How to make a handle for a screwdriver. Using the impact screwdriver

How to make a handle for a screwdriver from plastic. Handle for a file from an old screwdriver with his own hands. A primitive screwdriver from a nail

Hello to all the inventors! In today’s project we will make with our own hands from PVC pipes tongs, an upgraded handle for a screwdriver and a universal knife in the form of a trinket.

When heating the PVC make sure you do it outdoors or wear a respirator.

PVC pipe tongs

I marked one side of the PVC with masking tape and then heated that side with an industrial hair dryer. Then I straightened the heated side with a block of wood. Next I did the same thing with the other side of the PVC pipe.

I later figured out that this process is easier if you heat the whole tube and then straighten it, instead of doing it individually for each side.

PVC pipe tongs

I heated the middle section and bent it around the other PVC pipe.

PVC pipe tongs

I heated the ends until the plastic started to melt and squeezed the tube with a clamp.

PVC pipe tongs

That’s how we got the plastic tongs. I will use these to serve ice cubes on the table.

This is a plastic item, so do not use it for hot foods.

Improved screwdriver handle

Have you had any experience making a similar item?? If you use the screwdriver for a long period of time, you often get a callus in the center of your palm. So I decided to do an upgrade to my old screwdrivers using PVC tubing.

I heated a short piece of PVC tubing and put it on the handle of the screwdriver. Next I heated the other end of the tube and put it on as a cap. Heating is done to shrink the tip so that the cap rotates freely.

The tube is removable, so you can stretch the PVC and lengthen the handle (if that’s what you want to do) if necessary. The cap will rotate and keep blisters from forming on your palm.

Improved screwdriver handle

I heated the T-shaped tee and put it on the handle. If necessary, you can hook up a T-shaped tee for the best girth.

All-purpose keychain knife

I heated up a short PVC tube and squeezed it with a clamp. Then I put the blade in and squeezed the clamp even tighter.

Versatile keychain knife

I cut two separate blanks from the plastic bead plate and glued them to the jaws of the clamp.

Versatile key chain knife

I used a clamp to create a dot pattern.

Universal keychain knife

When you reheat the PVC pipe, it will take its original shape. That’s why I used a candle, because it’s easier to control the process.

I heated up both sides of the tube and clamped them together. One end was closed with the knife blade inside.

The multipurpose keychain knife

I extended the blade of the knife and made a cover with more PVC pipe.

Versatile keychain-shaped knife

I drilled a hole in the cap and did the final sanding.

Universal knife as a keychain

Now your universal knife in the form of a keychain is completely ready.

The blade of the knife is held in place by the clamping pressure of your fingers. Great knife for opening parcels and many other tasks.

The knife is very sharp, so be careful.

If you accidentally get into an accident and your seatbelt gets tangled, then by all means, use this versatile knife.

The basis for the homemade items is a golf ball. And things will not only be useful and practical, but also stylish. All details with step-by-step instructions and photos are attached.

The master class: screwdriver handle with screwdriver bits from a golf ball

Have you ever seen the original screwdriver that has a golf ball instead of a handle? We’re sure you don’t have a. Therefore, we suggest that you make it with your own hands.

To make a screwdriver handle with your own hands, prepare:

make, handle, screwdriver, using
  • The screwdriver itself with interchangeable tips;
  • golf ball;
  • clamp;
  • vise;
  • Drill bit and drill;
  • office knife;
  • rubber mallet.

Remove the rubber part and bits from the screwdriver.

Use a sharp office knife to cut through the rubber retainer on the plastic screwdriver handle. Remove it.

Grip the screwdriver handle in a vise and apply light pressure to remove the metal rod without any problem.

Select the drill bit based on the size of the screwdriver’s metal core. The drill bit should be slightly smaller in diameter.

Drill a hole in the golf ball, but not through. It should be about three-quarters of the diameter of the ball. For ease of operation, first clamp the ball with a clamp or place it in a vise.

Use a rubber mallet to drive the metal rod of the screwdriver into the hole in the golf ball. It should fit firmly without faltering or falling out.

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Screwdriver ready. It is easy to use, and thanks to its small size, it easily fits in your hand. And do not forget to put the bit holder on the metal rod.

