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Main assemblies, materials, tools

The work algorithm for making a circular saw with your own hands is quite simple. First it is necessary to determine for what purpose the circular mower will be used. If it is a small portable machine for working with laminate and plywood, then you should think about the device from a manual circular saw, but if you have more grandiose tasks, it is better to think about a more reliable motor and the impressive size of the machine.

In any case, you will need to make drawings of the device to calculate how and where the equipment will be installed, how the main parts will be fastened, and at the same time to think about what tools you will need for work.

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For a small portable circular saw from a hand saw, you can use the popular scheme of assembling the body from laminated plywood or pieces of chipboard. Well, if you plan to use a belt drive and a motor from a washing machine, then you need a tool for working with metal. No welding is needed here.

Drawing examples with brief descriptions

High-quality and durable shafts are made on a lathe from high-quality grades of structural steel.

Below is an assembly drawing of the shaft for a closed-type circular saw. Its technical features allow to use the shaft on circular saws of both domestic and professional classes.

In addition, with the help of a lathe and milling machine, you can make a shaft with planer blades yourself, the assembly drawing of which is shown in the image below.

Features of design

Immediately before work, you should understand what parts consist of the sled, how they are connected to each other. The structure will be considered on the example of the tenoning slide for a milling machine.

Dimensions, weight and general view

The size of the slide is individual and depends largely on the particular saw, its cutting depth, and the purpose of use. So, the unit together with the tenoning guide can reach 800 kg. To avoid inaccuracies, experts advise making a design drawing.

The design of the protection of the working tool

The tool guard is a separate structure with a spigot and bracket, directional rulers, and a slider.

Tip! It is desirable to use a handwheel to control the movement of the guard rail. Screws help install such a shield and fix it at the top and bottom.

List and location of controls

  • Button to turn on, turn off the drive.
  • Fixing knobs.
  • Handle that clamps the spindle headstock.
  • Spindle stop.
  • Handwheel.
  • Ruler bracket locking keys.
  • Colored lights that give a signal.

The structure of the components

The main part of the structure is the cast iron bed, the cast iron table with hard ribs and moving carriage. The guide, in turn, is a plate, clamp and ruler, bearings and restrictions for the stroke.

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Machine components and assemblies

  • Motor with 2 speeds.
  • Spindle headstock.
  • Coupling mechanism.
  • Tile under the motor.
  • V-belt transmission.

Kinetic circuitry

When making the guiding structure yourself, the craftsman must learn the kinetic and electrical structure. The kinetic scheme describes all the work of the device. its parts and the relationship between them, the principle and sequence of operations.

Electrical diagram

A wiring diagram is a graphic document that identifies all the elements of a particular piece of equipment. In general terms, with the help of conventional images, this circuit diagram demonstrates the process of converting electrical energy, particularly to activate the saw carriage.

Electrical equipment

The circular saw carriage is powered by an electric motor with 2 speeds, which is connected to the spindle through a belt. Due to this design, the latter is able to accelerate in 2.3 seconds.

Important! There is almost always a safety mechanism in the motor to prevent overheating.

What it is?

Essentially, the guide rail is a rail that ensures that the handheld circular saw slides back and forth, and at the same time keeps the tool from deviating from the mowing line of the saw. But a properly designed guide not only ensures a straight cut, it also reduces the number of chips at the point of contact between the saw and the material.

Homemade guides have different designs and are made of different materials. For example:

  • A plywood guide rail;
  • rail guide made of angles;
  • rail made of aluminum profile;
  • A ruler made from a construction rule;
  • outrigger saw carriage on bearings.

The chair and the outrigger are the most difficult to produce. A plywood guide rail or a profile rail is much simpler structurally, but this does not mean that the cut you make with them will not be of the same quality. For the most part, the difference between these varieties is in their ease of use.

What should be a table for a saw

There are several nuances to be considered when setting up a stationary area for processing materials.

  • The construction must be stable and rigid.
  • The material, from which the table is made, must be strong and durable.
  • It is important that the table surface be perfectly flat.
  • Grounding must be provided.

Circular saw table design

Taking into account the above mentioned, you can be sure in the reliability of the installed construction and good quality of machined workpieces, regardless of the volume of work.

The main components of the table: a frame and a smooth surface to place the workpieces.

Restoration. Circular saw shaft

The material used for the construction differs depending on the purpose, location of installation and frequency of use. For domestic needs, you can make a structure out of boards and plywood and install it, for example, in the garage. Work with large volumes of materials implies high demands on the strength and reliability of the structure. The best solution in this case would be a framework of metal profiles. To reduce vibrations and greater stability, many even concreted feet in the floor.

