How to make a hitch on a single-axle tractor

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How to make attachments to power tillers with your own hands

In principle, most equipment is very simple in design and easy to make from what you have on hand. True, you’ll still have to buy a hitch for the attachments. And other devices as a potato planter, potato plow, soilers, seeder, ridgers you can make yourself.

A homemade planter for the tiller

To make a homemade planter to the tiller, we need to take two metal discs 2 mm thick and place them opposite each other so that they open outward.

When we have chosen the right angle of the discs, we need to fix the butt with bolts or just weld.

Now we need to fix it on the hitch we bought to the tiller and go!

Homemade potato planter

The design of a homemade potato planter reminds something of an outrigger. Here, too, there are two discs at the bottom, but on top there is a special bowl in which the tubers are poured. From the hole in the bowl, the tubers go into the ground, and the discs of the potato planter are designed to bury them with every step.

To make a homemade potato planter, we need to assemble a frame, wheels and wheel axle, steel pins, hopper for tubers, hitching sprockets and a regulating mechanism. When making the canopy, pay close attention to the frame, because this is the main organ of the potato planter.

make, hitch, single-axle, tractor

All other organs are attached to it. The wheels at the front close the metal plate, without it the potatoes will fall out of the hopper when we do not need it.

Properly select and adjust the potato planter adjuster. This is to distribute the planting material in the soil. Secure the hopper from below with rubber, so that the potatoes will not fall out in vain. The potato planter can work on a variety of wheels.

How to make trestle hooks for power tillers with your own hands

In order to make them yourself, you need to have some blanks, an angle grinder and a welding machine.

To make the grousers you can use old car rims. Take out the steel bracket, this will be our teeth on the grousers. Take the half axle and mount the bearing on it.

In the center of the wheel disk weld a square plate so that its corners touched the edges of the disk. To be sure, we make holes in the plate and additionally bolt it to the disc. Attach the hemisphere from the inside of the disk to our plate.

When our wheel is ready, let’s make the hooks for it. Earlier, we said that you need to buy a steel angle in order to then remake it by hand. So, we cut a corner angle grinder in parts, put each two pieces into a corner and fasten them with a welder.

The hooks we have should be placed on the disk rim at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other.

The second way of making homemade grousers

There is another way to make wheels with cleats. It will come in handy if you have an old unnecessary gas cylinder, and there are no grousers. Cut the circle (rim) from the cylinder five to seven centimeters wide, the circumference of the rim should be 30 cm.

After that we make hooks from the metal plate (40mm) and fix them at 15cm distance from each other, just like in the previous version. In addition, for each hitch in its center we weld an additional plate which creates an additional hitch tooth.

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Add another 60 cm to the edge of each hitch for more penetration into the soil. To the rim of one of the metal disks weld a square plate that will be the axis of the hook.

Homemade trailer for the power tiller

Now let’s look at the design and possibilities of the homemade trailer to the tiller. Sometimes the manufacturers themselves do not make them for the sold motor blocks, or do but low-quality, often they are bent when transporting cargo, where the trailer connects with the wheels. The best is a self-made trailer to the tiller, you get cheaper by 2-3 times and therefore more reliable.

First, we make the body of the future trailer. For this purpose, we take steel pipes of rectangular cross section, or we can use angles as in the case of the grouser. We need an angle grinder to cut the pipes at right angles and then you can cover the body with wood or metal. Put the driver’s seat at the front. So you can steer the tractor-trailer by sitting and holding the handles of the tractor-trailer.

When our body is ready, it’s time to think about how our cart will ride. We need to make a wheel axle, taking the rear axle from a car. You can also use as an axle a metal rod sharpened on the edges so that you can put on the wheels for the cart.

When the trailer is ready, you still need to attach it to the tiller. The trailer is coupled to the motorcycle by means of a swivel unit. To make it, we take a tube with rectangular cross-section and weld it to the bottom bogie rib so that it forms a right triangle, and the edge of the body is the base of the triangle.

Собираем переднюю навеску на МТ-7 [installation of the front hitch on a homemade tractor]

We also mentioned about making a swivel unit. It is a cylinder with a cantilever on two bearings. This design of the device allows the wheels of the cart and power tiller to move independently of each other.

