How to make a mixture for a lawn mower. Features of the gas station

How to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for refueling

Two-stroke tool engines work due to a gasoline mixture that is prepared in the proportions indicated in the technical passport of the device. If you ignore mixing rules, a garden tool can quickly fail.

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The functioning of a two.stroke installation differs from the operation of four.stroke engines: the grease of the rubbing surfaces in the crankshaft and other parts of the device is not from the crankcase, but by means of oil, which was previously divided by gasoline. For two.stroke engines, the general rule of preparing a combustible mixture is valid. gasoline is diluted with a certain volume of oil intended for this purpose.

Differences in gasoline engines

Gasoline engines are two.stroke and four.stroke. To understand the difference, you need to know the two nuances: firstly, that during the engine operation a number of transition processes occur, and secondly, that the tact means the movement of the piston from one extreme position to another, while the direction of movement does not have a value. The essence of the classification of engines is that the entire cycle of transition processes in one case is repeated in two tacts, in the other. over four.

The differences between 2t and 4t, which relate directly to the process of refueling, can be understood without even going into the subtleties of the main nodes. In a two.stroke engine, the supply of the fuel mixture to the cylinder, and the release of the exhaust gases occurs almost simultaneously. In this case, the fuel fog initially enters the crankcase, where the crankshaft is located. When moving down, the piston squeezes part of the mixture from this chamber to the working area through the window in the cylinder wall.

In a four.stroke engine, the combustion chamber is separated from the crankcase. The supply of fuel.air mixture occurs through the inlet valve, the release of the exhaust gases. through the graduation. Dutch control is carried out by a separate node driven by a crankshaft, while the procedure for their opening and closing is synchronized with the piston strokes. Due to the separation of the working area from the crankcase and the four.stroke order of operation, the complete combustion of the fuel and the almost complete removal of the exhaust gases from the working area before injection of the next portion of the mixture are ensured.

Gasoline for the preparation of the mixture

Gasoline requirements for the preparation of the mixture are extremely high, He is its basis. The first thing that should not be done is to look for places where you can buy fuel cheaper (refueling without name, etc.D.), because in the end, all the apparent savings in several dozen can be eaten by an expensive engine repair, which is disabled by poor.quality fuel.

make, mixture, lawn, mower, features, station

Using cheap gasoline with a reduced octane number, the user thereby increases the load on the unit. Its wear occurs much faster, the resource decreases, moreover, in the proportion not one to one, but much more

The second one should remember is to use only fresh gasoline for the base of the mixture. Many in the country or in the garage have fuel reserves that stand there up to six months, waiting in the wings. Fuel, evaporating, enters into a chemical reaction with the surface of the canister (especially plastic), thereby acquiring new, not at all useful properties for ICE. If the gas was stood in the canister for a month and a half, it is better to pour it into the fuel tank, where, having mixed with the total volume of more fresh gasoline, it will not cause any harm to the engine of the machine. Two.stroke ICE are more sensitive in this regard. That is why manufacturers recommend using only the highest quality fuel.

As for the octane number, there are spores of specialists, what kind of gasoline to pour into a trimmer for the grass, they still do not subside. Most manufacturers recommend pouring a high-octane gasoline of the 92nd brand into the fuel system in the fuel system. True, there is one small reservation, quite often the instructions indicate the wording of “not lower than the 92nd”, and this leaves the space for guesses, which gasoline to use.

Of course, the performance (efficiency) of 95th gasoline is slightly higher than that of the 92nd. The latter, in turn, is the heir to the Soviet 80th, on which many equipment worked. But having higher energy efficiency, the 95th is fraught with some features. For example, it is more suitable for modern car models, while ICEs installed in garden equipment are far from some constructive innovations, their structure remains practically unchanged for decades. For a two-stroke gasoline engine installed in most modern trimmers, it will be enough to fill in gasoline of the 92nd brand, purchased on a proven refueling network.

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It is best to look for options without additives with the markings “Eco”, “Ecto”, For clear work, you need a clean gasoline base. Adds the mixture with additives.

