How to make a saw out of an angle grinder

For what is resorted to a homemade version?

Often, it is self-made versions of tools or improvement of existing tools is done because of the desire to save money. Using improvised means and parts that are left over from the unusable equipment or machinery, craftsmen masterfully make various devices, such as, for example, a chainsaw from an angle grinder.

The second reason can be considered a desire to have a multifunctional tool that will help facilitate the numerous tasks in the economy. The undeniable advantage of such a homemade machine is the economy of space. After all, an additional attachment takes up much less space in the shed or garage than a full-fledged machine.

Make A Mini Table Saw from An Angle Grinder | Homemade Table Saw | DIY

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For remodeling, you can use absolutely any brand of angle grinder. The only point worth paying attention to is that the factory nozzles may only fit a limited range of models, so when buying, be sure to clarify whether your angle grinder is suitable for the selected nozzle.

Homemade variants

In order to make an angle grinder with your own hands need to stock up on the necessary components. The easiest and most cost-effective option is to buy a ready-made factory set. But before you buy, it’s important to check if it fits into your current saw. The kit consists of:

  • The drum or driving pulley;
  • Protective guard;
  • Belt tooling;
  • Wrench or studs;
  • Detailed instructions with all the drawings and diagrams for proper attachment of the attachment.

All of the drawings and diagrams in the instruction manual are easy to read and understand, even for the untrained person.

Below is a drawing of an angle grinder from a chainsaw

Sequence of work to attach the nozzle to the angle grinder:

  • Study the instructions.
  • Drain the oil in the saw.
  • Remove the guide bar and clutch drum from the chainsaw;
  • Attach the pulley to the main sprocket;
  • Secure the tool with the studs that come with. If you don’t have one, you can use the stud bolts to fasten the bar to the chain saw.

Operating instructions

The use of such designs as homemade saws equipped with discs in woodworking imposes certain responsibilities on their owners.

In addition to a well-mounted table on the floor and a protective cover on the blade, it is necessary to organize the feeding of sawing material in both directions: from right to left and back. Do not move boards and slats on the bed while the circular saw is in operation with your hands, you should use a bar or its wooden counterpart for this purpose. It is not recommended to be closer than 25-30 cm to the rotating disc. It is impossible to hold hands close to the saw, you can injure your fingers.

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The circular saw must be switched on and off by means of a button on either the side or the front of the machine. Standing behind or in front of the circular saw is prohibited when the circular saw blade is turning.

How to make a cover with your own hands?

In addition to a stationary wood sawing machine, a mobile version can also be made. For this, first of all a protective cover must be made. The cover of the circular saw is one of the most important safety elements. It performs several functions at the same time:

  • Protect the operator’s limbs from unintentional contact with the saw blade;
  • Diverting chips from the working table;
  • The straight-line direction of cut.

It is made of metal sheet with a thickness of at least 1 mm. For this, in addition to the workpiece itself you will need an angle grinder with a cutting and sharpening wheel, a welding inverter and a drill with a set of bits. The manufacturing procedure is as follows:

How to Make Sliding Miter Saw with Angle Grinder

  • On the metal sheet to mark the side walls of the casing, a strip for the manufacture of the bridge and cut them with an angle grinder;
  • Using a drill, with a metal drill bit installed on it, cut through holes in the side walls of the future casing;
  • In one of the workpieces, with an angle grinder to make a longitudinal hole;
  • Grind the workpieces with a flap disc;
  • Around one end of the pipe to weld a metal strip 10 mm wide. It will act as a binding clamp, so it will be enough to weld only the lower part of the circumference. For convenience, a piece of metal pipe can be inserted into the hole;
  • In the upper right corner of the second workpiece, use a drill with a metal cutting bit to cut a vent hole;
  • Using a welding inverter, weld the workpieces and the metal strip together;
  • To fix the hood to the body of the angle grinder, cut out and weld a metal bracket;
  • Assemble the movable mounting of the shell using the metal strip, two angle pieces and a stud bolt. After that it is necessary to weld the corners to the plate;
  • To the opposite side of the hood weld a bolt M10. Cut the fork from metal sheet and weld it to the base on the opposite side of the hood;
  • To the top and side of the shroud, weld two long nuts. They will serve as the basis for the installation of the handle;
  • To the ventilation hole, weld a socket cut at an angle;
  • After that you can fix an angle grinder in the planting hole and use a metal cutting disk to make a through cut in the base plate. It is then necessary to enlarge the hole to an acceptable size;
  • If desired, the hood can be painted and start working.
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Design features

A distinctive feature of the circular saw assembled by your own hands from an ordinary angle grinder. it can be used as a household device, which is easy to manually carry from place to place. The factory-made unit is a massive prefabricated structure. But there is a minus. you will have to use additional fasteners to fix the saw on the base.

