How to make a kerambit out of wood without a jigsaw

Kerambit drawing from CS: GO

CS: GO is an abbreviated version of the famous Counter-Strike game. One of the weapons in this game is just a knife kerambit, and therefore many fans of this war game are wondering where to get the blueprint of the knife kerambit of CS: GO?

The drawing can be found in ready-made sketches that are posted on forums and sites dedicated to this game, but you can also draw the drawing yourself. However, remember, if you have never made knives with your own hands before, do not overdo it with an abundance of details, and when choosing from ready-made drawings of a kerambit knife, look for such pictures, where all details and markings will be clearly visible.

For kerambit knife you can also make drawings in a graphic editor. modern programs will allow you to create a high-quality sketch of kerambit knife, even if you do not know how to draw at all.

From the story

This unique weapon has a rich history. The earliest mention of the kerambit dates back to the XII century. But it is impossible to know the real history, it is covered with legends.

According to one version, the local people in these places in Indonesia had a cult of the tiger. People considered it a formidable jungle inhabitant. They thought that when they died, the souls of their kings moved into the tiger. And local people began to make fighting knives that mimicked the shape of the tiger’s claw. According to other versions the blade originated either from the demon Bima, whose main weapon was a claw, or from the king of the monkeys, who had a magical claw in the palm of his hand.

The prototype of the blade was most likely a regular sickle, and the hole was a necessity to prevent the object from accidentally falling out of the hand. In these localities, the most common work was in the rice fields. in the water.

In ancient times it was common in the Indonesian islands to smear the blade with a strong poison. The result of a small, jagged wound was to kill the enemy instantly.

Along with the heavier kinds of kerambits, there were smaller ones for everyday use and self-defense.

make, kerambit, wood, jigsaw
  • of carbon steel;
  • The handle was made of wood or animal horn;
  • The sheath was made of wood, it was decorated, but no hangers were made. The blade was intended to be worn on the belt

The kerambit was the prototype of Bulang blades, which were tied to the legs of roosters, in cockfights.

In this article we reviewed in detail what a “kerambit” knife is. Now let’s describe its main advantages and mention some disadvantages.

  • Thanks to its specific design, the owner has an advantage in a fight with an opponent.
  • Despite the kind of grip on the hilt, there is a most effective transfer of all the body energy that can be put into the strike.
  • Excellent control, as well as a high degree of sensitivity compared to a conventional knife.
  • Very difficult for an opponent to disarm.
  • High blade curvature can make it difficult to extract the blade from the sheath.
  • Severely limited area of application for striking, whether stabbing or slashing.
  • In most cases, only the reverse grip is used, as this position is more comfortable.

In this article you will see drawings and drawings of a kerambit knife, as well as learn about the process of making a model from improvised materials.

The knife is a curved blade with a grinding on the inside and a handle with a ring for the index finger.

The grip is predominantly reversed, designed for plucking motions. Thanks to its unusual shape, kerambit draws the attention of philistines and lovers of edged weapons, and avid gamers immediately recognize this remarkable knife. You can make it with your own hands according to the drawings, at home.

Handling methods

How to make a dagger CS: GO from paper, plywood, wood or plastic, it is clear by the scheme used for this, which can be found many. In practice they all boil down to several most popular ways, where the largest parts are made and fastened together using ready-made templates.

Kerambit Knife

As a rule, gaming weapons are distinguished by their ornate appearance and complex configuration. To fulfill this condition is much easier, using paper. But to do the same from plywood or wood, you will need experience. No matter how easily processed this material is, a lot of experience is required to make fine details.

The 2 methods of working on the drawings with their own hands are implemented.

  • In the first case, the main part is cut from a material 12 mm thick and fixed with 2 nozzles 4 mm thick. Assembling the product is easier, but it will take a lot of work to grind the blade to give it a conical shape.
  • In the second case, the CS: GO dagger is assembled from 5 plates cut from 4 mm thick material. Such version repeats the contours of the weapon exactly, but up close it looks far from the picture. However, imitation knife in close combat performs its function. On the photo. a knife made of wood.
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Pros and cons of the kerambit

Original shape adds both positive and negative features to the knife. The advantages of the kerambit include:

  • Unique unbreakable grip provided by a handle ring.
  • Variety of combat techniques and abrupt change of strokes when grip changes from back to forward. The first grip has an index finger in the ring, while the second has a pinky finger. The main way to hold the knife is with backward grip.
  • Improved control of blade position because of a comfortable grip in the hand.
  • Great speed and stabbing power.
  • Curved blade increases dimensions of the blade which makes it difficult to carry on a belt.
  • Large bend radius makes it impossible to quickly remove the blade from the sheath.
  • Sharpening the blade requires skill in handling sharpening tools or special equipment.
  • Impossibility of direct stabbing.
  • Efficiency is drastically reduced in combat with the enemy even in simple thick clothing that covers the whole body.

Information about the edged weapons

The kerambit is a peculiar knife, which was created by one of the peoples of Indonesia. Among the distinguishing features of the weapon:

  • The blade is crescent-shaped;
  • The point is sharpened on one side only;
  • The presence of one or more rings for a better grip with the fingers.