Is 95 gasoline is needed for optimal work, the question is rather a philosophical, and there is no specific answer for it. It is enough to remember that in the tortures and recommendations it is rare quite rarely, and this already says a lot. In addition, they are poured, usually, at their own peril and risk, wanting to improve the characteristics. If for the sake of the experiment you want to change the 92nd gasoline to the 95th, it is important to remember the consequences in the form of increased wear, unstable operation of the power unit and fails of its individual nodes. Of course, none of the above may occur, but the probability, in the event of the admission limits, is extremely increasing.

Suitable oil and gasoline for refueling a 2-stroke engine

Two.stroke gasoline engines are designed to work on the fuel mixture. Oil replacement in the lawn mower is not separately produced. it is proportionally mixed with gasoline. In this case, only a properly prepared fuel composition must be poured into the motor system.

Pour oil on the principle of “the higher its price, the better for the operation of the mechanism” you cannot. Suitable for 2-stroke ICE varieties of oil compositions according to the method of their production are divided into such groups:

The lubricating properties of the material depend on the basis, its ability to remain in a liquid state when the temperature is reduced, significantly without increasing the viscosity at the same time. The composition of the lubricant includes approximately 5-15 % of a variety of additives. They are designed to increase the practical effectiveness of the tool used. The additives allow:

  • slow down the course of corrosion of metal surfaces associated with redox reactions;
  • increase the thermal resistance of the parts;
  • stabilize the viscosity of the substance at the same level when temperatures in a certain range.

Manufacturers of lawn mowers in the instructions indicate that brand of lubricant, which is the best option for the operated unit. If you get it problematic, it is possible to change the oil for a similar composition designed for 2-tact DIS. In this case, the level of viscosity must necessarily correspond to the recommended manufacturer of the product of its value.

How To Make a 32:1 and a 50:1 Gas Oil Mixture

Gasoline is the main voluminous component of the suitable fuel mixture. Its brand should comply with the lawn mower recommended in the operating instructions. The time of its combustion depends on the size of the octane number of gasoline: the larger this number, the longer the fuel burns.

If you use gasoline of a higher brand than recommended, then a two.stroke internal combustion engine will fail faster.

Mixing rules

To prepare the fuel mixture, it is necessary to use clean and dry containers, which does not contain extraneous inclusions or pollution. It is not recommended to use plastic containers. After adding liquids in the required proportion, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed for 2-3 minutes. You cannot do the following:

  • Add a small amount of oil directly to the gas tank of motorcycles, as this will not give a homogeneous mixture;
  • First of all, pour oil, and then gasoline. Due to the difference in densities, with this order of adding components, a heterogeneous mixture is also obtained
  • Anging the components “by eye”. With this approach, it is not possible to achieve an accurate proportion of gasoline and oil for a trimmer for grass 1/50 or 1/40;
  • Use polyethylene bottles, since the latter is dissolved by gasoline.


Trimmer for grass gasoline Patriot RT 3355 is designed to trim and mow low grass on lawns, streets, around trees, along the roadsides, on lawns and garden areas. The unit is successfully used on even and relief, uneven areas. The manufacturer improved the model taking into account convenient transportation and easy use: the bar is made by a detachable, quickly assembled and disassembled. The comfort of operation adds a wide shoulder belt with an adjustable length. Fast launch is simplified by the primer.

  • Description of the Patriot RT 3355 model
  • Preparation and pouring of the fuel mixture in a trimmer for grass Patriot RT 3355
  • Stages of starting a trimmer for grass of gasoline Patriot RT 3355