Important! As the main element will serve as the motor of the angle grinder, which serves as the core of the future saw.

How to Make a Mini Table Saw from an Angle Grinder. | DIY

Circular saw from an angle grinder with your own hands. the list of components:

  • Frame or homemade table on which the tool and material will be placed for machining. Size is chosen individually, so that it is convenient for the operator to stand behind the saw for a certain amount of time.
  • Base for mounting the saw.
  • The motor itself, which drives the machine.
  • Sliding support for the machine.
  • A rod to adjust the height in the kerf you create.
  • Saw blade for cutting materials.
  • Gearbox.

To safeguard the homemade, you need to pay attention to the right choice of disc. Angle grinder is a rather complex multifunctional tool, so you can not use a disc for processing stone if you have to work with wood. At any moment, it can jam and fracture. As a result, the operator can be seriously injured by splinters.

If the circular saw will be installed on the floor, the frame must be securely fixed with corners. to ensure stability. To make the frame, you can take apart an old unwanted cabinet, or buy a few sheets of chipboard. But the most reliable option is to make the construction out of metal.

Important! Homemade machine can process small wooden bars. If you need more power to cut very large logs, it is desirable to buy a factory-made machine.

The tabletop is usually made of plywood. The table must stand firmly on the floor and must not sway, as otherwise strong vibrations are generated during operation.

On the home-made saw, you need to install a smaller diameter disc than was used for the angle grinder. This prevents the motor from overheating during continuous use. It is important to consider that the power of the selected motor is at least 1600 watts.

If the user decides to make a more complex device, he will have to look for additional elements: belt drive and pulley system. Using the belt, it is possible to reduce the speed of the circular saw.

TMG 125 angle grinder

Represents an adapter with which you can turn the manual angle grinder into a hand-held chain saw. Designed to work on angle grinders with a disc diameter of 115. 125 mm. The length of the guide bar is 30 cm. This is quite enough for small garden work, as well as for making firewood for the winter. It is made of iron-silicon alloy, which gives the structure flexibility, strength and reliability.

Saw chain with chain pitch 3/8″ ensures accurate and clean cut of wood. The nozzle is completed with a cistern, which provides continuous compulsory lubrication of the saw blade.

Metal handle with rubberized inlay allows to securely fix the tool in the hands of the user. Additional convenience in use is provided by the metal catching teeth of the stop.

  • The brand name is Neroff;
  • model. 125;
  • Home of origin of the brand. China;
  • Country of manufacture. China;
  • class. household;
  • the bar length, cm/inch. 30/11,5;
  • chain thickness, mm. 1,3;
  • warranty period, months. 12;
  • weight, kg (BAR, chain). 1.52;
  • price, in rubles. 1400.
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Watch the video to see the detailed process of converting the angle grinder in the manual chain saw, and familiarize yourself with the equipment included.

Step-by-step instructions for making a cut-off machine from an angle grinder

In the home workshop, every amateur self-made grinder always has an angle grinder (angle grinder) in his arsenal. This tool is practically indispensable, as it can perform many functions. At the same time, if the owner has additional accessories, its capabilities are greatly expanded. Homemade machines for the angle grinder are very popular, as they are easy to make and are not cumbersome in design.

The shown in the tables may vary slightly, so to find out the actual price of the angle grinder-beater for chainsaw, go to the Buy on Aliexpress link in the table.

Turning a handmade circular saw into a tabletop circular saw

To convert a homemade manual circular grinder into a tabletop grinder, you need a stable, sturdy table. Not only comfortable, it’s also safe to use. The basic procedure consists of the following steps:

Circular saw design

  • Bend a metal rod 1.5. 2 cm in diameter into a “U” shape.
  • Bend the lower part, flatten it out and fasten it to the table in a secure way.
  • From two parts of a hollow metal pipe, weld a T-arm.
  • Change the cross part so that it can be put on the crossbar of the main part of the construction without hindrance.
  • Fasten the metal construction with clamps.
  • Attach a hand circular saw to the end of the set up lever.

If you equip the angle grinder with an ordinary cutting wheel, then the device can be used as a cut-off construction. But the depth of cut will be no more than 8 cm. Desktop circular saw is not suitable for processing thick materials or longitudinal sawing. In this case, the best will be a circular saw, which can also be made by yourself.

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