Below you can see the drawings of a standard cart for a power tiller

Home-made attachments milling machines and plow

One of the main attachments for the power tiller are cutters and a plow. Only a plough is used on soft and constantly cultivated soil, and a plough is used on virgin land. Also, the plow is more expensive and not every dacha owner can afford it. But, in principle, this article itself is designed for those who want the whole set of attachments and do not want (or can not) pay for it.

For self-made plow you take the metal plate with thickness of 3 to 5 mm and the pipe, the walls of which should be 5 mm thick. We will also need to make a plough body.

First we take a metal plate and sharpen it as we would sharpen a scythe. Let’s make a mouldboard. It needs to be cut with an angle grinder. The blade looks like a trapezoid, you can see a sample of it below. Now fixing the pipe. And we also need a homemade plowshare. Replace a purchased one with a circular saw blade. All parts that we made are now attached to the plough body and attached to the tiller through a coupler.

Types and device of the linkage

To attach additional equipment, minitractors are equipped with a rear linkage (MTZ 82, 595, 05, 330, etc.д.). This device consists of:

make, hitch, single-axle, tractor
  • Of the outer lever;
  • Pivot shaft bracket;
  • upper link;
  • strut;
  • bottom draught;
  • eye bolt;
  • couplers and axles.

According to the type of additional equipment can be divided into the following groups:

For soil preparation

For preparing the soil for planting seeds and root crops, they use a disc, tillers, cultivators and harrows. To attach them to the machine you need a three-point hitch.

The best homemade equipment

Homemade with a motor from a power tiller (read harrow for power tiller with their own hands) are also of some interest. Among them, the most interesting is to make a snowmobile. As the undercarriage, you can use the transport belt, on which you need to attach snow hooks.

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In addition, interesting are the options for making other types of equipment from a power tiller:

  • ATVs. By design they resemble minitractors, but have wheels of a larger diameter. It is necessary for the unit to be able to pass over the most and difficult terrain.
  • Minitractors. This is the design we have already looked at, which includes an additional part of the frame for the second pair of wheels, as well as the handlebars and the driver’s seat.

Homemade plow

A homemade plow for plowing is not hard to make, even for someone with minimal experience with metalwork. Cutters are used to loosen soil that is already in use. The plough is used to till virgin and hard packed soil. It has a larger safety margin. The plough is expensive, not every dacha worker can buy it, but you can try to make it with your own hands.

We need a 4-5 mm thick plate and a pipe with the same wall thickness. Construction is mounted on the frame. The main element of the device is a sharpened plate, it must be cut with an angle grinder in the shape of the blade. The blade has the shape of an elongated flat trapezoid. We fix the pipe and assemble the whole construction. It is attached to the power tiller through a hitch.

In a separate article you can find a drawing of a plough for a power tiller.

Single-axle tractor Neva and its attachments: wagon and plow, hitch and dip bar, counterweight and weights

Attachments for the Neva power tiller make it possible to greatly expand its functions. With its help, the single-axle tractor can plow, harrow the ground, transport loads and even clean up the territory.

With the help of compact additional equipment a simple garden mechanism turns into a convenient and multifunctional assistant. The choice of equipment for the Neva power tiller is quite wide (as well as for the Forza power tiller), so you can choose and buy an option for a variety of works.

The most labor-intensive process on the ground is plowing, so popular Chinese power tillers are sold together with a tiller and plow. Sometimes the equipment for them includes devices for weeding and ditching. Heavy power tillers often include a plow, tiller, potato planter and potato digger, rotary mower.

If you buy a single-axle tractor Favorit, you can buy it separately:

1.1 How to make attachments to a tiller with your own hands?

If you decide to do attachments for a power tiller with your own hands, it is worth at once soberly assess your capabilities. With minimal labor and material costs it is really possible to make a plow, mouldboard, furrow cutter, ridger, potato planter.