Description of the Patriot RT 3355 model

  • Universal aggregate: The use of fishing line allows you to carry out work on cutting lawns and flower beds, a change to a cutting knife allows you to perform a cut of dry stake, weeds with a hard or elastic stem, a trinter trim.
  • Comfortable management and operation. Using innovative protection against vibration in the design, the selection of the optimal balance of the tool.
  • Handle and shoulder belt using ergonomic technology.
  • The primer facilitates the start, removes the load from the starter.
  • Maintenance is affordable and convenient. If necessary, quick repair and elimination of problems in the ignition and in the filtration compartment is carried out.
  • Engine power 1.8 l.with. allows you to productively carry out continuous work within 4-4.5 o’clock.
  • Engine volume 033 l.
  • A sharp knife with a diameter of 230 mm. Knife rotation frequency of 8000 rpm.
  • Strong reliable fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 2.4 mm.
  • Capture width 460 mm.
  • Cycling handle.
  • Net 6.6 kg.
  • Gross 8.6 kg.
  • Dimensional dimensions 95 x 36 x 23 cm.
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Preparation and pouring of the fuel mixture in a trimmer for grass Patriot RT 3355

  • The mixture for a two.stroke engine is made only from original Patriot oils and high.octane gasoline AI 92.
  • For preparation, use a special canister from the configuration of a trimmer for grass. Marking is adapted for gasoline and oil of a particular model 3355.
  • Gasoline is poured to the mark for gasoline fluid.
  • The corresponding brand of Patriot oil for a two.stroke engine is poured into it.
  • With a few shakes, the mixture is brought into a homogeneous state.
  • Preparation of the mixture in a conventional gasoline canister is performed with exposure to gasoline/oil 32: 1 proportions.
  • The preparation of the fuel mixture directly in the tank of the trimmer for the grass is not recommended.
  • It is recommended to prepare a portion of the mixture for one, maximum two gas stations.
  • Pour the mixture with the engine turned off, away from the sources of open fire.

Stages of starting a trimmer for grass of gasoline Patriot RT 3355

  • The freshly prepared mixture is poured into the tank.
  • It is transferred up to the “cold” position, the air damper lever.
  • The ignition on the control handle is set to the “inclusive” position.
  • 5-7 clicks on the primer button to fill the carburetor with a mixture.
  • A trimmer for grass is laid on a stable surface at a safe distance from objects and people. The contact of the trimmer head or cutting knife with the ground is avoided.
  • The gas trigger is pressed on the control handle and is fixed in this position.
  • With one hand holds a trimmer for the grass, and with the other hand stretches the starter handle until the “hook”. At this moment, the handle pulls sharply until the engine is launched.

Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater String trimmer. Easy 2 Cycle Oil Gas Mix!

The engine is launched with preliminary stretching of the cord. Make sharp jerks of an unreliable cord or pull the cord until the stop is not worth it due to the high probability of a starter breakdown.

  • Install the lever of the air damper in the middle position.
  • Starter handle must be pulled several times before the engine starts.
  • Warm the engine 5-10 seconds. Transfer the lever of the air damper down. Press the gas trigger for unlock.
  • Smoothly pressing the gas trigger, the engine is brought to maximum speed. They start working.
  • Produce kosbu, holding the trimmer for the grass for ergonomic handles tightly.
  • For a heated engine, the operations described above are performed without pressing the primer. In this case, the air damper is placed in the lower position.

The grass trimmer is equipped with a semi.automatic fishing line. When working at maximum speeds, hit not a very pressure head on the ground so that the length of the fishing line increases by 2.5 cm.

The result of calculating the fuel mixture:

To make it more convenient to measure the desired volume of oil in milliliters use a medical syringe of a larger volume, it costs inexpensively, sold in any pharmacy. Or use any measured container container.

Our calculator will help you count the desired proportion for refueling any benzo tool, for example: boat engine, chainsaws, trimmers for grass, lawn mower, etc.D. In other words, you can independently and freely calculate the correct ratio of gasoline and oil for two.stroke engines. Mixing instructions in the photo below.

It is important, before starting the calculation, read the instrument operation instructions, in particular with points: refueling volumes, the ratio of the fuel mixture. These data will be initial for the correct calculation.

For your convenience, the resulting result can be printed on a printer by clicking the “Print” icon. We will be happy with constructive Комментарии и мнения владельцев and reviews regarding the work of our service.