The honor of discovering this tool belongs to the people of an island in Southeast Asia. According to legend, the locals, who deeply revered their king, believed his soul was embodied by a tiger. They made a knife similar in shape to the claw of a bloodthirsty predator Years later, the island was conquered by the Indians. They perfected the technology and spread it to many other countries.

That variation of weaponry which has circulated in the modern world has little in common with the handiwork of medieval craftsmen. A wide range of products is available on the market. from expensive, almost souvenir copies, to extremely cheap products made of improvised raw materials. The device can also vary. up to and including folding versions.

Materials and tools

In practice, a kerambit pattern made of wood is quite rare. Plywood is much more often used as a material. First, it is highly durable, secondly, it has an affordable price, and thirdly, you can always find the material of any desired thickness.

So when they talk about a wooden knife, they most often mean plywood.

  • Jigsaw or milling machine, the latter can be an angle grinder with a circular saw blade or a circular saw. Jigsaws are categorically not suitable for such delicate operations;
  • ballerinette or feather drill for selecting holes on the handle;
  • sandpaper or a disk grinder. an indispensable participant in the manufacture of their own hands.

In addition, you will need PVA glue, impregnation. it is best to choose bakelite glue, and a paint composition. use alkyd enamel or oil paint, as it is more resistant.


While playing computer games and watching martial arts, I noticed unusual weapons. knives with unusual shapes. I tried to make them with my own hands, namely to saw with a jigsaw.


MBOU “School 7 of Blagoveshchensk”

Pupil 7 class “A” Bakumenko Andrew

Project leader: teacher of technology N.А.Dodonova

While playing computer games, watching martial arts, I noticed an unusual weapon. a knife of interesting shape. And decided to learn more about them. It was important for me to understand why exactly these weapons are used as the main weapon for self-defense.

The knife is the oldest kind of weapon. The first knives were made of stone and bore little resemblance to knives of today. Knife weapons, similar to today’s weapons, appeared when man mastered metalworking. The knife is considered a universal weapon, as it can be used both for peaceful purposes and in defense, defense against attack. There are a lot of varieties of knives, but the most popular knife is “kerambit”. Kerambit knife is not considered a cold steel weapon and is allowed in Russia. I saw this knife for the first time in computer game Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. I wanted to know what kind of knife it is, what are its features and can a kerambit be made by myself? In the Internet I found the following information.

Project goal To learn more about the features of the kerambit knife and its use in military and non-military situations.

Objectives of the project To make a wooden knife called a kerambit on the basis of the knowledge acquired.

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Kerambit (“tiger’s claw”) differs from other knives in that it has a curved blade and is sharpened on the inside. The length of the kerambit blade varies from five to nine centimeters. The key feature of this knife is a small ring on the hilt, which is designed to make it easier to hold the weapon in the hand and

The history of the kerambit is to prevent it from sliding in the palm of the hand.

History of the origin of the knife The knife of the kerambit is considered to be from the Malay Archipelago. Local tribal warriors used such weapons in wars with other tribes. Legend has it that as early as the 13th century Java was home to the Sunda tribe who sincerely believed that the soul of their dead king existed in every tiger. On this basis, they began to use edged weapons, replicating the shape of the tiger’s claw and having the power of their king. At the end of the 13th century, the Hindus began to settle on the island. They had their own edged weapons, their own gods and legends, which eventually led to a tight interweaving of these cultures and the emergence of new edged weapons. It was these versions of knives that became very similar to modern kerambits. According to one version, this weapon is believed to have appeared in the fourteenth century on the island of Sumatra. There is also evidence to this effect. At that time the central parts of the island were inhabited by the Minagkabau tribes, whose founder of the state was King Adityavorman. Its statue, in the form of the god Bhairava, with a kerambit in his hand, is evidence of the weapon’s origin. It is also known to have been used by various secret societies against the Dutch colonists. The kerambit was both their weapon and a kind of symbol of belonging to such a community. Today, in Malaysia, the kerambit is not forgotten and is depicted everywhere. The Malayan army special forces unit uses the image of a kerambit on its emblem. In general, there are quite a few versions of the origin of the kerambit. According to one of them, the kerambit was originally used as a tool for agriculture. Virtually all the inhabitants of the Malay Archipelago Islands used various sickle-shaped implements in their households. It was such spurs that may have given rise to the development of weapons based on them. According to another version, the kerambit was originally designed as a cold weapon. Besides, there are several versions about the use of venomous cerambits. That’s what the blade was made for, with teeth on the butt, in which the poison was placed. it’s possible that the kerambit appeared as a weapon of self-defense. The small size of the kerambit and its inability to inflict deep stabbing or cuts made it an ideal self-defense weapon. Others

The idea that the kerambit was the result of the use of spurs

during cockfights. In Malaysia there is a very popular game of chance. cockfighting. It was there, to make it more spectacular, that spurs in the form of curved blades tied to the legs of birds began to be used. The kerambit knife was used not only as a means of attack or self-defense, but also for domestic purposes. Filipinos, for example, used such knives to climb palm trees and also used them for ritual purposes. At one time the weapon was used by women, as it was easy to hide it in the folds of a skirt. It is in the traditional form that it has come down to us.

