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Rotary haymower with their own hands. how to make a homemade from the rear axle of VAZ, how to make a hinged mower from a combine harvester gear

Work on your own plot of land is difficult enough. In order to facilitate the entire process, special attachments have been invented, which have evolved and automated over time.

But in addition to large-scale production units, there is a need for individual cultivation tools which are mobile, economical, environmentally friendly, etc.д. And it is obligatory that all agricultural machinery should cope with its task with maximum efficiency, whether it is a single axle tractor or a mower, which today we will talk about.

Design and operating principle of haymowers

For dense or thick grass a haymower is used, which is part of the attachment for power tillers. The choice of mower depends on the following factors

  • terrain, including its topography;
  • The nature of the grass;
  • financial capacity;
  • The features of a power tiller and its characteristics;
  • machine power.

Important! To work with a mower, you need a powerful single-axle tractor that can give performance to the attachment. Most of the machines on the market have their own mower from the manufacturer. On some of the power tillers, such as the Neva, you can install any mower options, including homemade.

Haymowers are used for mowing grass and removing weeds. A typical device includes a mowing mechanism, which depends on the type of mower, an adapter if necessary, a hitch, and fasteners. Remember that oil should be supplied to the mowing cylinders.

In this video we will consider what mower is best to choose on a single-axle tractor:

Rotary mower

Rotary mower for Neva power tiller is designed for mowing grass, bushes, which have a stem diameter of up to 1 cm. The cuttings are evenly distributed on the surface, making them easier to collect and dry. Because of its small size and compactness, the equipment is easy to transport.

Moto-blocks and aggregated with mounted rotary mowers at the front, from the drive units through the V-belt.

The rotary mower is available in two variants:

Both variants are suitable for Neva power tillers.

Rotary attachments are widely used by farmers, t.к. Handles a large volume of work and withstands rough terrain very well.

Single-disc rotary mower

Rotary mower with 1 disc is presented by KR-05 model, manufactured specially by “Krasny Oktyabr” plant (Saint-Petersburg) for Neva power tillers.

The model design is compact, simple, consists of 1 large disc, allowing you to maneuver and mow grass, bushes in difficult places.

Rotary mower KR-05 has the following technical specifications:

  • Travel speed. 2-4 km/h.
  • Productivity. 0,15 ha/h.
  • Working width. 560 mm.
  • Speed of a disk. 2500 rpm.
  • Mowing height. 1000 mm.
  • Weight of the machine. 30 kg.
  • Machine dimensions. 700x700x680 mm.

The mower is suitable for power tillers Neva (MB-2, MB), Kadvi, Oka.

  • compactness
  • mobility;
  • ease of operation;
  • simple design;
  • high safety;
  • easy installation on a single-axle tractor;
  • high maneuverability;
  • affordable price.

Feedback from users shows that it is not as efficient as a 2-disc mower, but in terms of maneuverability and work in tight spaces it leads the way.

Double-disc rotary mower

For mowing coarse-stemmed grass, grain crops, small bushes over large areas, the 2-disc mowing attachment is used more often. It works effectively on even ground without obstacles: trees, holes, hills, fences. It is less easy to work on uneven terrain, it is harder to operate, but farmers use it on small fields, roadsides, slopes with a slight side slope and steepness.

Mowed grass is evenly arranged in separate rows, dries naturally, and is collected.

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The rotary mower Zarya with 2 discs, manufactured by JSC “Kaluga Engine”, is used for the Neva power tiller.

Operating principle of the mower for the Neva power tiller is simple.

make, mower

There are 4 blades on the discs that are attached with cotter pins. Turning discs counterclockwise produces centrifugal force, pushing out blades. Cutting blades work as long as the engine of the walking tractor works.

The mower with 2 discs significantly increases the mowing area. For Zarya it is 80 cm, which is an excellent indicator.

Grass mowing height adjustment. with special skids.

Zarya for the Neva motoblock has these characteristics:

  • Machine dimensions. 810x930x780 mm.
  • Weight. 33 kg.
  • Working width. 800 mm.
  • Operating speed. 2.87 km/h.
  • Cutting height up to 1000 mm.
  • Productivity. 0,2 ha/h.
  • Cutting disc speed. 2370-2635 rpm.
  • Adjustable cutting height. 3-10 cm.

The disadvantages of the Zarya rotary attachment are as follows:

  • The need for a thorough check before starting the machine. Incorrectly mounted blades can lead to increased injuries.
  • Constant control of movements.
  • Requirement for mowing grass. It must be up to 1 m and upright.

According to user reviews, the Zarya mower is distinguished by its quality, reliability, trouble-free operation.

Overview of the most popular haymowers

Let’s start with the rotary models, as the most common.

