How to make a stationary circular saw

How to make your own hands a machine from a circular saw?

For sawing various lumber at home a great tool is a hand-held circular saw. These power tools can cut lumber of different sections at any angle. This tool perfectly cuts sheets of plywood, hardboard or chipboard.

Circular saw machine schematic diagram.

However, the technical capabilities of such a tool can be significantly expanded, which is often necessary when carrying out repair work, if you make a stationary machine from a circular saw with your own hands.

To perform such conversion is not difficult, and to make a machine from a circular saw can anyone who needs it. Simply fix the tabletop in a fixed position on the prepared surface. In the simplest variant, sturdy construction trestles can be used as a mounting location. For the long-term use of the circular saw machine it is better to make a solid, welded metal base.

Как изготовить настольный распиловочный станок. How to make circular sawing machine.

make, stationary, circular

How to make a machine under the circular saw with their own hands? First of all we need to choose the materials.


The key requirement for the tabletop is resistance to increased loads, vibrations and shocks. It is important that the surface is smooth enough and will not bend under the weight of 50 kg. The optimal materials include the following:

It is not necessary to make a table top out of plastic, chipboard, OSB. Such raw materials are considered unstable to vibration. It is acceptable to use natural wood. But in this case the construction would be very expensive.

Circular Saw Cross-Cut Jig. Accurate & Dustless. Pt1

The frame

On the base of the table can be installed wooden bars. It is advisable to fix them under the cover to increase the rigidity. It is best to use planks made of hard wood. beech or oak. They are notable for their low cost and easy fixing with self-tapping screws.

The motor

Experts advise using a motor of no more than 1000-1200 watts. Otherwise it would be dangerous. And a heavy-duty saw requires a table that is both heavy and sturdy.

Speed transmission

For the construction it is acceptable to use belt transmission. In this case the rotation is transmitted to the work shaft by means of a V-belt. Pulleys on the machine can be matched in size. That’s why the rotational speed of the machine is the same as the motor.

How to make a stationary circular saw from a cut-off saw with your own hands

Dear visitors site samodelkin a friend today we will consider with you a detailed step-by-step instructions on how to re-equip the circular saw in a stationary circular with your own hands. Every craftsman knows how good it is to have your own stationary circular saw, with which you can cut boards of different widths, saw grooves and it’s all quite convenient. But not everyone who likes to do joinery can afford to buy the factory machine tool, and if you work from time to time, it does not make sense to spend money to buy. But to make a circular saw from a cut-off saw and a few sheets of plywood or particle board is quite possible. We save the effort, time and family budget)

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To assemble a home-built stationary circular saw you will need a cut-off circular saw, some self-tapping wood screws with a washer, thick plywood or chipboard, an electric extender and some more self-tapping screws for assembling the table itself.

  • electric circular saw
  • self-tapping screws with a press washer
  • Plywood or chipboard
  • electric arrester
  • wooden block
  • 2 pcs clamping base

Step by step instructions for making a stationary circular saw with their own hands. First a board was cut under the table top of the machine, then the cutting marks were made. In the sole of the cut-off saw is drilled at least 4 holes for fastening it to the bottom of the table. Marking for the kerf. Self-tapping screws to fix the saw to the table top. Screwdriver screwing screws, by the way their length should be shorter than the thickness of the board to which they will be screwed. Using the circular saw make the cut along the planned line. Install and check the height? Then the table itself is assembled, the dimensions are chosen individually in accordance with your physiological features. Connect to the electric extender with a switch (red button) the guide can be made from a wooden rail, securing it to the edges with clamps. Demonstration sawing. All good) That’s a simple way to make your own stationary circular saw. Thank you for your attention!

Before building a machine, it is important to determine its purpose. For making firewood and simple sawing, a securely mounted table with a slot in it is enough. But such a machine can hardly be called safe or functional.

To perform a greater amount of work, it is worth making a circular saw, equipped with a coordinate table. It should have guides. It will help to change the degree. It is worth providing the ability to switch speeds and change discs.

It is possible to make a circular saw from various devices. Almost every man has an angle grinder in the range of tools. It is often used at home. To make a stationary unit it is necessary to use a workbench or a special table. The tool must be secured from below.

make, stationary, circular

So, how to make a circular saw? To do this, do the following:

  • Stretch a metal band clamp on the tool. Its tie should be placed at the bottom.
  • Fold the strip of metal in 2 times and fix it in the area of the holes.
  • Make holes in the gearbox of the angle grinder.
  • Attach an axis handle.

Take note! You can make the handle from a metal bar or tube. At the same time, the workpiece should resemble in shape a staple.

The main advantage of a homemade device made from a circular saw is the simplicity of design. The master can not look for ways to transfer the rotation of the motor to the spindle, because the design of the circular saw already contains the necessary parameters.

If you use a quality saw model to make the machine, the tool will perform a cut much better than the budget models of circular saws.

Note! Making a homemade construction at home, you can save money.

Sawing machine from a manual circular saw. Plus drawings.

For starters I suggest to see how many new opportunities gives the installation of a manual circular saw in the table.

First you can work with two hands.

Second, the parallel stop helps me cut parts accurately.