You can buy a cerambit knife in a specialized store or make one yourself, either a real one, made of metal, or a decorative cerambit made of paper, cardboard or wood. I decided to make a kerambit out of plywood. I found the blueprint on the Internet. One of the most popular materials for making a kerambit knife is plywood. Of course the plywood knife is not a real weapon, but it can be used in martial arts classes for practicing with weapons, the same weapon can be used in role-playing games of fantasy fiction. This weapon was made popular by the game Call of Duty: Black Ops, as well as a variety of films, where positive and negative characters used the kerambit in street fights. Also Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. One of the weapons in this game are just knives, which I have chosen. The drawing can be found in ready-made sketches, which are posted on forums and sites dedicated to this game, but also the drawing can be drawn yourself. The finished drawing of the knives can be printed at the desired scale, and then make handy templates from it, or simply transfer all the details on the material to cut blanks.

I used 5mm thick plywood and 3mm thick plywood as material. At-

First, it has a high strength, and second, it has an affordable

thickness. Of the tools I needed: a hand jigsaw; a file; sandpaper;

sandpaper. In addition, we needed PVA glue to glue the necessary parts together.

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Blueprints of knives transferred to paper. templates turned out. Their number depends on the complexity of the model. In my case, I needed 3 parts: the main part of the dagger. the blade and hilt, and two shaped bits. Glued templates to plywood and sawed with a jigsaw. Drilled a hole in the handle, then enlarged it with a file. I smeared the parts cut out according to the drawing with PVA glue and glued them together. I put the construction in a vice until it is completely dry, about 24 hours. Then sanded the workpiece with sandpaper. Knife should be perfectly smooth. For staining I used a walnut stain, grey and brown nitro enamel.

1.Transfer the image to the plywood workpiece using tracing paper or glue the template with pencil glue.

2.After observing the marking I defined the pivot points for the saw.

3.Prepared a table on which I will saw, and fixed saw blade in the jigsaw.

4.Sawed out the product along its outer contours.

5.Smoothed the edges of the piece, first using an emery machine, then sanded it with emery boards and an emery cloth.

Sanitary and hygienic requirements

1.Wash your hands before you start.

2.It is necessary to provide proper lighting when doing the work.

3.Taking a break at intervals of no more than 1.5 hours in order to reduce eye and finger fatigue.

The main characteristics of a kerambit

A kerambit is a curved blade that many people know from computer games. It seems to be a serious edged weapon, but experts treat it as a souvenir and do not recommend using it at all in winter.

How to make a Karambit knife. DIY Wooden Knife

History of appearance

The history of the knife dates back to the 14th century, as the first images of kerambits date back to that time. The weapon’s homeland is the Malay Archipelago, and it is still actively used by the locals. There are three versions of the appearance of the curved knife:

  • It was originally a tool in rice plantations. the curved blade is convenient for cutting plants;
  • Firstly the knife was used in cockfighting. miniature “sickles” were tied to the legs of birds to make the show more colorful;
  • immediately used as a combat weapon. the Indian knife knives are the prototype.

We recommend reading about the types of knives. From the article you will learn about the main forms of knives, their name and characteristics, materials of the blade by type of metal, as well as the rules and criteria for selecting a knife.

Is it a cold weapon

According to the current legislation, kerambit is not a cold weapon, but if we consider it from this point of view, it is worth highlighting the following points:

  • maximally convenient for stabbing and cutting wounds in close combat. first makes a prick with the tip of the blade, then an extended movement cuts the skin;
  • It is impossible to inflict deep, lethal wounds with such a weapon;
  • Since the grip is made with the finger locked in the hole, it is impossible to dislodge the kerambit from the palm of the hand;
  • if the knife is held in the reverse grip, it will be invisible to the adversary until it is used.

A kerambit inflicts shallow wounds and it will be effective against the enemy only in its homeland. humid, hot climate provokes rapid development of infection even in small scratches. As for Russia, it is practically impossible to injure a man in clothes with such a weapon, and minor wounds are not dangerous.

What is it used for?

In the modern world, the kerambit is used for self-defense:

  • A model with a folding mechanism is available;
  • It successfully “hides” in a. sleeve and palm;
  • Great for “urban” combat when there’s not enough room to swing a big knife;
  • Does not cause lethal wounds to the enemy, but discourages him.

Fans of computer games and movies about Asian action heroes use the kerambit in their productions, carrying curved knives for entourage. It is also handy for cutting slings, cords, cutting not thick branches of trees, it can be used to open a can. the tool will come in handy during a hike.

What you certainly can’t do with this weapon is slice groceries.

What can be the handle

Knife handle can be wooden, metal or plastic. The first samples of kerambit were made of metal, including the handle, but later the wooden handle became more popular. it is convenient to hold in the palm of the hand and allows one to work with it for a long time.

Modern examples are made with a plastic handle, may have not one, but two rings for the fingers and recesses for more convenient grip.

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