The saw blade must be perfectly perpendicular

  • The standard and optimal size of the tabletop is 1.2 x 1.2 m, but it can vary depending on individual requirements (if the tabletop is long, you may need additional support legs);
  • the height of the table depends on the height of the master, usually it varies in the range 0,81,2 m;
  • it is more convenient for the operator if the table is mounted on legs, not on solid sheets of, for example, plywood;
  • the width of the slot, in which the disk fixed from below is led out, should not exceed the disk thickness by more than 2 mm, otherwise the tool can quickly fail due to clogging with shavings;
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Circular table from a manual circular saw with your own hands

  • the circular saw must be placed in the center of the table, so that there is no strong displacement of the center of gravity;
  • It is recommended to place the saw buttons on the tabletop or on top of the table leg.

Important! In many models of saws the holes for fixing the sole on the table are already provided by the manufacturers.

Example of a reinforced workbench for a circular saw

making a circular saw

Before proceeding directly to the manufacture of the circular machine, it is necessary to think through its structure and design, and ideally pick up a scheme-drawing scheme, on which later all work will be carried out. When planning the manufacture of the frame, it must be remembered that such a construction must be stable and reliable. For production powerful saws the base is made of a reinforced welded metal structure. For domestic models you can use wooden planks with plywood for the frame or weld the base from a metal angle.

The choice of electric motor used will depend on what kind of work and what kind of wood is planned to be processed on the machine. The drive can run from a single-phase supply or use powerful industrial motors that operate from a three-phase electrical network.

You can make a powerful and easy-to-use circular saw from the motor from a washing machine. This would not be too difficult. These motors are compact in size, run on a single-phase 220 volts, are reliable and can operate at high speeds.

The circular from the “angle grinder

This power tool is in the arsenal of any self-respecting craftsman. You can replace the cutting or grinding disc with a toothed saw blade.

Watch out! Sawing wood with a metal disc while holding an angle grinder in your hands is NOTHING! This can result in serious injury.

“The angle grinder must be fixed firmly to the edge of the table so that its axis is parallel to the table top. Only then may the steel toothed disc be mounted on the angle grinder.

Just as with the circular saw, a remote starter must be considered. If the “angle grinder” is equipped with a protection against mains failure. you will have to make changes in the design of the switch.

If the design is simple. just install a socket with a switch, and the start button angle grinder lock into position “ON”.

All of the above applies to simple woodworking techniques, i.e. “parallel” and “perpendicular”. If complex carpentry work needs to be performed, the circular saw requires modification.

Advantages of a portable saw

There are several very important technical features that make this tool recommended for such purposes.

  • The saw can be fitted with a disc with an outside diameter of 350 mm, which allows you to cut lumber with a thickness of 70-85 mm. On the machine this depth is slightly reduced, you can cut boards with a thickness of 60-75 mm. This is quite enough for most home woodwork. from complex furniture to simple toys.
  • Engine power of at least 2 kW, it can withstand considerable loads, and a special efficient forced ventilation quickly removes heat, which allows the mechanism to work for a long time with normal thermal conditions.
  • The rotation speed of the saw shaft corresponds to the existing requirements of woodworking cutting tools. That makes it possible to achieve excellent cutting quality and keep to safety regulations.
  • The handheld circular saw can be fixed to the table so that it can be quickly removed and used as normal if necessary. All initial technical data remains intact.
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Additional attachments for cutting precision control make the circular saw easier to handle

The Bosch PKS 16 Multi Mini Hand Circular Saw is light and compact

Rockwell RK3440K mini circular circular saw with laser pointer

Because of these advantages of portable saws, we won’t consider the questionable options for making stationary circular saws, but will focus only on this.

Turned from steel 45. Manufacturing of shafts can be entrusted only to highly qualified professionals, where the prerequisite is strict compliance with technical requirements for the seating surfaces of shafts and housings according to GOST 3325-85. On the side of the saw blade mounting, on the same diameter sit: bearing; clamping inner bushing; saw blade; clamping outer bushing, so take it into account when you put tolerances and fits on the working drawings.

Turned from steel 20. In the four mounting holes are threaded M6. Before pressing in the bearings, the housing is filled with Li-tol-24 grease.

1204 spherical deep groove ball bearings GOST 28428-90. There are two rows of balls. The inner surface has a curved shape. In the bearing housing can be provided with covers, which will protect them from dust and wood chips. But this solution, in general, will significantly complicate the design and increase its overall dimensions, so we will not use it.

Nut M16 round slotted GOST 11871-88. Clamps the saw blade.

Manufactured from aluminum alloy to general specifications GOST 20889-88.

Nut M16 round slotted according to GOST 11871-88 clamps the driven pulley.

Multiple-jointed (version 2) GOST 11872-89. serves to fix the nut against the shaft and prevent it from unscrewing during rotation.

Keyed joint key, tolerances and fits GOST 23360-78. Key lengths are selected from a range of dimensions. 22 (mm)

Homemade Circular Sawmill, 52″ Blade Rips Through a Log

Most importantly, in order to assembled unit (circular saw shaft) worked without the slightest runout, it needs to be balanced at the factory on special equipment.

In the following article we will consider the construction of circular saw frame.

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