Third, you can use the optional attachment and make grooves and tenons on the circular saw, saw at an angle in two planes, make milling for the panels and many other things.

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Next, I’ll tell you how to install the circular saw in my table and give you the drawings of this solution.

This is how I set up the saw so that I could quickly remove it and use it as a hand-held tool. It takes only a minute to put the saw back in the table.

Along the milled place for saw’s table there are cross bars. In these bars are made slots, in which freely, but without unnecessary bumping fit four plywood 10 mm thick. These inserts hold the saw securely at the four points.

In this solution it is still possible to adjust the height and inclination of the saw blade with the standard tools.

In addition to quick and easy putting on and taking off the saw, there is another mandatory task of just as quick and easy fixing the push button. I solved this problem this way:

From plywood, I made a shape similar to a horseshoe. It was made for a specific saw, so I will show only how it works.

The base of this figure is put on the handle of the saw.

Then it turns 90 degrees and slides on the saw button, locking it in the pressed position.

That is, the inside of this horseshoe can only be put on the button when it is pressed.

This is essentially a tabletop with a saw, and it can be mounted on any suitable base.

In the title of the article I promised the drawings. Promise I keep my promise take the drawings of the mini table for sawing download.

In the archive you will find the project file in SketchUp and a PDF file with instructions, photos, parts tables and drawings of the sawing table and the parallel stop.

How you can make a circular saw?

As with the invention of the bicycle, there is no unambiguous answer here, in each individual case it is its own untrodden path of search and discovery.

But, mostly on the question of how to make a circular saw, craftsmen are attempting in several directions:

  • improvement of existing hand tools, adapting them as the main parts. electric motor and circular saw;
  • Improvement of an industrially made tool to suit the specific application;
  • assembling the machine from separate elements. shaft, motor, bed;
  • self-made all parts of the design, well, except for the electric motor.

manual circular saw design

The easiest and relatively inexpensive way to make a stationary machine for sawing wood with a circular saw will be to convert a manual assembly circular saw into a stationary. The essence of the alteration is to create the stationary frame and work table for the industrially manufactured prototype of the standard model.

This modification will allow you to attach the saw up with the bed of the tool, fix it on the work table, and thus use it as a small circular saw. Sawing guide for the slats, made of 25×25 mm steel angle, fixed on the work table.

The frame itself is welded from 25×25 mm angles, given that the largest standard size of the circular saw is 230 mm, such a frame is enough to create a lightweight, portable but stationary saw, whose main application is small work that does not require a long motor voltage.

Such a variant of use is implemented in some models of domestic and foreign manufacturers of power tools, in which any solid surface is used as the base of the machine, and the assembly saw itself is attached to the base with the help of clamps.

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Small table saw

This variant provides the construction of the machine body from a wood or iron angle or profile pipe, taking into account that the placement of the tool will be in the table version. Since the base will be small, the use of such a tool opens up new possibilities. Such a woodworking machine allows you to carry out work in any convenient place.

The principle of creating such a machine is similar to how a handheld circular saw is created. for the base is made of the body, the top plate, the device fixing the assembly saw or angle grinder, in the case of using an angle grinder as a motor.

For ease of operation, it is recommended to make a guide bar with guides to fix the stop in the body of the base, thereby increasing the reliability of attachment. For clamping it is recommended to use bolts with wing-nuts, thus creating additional convenience in the work.

How To Make A Homemade Table Saw With Circular Saw

Circular from a circular saw with his hands

There are a variety of models in stores now. However, for the simple carpenter they are too expensive, so to get out of the situation you have to look for other solutions. One such example. the craftsman made a stationary saw with his own hands, taking a hand-held circular saw. In what way he did it. let’s see below.

List of necessary materials: hand circular saw; plywood 11 mm; bolts M-8 with a furniture head; screws; switch; wire; bar 40×40; rails for furniture.

List of tools: electric jigsaw; hand circular saw; drill; electric screwdriver; hammer; screwdriver; pliers; ruler.

How to assemble a stationary circular saw

For more convenient work with the machine, the craftsman made a movable stop on furniture rails.

Aluminum angle served for the longitudinal stop.

To adjust it, you should loosen the bolts and move it to the desired distance for further work.

What are the options for making?

To make a circular saw with your own hands, you can use several ways. The most popular of them:

  • Installation of a purchased handheld circular saw on a machine that is made from a bar.
  • Using as a drive an indispensable angle grinder with a steel disc for woodcarving.
  • Turning a small wooden table and a motor “taken out” of a washing machine into a circular saw.
  • Manufacturing of metal frame and installation of asynchronous motor (1-1,5 kW).

All these schemes have the right to life, but in practice they have different efficiency. If it is planned to cut planks with great thickness on the circular machine, the only possible unit is a circular saw equipped with a powerful motor. The frame must be made of steel.

the angle grinder will be “suitable” for trimming small wooden parts, but for the circular saw machine it is not the best option, because of the limited time of its continuous operation. The engine from a washing machine is also not the most suitable way (or rather, the most unsuitable). the equipment turns out inconvenient, rather weak. Because of the low power, the master will need to “invent” an increasing belt drive, as well as a system consisting of 2 shafts. The result of all these efforts will be an “output” that is of poor cutting quality and low productivity.

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