Frontal rotary mower SCOUT RM-1

It is designed to work with any vegetation, which trunk diameter does not exceed 1 cm. Is connected to and driven by the power take-off belt drive. Mounted on GardenScout power tillers, but can be connected to other models, mounting is unified. Is installed at the front of the power tiller.

Operating tools are two discs that rotate towards each other. Each blade has 4 knives fixed on it, which are freely rotating and under the action of centrifugal force move out of the discs perimeter, cutting the vegetation. Height adjustment by means of special skids provides high precision mowing. Compact dimensions.

  • Production: PRC;
  • Cutting width: 850 mm;
  • Number of working drums 2 pcs.;
  • Number of blades in each circle: 4.;
  • Maximum cutting height up to 70 mm;
  • Rated PTO speed: 540 rpm;
  • Working speed: 2-4 km/hour;
  • Weight: 27 kg.

Rear-mounted rotary mower SCOUT RM-2

It mows grass and plants, including bushes with trunk diameter up to 1 cm, it has the same parameters and purpose as the previous model.

Rear-mounted on rotary tillers, operation is ensured by a rear keyed shaft from the PTO. Available for a number of heavy power tillers models, such as Garden Scout GS105-135, Crosser CR-M6. Crosser CR-M9, Patriot Garden, Green Field MB-105-135, Agrostar and others. The mounting is standardized and fits many power tillers without problems.

This power tiller is very reliable and unpretentious, the only thing it needs is periodic maintenance after a few hours of operation. It consists of lubrication of joints and gears.

Height adjustment is made by shifting the center of gravity on the mower. Operating tool are two discs, which rotate towards each other. On each of them is fixed 4 knives, which are freely rotating, acting by the centrifugal force, the knives are pushed out of the discs perimeter, cutting the grass and small bushes. The machine is supplied with all necessary parts for connection.

  • Production: PRC;
  • Bevel width: 850 mm;
  • Number of drums: 2 pcs.;
  • Number of blades in each circle: 4 blades; Number of blades per circle: 4 pcs.;
  • Maximum cutting height: up to 70 mm
  • Rated PTO speed: 540 rpm;
  • Speed at work: 2-4 km / h;
  • Weight: 28 kg;

Rotary mower “Zarya”

Refers to attachments designed for mowing grass and small shrubs with a diameter of up to 1.2 cm. Can be used not only on flat areas, but also on slopes, curbs, easily bypasses obstacles. Farmers in small farms use it for mowing grain and forage crops, with subsequent laying in rows. Low weight, easy mounting and high maneuverability with enough power make this mower popular. Available in g. Kaluga.

Lawn mower “Zarya” has two modifications, Zarya and Zarya-1, they are largely similar. Both models are attached to the gearbox of the walking tractor either via a slotted coupling or belt drive to the pulley. Lawn mower hinged at the front. Motor cultivators that work with these mowers

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Сенокосилка своими руками. Пятничная подборка интересных видео


Model Zarya.1 Zarya
Production Russia Russia
Mowing width 850 mm 850 mm
Number of working drums 2 pcs. 2 pcs.
Number of knives in each circle 4 pcs. 4 pcs.
Maximum cutting height 1 meter 1 meter
PTO rotation speed rpm 2300-2600 1800-2400
Working speed 1.5. 3 km/h 1,5. 3 km/h
Weight 28 kg 32 kg

, Depending on the seller

KM-0,5 Terminator mower

Russian-made, designed for large spectra of power tillers, such as SunGarden, Neva, Agat, Zubr, Favorit, Celina, Luch, Oka, LANDER, Patriot, Salut, Zirka, Pubert, Caiman and many other types of MB. Mows the grass, can shred it. Precise height adjustment by means of a skid enables the height to be set from 5 mm to 10 cm or more. No adapter or nozzle required for connection.

In addition, it can work not only on lawns, but also on uncut land, small branches and stones are not obstacles for this mower. After the passage remains flat surface, the quality meets modern requirements. Mulching function means grass cuttings are not collected.

Самодельные ЕЖИ-КУЛЬТИВАТОРЫ для мотоблока./ Homemade hedgehogs for motoblock.

  • Production: Russia;
  • Mowing width: 500 mm;
  • Number of operating drums: 2 pcs.;
  • Number of blades per cutting circle: 2.;
  • Maximum cutting height: up to 100 mm
  • Rated PTO speed: 1800-2400 rpm;
  • Speed at work: 2-4 km / hr;
  • Weight: 35 kg.

, Depending on the seller

KR-0,5 Neva mower

Designed to work in any terrain, including heavily overgrown, can cut stems up to 1.3 cm thick. Used for primary treatment of the territory of any configuration, including slopes, in farms and farming facilities, except for mowing, putting the grass into windrows.

