assemblies in the video.

This is how heavy unit we cut out of soviet Saratov fridge.

Converting an AC compressor to an air compressor.

The problem was to understand all the inputs and outputs, to check the condition of the unit, in fact it was not too difficult.

Tip! But be careful, when you open the fridge one of the tubes is sure to leak oil!

We checked the workability, the unit rattled quietly and we proceeded to the next stage with a peace of mind.

While the primer is drying cut the ears for the springs and made fasteners from profile pipe (20x40mm).

We decided to use these empty gas cylinders as receivers.

Cut off excess from the handles and drilled holes for a stud of 8mm, and the same for a copper tube 8mm. Wanted to find fittings for bottle of freon, in the end we decided to weld usual gas fittings (Local fittings are specific, in consequence overpriced accessories).

The basis of the frame (30x40x74cm) was taken profile pipe 20x20mm, 6 meters thick 1.The paint job was to lighten the structure, but it’s still very strong and the total weight ended up being about 18kg

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We make the studs under the cylinders, then a grid for the sides.

About 1.5 m of 10×10 mm profile pipe. To tackle the grid to the tube we needed graphite pins from a trolleybus (used).

Let’s move on to painting (Of course we first assembled and tested everything, about this below..).

The rubber was cut out of a bicycle inner tube so that it wouldn’t scratch the paint.к. motor has vibrations. Aluminum substrate serves as a semblance of a radiator.

Here’s a visual of what was needed to build a compressor system: pressure reducer, relay (reset at the right value), gun and hose (10m for the garage seemed short).

Pressure gauge, fittings for cylinders and tubes, tee, fum tape, copper tube, safety valve.

Tip! Pneumatic fittings may not be iron, had to store around, check the alloy, may be brass! Oil separator (plan to install), fuel filter and relay to start refrigerator motor.

The design is significantly lacking oil separator (glass with a paper filter) is primarily needed for the spray gun, for insurance, because old compressors like ours can spit oil.

The compressor runs quietly enough, very warm, for example, when supporting 4 atm in the tank it is not a bit heated, but when reaching 5-6 atm and above warms up to 50-60 degrees and cools down for a long time (more than 8 atm is not tested). Gets 6 atm in 16 minutes.

Blow out a smart table video card with a PC inside.

Tip! who will assemble something like this, one Freon cylinder as a receiver is catastrophically insufficient, you will be disappointed only. Get two or other large capacity containers, just not a gas cylinder)))) is an awfully heavy design with little capacity.

Second tip: the compressors in older refrigerators have less capacity, in modern refrigerators they are more powerful and efficient! In addition, most with electrical thermal protection systems.

LIST OF PURCHASES for the compressor:

  • blowing gun 261
  • 10 meter spiral hose 453
  • Fum tape 20 meters with reserve for garage needs 54
  • adapter papa 1/4. papa-papa 1/4 167
  • pressure switch 666
  • 1/4 732 pressure reducer (quick disconnect included)
  • pressure gauge 50 mm 1/4 65
  • safety valve 1/4 228
  • profile pipe about 300
  • freezer compressor)
  • two cylinders of freon 50 2 pcs
  • gas tubes, tee, and threads into the cylinder came out at 741
  • the grid was own in the range of 50 rubles
  • the paint at least 400r was own

Conclusions: If you are full of enthusiasm and do not find yourself or you have a living compressor and you want to breathe a second life into it, or prove something to someone or even yourself. go ahead, go for it! (But after you read the list.)

Although the other side of the scale outweighed common sense, according to which you could add 3-4 thousand and get a ready-made factory instead of homemade products, saving time and effort)

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