Master class : golf ball magnets with their own hands

From a golf ball can make original magnets. They will be especially popular with fans of this sport. Details on how to make them are below.

To make magnets with your own hands, prepare:

  • large round magnets;
  • Golf balls;
  • clamp;
  • hacksaw;
  • sandpaper;
  • pencil;
  • Heat gun and hot glue sticks.

Take magnets. Using a hammer, break their plastic cases. Assemble and discard their parts, remove any glue residue from the surface of the magnets.

Take a golf ball and place it in a clamp. Using a hacksaw, carefully cut it evenly in the center. In advance, you can pencil out a line for the trimmer cut. Saw the ball with a hacksaw to one-third of its depth, then turn the other side and continue sawing. When the deep cut goes all the way through the ball, take it out of the clamp and cut it all the way through.

The screwdriver broke

Recently I bought a screwdriver, worked with it for a day and its plastic handle just split in two. Who knows how and what to make a new handle for a screwdriver?? (I hate to throw the screwdriver away, it’s made of good strong steel). And this is a very interesting way. You need a “special” kind of plastic, or any bottle will do?

Well, with wood is bad, it splits, and to put it tightly, I do this, a ketchup bottle, cut in a spiral, then I take the left hand put on a tight two-three gloves CHB, the right one, turn on the stove, hold over a tile screwdriver end where the handle should be, and wrap melted plastic on the handle, pressing the right hand, crimping, you get a good solid handle.

Make yourself a mold and fill it with epoxy resin. Best of all. I myself am such a fellow Plushkin. It seems like a good thing, it broke, but to throw it away is a pity. But lately thoughts still come to mind: I bought something, I wanted to buy a good thing. And that thing breaks very quickly. The first thought is to try to repair it and continue to use it. And then you start thinking: aha, I bought a thing that was supposed to perform some function, it broke while doing it. Then the thing is not so good and it can be thrown away.

It’s easier and better to make a wooden handle for a tool. It all depends on the tool available and the desire. The easiest way is to buy a handle of the appropriate size at the bazaar. They come (mostly) with a clamping ring on the side where the handle was the screwdriver should be “petals” so the screwdriver does not twist.You hammer this end of the screwdriver into the handle (having previously removed the metal crimp ring. the handle has to have a smaller diameter hole or it’ll just split. Then you put on a crimp ring, it is also likely to have to be hammered in. because the size for the ring will increase slightly at the expense of the screwdriver body. This is the easiest option. Or you can turn the handle out of wood, better out of birch. But again, you have to take care of fixing the screwdriver body.

Handle glued and wrap with duct tape:) Option, of course, temporary and controversial, but, as they say, cheap and sulfuric:) And in the future you can make a strong wooden handle, and the screwdriver may serve you for a long time to come. And in general, in recent years, just the quality of tools is. I last year, for example, 3 metal garlic press broke in a month, although I’m small and fragile:)

It all depends on what tools you have and what you know how to do. If it fell apart into two even halves so to speak at the seam, you can and solder back on. Or as they say out of wood, there are many options, it all depends on your skills and location tools!

It all depends on your capabilities and skills, I can suggest a few options. You can not make a handle, and use as a bit clamped in a chuck drill or screwdriver. you can make a mold and pour epoxy resin, you can use a wooden file handle. you can turn out a handle of Plexiglas or other plastic, drill a hole with a smaller diameter than the screwdriver shank and fuse the screwdriver, you can make a universal handle of metal with a clamp, if you do not need insulation. you can think of a lot of other options. but the easiest is to buy a normal screwdriver.

Hi. As strange as it may sound, but it is better out of wood (good), but if you have a welder and plus can use a welder, I think you can weld not a bad handle, and the top to stretch the rubber to be pleasant to hands when working.

Karelian birch in resin 2

It’s been a long time since I posted anything and decided to fix it. The first part of Karelian birch and resin decorations here Karelian birch in resin.

And this is new. I decided to use the burl with all its natural curves.

I love the texture of the wood, you can look at it endlessly and find something new every time.

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And now a question for connoisseurs. How to take a photo so that you can see all the beauty inside the product?