In operation, unpretentious, requires minimal care, which consists in periodical lubrication after 10-12 hours of work. High capacity up to 0,1 to 0,16 ha per hour makes it indispensable. Works with MB motor blocks of various modifications. It can mow clover.

Tools and materials

Unfortunately, most owners of power tillers and mini-tractors do not always use them to the full extent, and in order to mow the lawn or field hire other equipment. Although, it is quite realistic to do it with a rotary mower. The cost of such a tool is prohibitively high, so it is much more advantageous to build it yourself. About how to make a rotary mower from improvised means we will consider further.

make, mower

How to make a segment mower with your own hands

To assemble a segment mower, you will need the following parts:

The set of tools is identical to all those listed for the previous construction. The following steps are required for assembly:

  • Drill holes in the bar for bolts M8;
  • make sure that each blade has a segment on the back and a cage for the drive arm
  • Fix the blades on the bar on both sides;
  • fasten the pressors and skids to the bar;
  • install the wheel.

The mechanism is set in motion by means of a shaft, which causes the blades to rotate and reciprocate, allowing the mechanism to easily cut through thick weeds.

Working principle

First of all, it is worth noting that this kind of mechanism is designed for work that is carried out on meadows and fields, namely concerning mowing. over, it can be not only crops that are grown in the agricultural area, but also the device is quite easy and simple able to cope with weeds, which in fact also overflow our fields.

With the detailed repair manual for your Husqvarna 137, it’s easy to troubleshoot your saw.

There are a huge number of chainsaw attachments available, here // you will find the right one for your application.

On this website you will find an introductory video of the STIHL chainsaw 180 which will show you how to use the machine properly.

It is this kind of activity that is the main functionality of rotary mowers, which are a kind of trailers to the tractor, which moves them.

It is worth noting that this mower has three types of peculiar attachment to transport, namely: mounted, trailed and semi-mounted.

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over, this cutting device has the possibility of a peculiar division, which is that the tool can be installed as from the side of the mower, in the front, as well as in the rear area of the device.

As for the start of this kind of mower operation, it can be produced either by tractor power transmission or by pulling the wheels of the vehicle. On the frame, made of metal, is attached a supporting wheel, which has the element of the cutting.

Actually, while moving it, let’s say, it makes the cutting system to move, and thanks to this very process the mowing itself is made.

over, this kind of mower can be equipped with three unique knives. As a matter of fact, their number depends on the model of the device itself.

It is worth noting that this number of these elements is the most optimal and effective, as the level of productivity of the tool increases. And in general, rotary mowers have significant enough indicators with respect to safety and quality.

Platform mower

This drawing shows a variant of the platform mower, which is effectively used in summer for mowing grass and weeds, and as a snowplow in winter. For snow removal the equipment is equipped with special star-shaped nozzles, and in summer. with blades. This modification is similar to a rotary mower, but difficult to perform. This equipment allows you to cut tough grass and remove snow and ice.

The design of this equipment, created with their own hands, is a pair of cylinders connected by hooks to the frame and conveyor belt. The chassis is created from an angle or any other metal that can be found in the workshop. Wheels are mounted on the chassis, which can be taken from an unwanted stroller, and a thick sheet of plywood, although ideally metal is used. Frame dimensions can be different, but the best would be 800×400 mm.

The main unit consists of two cylinders (5), a belt (3), a frame (10, 16, 17, 18, 20), brackets (19), corner hooks (4).

The working cylinders can be made from large cans, in which you must cut out the bottom and the lid, and in their place put two rounds of wood. Instead of cans you can use a thin sheet of metal and make from it 4 disks with an outer diameter of 200 mm and 4 with an inner diameter. 170 mm. Bolt the small discs together with the large discs in pairs. Attach four knives each to these disc structures.

The frame to be assembled with my own hands. The equipment consists of an upper crossbar (10) and a metal strip with corners and grommets (16). For the crossbar you can take a metal angle of 35×35 mm. The cylinders are connected by a belt, for the installation of which grooves 13 mm wide are drilled into the corners. For the same purpose, the lower drive drum sleeve is movably mounted on the bar (15), and tensioning brackets (20) are installed on the upper axes of the cylinders. To the ends of the crossbar pulling angles (20) with screws M5x65 mm. The belt for the reels is easier to make from a rubber strip, the ends of which are connected by dural plate with thickness of 2 mm.

Then connect the mower to the PTO shaft of your power tiller. You can watch the mower-carrier in action on the following video.

Recommendations for working with a haymower for power tiller

A self-made mower will combine well with any brands of power tillers, in particular with Neva, MTZ, Salut, Zareya and MB 2. Similar devices only already rotary type can be installed not only on the mentioned models, but also on Agat, Oka, Agro, Zubr, Kentavr, Ural and Patriot.

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