Keep in mind that the gas.instrument.tool has a period of running and the gasoline/oil ratio differs from the recommended.

Use and oil value in a two.stroke engine

The operation of the engine is associated with the friction of the moving parts of the cylinder and sleeve, cams, hinges. During the friction of the parts, the surface is heated, with the expansion. bullying. If in the gap between the conjugated details is the composition in the desired proportion of oil and gasoline for the lawn mower, a number of problems are removed:

  • Parts in the engine work with reduced friction, heat less;
  • The lubrication in the gaps prevents the corrosion of parts during prolonged storage, lenses particles obtained during friction;
  • The engine service life is lengthened.
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The appearance of additional properties is facilitated by the applied additives that are in the composition of the oil in the amount of 5-15%. It is the additives that create anti.corrosion, anti.symbolic and frost.resistant properties of oils.

Incorrect oil composition can destroy the engine, forming a carcass in the cylinders, leading to coking and rapid wear of the motor.

It is important to know how much oil it is necessary to add to gasoline for motorcycles. First of all, you should study the instructions, and withstand the recommended proportions. The use of the composition taking into account the model and the engine configuration, climatic conditions and load will extend the service life of the lawn mower. Experienced users advise by purchasing a tool, immediately buy the recommended oil in reserve.

The fundamental differences of internal combustion systems for the user

Which the combustion system is more effective, 2 or 4 stroke? How to figure out the user and purchase the best mechanism? Gasoline trimmers and motorcycle with 4.stroke engine is not found on sale. The two.stroke is much easier and therefore a trimmer for the grass weighs a little and a woman can control it. But there are two.stroke engines and on four.wheelbreaks. Other differences:

  • different way to use lubrication;
  • Environmental friendliness is higher in 4 strokes, it is also less noisy;
  • Easier in repair and maintenance 2 stroke engine;
  • Motoresurs more has more than 4 stubborn, but they are more difficult to service due to oil replacement in a lawn mower;
  • Two.stroke engines are easier and cheaper.

The 2.stroke engine used in the lawn mower is inferior in many technological indicators 4 to the same. With separate supply of gasoline and oil in terms of economy and other indicators, it is preferable for light technology. In addition, separate fuel supply saves consumption of an expensive component 4 times.

In the photo, the state of the engine that has worked without replacing the oil for a long time.

The four.stroke engine has a complex lubrication system, and even more so it is necessary to use methods of cleaning the circulating liquid. A filter is installed in the oil system that prevents the pipe and pump pumps and other inclusions. As they become contaminated, this part is replaced.

How to change oil in 4 stroke engine

The manufacturer in the operating instructions gives a schedule for maintenance of mechanisms and the procedure for the work of work. The efficiency of lubrication decreases after 50 hours of operation of the mechanism. Therefore, oil replacement is required. In domestic use for the season, this time of use of the device will not be gained, and to clean the filter, oil change is necessary when preserving. Before changing the oil in the lawn mower, it is necessary to increase fluidity of the liquids, start the engine and let the system warm up.

You need to unscrew the plug for filling the oil into the tank and use the device for the selection of fluid under the vacuum.

To do this, make a nozzle and pump out the development into a prepared capacity. But at the same time, a small part, up to 100 ml will still remain in the crankcase and drains from the filter. You need to get rid of this residue, draining the liquid for about 5 minutes through the hole. Simultaneously in the system, change or rinse the filter. After pour new grease, controlling the level of the probe. Usually, motors oil is packed into opaque black plastic so that it does not decompose in the light. The required volume is 500-600 ml.

Oil replacement in a lawn mower. video

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I have an American lawn mower for years for 15 serves faithful and truth. The engine is almost like new, only the oil was flooded after the factory.

Thank you for the article! I have a 4-stroke lawn mower. Despite the high price, I buy for it Rasenmher-Oil 30 mineral oil from Liqui Moly on a vegetable basis. It does not change the viscosity during the period of operation, has good detergents, as well as thanks to the additives of the additives that are part of this oil, reduces engine wear.

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