I got this, but it doesn’t suit me. The picture itself is too dark and unattractive. I tried to play with the settings in Photoshop, but it didn’t work either. I would be glad if someone could help with advice.

Varieties of screws

To begin with, a screw is a cylindrical rod with a special head, on which a screw groove is applied. Screws are produced according to a number of standards documents, including GOST 1144-80, GOST 1145-80, etc. д.

At the same time, there are two main types of hardware are:

Screw diameter and length are used for the designation in this case (for example, a product with a diameter of 5 mm and a length of 3.5 cm is called a 5×35 mm). In addition, hardware can be classified according to the shape of the slot and the features of the head itself:

Types of screw heads All of these varieties are made with a cross-shaped slot, with a straight (flat) and a Torx slot (the latter is also known as “star”), as well as with internal hexagon and other, less popular variants. There are also self-tapping screws with heads of six- and octagonal shape (roofing), which are also made with different slots.

For your information! According to the type of thread screws are also divided into several varieties, which is determined, first of all, by the connected materials and the specific purpose (for metal, wood, drywall or small household appliances).

Give the handle a convenient shape and apply a finish

Again, clamp the workpiece between the centers. Using a template, mark reference diameters on the workpiece and make cuts with a parting tool. Then, using a rayer and a narrow grooved cutter give the handle a shape according to the template, leaving a neck diameter of at least 11 mm at the point of transition to the remainder of the workpiece.

Don’t be afraid to work with a cutter near the bezel ring. HSS cutters will not break by snagging the soft brass.

Finish sanding the handle and apply a colorless finishing compound (after turning off the machine, we soaked the wood a few times in paraffin oil, and then proceeded to gloss the surface with paper towels, turning on the machine again). After that, separate the handle from the rest of the workpiece with the cutoff cutter.

Note. Don’t use fabric scraps for finishing and scraping, which can be caught by the rotating part and injure your hand. Always use only paper towels, which tear easily in such cases.

Beauty! watched the whole video!Work with love and soul!

With the flowing cutter remove the surplus that would be more correct to cut off the cutting off and with the cutting off sharpen the parts all logically.

GOOD TECHNOPORNO =)) watched with pleasure =))

flipped through the first 10min. It all makes perfect sense.Round screwdrivers do not like, in the hands rotate, catch on what does not.Dialed handle did not do but the screwdriver and glued oglak sawdust dissolved in dichloroetaneDlya himself found the most convenient screwdriver, this extension cord on 1/4…d62ef4373f78e22f45fcc.jpg, constantly in use, and can be turned with heads and as a screwdriver through the hexagonal connector 6.3

They’ll stick in your lungs Black from the nicotine, By the handle light, three-colored dialed, Great exchange cases.At the construction site the Germans were changing knives.

Oh, my God, this superstar’s got it all figured out

We used dichloroethane. Chloroform seems dangerous to breathe or he’s wrong.

Dichloroethane is also poisonous, it makes your head buzz even if you glue it to the window

Sorry to waste time on the handles, probably a man at home does not have anything to do

Guys, and let’s dump all of YouTube here.there are megatons of informative.2. Screwdriver certainly simpotishny, but as should tighten it or a problem.(Maybe masters 7 discharged only bolts from a child’s constructor and twist them, I don’t know, then why does he need a pen in a suitcase?). The technology of making dialed pens has existed since the time of the king of peas.Bottom line: Wasted time, disappointment, frustration.

I want to use a lathe after watching videos like this.And as for making screwdriver handles. this is from the lack of a normal store, the lack of earnings or the presence of the toad.There are normal screwdrivers and with a hardened sting and a handle convenient, but they cost from 1000-1500 per piece.In short, the lack of fish and crawfish in a chuck can be squeezed. Check out.

Beautiful. Informative. Interesting.Only such ostentatious and excessive pickiness is more like paranoia.It’s good when you have a lot of free time very much at very I would so.

A little more handle grinds and the kms will get

Gentlemen! Take care of tomatoes, the mental image of the turner is irrelevant. The main thing that must be seen and assimilated in this case, handy man Homo peritus manus, this idea, technology, material capabilities (and not the narrowly focused process of tool making) and then all this creatively rethink and apply in their creative work.