Detailed descriptions give the answer, how to make the equipment from steel sheet and parts of old machinery:

  • Plow. To plow difficult soils, you’ll need a 3-5 mm thick metal plate for the plough. Optimal choice. alloy steel. The plate is shaped into a cylinder on the rollers and the edge is sharpened. The resulting working tool is attached to the plough leg. Mounting is by means of a hitch.
  • The furrow former. Two legs are attached to the angle, you can use a ready-made rack from a cultivator. Next, metal plates with a thickness of 1.5 mm are bolted to the structure. Shape plate according to desired furrow width and depth. In this way two rows are formed in one approach.
  • Incubator. The furrow former from the second section can also be used as a furrow former by shaping the working metal plates. The industrial planter, which is a complement to the standard Chinese power tillers, has two discs. Something similar will be done, if you change the plates of the furrow former with metal circles (you will need a thickness of 1,5-2 mm).

It is important to position the discs at the correct angle. The rotating elements should open outward, i.e. they should be closer together at the top than at the bottom. After selecting the right angle, the discs should be bolted down.

  • Potato planter. The tiller becomes a potato planter by providing a hopper in the upper part where the potatoes will be poured. The container should be tapered at the bottom and go into the guide tube, where the potatoes will be poured from. To make the homemade device stable, it is desirable to fix all the parts on the frame with a wheel pair.
  • Shovel blade. A moldboard is often needed for a power tiller with attachments. You will need a tin with a thickness of 2-3 mm and the inner stands of a thicker sheet (3-4 mm) for extra strength and stability. Two side and two inside stakes turn the moldboard into a bucket. To the inner struts of the blade are screwed booms, which, in turn, with the help of brackets are installed on the legs of the engine.
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Attachments for power tillers with his hands

single axle tractor is a universal and mechanized agricultural machinery, which is purchased by gardeners, dacha owners, farmers and tillers to perform high-quality tillage and cultivation of the land, from planting seeds to harvesting. With the help of attached implements the Moto-Block can become no worse assistant than a minitractor. Only a rational approach to the amount of cultivated area and type of soil should be taken. It is important to remember that only a heavy single-axle tractor will be able to cover a multifunctional range of tasks, including construction work.

People of agrarian labor try to buy the maximum set of attachments for the power tiller to carry out easy and simple work on their homestead or garden plot. Some people are able to buy a single axle tractor with an attachment, while others do not always have enough money. There is only one way out in this case: make everything yourself with your own hands.

In this article we will consider the self-made most necessary motoblock equipment.

The disc coulter for the power tiller

The most user-friendly variant is the disc trowel. To work with it you need to apply a minimum of physical effort, and with a decrease in speed its power increases, which has a positive effect on the efficiency of work. In addition, the disc construction of the opener is versatile. with this tool you can perform agricultural work immediately after planting crops, as well as in the period of their intensive growth.

The design of a disc coulter includes:

FARM SHOW. Single Axle Remote-Controlled Tractor

Talpers are designed to adjust the angle of the discs. The depth of the latter depends on the latter, as well as the force required to perform the work. To facilitate the operator’s labor, the mower is equipped with plain bearings, which ensure the reliability of the design and ease of operation.

The discs are made from 1.5 to 2mm thick alloyed steel. Their outer flanges are bent and a hole is made in the center for the adapters that will be used to attach them to the share frame. If there is no possibility of making the discs yourself, they can be borrowed from a used seeder or other similar equipment.

The share discs are available in fixed or variable widths. In the second case, you can adjust the distance between the discs by rearranging the struts. The elements of the attachment are connected by bolts or welding.

Snowblower from a gas cylinder. assembling tools

First of all, you need to understand that the homemade unit must have a good protection. No snow should fall into the engine, otherwise it would lead to imminent engine damage.

To be able to regularly remove fallen snow, the engine of the snowblower must have a capacity of at least 5.5 liters. с. At the same time, it is not necessary to chase very high power, because such motors consume a significant amount of fuel.

Before you make a snow blower, you should stock up on the following materials:

  • angle grinder;
  • Welding machine;
  • Metal pipes and angles;
  • Steel sheets;
  • Hammer, pliers and other locksmith tools;
  • Various fasteners.

After buying everything you need for the job, you need to move on to another step. the preparatory activities.

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