I completely agree! Narrow-minded people. Where is the creativity? Some breadbaskets!

Creativity is creativity, but mental image matters a lot. Wouldn’t you like to watch the news on TV, where the presenter would constantly remind you with a pathos that he is a 15th grade announcer (when maximum 14), that if someone needs to read some text, they ask only for him, because he is an announcer with a capital letter with great experience on Channel 1, and all that?I’m not saying that you need to clearly read everything as the text does not distract you, but just after all this it seems that the man thinks you’re a shit, and there is no desire to watch. Specifically in this video, I have not noticed in the first couple of minutes of such a thing ( I did not watch further), but in a couple of others (and more I did not watch) met.For people who are unfamiliar with lathe work, what he does may seem complicated and impossible, and therefore this attitude may not be noticeable But when you understand that what he does, can do a schoolboy in class, then all this pathos causes only disgust.

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No need to look at pathos, it is a husk. And I did not notice a special pathos, and something useful to see for yourself. That is why I am for.

Then look on youtube. cod4 is right. there is no sense to republish all the videos here. One it is for demonstration and enough.

and that’s another issue, I agree with that

Screwdriver with facets and a rubber handle, much more convenient when your hands in the oil, and it’s just a fetish or something at home so do not use a screwdriver, screwdriver invented long ago.The author in his old age just doesn’t give a shit.

Yes, too much unnecessary things began to appear in the community.Even qualitative and useful works do not have enough time to evaluate, and here still have to be distracted by such secondary posts.(

Melting a screwdriver handle

How to fix a broken screwdriver.Screwdriver is a manual locksmith tool designed for screwing and unscrewing fasteners with threads, most often screws and screws, the head of which has a slot (groove). Usually is a metal rod with a tip and a handle (plastic or wood)

How to make a bent handle for a screwdriver

We put in a shallow container (I have a plastic can from the mustard) about equal amounts of glue and starch.

Mixing components. I did it with a toothpick. It turns out such a lumpy mass, as on the photo.

Turn the mass onto an oiled table or work surface (oilcloth, plastic bag, etc.).) and knead it, pre-lubricating your hands with the same oil.

At this point, you can add glue or starch if you think one of the ingredients is not enough. The finished mass should be sufficiently plastic and retain its shape well.

Manually mold the L-shaped handle blank, in which one side is shorter than the other, so that the finished screwdriver fits to all complex cases of fastening. I have a square-shaped handle, because I was afraid that the round shape would not hold when drying and would deform. You can correct the shape with an oiled plastic or metal ruler or the blade of a knife, though, as you can see, the shape of the handle is not perfect.

Creating notches and hole patterns for the tips

The reverse side of the construction knife blade applied longitudinal strips, so that the screwdriver when working does not slip in your hand. Notches made on all sides of the handle. For making holes just pressed the nibs from both sides of the handle. Apply a lot of oil to the nibs beforehand. In the photo you can see the grooves right after drying, but it’s just for demonstration purposes, in general the tips should stay in the handle until the drying process is complete, because the mass will tightly close around and the diameter of the original hole decreases.

Put the pen away and forget it for at least a couple of weeks, as it seemed to me by the change in its condition. The mass became more transparent as it dried. I took the tips out a few more times, oiled them and carefully reinserted them in the grooves. At the end of the drying period I could only take the nibs out of the handle with a pair of pliers. To double-check, I didn’t use the screwdriver for about half a month. The total drying time of the pen is one month.

My ready-made screwdriver for hard to reach places looks like this. Already tested and on the body of the bed, and for screwing a few screws in the. So far, there is no indication that the handle is flimsy. Finally the problem with the bent screwdriver is solved. This is what my detachable tip handle looks like after testing.

After making the handle it occurred to me that for more durability a rigid wire could be inserted inside the bent part.

You can use this mass not only for the curved handle but also for repairing a broken handle for a regular screwdriver.

You can add a small amount of acrylic paint to this mass if you want to make a colored pen.

You don’t have to use removable tips. If you want a firm connection between the tip and the screwdriver for hard-to-reach places, then lubricate it with glue, not oil, before pushing it into the handle.

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